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I write for fun and pleasure. I don’t have an editor, but I work really hard to root out any problems. Please, don’t let a stray typo or odd word choice spoil your enjoyment of the story.

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ARGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I roared as I came all over my hand and stomach. One burst even reached my chin which I’m not embarrassed to tell you, I licked up.

Yeah, I was jerking off. Jerking to a memory that happened about forty-five years ago, but it still gets me off. Just thinking about those erotic, eye-opening events still gets me cumming in buckets. I’m going to try to pull back the curtain of time and take you back to that summer of 1976, a summer that changed my life and my tastes forever.

I’m Mike, a part-time writer of erotica. I don’t try to sell my stories, just write them for my own satisfaction. I share them on the free site Literotica and have picked up a nice little following and a few haters. Most of my uploads are complete fiction; however, this story stems more from real life experience than any of my others and explains my lifelong fascination with stories, videos, and real encounters with mature women…well, to be honest, mostly women 😉 Hi guys 😉

Back to 1976–so much nostalgia, the cheap pot, Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, and Columbian bags were selling for $30 an ounce and regular Mexican weed for $10. The girls wore tight jeans, halter and tube tops, and often even less. And the music, ah the music–the week of this memory, mid May of ’76, the Billboard Top 100 included “Fooled Around and Fell in Love,” Frampton’s “Show me the Way,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the Bellamy Brothers “Let your Love Flow,” “Strange Magic,” “Rhiannon,” “Fool to Cry,” and that’s just in the Top 20. Everyone from Heart, Earth Wind and Fire, The Captain and Tennille, The Carpenters, Doobies, Boz, Elvis, The O’Jays, and Johnny Cash were all on the charts. Man o man what a time!

I was just 18 when Toni rocked my world. I’d broken up with my second serious girl; well, ok, she broke up with me, but who cares.

At the time my mom thought I should be prepping for college to become an accountant or something, but I wanted to be Duane Allman. Well, I mean, I wanted to be a badass guitar player, not a dead guy.

So, instead of working in an office getting acclimated for the rest of my life, I was just hanging out and getting high with my friends and jamming with a bunch of local wannabes. I needed cash–guitars need strings, picks, pedals. Even though I had my trusty Les Paul Goldtop and my Marshall 50, the accessories and my jalopy were always demanding an infusion of funds. Plus, I had an eye on a nice sunburst Strat. So of course I needed cash for those things and the weekly bag o’weed. Rather than getting a full-time job, I worked a few days a week framing houses with my uncle and kept up a few of the lawns that I mowed during high school.

It’s the lawn cutting that got me into the events that spurred on my great masturbation session this morning.

When I was about twelve I started walking the neighborhood with my late dad’s mower trying to pick up some bucks to buy my axe. Pretty soon I had a few regular lawns including one a few blocks out of my neighborhood for my sister’s friend Toni. Sis was a hairdresser and Toni was one of her regulars. Toni, short for Antoinette, had recently emigrated from England. She complained about her lawn and my sister suggested I call her. I did and got the job.

Toni, hmmmm, how should I describe her. She wasn’t a fox, not even close. First off, she was in her late fifties or early sixties I guess. Back then I thought she was probably 65 or 70, but I was a dumbass kid (now I’m just a dumbass adult).

Anyway, she really wasn’t a good looking lady, I guess she was what the Brits call a “handsome woman.” She was about 5’7″ really thick from neck to knees, not what I’d call fat, no big tummy, just thickness. Her boobs were wide, but still didn’t stick out that far from the business suits she usually wore. Her tummy was thick as were her thighs which she often encased in those thigh high stockings that older ladies wore back in the day (yeah I peaked whenever I could…she was a woman after all and I was a horny teenager). She had a wide, curvy ass or arse as she would say. She was sort of built like Queen Elizabeth II (RIP Lilibet!). Her hair was a salt and pepper combo that she kept short and styled in curls that piled up on her rather large head. She had a lot of freckles and wore plenty of make-up. Not my type at all, but I did peak up her skirt and check out her wide ass any chance that I got.

Two or three days before my eighteenth Escort Avrupa yakası birthday I was finishing up Toni’s lawn when she called me inside for some lemonade. She made the best lemonade, and, no, that’s not a euphemism.

