The Long Walk


Friday. I get home from work around 9:30, and I head straight for the shower. Now most stories like this involve shaving smooth and things like that, but I’m not able to shave because my wife doesn’t care for it. After my shower I go into my closet and get my clothing. I get my black bra and thong and slip into those, followed by tan hose and regular clothes. I have the rental company pick me up and then its off to the mall for some window shopping Escort ankara and looking at heels. Being unsuccessful at finding anything, I head home. On the way, I stop at another shoe store and what luck, I find a pair of heels close to my size. I buy them and head home. I change and put on my new heels… DAMN IT. My new heels are just a tad too small. My plans tonight are not going to happen. I change into Balgat escort some regular mint green bikini panties, tan hose and a matching nighty and head off to bed.Saturday. I get up, change into regular stuff except for my lingerie and return my rental. I head to the nearest shoe store and find some shoes that I need and to return the heels. While looking, I find some heels in the next size up, and I buy those Batıkent escort bayan with my other shoes. I head home and change into my sexy stuff. I do my chores to kill the day and make dinner waiting for it to get dark.I sit here chatting with friends here on Lush waiting. I go to my door, and I see some neighbors having a party. “Great it’s going to be a late night” I think to myself.10:00 p.m. I walk back to the door and they are still out there. So I chat a little more and watch T.V. 11:00 p.m. I go look again, I can’t see anything very well thanks to the street lamp right out side my door. I decide to wait one more hour just to be safe.12:00 a.m. Tonight I’m going to do it. I’m going to walk to the mailbox fully dressed.

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