The Neglected Wife


Her husband came home and said. “let’s go to the Legion tonight, Nancy.” He always wanted to go to the legion, and he always wanted her to drive so he could get drunk. She had known for several years that he was a working alcoholic, always wanting to drink. He was also a member of the leadership at the club and loved to be looked up to. He was a large fish in a small pond

.”She said. I really don’t feel like going there tonight. Can we do something else?”

He was immediately upset, saying, “you never want to go there anymore!”

Sensing an argument coming, “she said, Okay Roger, I will change and go. But I have to shower first.”

She took a quick shower, didn’t even wash her hair, changed into a short white skirt and a black top with no bra. Even in her early thirties, she didn’t need one. She was out in record time. Roger was still seated in his favorite chair, and when she came out, “she said, I’m ready.”

He answered. “I don’t want to go now,” sulking like a baby.

“I get ready, and you decide not to go? That’s not the way it works. You can just stay here Roger, I’m going out!”

Out the door, she went expecting him to follow, but when he didn’t, she drove off. She entered the club along, and at first was asked, “Where’s Roger”

“Home, I guess,” she answered.

She sat down at the bar and downed two glasses of wine quickly. Men noticed, after all, she was not only beautiful but had the body men thought about when they were fucking their wives. She was approached by several men to dance, and she did. But it was Jimmy who sat down beside her. Jimmy was sort of a friend and had more than once let his desire for her known. They danced a few times as he plied her with wine. She knew she was drinking too much, but the more she drank and danced with different men, the less conscious she became about how much leg she was showing when she sat down.

She had decided when she left home that she would have a good time, and she was going to stay out until 3:00 am as he often did. The club was due to close at midnight, and Jimmy offered to take her to another club that stayed open until 2:00 am. Not wanting to go home, she accepted Jimmy’s offer, and they went to the other club.

Jimmy was more aggressive being alone with Nancy, and climbing the three steps up to enter the bar, he placed his arm around her waist and let his hand slip down over her well-rounded butt.

When she walked in, she was the immediate center of attention-catching every man’s eye. Jimmy ordered them another drink, and she was being surrounded by men who either wanted to dance or just catch a glance down her braless top, which after all the dancing seemed looser, and showed a lot of breast. Her skirt, already short, was now a couple of inches higher and showed her long slender legs up to her thigh.

She danced with Sarıyer escort the men and knew they were actually feeling her up. She was being turned on, and when one man, in an attempt to catch her from tripping, slipped his hand around her and gently squeezed her breast, she would typically be upset. Still, tonight it was like a bolt of lightning shot down her body directly into her pussy, and she could feel her panties getting wet.

One brazen man followed her into the lady’s room, and when she came out of the stall, he pinned her against the wall and ran his hand up her short skirt began to rub her cunt roughly back and forth directly on her clitoris. She didn’t object, and just when she thought she was going to climax, Jimmy came in and broke it up, saying

.”Nancy! it’s time to go.”

He supported her to the exit, held her by her arm, and escorted her to the car. He sat her in the passenger’s seat, and under the pretense of helping with the seat belt, he raised her skirt nearly to her crotch and managed to caress her thigh almost to her cunt. Then, he drove back to the legion to her car.

“She asked. “What time is it?”

“Jimmy said. almost two”

She had left home intending to be out after 3:00 and asked, “Jimmy, could we set here a few minutes?”

Delighted. “Jimmy said. Of course, we can, but Nancy, Let me take you home with me, I have wanted you for years, but you never gave me a chance. I want to fuck you, and we may never have another chance.”

“Poor Jimmy,” she said. “He wants my pussy, she giggled drunkenly,” Well tonight, Jimmy, I’m hot, I’m pissed at my husband, and my pussy is on fire, so I want you to lick my cunt, I too need relief as she squeezed his dick.

Jimmy quickly ran around the car, opened her door, and pulled her down in the seat, laying her on her back. He raised her skirt, pulled her panties off, and begin to lick her pussy lips from end to end. She squirmed and moaned as his tongue tickled across her clitoris and moaned loudly as he took her growing clitoris in his mouth and began to suck. She was again approaching climax when suddenly Jimmy was jerked out of the car.

There stood Johnny, the cook. Johnny was a black man who worked at the legion. He was a man she considered a friend. He said in anger.

“There is no way I’m going to let that weird man fuck you, Nancy. I have lusted for you ever since I went into the kitchen when we were closing up and saw you sitting on the counter with Mrs. Jenkins, the high school teacher, eating your pussy. Your legs were thrown over her shoulders, and your thighs locked around her head.”

“I never saw you, Johnny.” She said.

“No, he said your head was thrown back, your eyes were closed, your mouth was open, and you were purring like a cat.”

So now Johnny gonna take your fine Escort Silivri white pussy.”

