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My dog, Daisy, a a homely mix of Chihuahua and Terrier, and I would sit outside in the evenings. I young girl walked by and said hello almost every evening. Daisy would run up to her looking for pets.

“Come and sit down,” I invited her. “Daisy has a new friend in you.”

The young woman came in the gate and sat down. Daisy jumped in her lap.

I introduced myself and she responded telling me her name was Sandra, she goes by Sandy. Daisy enjoyed the attention. We lived rurally, in the desert west of Tucson, Arizona.

Sandy and I connected almost immediately despite the difference in our ages. She was a pimply faced high school teenager and I was a retired man in my sixties. Our conversations became personal. I talked about my recently departed wife and she told me her problems at home with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend..

Sandy was a big girl, which in my old age, I found very appealing. Even from a young age, I had great sexual experiences with women who were considered plump. I didn’t act on my desire to ravish Sandy’s young soft body, I fantasized tasting her juicy pussy.

“I got my drivers learner permit months ago, but my mother won’t take me out to get some driving experience,” Sandy complained one Saturdat spring morning.

“Let’s go for a drive,” I responded.

Driving is mostly intuitive. Sandy did well. Mostly I had to remind her to pay attention to warning signs.

“Are we good friends?” she asked while we drove Escort Sarıyer through the curvy roads in Tucson Mountain Park.

“Yes, I consider you a good friend,” I replied.

“Do you think I’m fat and undesirable?” Sandy asked. “My mother’s boyfriend calls me a fat sow and the boy’s and girls at school constantly body shame me.”

I didn’t want to think I was coming on to her inappropriately though I did have sexual desires for her. “Beauty comes from the heart and you are beautiful.”

“You are my only friend besides Angela,” Sandy lamented.

When we arrived back at my house, Sandy told me she needed to pee. It was the first time she entered my home, we had only met outside before. I directed her to the master bathroom. I waited in the living room.

“Wow, your walls are covered with paintings,” she remarked.

“It’s been my hobby for thirty years.”

“And the naked women I saw in your bedroom?”

“They were past lovers and friends I had intimate relations with,” I explained.


“Can we pick up my friend Angela?” Sandy asked when we went on a ride again.

“Of course,” I answered.

Sandy drove the couple of miles to her friend’s home. She explained they became friends as outcasts, girls who were body shamed at school . Angela, unlike Sandy, had had a boyfriend who was also body shamed for his weight. His family moved away from Tucson to Phoenix, so she lost that relationship.

“What would you young ladies Silivri escort bayan like to do?” I asked.

“Can we get pizza for lunch?” Sandy chimed in.

“Can we also get beer. My parents always have beer with pizza. I snuck a beer and liked it,” Angela confessed.

“I’ll call in to get a pizza to go, since we won’t be able to sit down and have a beer.” After we picked up the pizza, I told Sandy to pull into the conscience store by my house where I bought a six-pack.

I abstained from drinking any alcohol knowing I would need to drive. We ate the pizza. Angela remarked on all the paintings hanging on the living room walls.

“You need to see the ones in the bedroom,” Sandy told her friend. With that Sandi took her friend into my bedroom.

“Those are pretty sexy,” Angela said as we sat on the bed looking at them. I noticed her glancing sexily at Sandy. “Do you have a deck of cards?” Angela asked innocently.

“Yes, I do,” I answered with the expectation where Angela was going.

“Great. Let’s play strip poker.” I sensed Angela wanted to start something with Sandy which was fine with me as I did also. I asked Angela the rules she had in mind. She had no idea, not ever having played poker or any card game before.

“So, the low hand has to shed a piece of clothing and the high hand chooses what that is and helps remove it,” I suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Angela chimed in.

“You OK with that?” I asked Sandy knowing she had Topkapı escort no sexual experience and appeared nervous.

“Yes. I’m alright,” Sandy replied. I could sense she wanted to overcome her body shaming syndrome but was extremely nervous about rejection. Angela was also plump but she had small breasts. Sandy had the appeal of large tits and a nice round ass.

I won the first round and Sandy was the low hand. My first instinct was to remove her shirt and expose her luscious big tits, but instead I pulled down her shorts. Angela won the second round and following my lead pulled off Sandy’s panties exposing her wet swollen pussy. She was obviously aroused.

I went into this wearing, as I usually do for comfort, only workout pants and a t-shirt. I was quickly naked. Angela also dressed lightly, shorts, panties and a top with no bra. Eventually Sandy was down to her bra which Angela removed and immediately started sucking her tilts.

I took the opportunity to go down on Sandy and lick her virgin young pussy. She tasted wonderful, her hot nectar doused my face as I brought her to an orgasm sucking and rubbing her clit. My oral skills were not lost on Angela. She quickly followed me going down on Sandy, bringing Sandy o a second orgasm, the second one of her young life.

Sandy began to recover. Her hot wet pussy still dripping her female cum which Angela and I enjoyed lapping up. I felt Angela’s thigh and noticed it was also wet.

“I can see you enjoyed that. Sandy is pretty well spent. Do you want me to orally please you as well?”

“No. I want you to fuck me “Angela rolled on her back, spread her legs open. “I’m not a virgin. Please,” she pleaded. I penetrated her wet swollen pussy slowly. She moaned as I stretched her tight young vagina with my thick throbbing cock.

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