Relation with Moms Friend Pt. 01



This is one of the best incident of my life. I am a typical Indian young guy. I am very shy kind of guy and talk very less with people. I come from very traditional family and culture, where sex is not discussed or talked much. So in the age where sex hormones are at their peak its difficult to control urges due to social pressure. But luckily I always got good opportunities to fulfil by body needs time to time.

My mom has a very close friend her name is Sharmishtha. She used to visit us very frequently. I had normal interaction with her and just had some formal talk with her usually. Her son is of my age, she was around 50 years that time. I was 20 years old.


I like to narrate the situation under which two person come closer. I like that situation more than actual sex act. So I will try to write the whole incident in a manner so that you feel like you are watching us getting closer.

Those days were my vacation days. So mostly I was staying at home working on some assignments. One day she visited us and was talking with my mom for long

time. In the evening my mom called me downstairs and asked me

Mom: “Sharmishtha has to visit her child hood friend`s village after 2 days to attend a function, but there is no one in her house available to take her. (Her most family members stays in USA). So will you go with her and take her back after function? You have to drive her car.”

I was getting bored and I love driving long distance, so I agreed without thinking.

So plan was to start journey on Saturday morning to travel the place that was around 180 km away, Which was 4 hours drive far from our place. Then we had to come back same night or next day morning.

**************THE DAY OF INCIDENT**********

So we started on the planned morning.

***************** ABOUT HER **********************

I will tell you little bit about her, She is around 5 feet 5 inch tall, She is bulky but not fat, She has all muscle and fat in right places not much not less. She is healthy istanbul escort and dusky. She has dark skin but her face is pretty. Her ass is very big and round. Her thighs are also very strong and big, it supports her ass well. She was wearing green and white colored sari. You may not find her sexy or very beautiful but she look very decent and attractive.

***************GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER WELL************

The beginning was kind of awkward and silent. So then she started chatting with some formal question. Like my studies and all.

Then I asked her choice of songs. She liked old Hindi movie songs from 80s, so I played those CDs and she started enjoying journey and songs both. Her smile was getting bigger.

Then I started telling her about mischiefs we do and she was laughing hard on all such funny incidents.

I then started cracking jokes that too she like so much. So within two hours we are talking like best buddies. We were not feeling any age difference any more.

In between journey there was town near the destination village which was on the way, so she told me to drive to one address. We reached there and it was their house they used to stay years before they left the place. She just checked everything and we took little bit rest there and continued our journey.

We reached destination in time and attended the function and enjoyed there too.

*****************CHANGE IN THE SITUATION****************

Then we left in the evening.

It was getting darker and we had our first problem of the day. Our car`s one of the wheel was punctured. So I had to replace it with the spare wheel, but I did not have practice to change wheel so I took lot of time to fix it, also we had to then visit the garage to fix the puncture and for inflating air in all other wheels.

Whole process took our 2 hours. Then she suggested me to not continue journey late night on that lonely highway. She suggested to stay in her house which we visited in the morning. I too felt so tired as I do not drive that much daily.

So istanbul escort bayan we reached her house, freshen up and changed to comfortable cloths. She was in purple gown. I was in t-shirt and track pant.

It was around 9 pm and we sat in living room and we started watching TV together. We were also discussing tv serials and then about the days event and again I cracked more jokes, she enjoyed them thoroughly.

After some time she gone out of the room and did not come back even after around 20 minutes. I thought she was tired and gone to sleep. So I decided to sleep too.

***********ROOT CAUSE*****************

Before sleeping I gone to bathroom and oh my god. I cant believe my eyes. The door was not locked and as I entered inside, She was just there inside.

We both were like feezed with embarrassment. She was on sitting on the toilet seat. Her gown was lifted till her waist. her white panty was hanging on hanger on wall. I have seen her huge thighs and upper pussy bush. It was amazing view. I was having two feeling at the same time sexual and embarrassed.

All this happened in 3-4 seconds. I came back to my senses, I closed door and came back to the living room. My heart was beating so fast. I cant believe what happened few minutes back. I was not sure, how will she react. What if my mother came to know about this. I was feeling very guilty.

After 5 minutes, she too came there and sat on sofa and started watching TV. We were not looking into each others eyes. We were watching but mind was thinking something else. Then I broke silence and just said “sorry aunty”. Then conversation gone like as follows:

Me: “Sorry aunty.”

She looked at me, and switched off the TV and said

She: “Its ok, no need to say sorry, as its not your fault. That happened by chance and its like accident. Actually Its my fault. You know in my current house, I have attached bathroom to my bedroom. So I never lock my bathroom door. Mainly my bedroom door is locked. So due to my habit, I forgot that here it is common bathroom escort istanbul and I left door as it is here and this happened.”

Me: “But still, I should have knocked it before entering.”

She: “But why someone knock when door is unlocked, It was partially open. any ways, forget all, do not think much. Now come I show you your bedroom. Its getting late.”

She showed me my bedroom.

She: “Here is your bedroom. and this is dim light you can keep on as this is new place for you. Also here is water jug and I am sleeping in the room next to this. Just if you need anything, just knock my door or just call me. Dont shy ok.”

Me: “Yes aunty thank you, If I need anything, I will call you.”

And after that she left from there.

I was very tired so I slept just after she left in no time.

********** THE BEGNING *******************

But suddenly at midnight I was feeling restless for unknown reason.

My face was wet,

My body was sweating.

I was feeling too much pressure on my chest and stomach.

I was not able to move my body

I was feeling very thirsty

I was in deep sleep but now due to above reasons, I was little bit awake but still not fully alert and feeling dizzy and energy less.

I try to get up to drink some water, but I was not able to move inch. I try very hard to push my self but I cant. Now I am almost awake and want water badly. I opened my eyes and oh my god.. This is second shock of the day.

In the dim light, I realized that

My aunty was just lying on me

My face was wet because she was licking my face

My body was sweating as she fully covered me under herself

I feel pressure as she was just lying fully over me,

That`s why I can not move an inch.

She was licking sucking my lips and face all over, her hand was moving from my chest to my dick, she is moving hand over my dick over pants and then pushing her hand inside my pants to hold my dick.

I cant believe what`s going on. I was not sure how to react. So I just pushed her aside with great force. and stood up from bed and gone to switch on the light.

So. I will pause this story here. I hope you guys are enjoying. If you guys like the story upto this moment, I will also tell you rest part very soon.

Thank you for your time. Waiting for your votes and interest.

I am the “1” who is a “WOMEN ASS LOVER.”

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