The Women I Wanted


You and I was out on are date she wanted me to take her home she didn’t want to take a cab. And I was ok with that cuz give me more time with her. As we get up to her apartment building I park and I walk her to her stairs then up the stairs to her door. We get to her door and as I go to say goodnight I asked her if she had a good time. And as she was answering I leaned in and kissed her and after a second she was kissing back n after the kiss I said night n asked if I could call her.

She was like you don’t want to come in if you don’t it’s ok you don’t have to. She say I need this n I think you need this as well. She tells me I seen you around n I wanted to ask you at for a long time. And I was like oh ok that is great to hear n I tell I had noticed her around as well. I am glad that you asked me out.

She and i start kissing again and I start kissing your neck little kiss then I work well down to your breasts. And you pull me back up and starting kissing me nice and long and hard our tongues are like dancing with each other. Then we start moving are hand all over each other. Then I start back to kissing your neck then I start working my way down your body again throwing in so small little nibbled here n there until I get to your breasts that are so nice.

As I am sucking on one of your nipples I use my index and thumb squeeze and play with the other nipple. Then when I switch and start sucking on the other one I do the same thing with the other one. And after a bit of doing that I am sucking on your right one n I take my free hand n I feel in between your legs you open them up for me I feel your getting wet but I want you wetter. So I start rubbing the top of your clit through your panties. As I come back up to kiss you on the lips your perfect lips then go back to sucking on ur breasts back n forward. The whole time I have been rubbing your clit and now you are wet you are moaning into my ear. You are now dripping wet and so I slide just the tip of my finger into ur pussy. You let out a deep moan you are breath harder now. When I slide my full finger in to your dripping wet pussy you moan my name Floyd. When add a second finger you start having your first orgasm. Avrupa yakası escort I keep lightly rubbing your clit. You go quiet still breathing hard. I ask are you ok you say yes and please keep going I said oh yes I was planning on that my dear.

I gave you a few minutes to come down from your orgasm n catch your breath some. As I start kissing as I move my way down down your body. I am at your wist and when I pull my two finger from your clit. You moan and take a deep breath and moan again a disappointed like moan. I am pulling your panties down your sexy legs. I can now small your scent it is so intoxicating look up and see you pinching your nipples. So I have you step out of your panties and I throw them to the side. I bring my finger back up to in between your sexy legs. Then I lean in give you a few licks with my tongue. Because your scent is driving me crazy I have to know how good you taste. Your smell is so intoxicating and I love how good you taste. The whole time you are moan n grabbing my head pushing me and my tongue into your pussy. Your moaning is now getting louder your breathing gets slow n deep. Then you grab my head with both hands n you hold my head right there. And I just keep licking n sucking on your clit n you yell out as you have another orgasm. I slow my licks down letting you catch your breath. You let go of my head finally.

You tell me that you need n have to have me inside of you now. And I said with pleasure I stand up kissing you some more. Why we are kissing I slide my cock into you and you take a deep breath in as you was not expecting that. You start moaning again and you had your eyes closed. Just taking it all in the feelings of ecstasy. As I was going in and out of you on the next out I pull all the way to just the tip is in. You take deep breath and ask why I pulled out. Then I slam back into hard taking your breath away this time and so i just keep going with each thrust I am slamming into you harder and harder. Your grabbing at my hips trying hold me why I am fucking you so wildly. Then you have your third orgasm. But I keep going thrusting into you slower and steady trying to keep your Ataköy escort bayan orgasm going trying to keep you in ecstasy so I’m take it slow and steady into you and out of you you’re still breathing hard and you tell me not to stop you’re loving every second of it and you want more.

So then I speed back up for just a few minutes and I pull all the way out slide back I drop down so I can lick up some of your juices and give you a min or two. But I don’t stop I have to make you cum one more time. So I pick up my speed licking and sucking on ur clit. I take and suck in your clit into my mouth I hold it in my mouth as I run my tongue across the top of your of your pussy and then I let go and lick some more then I stick my tongue in and out as deep as I can go and I repeat this for 4 for 5 minutes. Then I hear your breath start to get a little hard. You start to squeeze my head a little harder with each lick and flick of your clit. I take my finger and I push it into your butt you jump from it because you were not expecting it and your eyes were closed as you are enjoying your orgasm that you are starting to have. Then you look at me with the most primal look I’ve ever seen in that moment. I was so turned on and hard and from the look you give me and the undeniable taste heaven that is your juice was all I could take and I cum with out touching myself as I was giving you another orgasm.

And as you are starting to have it I have my finger rubbing ur clit and my tongue and then it happens I make you squirt for the first time ever. And you do it all over my face and in my mouth and in the moment we were connected in ecstasy and I knew what heaven was like.

After and few minutes and some water you grab me toss me on the bed and we start kiss again. Then you start working your way down my body until you are between my legs. You start toying with my cock and licking underneath the head and down the shaft you even play with my balls the whole time. Then you trail your tongue up my shaft to the tip of my cock. Then you put just tip in your mouth running your tongue over it and the slit. You tell me that my precum tastes good and you can’t Escort Şirinevler wait to try the other with a smile on your face. Then you take me all the way into your mouth up and down. You go fast then slow then fast again.

You can now feel me throbbing n pulsating in your mouth then I look down at you and you get this grin on your face. And now you are going to town trying to make me cum again. After a few minutes you can tell I am getting close you could feel my balls tightening up. Then in between breaths I tell you that I am about to cum so you speed up for a few more times then you pull your month off of my cock and you say you want it down your throat and you grab it and jerk two or three times then you put your mouth back on it. Then I start to cum and it shots out in the back of your throat and you shollowed it all. I look down at you and you are smiling at me with this smile of complete ecstasy and happiness.

Then you realize that I am still hard. You ask if I can still go I say yes, you get that grin again. Then you stand up and you grab my cock as you straddle me. Then you sit down on to it you guided into you. You take a breath. And all I can think is how good you feel sitting on me with me all the way in you. As you are looking at me I feel you start to move little at first. I can feel you clenching your muscles on my cock you see the look of pure ecstasy on my face. As you start to speed up your movement faster and faster. And I am feeling the most amazing thing ever in my life. You are just moving your hips then you pull up all the way the down hard then slow. You were making feel things that I had never felt before and it had me ready to cum again.

Then the sinister grin comes back on to your beautiful face. I tell you I am getting close. And then you just stop moving with me all the way in you. And then I feel you clenching your muscles and the feeling of this makes me cum deep in side of you and as I start to shot into you have your last orgasm. You still sitting on me until it gos all the way down. Then you fall next to me on the bed. We cuddle up your run your finger in the hairs on my chest. And you say that was amazing and you had the best time and you was glad you asked me out. And I say it was the best night of my life and I am glad you did to and that I said yes. We lay there talking a little bit then you said we should go take a shower. And I said ok sounds great.

Then you say let’s go so we go to take a shower😋🤭 that’s for another time. Lol

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