First Time

First Time
Someone wanted me to tell about my first time having sex. I can tell you, the first pussy I saw was my cousin. I did not fuck her, but I wish I did. We were young, my family just gotten a above ground swimming pool. So I went to my room and change into my swimming trunks. My cousin went in my room after me and changed into her bathing suit. Well my door couldn’t close where it latch shut, but you can close it enough where you can’t peek in. My cousin closed the door but no all the way, she even asked me if it was closed all the way. I said yes. I looked in and watched her get undressed, she sat on my bed, she opened up her legs and I saw her pussy. This is how young we were, her pussy was bald, but we were close to being teenagers. She is a year younger than me also. So I watched her get her bathing suit on, I stood back when she was done, pretend I was just there waiting. I also did see her tits, they were flat, but I saw her nipples.

First time I saw nice big tits was at my cousin’s house, the same cousin I saw her pussy. This was many years later. They had gotten a above ground swimming pool, we were over there for a party. There was some other family there and my cousin had a few friends over. One of her friends had big tits. So my cousins bedroom was weird, when open her door, you have to go up the steps to get to her room. We did are changing up there. I can’t remember her friend name, it started with a C I think. I was outside playing in the pool. I wanted to get something from my bag I had my clothes in it. I didn’t know C was upstairs, (we will call her C) There was no lock on the door, none what so ever. I went up the steps, I wasn’t making any sound, I’m a ninja like that, I got to the top of the steps and looked over I saw C naked, I saw her butt and when she turned towards me, I saw her beautiful big tits. I pre cum in my swimming trunks, and my dick was hard as a rock. She didn’t see me, when she turned towards me, she was looking down at the bed. I snuck back downstairs. I went to the bathroom that was downstairs, and I masturbated. I had to get rid of the boner that was popping up my trunks. Little bit later on, we were playing Marko Pollo game in the pool. I was it, I had my eyes closed and I heard Pollo near me so I jumped and tag someone, it was C and I grabbed her tit. She said out loud that I grab her boob.

First time I had sex, I was with my ex girlfriend Sam. her parents went out somewhere and me and Sam was going out to see a movie. She wanted me to help her fix her jewelry box. So we had it on the floor, going through it, untangling some neckless. Her mom pops in said they are leaving, Sam said ok, we are about to leave too. Sam was wearing a skirt that came down knees, about maybe 1 inch above her knees. She was sitting down on her legs while we were fixing her jewelry. While helping, I looked over and she had her legs open some, I don’t think she knew she was spreading her legs open some. I saw a glance of her panties before she readjusted herself. When we finally got it done, the movie we wanted to see already started. We took to long on the jewelry. I knew her parents would be gone for a few hours and they think we went to the movies. I told her we can go do something else for a few hours. She told me she didn’t feel like going out now. I went up to her, gave her a hug, and gave her a kiss. I started to suck on her neck, I know that turns her on. When I do she just melts and she enjoys it. So while I was sucking on her neck, I grabbed her ass, and kissed her back on the lips. I managed to get her on the bed while kissing her still. She was the type of girl wanted to save herself for marriage. While I had her on the bed, I slid my hand up her skirt, she put her hand out and pushed my hand back out. She pulled away and asked what I was doing. I told her I thought we could have some fun. She told me no, and I said please a few times. She kept saying no. I gave her more kisses, and she kept saying no. I went back and sucked on her neck. When I knew she was relaxed, I slid my hand back up her skirt, she didn’t do anything this time. I moved her right leg so I can reach her pussy. I went under her panties and rubbed on her C-Spot, and I put my finger inside of her. She was getting wet from me sucking on her neck. I started to finger fuck her. She rapped her arms around me and right away she was having an orgasm. Her pussy was nice and wet, I kept fingering her for a few minutes, then I stuck another finger in, so I had two fingers in her. She was getting loud, and since no one was home, I let her be as loud as she wanted. She said she was about to cum, that’s when I pulled out. I stop sucking on her neck, she asked me why I stopped. I told her I want to feel her cum on my dick. Again she said no, so I begged her and told her I would do her for a few minutes and after she came I would pull out and that’s it. She finally caved, so I took off my shorts and boxers and since this was her first time as well, she never saw a dick before. I stroked it a few times in front of her, and I had her put her hands on it and stroke it. She raised her skirt up and took off her panties. Her pussy was very wet from me finger fucking her. I slid my hard ass cock in her virgin pussy and popped that cherry. She let out a loud yell. I started to fuck her slow, she was in little bit of pain and she was enjoying it at the same time. She wanted me to stop because I was hurting her, but I kept going and told her it will get easier. I was laying on her, thrusting my cock in and out of her, kissing her on the lips. She had tears coming down her cheek. After 5 minutes of fucking, I could tell it wasn’t hurting her, she was moaning and she told me to fuck her harder. With every hard thrust I did, she let out a big noise. I did her hard and fast. She was moaning, and it got louder. She moaned very loud. Then she was having orgasms, she dug her nails in my back. She said she was cumming, and she came, felt like it was gushing all over my dick. As she was cumming she was screaming in pleasure, it was like music to my ears. I kept going, she said she came and wanted me to stop. I told her I will in a few minutes. I kept going for another 15 minutes. She lost track of time, she was moaning, I gave her a kiss on the lips and pulled out, I stood up and shot my load above her pussy. My cum was gushing out, the sex felt really good. We had to hurry up and clean her room before her parents got home. After we cleaned it up and made sure it smelt good in her room we quickly went to the car and took off. I drove around for a bit, I knew how far the theater was from her house. After the amount of time I took her back home. Her parents still was back yet, so we started to make out in the car. Few minutes later her parents came up the driveway.