Anyway, we were enjoying our lemonade in her parlor when she asked me if I would mind house sitting for two weeks while (or as she said “whilst”) she went to visit her sick mother in London.

A house to myself, no mom or sibs, a back deck to smoke my weed and have my friends over, ‘sure Toni, that’s a real hardship for me’ I thought. I feigned reluctance, but agreed after she promised to stock the fridge with a case of Highlife for me and toss me a Franklin for each week. Of course, she made me promise to keep my friends out of the house, and I agreed–free beer and $200, I’d lie about anything to get that back then!

The deal sounded good to me, so I accepted and moved in the following Monday.

My first week in Toni’s house was a blast. I had some friends over for my birthday party. We jammed with our acoustics on the back porch, passed the bong, and drank all of Toni’s beer and a lot more.

On Friday night I got really ripped and ended up in Toni’s bed with Yvonne, a friend from across town who definitely did not possess the uptight morals of the Catholic high school girls I usually dated.

When I woke up on Saturday morning Yvonne had already done her walk of shame.

After a gallon of coffee and half a bottle of aspirin, I stumbled out the back door to find a grand mess. It looked like Led Zeppelin, the Stones, and Black Sabbath all got together to trash the deck.

I spent the rest of the day, between a stray puke here and there, cleaning up the mess and uttering the words “never again” over and over to myself. I didn’t live up to that commitment, but did resolve to keep things more under control the following week.

After cleaning up, I took a nap and woke up around dusk. I ordered a pizza and, luckily, had about seven beers in the ice chest to keep me company for the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning I felt better and met mom at church, something she absolutely insisted on. After mass, though, I begged off Sunday dinner with my wretched aunt and uncle and their hellions, picked up a case of cheap beer and some food, and went back to Toni’s place.

I was kind of bored so I did what any kid my age would have done alone in the home of an older woman…I started snooping.

Toni’s underwear drawer was a revelation! Up front it was filled with the usual type of granny panties and large bras that an older woman would wear. But in the back there were a few lacy items and a couple of transparent bras and a contraption that I would later learn is called a corset. hmmm Toni you bad girl I thought.

I opened the next drawer and found an assortment of toys, dildoes, vibrators, some fur-lined restraints, and some sort of apparatus that looked like a harness that you could stick a dildo in. “Wow!” was all that I could think.

Like any horny eighteen year -old, I grabbed a pair of her sheer panties, pulled down my shorts, and wrapped them around my turgid cock. The silk felt so good that soon I was cumming all over them. I’m not ashamed to say that I brought them to my face for a sniff and licked them clean. After I finished I took them down and tossed them in the washer with a few of my own dirty clothes and the rest of what I was wearing.

I popped a beer and wandered naked around Toni’s house.

When I opened a door to a room that I’d never been in I was astonished to see a massive library. Although I didn’t really care for school, I did like to read. I was intrigued by the variety of her collection, lots of history, classic mythology and literature, and a good bit of contemporary fiction. I noticed one section in the corner where the books seemed to peek out of the shelf a bit farther than all of the others. I pulled one out and noticed something behind it. I emptied the shelf and saw several bins of boxes used to hold magazines. I pulled one out and was astonished at what I found.

Toni read smut! Nudie mags, story mags, a wanker’s delight! Most of them were aimed at women…lots of naked guys. A few seemed to be fetish oriented, I opened one that had an attractive older woman on the cover and realized that the subject matter was mostly about older women and younger men (and a few younger women). The pages seemed well thumbed.

I pulled out my cock.

The picture spreads were mostly of older ladies and young guys. I had quite the collection of porn mags myself, mostly Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler, a few Open Beavers, but I’d never seen anything like this.

The women were made up and mostly wearing lingerie which the studs then peeled off of them. The spreads included explicit scenes of the May-December couples sucking and fucking (no holes barred!) I was in heaven. Most of them had hairy bushes and seemed a bit on the thick side. Lots of big tits! Since Ataköy escort I was already naked, it didn’t take more than a few minutes for me to start touching my revived cock (oh how I miss those days of 5-6 cums a day!)

