The motherfuckers part 7

The motherfuckers part 7
Down in the dining room most of the group is already there waiting to be seated for breakfast. Carole sees Andrea and Jason and they walk over to say hi. Andrea speaks up.

“Good morning you two! How are you…lovebirds this morning?”

“Well, good morning Andrea. Good morning Jason.”

“Boys, before they get us a table, why don’t you go over there and talk to the others. Your mom and I have a few things to discuss.”

Jason and Ricky walk over to talk to muscle boy Grant and Joel Graves. The suitcases have already been loaded into the car for the drive home. After breakfast, the long weekend will be over.

“Carole, sweetie…you are…GLOWING! Last night must have been good I take it.”

“Andrea, it was everything I’ve ever fantasied about…and a lot more.”

“I really don’t pry…but…”

“Andrea…I know you are dying to know. Yes…we did use the lubricant. Thank you for that.”

Michelle is walking around, making small talk to everyone. She comes over to say hi. She doesn’t seem like her usual bubbly self.

“Good morning Michelle.”

“Morning, guys.”

“Michelle, everything okay?”

“Oh, I’m just having problems with Peter. He’s just kinda being a shit. Something’s bothering him and he won’t tell me.”

Andrea knows that something is wrong. She has known her best friend since they were schoolgirls. Together they have gotten married, raised their sons together, and have gotten divorced. But she’s never seen Michelle in a mood like this. Andrea senses the worst for her best friend.

“Well, hopefully Peter is just in one of those moods k**s can get into. You know if you ever want to talk, I’m always there for you babe.”

“I know, Andrea. I know that.”

Michelle walks over to the waiter who is trying to seat everyone for breakfast. The tables should be ready in ten minutes.

“Well, I guess we’ll see what’s going on later with Peter. Hey Carole, yesterday you told me that maybe you wanted to…get your boobs done. Are you still interested?”

“Yes…I’ve thought about it and I think I really want to. I mean look at the way our boys look at Eileen’s boobs. I think they should be looking at our boobs!”

“Well, the doctor gives a 25 percent discount if there are two at once. It saves on the operating costs.”

“New boobs…and a 25 percent discount? Sign me up.”

“Well, should we tell the boys what we are gonna do?”

“I think we should. Lets do it…then the four of us should go away for a weekend…to celebrate.”

“Sounds good to me. I have one more question Andrea. I just want to tell you that…yesterday in the hot tub…and on the dance floor…I want to tell you…that I really liked it.”

“I wasn’t sure how you would react. But sweetie, you’re so god damn hot I just had to try. I really liked it too. Okay, here comes the boys.”

Ricky and Jason sit down with their moms and order breakfast.

“Jason, Ricky, we have a couple things we want to tell you.”

Oh shit! Everything is going so well! This must not be good. Maybe they’re dumping us for guys their own age…!

“First guys, Carole and I have watched the way both of you guys stare at little Eileen’s big fake tits…It’s very obvious you guys are in love with those things…”

Shit….are our moms mad at us…?

“Well, boys what if…Carole and I went to the doctor…and got nice big boobies like little Eileen? Would you guys like that?”

Ricky and Jason looked at each other, smiled and nodded hell yes!

“Well, we are going to see the surgeon this week…and get them…but only if you boys want them..”

This weekend just keeps getting better and better! First all the hot sex, fucking each other’s moms then fucking their own moms…up the ass…and now…this?

“Mom, you and Mrs Baker would do that…for us? Ricky and I..well…yes…we want them.”

“You boys would have four nice big boobies to play with! Boys, Carole and I have one more thing we have to tell you.”

“What’s that Mrs Cook?”

“Boys, Carole and I have decided that we…want to…spice things up…between us. But again…only if you boys are good with it.”

Did that just mean what I think she meant? The boys looked at each other and again smiled. Ricky spoke up.

“Mom…you and Mrs Cook? Mom, would Jason and I…get to watch?”

Andrea spoke up.

“Boys…sure you get to watch…and join in! But once in awhile, when you guys are in school, there’s gonna be times when we just can’t keep our hands off each other.”

The perfect end to a perfect weekend! They finished their meal and Michelle came around to all the tables with a note for everyone. It was sign out time. When you sign out please remember to leave a nice gratuity for all the hotel staff and also for Mistress Chan. Michelle figured $100 would be appropriate for the three days.

