sister part 1

sister part 1
With the sound of the shower running behind her Lisa took a moment to look at herself in the mirror smiling as she admired her hot teen body. Obviously she wished she was a little more developed but she liked the looks she got when she went out to parties and clubs especially when seen with her sister. Rubbing her hands over her smooth bare skin she tweaked her stiff nipples a little giggling at how it made her feel before stepping over to the shower.

Reaching over the test the temperature of the shower water Lisa found herself pulling her hand back to avoid the freezing cold water. Grabbing the red silk robe her sister had gotten her for Christmas she pulled it on and decided to let the water run for a few minutes. Walking down the hallway thinking of going to the kitchen she heard Shauna’s voice and decided to eavesdrop a little.

“You want to know what?” she heard Shauna giggle, “A t-shirt and a pair of panties what about you?”

“Oh I wish you were here we’d have so much fun. You get me so wet sometimes,” said Shauna excitedly.

Lisa’s eyes went wide as she realized her fifteen year old sister was having phone sex. Stepping a little closer to the door she leaned in hoping to hear a little more.

“Oh I am my clit feels so good baby, I love rubbing it for you.”

Lisa’s heart was racing as she bit on her lower lip imagining what was going on the other side of the door. Lisa was thirteen and hadn’t been with a guy yet but in her room she had been watching porn and fantasizing about how it would feel. She reached down and slowly starting stroking her fingertips over her bare thigh. She imagined two people having sex. They were faceless at first but the girl’s face kept turning into Shauna’s.

She was confused at first but realizing it turned her on to think of her sister that way so much so she felt her pussy getting wet. Her eyes closed licking her lips a little until she heard a beeping sound making her jump and almost scream in surprise. It was a cell phone she reached for her pocket scared that Shauna would realize she was there but Lisa didn’t have her phone.

“Ah fuck baby, my cell phone is dying but I’m so fucking horny I’ll call you from the home phone.”

Hearing Shauna getting up and almost running to the door Lisa darted back into the bathroom closing the door and leaning her back against it catching her breath. Why was she getting turned on thinking of her sister getting fucked? It wasn’t right but every time she tried to remember the porn she had watched Shauna always was there. Hoping to get the images out of her head she got in the shower feeling the hot water run all over her skin.
Not hearing anything as she walked by Shauna’s room she finally felt herself calm down.

In her own room she started to get dressed pulling on a matching pink and white lace bra and panties. Then over that a white Hollister t-shirt and a pair of black pj pants since she was just lounging around. As she was tying the strings on the pants she saw the phone out of the corner of her eye and felt a little excitement. Her hand shook a little as she reached for it picking it up slowly and lifting it to her ear. What she heard next made her gasp before she could cover her mouth.

“What was that?” she heard a female voice ask and it wasn’t her sisters.

“That was me moaning what do you expect when I hear your sexy voice talk about licking
my pussy?”

Lisa quietly walked down the hallway to her sister’s door wondering why she didn’t hear anything before.

“Well you better be careful you don’t want Lisa to hear you.” The voice sounded so familiar but she couldn’t figure out who it was.

“I’m in the backseat of the car in the garage she couldn’t hear me out here now kiss me Holly please I need you so bad.”

Holly? Holly, one of the hottest girls in school and she and my sister are having lesbian phone sex? Lisa almost laughed but covered her mouth not wanting them to know she was listening in.

“Kissing you hard Shauna my soft lips on yours my fingers on your cheek lightly brushing your skin, ” sighed Holly “My arms around your waist pulling you in close one hand squeezing your ass.”

“Pull my skirt up and squeeze my bare ass baby come on,” Shauna said breathing hard.

“Twirling my tongue around yours as I slowly pull your tight slutty skirt up and you can feel my hands squeezing your bare ass,” said Holly in a nasty porn voice.

Lisa’s heart racing feeling like it would beat out of her chest. Quietly opening the door to her sister’s room and walking in looking around a little. Pulling open a couple drawers looking at what her sister was reading. Finding her vibrator in her panty drawer Lisa smiled she had borrowed it a couple times before.