With my cock nice and hard, I tossed the mag on the floor and pulled out another. About midway through I found a spread of a woman that reminded me a bit of Toni (not her though) and a guy that looked a bit like myself–swimmers build, about 6′, Italian or Hispanic heritage, hard 7 incher, long brown hair, hairy chest, thick pubes.

The woman was wearing a corset that thrust her uncovered tits up and out. Her long nipples, one wet with his saliva, were just waiting there to be sucked. She had thick thighs like Toni, a similar hair style, pale skin, and light freckles. Her massive bush was full of dark curls with occasional greys.

Stud muffin’s cock looked about to burst.

I turned the page and got a treat of several shots of her blowing her boy toy.

On the next page, he was plunging his tongue into her. Once shot revealed her wet, red depths coated in loverboy’s saliva and her own excretions.

Over the next few pages he fucked her in every hole and deposited his load in her moist, sexy pussy. Looking at her used pussy, imagining it was Toni’s and full of my cum had me exploding in no time all over my chest. Damn it was so hot.

I never really thought about mature women when I jerked off. Sure, occasionally, if I saw a sexy milf at the grocery store or had a talk with Ms. Kelsey my former, hot, English teacher, I’d conjure up the image. Like most boys I also thought about my mommy on occasion (but she looked nothing like Toni–mom was a milf!) But most of the time I thought about Farrah Fawcett, Stevie Nix, and many of the hot foxes at my school when jerkin’ my gherkin.

Over the next few days I explored her other mags, but often came back to that spread when I was ready to finish.

Digging a bit further through her collection, I found a cache of typescripts that it appeared that Toni had written (they were all signed TS and her name was Toni Smith).

Whoa! Were these stories hot! The main character (a middle-aged woman named Toni) usually had a number of hot affairs with younger lovers, male and female, sometimes in threesomes and foursomes. Some included folks of an older age–damn were they depraved!

And she was a dirty girl. She loved it in every hole and she was a total cumslut.

Many of the stories revolved around finding a promising young stud or vixen and teaching them the ropes.

She was really into rimming both sexes and loved being cummed in or on or both!

One story, believe it or not, starred a young stud that could have been my spitting image. She told her readers how she seduced the lawn boy and all of the things they did with and to each other. I emptied my cock over and over reading that one.

All good things must end, so that Saturday before Toni’s return, I tidied up the place. Sunday morning, I left her spare key under the mat and met mom and the sibs at church. Of course we had to go to my Aunt Flo’s and listen to Uncle Henry pontificate about politics while their two miserable pre-teens ran screaming around the house.

After we got home I took a nap and had some dinner. After dinner, I spanked my monkey a few times dreaming about Toni.

Since I cut Toni’s grass (not a euphemism) the Saturday before I left, I wasn’t due to do her lawn for another two weeks, so it surprised me when my big sis called and said Toni asked me to come over to do some other chores the following Saturday. I needed a cash infusion, so I told her I’d be there.

I drove over to Toni’s the next Saturday morning at ten. She let me in and ushered me into her den. She was dressed in one of her usual business suits, all buttoned up and looking like she might pop. God! I though she looked so sexy!

Usually, Toni would just stand at the doorway and give me the key to her shed when I came over to cut the lawn. That day, however, she greeted me with a hug. OMG! She had that old lady smell, you know, like a combination of dusting powder and gardenias. For the first time, instead of repelling me, it drew me in. I started to get aroused.

Toni led me into her parlor and offered me a lemonade and I was surprised that she brought out a pitcher, but only one glass.

That’s when I noticed that she had poured herself a glass of sherry.

“Michael,” she said in her lovely English accent, “I want to thank you for doing such a great job of looking after my house. When I got back last Sunday it look as if almost nothing had been disturbed.”

“No problem Toni,” I answered, “it was nice to get away from the family and be on my own for awhile.”

Toni took a sip of her sherry and just nodded.

“But Michael,” she looked directly into my eyes and held my gaze. “Not everything was left exactly as I had arranged it before I left.”

I started to sweat and squirm.

“Deny, deny, Şirinevler escort bayan deny” was all that came to my dumb brain.

“I’m not sure what you mean Toni. I emptied the trash, cleaned up my bed and put the linens in the wash just like you directed.”

“I’m not talking about that Michael, you did a good job with the house.”