Three weeks later Carole was sitting watching some stupid talk show on television. Ricky was at school. The operation had gone off without a hitch. Carole and Andrea both agreed that it had hurt like hell for over a week, but the pain is almost gone. In a couple of days she will finally get to retire the surgical bra she has had to wear for almost two weeks. She got a text message from Andrea.

“Hi sweetie. I’m really looking forward to this weekend, aren’t you?”

Andrea and Carole had booked the presidential suite at the Ocean Villa Resort, a swanky hotel up the coast, for this weekend. The boys would get their first look at their mothers’ new fake titties!

“Shit yes Andrea! I’m so ready for 18 year old cock right now that I would fuck a cucumber if I had one. I can’t wait to do the nasty with you too…while the boys watch…”

“Oh, me too sweetie. But right now, I have some news, really big news. Why don’t we meet at Applebee’s for lunch in a half hour? This is mind blowing.”

“Okay Andrea, see you in a half hour. Bye.”

Andrea and Carole sat at the table and ordered lunch. Andrea told Carole that the pain from the operation was gone and she would be 100 percent in a couple more days.

“Andrea, you said you had some big news? Well, let me have it.”

“Okay well first…remember when we all signed out and everyone was supposed to leave a tip?”

“Yes, I had such a good time, I left them $200.”

“Well, I gave them $100. But Michelle got a call from Michael the hotel manager. Seems that Sandra Smith didn’t leave anything! So what happened is that Stella called Sandra and told her off then I guess they had words. Stella ended up kicking them out of the club.”

“So, Sandra Smith and little Jimmy, are out? Fine with me.”

“Then I guess Sandra went off on her. Told her that none of us slut mothers are worthy of her big cocked boy. Little Jimmy’s gonna be a star and how lucky we all are to get fucked by him. Then Sandra told her that Jimmy’s gonna leave school and transfer to Coastal Prep. Leaves our team without a field goal kicker.”

“Wow, I feel bad for the football team, but you know what I think. I’m glad they are gone.”

“Carole sweetie, that’s just the beginning. Now…the big news. You remember, how weird that Peter was acting?”

“Yes, it seemed like he wasn’t having much fun. I thought it was just one of those moods k**s can get into.”

“Well, I told you that Dr Stella said he showed the signs of some…struggling with his…sexual identity. Well, she was right. Peter finally came out and told Michelle that he was gay. In fact I guess he’s been boinking Joel Graves for awhile now.”

“Jeesus! How is Michelle taking it? And I know that you and Michelle are so close. And how is Jason taking it? I know that that you guys were best friends forever.”

“Well, Michelle has been crying for a couple of days now. But she is now coming around. She told Peter that she is his mother, and that she loves her son, no matter what. So Michelle is going to be okay. And, I’m doing okay too. But Jason at first was devastated. He was really hurt that Peter never told him. But he seems to be coming around too.”

“Wow….that’s a lot… So, I guess I have to ask…do we still have a club?”

“Well, a couple of mothers called Dr Stella and told her that their sons are becoming more interested…in girls their own age. And I know that we talked…and we really weren’t interested in any of the others. So it looks like the club is toast.”

“And, Andrea, you’re okay with that?”

“Yes…definitely yes. The only real good thing that’s come from it is meeting you and Ricky.”

“So…the motherfuckers club is gone…now we have a mother swappers club.”

“Yes…with a membership of four…and no one else.”

Two days later the four members of the new mother swapper’s club headed up the coast to a new hotel at Ocean Villa Resort, a new hotel on the California coast. Ricky and Jason in the front seat, and the two horny milf moms sitting in the back. It was the start of the long weekend ahead. The mothers were horny and eager to show off their new titties to their sons. Andrea had gone to the hair salon and went for a totally new look. The result was amazing! Andrea looked a lot more classy…almost elegant. The stylist told her to put her hair up on special occasions. The combination of her long slim legs, tiny round ass, big fake boobs, and her new do would drive any man crazy.

“Andrea, I brought a really sexy dress to go dancing. How about you?”

“Yes, I bought a new blue number that has a slit on the side and a really low cut front.”