He dropped his pants, and the most enormous dick she ever saw come into view. She was no rookie housewife, she was thirty before she married, and there had been many men between the ages sixteen and thirty. She had remained faithful after her marriage but put simply, Roger, her husband, was just a selfish, small dick lover. Now, Johnny was standing there with a big thick black dick when she needed fucking bad.

Johnny pulled her toward the door until her hips rested on the edge of the seat. Spreading her legs, he moved in between her knees, then taking her hand and placing it around his cock he ordered her to “put it in,” she shuttered. With his free hand, he reached up and opened her black top tearing a button off as he grabbed a white breast.

He yelled at her, “I said put it in,” and at the same time, he pinched her already extended nipple. She cried out in pain, but the pain from her nipple caused another spasm from her cunt as cum dripped out of her pussy. She guided his large cock to her opening, and he pushed hard. Even having a child did not make it easy to take such a tool. He pushed hard again, eager to fuck this petite blonde, but only part of the head went in, and she cried out in pain. Another push and the head was in, and she cried out once more even louder and moaned deeply as Johnny slid a few more inches into her aching vagina.

She could see his black shining back against her pure white skin, which awakens a primitive need for cock that had been building all night. With the next hard thrust, he buried his cock deep into her vagina. Never had her cunt been so full, and never before had she ever call out in desire.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Johnny began to fuck her hard. His black ass rising and falling as he drove his cock into Nancy’s cunt, Nancy concentrated on the feeling building in her groin. Johnny pushed her legs up to the sides of her head, and she could feel her ass tighten as his dick started rubbing against her clitoris and his big balls rubbing her ass.

She was losing control of her body, unable to respond to Johnny’s cock deep in her belly so, she stopped trying and just lay there moaning and accepting the cock pounding she was getting. Then suddenly, after a series of almost climaxing in the last few hours, it happened. She froze, unable to breathe, her legs went stiff, she pushed her crotch against his cock. Finally, her insides exploded as her orgasm ripped from her cunt all up through her body into her mind. She screamed out in pleasure and release. His first orgasm in many months, Johnny kept on thrusting long deep strokes into her keeping her orgasm going until, with a series of grunts, he shot stream after stream of cum deep in her quivering body.

Johnny Topkapı escort bayan stood back and adjusted his clothes. Then, when Nancy failed to move, he adjusted her skirt and, taking an arm, he helped her to her feet.

“What happened to Jimmy,” she asked.

“Aw, don’t worry none about him. I’ll have a talk with him, and no one will ever know.”

He helped her to her car parked close by and kissed her hard on the lips. “Thanks, Nancy,” and with that, he disappeared back into the darkness.

She sat there and was surprised when Jimmy came up to her window, knocked, and asked.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m okay, I think, but Johnny stretched my pussy all out of shape.”

“Yeah,” Jimmy said sarcastically. “Everyone got loving except me.”

“Open the door,” she said.

He did, and she ordered. “Drop your pants, Jimmy.” He did. And she leaned out the door, and with him standing, she took his cock in her mouth. Jimmy, shocked, was hanging onto the top of the car. Never before had the sweet lips of a woman slide over the head of his dick. He never knew he was getting a blow job from a woman that had given hundreds and knew just what to do. He only knew that the woman of his dreams was running her little pink tongue around his dick and sliding her mouth up and down his cock until he was hitting the back of her throat. She reached down, and cupped his balls, and tried to pull his dick and balls into her mouth. He started cuming and couldn’t stop. He filled up her mouth so fast his cum was dripping out around his dick. She kept sucking until he had nothing left. He lost all strength in his legs and only remained standing because he was holding onto the car. Finally, he pulled out with her lips, still trying to suck him back in.

“I love you, Nancy,” He said as he walked toward his car.

She drove toward home, where there was a turn-off by the side of the road where she could fix herself up before going home. Doubting if Roger went to bed, she knew he would blow up no matter how she looked. So she dug out some Kleenex and cleaned her pussy as best she could. Her blond pubic hair was matted. Her hair was a mess, and Jimmy’s cum was dried on her cheek, but she cleaned the best she could. Her blouse was both wrinkled and torn, her skirt and top had cum stuck to it, and she reeked of sex.

“Best I can do,” she said to herself as she drove on home. As soon as she entered the house, she headed straight for the bathroom, but Roger cut her off. He yelled out, “Wherein hell have you been all night, Oh Jesus Christ, you look like a road whore. Who have you been fucking?”

“Roger,” I fucked all your buddies tonight, and those I didn’t fuck, I sucked their big cocks. I learned something tonight, Roger. Other men like my titties, and my cunt, one man even licked my ass hole, and I liked it. I also heard that you have the smallest dick of anyone at the club. What is it they call you, “carrot dick”? So, if you intend on stopping those well-hung men from fucking me, you better stay closer to me because I like being passed around!. Now, will you get out of my way? I need a shower.

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