First time getting caught wasn’t fun, her dad was at work and her mom was home. We were in her bedroom just talking. Her mom pops in and said she has to run out for a bit. She said ok and her mom left. We were making out, she took off her shorts and panties. I asked if she could take off her shirt and bra, I haven’t seen her tits yet. So she did, she was so fucking hot. She was average size not fat nor skinny. Her breast was probably a A cup, maybe B. Her tits wasn’t that big but still, she was hot. I took off all my clothes. My dick was sticking straight up in the air, I was laying down on her bed. I told her to climb aboard. She got on top, I put my dick in her pussy and she started to ride me. I was grabbing her tits and went and grabbed her ass. She was moaning so good. Her mom came back home, she forgot something. She heard Sam moaning and walked in on us fucking. Her mom went off and she got into a lot of trouble. I heard that her dad spanked her and they grounded her. She was 16 and I was 18, luckily they didn’t press charges against me, just told me to never see there daughter again. My parents wasn’t happy with me either, I was having unprotected sex. It was very hard to see her, because of that, she broke up with me. We did go to the same school but I went to a career school, it had different schools there. I was part of my school still but leaning a trade. When I was in class, I was talking to this girl from the nursing part, they were learning how to be a nurse I believe. I told her what happened and we broke up because of it.

This girl, Lisa, she was little bit skinner than Sam, and her tits might been a tad smaller than Sam’s also. I took Lisa home, when I got to the driveway, Lisa unbutton my shorts and took them off of me and my boxers as well. She sucked on my cock, so she was giving me my first blowjob. It felt very good, she knew how to suck a dick. I came in her mouth, some of it came out and ran down my cock. Lisa put her head up, looked around, she took off her pants and panties, and put my seat back. She got on top of me and rode me. She fucked my dick fast and she came. She kept going and asked if I was going to cum, I said not yet. She kept going, when I told her she said good and fucking me. I told her I’m about to shoot the load. She kept riding so I had no choice but cum in her. I told her I came inside of her. She looked at me and gave me a kiss right on the lips. She told she was on the pill so I don’t have to worry. So she was the first woman I came inside of.

Years later, I was working at a store, this is where I might my wife at, Linda. We worked together and then started dating. When I fucked her for the first time, I had a condom on. So any who, we fucked in the car, we had no where else to fuck at. We drove around one day, she showed me her old school, she went to. So I drove in and parked the car. It was at night and no one was around. We were fucking and I pulled out. I told Linda I wanted to fuck her ass. I wanted to try it. She wasn’t sure but I talked her into it. She rolled over, I had some kind of lube in the car, I had it there in case for something like this. I took off my condom and lubed up her ass. I slid it in and slowly put my cock down in her ass. She was wiggling and telling me it hurts. As soon I got her to stop fighting, she soon started to enjoy it. I fucked her ass, her pussy gotten wet and she also came. I fucked her for an hour in the ass and I came in her. I like fucking her ass, it was nice and tight.

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