“Boys, did you hear that? Andrea had a new blue dress that will show off her long legs and her new titties. You boys are going to spend a night dancing with a couple of horny big titted cougars!”

“Yes, every old fart there will be drooling over us! And…every lady there will be all wet looking at our teenage hunks!”

“Mom…do you and Mrs Cook have this weekend all planned out?”

“Yes…we do for the most part. Tomorrow night, the four of us go dancing. I heard they have a really great group playing. Remember when we told you guys how dancing makes us horny?”

Jason speaks up.

“That sounds great mom, but what about tonight?”

“Well, you know the procedure actually hurt a lot more than we thought it would. And Mrs Baker and I haven’t had any…fun for a couple of weeks. We’ve decided that tonight we will…entertain you boys. Then boys…you can spend the rest of the night…taking care of us.”

Ricky and Jason smile at each other. Their horny big titted moms are going to give them a girly show then spend the rest of the night fucking their brains out!

The four mother swappers arrive at their suite. It has two large bedrooms with a common living room. The view is first class…you can see the ocean for miles. They could hear the faint sound of waves crashing onto the shore. Andrea gets on the phone to call room service.

“Hi Room service. This is Andrea Cook in the presidential suite. I need the extra large appetizer plate for four with extra meat. Also we need 2 bottles of white zin on ice. Okay? We want it here by 7 pm. Okay, sounds good.”

“Boys, we have a huge bed here. Lots of room for all four of us. Why don’t you go ahead and get out of your clothes..leave the briefs on…while Carole and I make ourselves presentable. What do you think sweetie?”

“Yes. I think our boys have waited long enough. I think you boys are ready for some…titty action.”

Carole and Andrea head to the large bathroom, giggling like a couple of schoolgirls. Both of them are carrying a package from Jojolove’s. The boys do what they are told and get down to their underwear. Both of them are speechless, not knowing quite what to expect.

The bags from Jojolove’s contain a couple of very sexy short robes. The robes are low cut in front, highlighting the horny mothers’ new fake boobs. Andrea had opted for a black silk number while Carole went for the basic white with matching patent white heels. Each outfit contained a very sexy bra which attached in front. Their new fake boobs were spilling out of the tiny bras.

Andrea had done what the stylist had told her and put her hair up for this weekend, hoping that it would drive the boys crazy. The two blonde mothers fixed their make up and put the final touches on their hair. Its time!

“Carole sweetie, don’t forget the bottle of oil. That’s the best part.”

Carole grabbed the bottle of Nuru massage oil and the two horny blonde mothers walked out to greet their sons, who were lying on the bed.

“Hi boys! Sorry we took so long.”

“Mom..! Mrs Cook!”

“Oh Mom….Mrs Baker….”

The two women turned around bent over a bit, showing their teenage sons their long legs and firm asses. Andrea spoke up.

“You see, your mothers aren’t wearing any panties! You like looking at your mother’s asses, don’t you boys? Well, that will have to wait for later.”

The two women crawled onto the bed and straddled their teenage sons. Each mother bent over and kissed their son on the lips, rubbing their excited wet crotch against their sons’ hardness.

“Boys…let’s get these off…”

The boys raised their hips off the bed and the mothers took off their boy’s briefs. Carole and Andrea suddenly had a great view of two 18 year old cocks, each dripping precum.

“Andrea….look at those cocks! Andrea…can I suck him off? Or should I wait?”

Ricky is going crazy! His gorgeous blonde mother would have had his teenage down her throat by now, but it seems like she’s teasing him!

“No Carole….we should stick to our plan..”

“Oh yes…the plan. Jeez…I can’t remember what’s next…”

“Well, we got the boys naked…I guess it should be our turn…don’t you think?”

Straddling their teenage sons the two blonde mothers slowly took off their robes. The boys saw their mothers new tits desperately trying to get out of the confinement of their tiny bras.

“Jason….why don’t you take it off?”

The nervous teenager fumbled with the clasp in front.

“Here honey, let me help.”

The teenager finally figured out the clasp and Andrea’s new 36DDs came into view. Ricky and Carole watched as the new fake melons came into view. Ricky hoped that his mother’s tits looked half as good as Andrea’s fake beauties!

“You like honey?”

“Oh mom…!!! Yes!!!!”

“Why don’t you feel them?”