“I’m talking about these.” she said and reached under the newspaper that was spread out on the coffee table. She held up the magazine with the spread of the boy toy that looked like me and a copy of one of her stories. I just knew which one it was.”

I blushed! All I could think of was getting the hell out of there.

“Michael, you looked at my magazines and read my private stories.”

I was so embarrassed. “I’m sorry Toni, I was looking for something to read and pulled out a book and found them.”

“Did you masturbate whilst reading my magazines?”

I could actually feel the redness in my face, neck, and cheeks. Perspiration was freeing itself from my sweat glands.

“Toni, I’m so sorry I invaded your privacy. I promise that it won’t happen again.”

“That’s not what I asked you. Did you masturbate whilst reading my magazines?”

“Um, er, um yes” I guiltily replied.

“Did you have any favorites in the magazines or the stories?”

Oh god! “um yes, well a few.”

Toni looked directly into my eyes and I thought I would die. “It looks like you really enjoyed this magazine a lot, especially this spread” she said as she opened up to the spread of the woman and the guy that looked like me. “You liked this one a lot didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes.” I blushed even more.

Toni eyed me up again. “And it looks like you must have read this story more than once” she noted as she pulled out the story that she’d written about seducing her lawn boy.


“Yes what Michael?”

“I liked it.”

“Did you masturbate to it?”

I remained silent hoping not to testify against myself.

“Michael, I asked you a question.”

“Yes, Toni, I did.”

“You must have liked it” she replied as I nodded in the affirmative. “Look at this stain on the last page” she said holding it up so I could see a few drops of my dried cum.

“I’m, I’m so sorry Toni” I started.

“Shush!” she said and took a sip of her sherry.

“Let me see it” she demanded.

“See it?” I replied.

“Take off your pants and let me see your cock.”

“Toni, I, I don’t think…”

She waved me off. “You invaded my privacy (she said that with the English pronunciation of the word) and I believe you owe me something.”

I blushed beat red.

“Now, Michael, pull down your pants.”

In spite of my embarrassment, my dick was hard enough to demolish sheetrock.

I pulled down my pants and stood there in my tidy whiteys, my cock straining against the fabric.

Tony sighed “the shorts too Michael.”

I did it.

I pulled off my shorts and my dick sprang free. It was poking straight up to the ceiling and the tip had a huge drop of precum on it.

“Mmm that’s a nice one. Wank it for me” Toni commanded.

As I looked down at my cock I could see that my entire chest was blushing with embarrassment.

“I want to see what you did whilst reading my private stories” Toni said.

“Wank your cock boy!”

I felt so weird standing before Toni with my cock at attention. I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. I also felt excited about the way she was just telling me what to do. I knew I would obey.

I pulled off my t-shirt and stood before her completely naked. I could feel that my chest and neck were flushed with embarrassment and excitement.

My hand seemed to drift to my cock of its own accord and I started slowly pumping it. Pre-cum seemed to be drooling out and its lubrication only enhanced my excitement.

“That’s it Michael, wank that beautiful cock for me” Toni whispered.

I could see her neck was also flush with excitement.

“MMMM it’s so hard and beautiful.”

“Thank you” I managed to croak.

“So Michael,” she asked “did you think about me when reading my stories and looking at my magazines?”

“Yes” I whispered.

“Did you think about kissing me, sucking my breasts, eating my fanny?”

“Yes” I confessed.

My cock was so hard and I could feel the familiar tingling.

“Are you going to cum for me boy?” Tony asked.

“ye, yess” I replied.

“MMMM” Toni moaned. “Come closer I want to see you cum. I want you to cum on my tongue and on my face.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. It was like I was in a dirty dream.

I moved closer to her.

Her eyes were riveted to my oozing cock.

“I’m so close” I whispered.

Toni opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

As she did, she brushed it over my peehole.

I couldn’t hold out any longer.

With a huge groan, I exploded.

Glob after glob landing on her tongue.

“MMMMM give it to me, give it all to me.”

I kept stroking and shot a few globs on her face and eyes and into her hair.

As I wound down, she bent forward and started to suck me clean. She was such a horny bitch. I think she wanted every drop.

When she was satisfied that I had no more, she started scooping the cum off of her face with her fingers and fed it to herself.

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