An American Nurse Captured

An American Nurse Captured
An American Nurse Captured
Susan an American nurse with a sense of adventure liked to travel to foreign countrys to practice her profession as a community health nurse..She never worried about the dangers of third world countrys.. and the trouble she could get into..
Susan was older,,, in her 50’s,, a large woman,, thick,, with strong thick legs,, and measured 44DD-34-46,, and about 185#.. Her hair was blonde,, her pubic hair blonde also and unshaven.. Susans nipples were thick and long..
Susan traveled to a third world country which shall remain unnamed,, against the advice of her agency,, in the past Americans have disappeared there only to be found weeks later naked,, horribly tortured.and dead..
Susan arriven at the border check point and immediately was under scrutiny,, They kept her pass port and escorted her to a guard shack,,Her purse was searched and she was subjected to a strip search,, right there,, Susan was stripped completely naked and two guards probed all her holes..,, They took their time and felt every inch of her..
Not satisfied Susan was placed in a car and driven to a dark site where proper interrogation would take place.. She was thrown into a cell completely naked,, with just a straw mat on the floor and a bucket for a bathroom..
About an hour later two guards came to her cell and took her to a room with a metel chair in it with straps,, susan was strapped into the chair and suddenly a curtain opened in front of her and Horge her driver was in the next room strapped spread eagle to a table naked,,She was forced to watch as he was questioned..A man approached him with a curious device with a ratched on it and two spoon like things,, Horges testicle was placed between the spoons and ratched tightened,,, crushing his testicle..He screamed like a wild a****l.. thrashing on the table,, Susan vomited at the sight,,, a man came into the room and asked her questiona about her business in the country,, he slapped Susans face hard and told her she would suffer greatly if she didn’t talk.. Susan began to cry,, begging to let her go.. she was only a nurse not a spy… Just then, Horge wailed in the other room as his other testicle was crushed..
Susan was thrown to the floor,, her arms were pulled over her pulled up legs and tied at her ankles a bar was slid behind her bent knees and she was lifted off the floor like this,, suspending her helplessly,, and painfully off the floor..This was the infamous Boger swing,, developed by wilhelm boger during WW2 to interrogate women,, Susans genitals were vulnerable. A man entered the room with a box on a cart,, it was plugged into the wall,, he pulled out a wire with a suction cup on the end and sucked up her clitoris into it,, it had two exposed wires in it making contact with Susans large clitoris. A second wire was clipped to her toe.. They asked her again what is your business here,, susan begged,, them to let her go..
The man pushed the button and electricity flowed through the wire directly into Susans Clitoris,, Susans whole body spasmed,,and shook,, she drooled spit,,,, her eyes rolled back in her head,, She let out a horrible scream,,,, until her lungs emptied,,, then she just convulsed as the electricity flowed through her body through it most sensitive spit..It lasted 30 seconds,,, Susan cried out as she could catch her breath,,, begging them to stop,,,The men shocked her over and over,,, susan convulsed,,, drooled,, and shook,,they loved seeing a woman suffer.. Especially a pretty one…They injected her with stimulents ,, to prevent her from passing out,, and to increase the pain level…Susan suffered horrible… and it was just the beginning…they continued for 2 hours until she was too weak to remain conscious..
The next day they came for her again… she was strapped to a table naked and spread eagle…A man with a surgical mask approached her with a 50cc syringe and a large needle about 3 inches long… He grabbed her breast and inserted the needle into Susans Nipple..The fluid he injected was a mixture of a caustic substance ment to burn tissue and a stimulant to keep her conscious.. He kept pulling it out and re inserting it at a different angle,,, Susan screamed at the top of her lungs.. the fluid burning like fire in her breast,,, Then he produced a second syringe and repeated the process on her second breast.. Susan wailed,, and pulled at her restraints begging them to stop,, but to no avail,,, The doctor grabbed her swollen breasts and squeezed them hard increasing her pain,,, She went wild from the pain… it was agony,,, But it didn’t stop there,,, the doctor procured a copy of the midevil Pear,,it was about 10 inches long with a bulb on one end,, it was segmented with a sharp point,, a screw at one end,,, when the screw turned the bulb opened to a full 10 inches,, He inserted into Susans vagina.. forcing it in..As he slowly turned the screw it expanded in her cunt forcing the tender cannel to expand the sharp tip ripping her internal organ…susan screamed again and again.. The doctor took his time.. making Susans torment last.. finally it was opened to its fullest diameter,, 10 inches in her vagina,, tearing it open..susan passed out,, the stimulents unable to keep her awake..
Susan woke up tied to a steel chair,, her arms behind her back,, her legs spread,,,A gas mask was on her face,,, a tube ran from the front of it into a metel can in front..there was a stopcock on the tube,, to shut off the flow of air to the victum..OH MY God Susan heard of this,, The russans used it to extract confessions from criminals… Susan was very afraid she was afraid of drowning,, and not being able to breathe…They came into the room the doctor checked her heard with a sthescope,, an said to proceed,, the stop cock was turned and the air shut off,, Susan gasped unable to breathe,,, OH MY GOD< she struggled her lungs working but not getting air,,,,Her air hunger increased along with her anxiety,,, her lungs burned as she tried to breathe..her CO lovel sky rocketed,, thing started to go black ,,, they opened the valve a little letting a little air in,,, Susan struggled to breathe,, it wasn’t enough,,, it kept her in a constant state of air hunger,, just enough to keep her conscious,, it was horrible,, seconds seemed like minutes… minutes like hours..They kept her in this state,, suffering,,, for an hour,,, Susan thought she would die,,,, finally relief,,, they removed her mask and questioned her,,she begged them to stop.. They took a cover off the floor behind her chair it contained a tub of water under the floor,,, hinges were attached to the back legs of her chair,,Susan was tipped over back wards and her head and shoulders down to her huge breasts were under water,,, oH MY GOD drowning ..held under till she started to inhale water,,, left up for one breath then back down,, drowning her over and over. Her worst fear..water entering her lungs burning,,Up for a couple of breaths,,,, not enough then back down to inhale water..They drown Susan 10 times reviving her after each time,, She was going insane… But there was more,,, susan was placed on the strappado,,, her arms behind her back held with handcuffs a rope tied to the cuffs,,, Susan was hoisted off the floor,,, by her arms behind her back,,, Beause she was a large thick woman her shoulders dislocated and she hung in horrible pain,, unable to breathe.. Not satisfied,, a man approached Susan with a leather whip,, he whipped Susans Huge breasts till they were bloody. Susan screamed till she was hoarse,,and finally passed out ,, unable to breathe hanging like this.. Ofcourse during this week long ordeal Susan was violated sexually hundreds of times by the guards,, she was made to pleasure them orally,, and submit to brutal R…e of her torn cunt..She was never lallowed to clean herself,, humiliating her more.. Finally after two weeks of this abuse Susan fell into a c***,, they left her torn body along the roadside, to be found by the villagers who buried her..

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