The nervous boy ran his hand over his mother’s new fake tits, not wanting to hurt the new boobs.

“Go ahead…darling…you can’t hurt them…”

It was now time for Carole to show her son her new boobs. After watching his friend Jason clumsily try to get the clasp off, Ricky figured out his mother’s white bra right away. In an instant Carole’s big new tits came into view. Next to them Jason was feeling his blonde mother’s tits while watching Ricky get Carole’s bra off.

“My God!!! Mom!!!! They’re…beautiful…”

Carole’s new tits were a bit larger than Andrea’s. Carole’s tits were bigger to begin with, so they came out a bit larger than her friend’s.

Ricky started feeling his blonde mother’s new hooters, amazed at how firm they were. Now both boys were on the bed feeling up their mother’s new tits. Andrea knew its time for the next step.

“Carole..grab the bottle of massage oil.”

Carole grabbed the bottle of Nuru oil and gave it to Andrea who handed it to Jason. Both the mothers got on their backs.

“Here honey…go ahead and get em good and oily. Give your mother a nice titty massage.”

Jason squirted a big gob of oil and started in massaging his blonde mothers fabulous new boobs.

“OOOOOHHHH Baby….yes….feel em…..yes…! Remember what Mistress Chan told you…lots of oil…”

Jason squirted another huge glob on his mother’s boobs then handed the bottle to Ricky. Ricky emptied the whole bottle on his gorgeous blonde mother’s new melons. Soon both boys were in full massage mode, driving the mothers crazy with lust. Andrea was squirming on the bed while Carole was humping her hips off the bed, desperately wanting a cock in her cunt.

‘OHHHHH DARLING!!! YESSSS!!! Now…go ahead…lick them of you like….PLEASE!!! YESSSS!!!!”

Andrea was ready to orgasm. Ricky now had one of his mother’s nipples in his mouth, while pinching the other nipple. Both of the boys knew they couldn’t last much longer. They knew they had to cum somewhere, in a mouth, or a cunt, just…anywhere!

Andrea looked up at her son Jason…spread her long legs. Jason got into position…then…

“No Jason…up here…get up here…”

Jason was shocked…you mean…this way? he had always wondered what it was going to be like…and now the lucky teenager was going to find out.

Carole wanted to get fucked…now!! But she knew that this was Ricky’s special time. She would get fucked later. She grabbed her son’s stiff cock and pulled her boy on top of her chest. She put her son’s dripping stiff cock between her huge fake tits and squeezed them together.



Next to them Jason watched the beautiful Mrs Baker squeeze her huge melons together while his friend Ricky was starting to fuck his mother’s tits. Andrea did the same. Soon Jason had his cock buried in the warm tight slippery groove between his mother Andrea’s new boobs.

“OHHHH Jason….your cock…it feels so good between my titties…”

Next to them Ricky was thrusting his hips fucking the oily cave between his gorgeous blonde mother’s fake boobs. Carole could see the pink cock head start to quiver, the pisshole open, and saw the first traces of a pending orgasm. She knew her horny teenage son wasn’t long for this world.



The first rope of warm teenage semen hit Carole squarely on the chin. Another blast handed on its intended target, bathing her left tit in warm jism. Soon both of her new boobs were covered in teenage cock sauce. The red piss hole kept quivering but each successive spurt was smaller and smaller. Soon the boy was done, collapsing in a wave of orgasmic euphoria.

Jason wasn’t too far behind. Andrea looked at her boy on top of her. Their eyes met and Andrea nodded yes. The teenager’s whole body shuddered and shook with excitement. Jason’s big teenage cock belched and finally unloaded his fiery orgasm squarely on his mother’s new 36DD tits.




The two blonde milf moms looked at each other and smiled. The boob job was expensive and painful, but just watching the looks on their teenage sons faces, both Carole and Andrea know that it was worth it. Jason and Ricky will never look twice at a big titted woman again, knowing what they have right at home, waiting for them!

Carole’s chin and tits were covered with Ricky’s spent teenage sperm. Andrea looked at her new friend and crawled over to her. Was she going to…SHIT YES!! She was going to…to…!!!!!”