Lying on her sister’s bed Lisa untied her pj pants and pushed them down a little. Turning the phone onto speaker and setting it by the pillow she turned the vibe on lightly resting it on her bare thighs and working it up to her panties teasing her damp slit through the panties as she listened in.

“That’s it Holly lick my clit I love it when you do that now finger me too!” cried Shauna.

“You taste so good so sweet sucking on your clit as I slowly slide a finger into your tight little cunt. Oh fuck Shawn you are so slick and tight. I love how I slide my finger in and out making sloppy sounds.”

Hearing them talk so openly turned Lisa on so much she pulled her panties to the side and slowly rubbed the vibe on her clit moaning softly just loud enough to be heard on the phone.

“You’re making me so fucking horny” Holly moaned out thinking the moan she heard was Shauna.

“I’m so wet oh fuck it feels so good don’t stop licking and fucking me Holly please don’t stop. I want more fingers, fuck me harder babe!”

“Oh Shaun I love your wet cunt so tasty and hot, oh fuck your juices running from your pussy lip…let me lick it up for you.”

“Are you playing with your pussy for me Holly?”

“Oh Shawn you’re going to make me cum baby don’t stop moaning for me I need it I want it so bad.”

Lisa added her moans to the others hoping they blended in and they would think they were each other’s. Sliding a hand up her shirt playing with her firm little tittie and hard nipple a little as she imagined Holly eating her out and licked her lips finding herself wanting to taste another girl’s pussy.

“Oh fuck Holly I’m going to cum I want you to cum with me baby come on. You hot fucking bitch make that beautiful cunt cum with mine ”

Their words turning into moans and screams of pleasure as Lisa added her own to the mix rubbing her clit and plunging the dildo into her tight teen cunt. Hearing the other two girls playing and moaning turning her on so much she imagined being with Holly feeling so turned on she knew her orgasm was close.

In her mind Holly was between her legs tasting her and licking her clit but something took over in her mind and suddenly it was Shauna eating her out, her sister Shauna. As the thought washed over her Lisa had the most intense orgasm in her young life ripping through her body as she arched her back and cum sprayed all over her sisters bed. Hearing Holly and her sister moaning on the phone all she could do was enjoy the feeling as she tried to catch her breath.

“So you’re still coming to hang out tonight?” Lisa heard her sister ask.

“Of course and I’m bringing a few toys too.”

“Well I’m here waiting for you.” She heard some giggling.

Hearing the door to the garage Lisa jumped up putting the vibrator back in the drawer and hurrying to her room closing the door. Hearing Shauna come down the hallway stopping by her door Lisa almost passed out scared she knew everything that she was listening in.

A quiet knock on the door…….

“Lisa you in there?”

“Yes I was getting dressed”

Opening her door seeing Shauna standing there in a pair of short purple soccer shorts and a tight white t-shirt making her blush when she realized she could see her older sister’s erect nipples poking through her t-shirt. She thought she could smell the fresh sent of cum on her sister as well. Lisa tried not to check out her sister’s hot body but she couldn’t help herself.

“Holly is coming for dinner and hanging out for a while and wanted to make sure you would be here too.”

“Really? Are you sure you want your little sister hanging out with you and your friend?”

“You know you’re always welcome to hang out with us,” Shauna said sticking her tongue out at her sister then giving her a little hug.

Lisa nearly moaned when she felt the heat of her sister’s body next to hers her warm firm tities pressing into her.

“I-I’m going to get dinner started why don’t you finish getting dressed and come help, and turn the damn shower off would you?”

“Ok Shaun I -I’ll be down in a couple minutes,” said Lisa flustered.

Closing the door behind her smiling as she caught her breath remembering the image that made her orgasm…. Shauna’s tongue on her clit. Her fingers deep in her tight cunt and her dark beautiful eyes looking up into hers. These hot, strange images were running through her mind of what the night might bring.

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