Andrea kissed Carole…then slowly ran her tongue across Carole’s chin, licking some of Ricky’s spent teenage jizz. Then another lick, then running her tongue over her tits, licking all of Ricky’s jism off of her tits. Carole then started licking all of Jason’s tasty sperm off of Andrea’s boobs. The two blonde mothers were getting into licking each other’s boobs. Andrea then took one of Carole’s tits in her mouth and gently bit her nipple. Carole took her hands and started playing with Andrea’s big boobs. In a couple of minutes the two gorgeous blondes were licking and biting each other’s tits.



Andrea turned around and got on top of her new friend. Her dripping wet cunt inches from Carole’s face. Andrea then went downtown, her mouth on Carole’s open cunt. In an instant, both women were locked in a sixty nine position. Andrea found Carole’s little clit, bringing a squeal from the gorgeous blonde.


Jason and Ricky were speechless! Watching their two blonde mothers eating each other out was the most exciting thing they have ever seen! Andrea then asks Jason something.

“Jason…will you get up and hand me that bag laying on the dresser?”

Jason doesn’t have to be asked twice. Something good is going to happen, he just knows it!

Carole is laying on her back, her legs spread, her dripping cunt wide open, begging for a cock. Andrea opens the bag and pulls it out. The boys’ mouths open in awe!

Andrea licks one side of the two headed dildo…offering the other side to Carole. Carole follows suit, putting the other end in her mouth and sucking it. Both blonde milf moms are now sucking one end of the two headed dildo. Andrea grabs the bottle of massage oil and rubs the oil over the two headed penis, getting both ends of the dildo nice and slippery.

Jason and Ricky just watched their mothers eat each other out, but that’s nothing like what they are going to see!!! Andrea and Carole look at each other and smile.

“You ready sweetie?”


Andrea takes one end of the two headed monster and guides it into her tiny mommy hole. She then gets on top of her new blonde friend and guides it to the entrance of Carole’s dripping wet womanhood. Then a thrust and its in!

“OOOOOHHHH GODDDD YESSSS!!!!! Carole!!!!!!!”


Andrea slowly pumps her hips driving the dildo deeper into both women. In a minute the two smoking hot blondes are in a perfect rhythm, humping away at each other like they have done this forever. They kiss, their big new fake tits mashed against each other, locking lips as they pump hard… harder…faster.

“Carole!!!! It’s so fuckinnnn good!!!! Yes!!!!”



Andrea collapses on top of Carole, totally spent. They kiss…passionately. Both women are bathed in the afterglow of some absolutely mind blowing sex.

Andrea climbs off of Carole. As the dildo slips out Andrea offers her end to Carole who licks all of Andrea’s love juices off the rubber penis. She then licks all of Carole’s pussy juice off of her end. Trying to catch their breath, the two women then both collapse flat on their back, surrounded by their two teenage sons.

“Well, boys…what do you think of your two big titted blonde moms now?”

“Jeez mom….I’ve never seen anything like that, ever…!”

Carole looks and both Ricky and Jason have hard-ons. Can’t blame them, she thinks. But right now, the boys will have to wait a few minutes. Suddenly she hears the knocking at the door. It’s room service, delivering their food and a couple of bottles of wine.

“Come on sweetie, let’s get cleaned up. The boys can take care of the food.”

Andrea and Carole bolt into the bathroom. Ricky quickly puts on his pants to answer the door.

In a few minutes they are sitting having some dinner. No one was really in the mood for a sit down formal dinner. Maybe tomorrow night. Tonight was just about sex…nothing more. Carole and Andrea have a second glass of white wine whole Jason and Ricky stop at one. Both boys have remembered to take a tablet of Viagra. It is going to be a long night!

Andrea speaks up to her new friend.

“Okay Carole. I think its time we left the two of you alone. I think we can all agree that this was fun but right now the two of us need some alone time.”

“My sentiments exactly! We will see you…in the morning…or in the afternoon…or…if the two of you want to be alone all weekend, it’s fine with us.”

“Okay sweetie, good night. I hope you are walking bowlegged in the morning!”

Andrea gets up and her son Jason follows her to the door.

“Jason…where do you think you are going?”

“Mom, I was going to follow you…into the other bedroom.”

“Jason…Carole and I planned…that you were gonna room with her and I was going to room with Ricky. That is unless you boys don’t want it that way…”

Jason and Ricky looked at each other and gave each other a nod…yes. It’s more than okay with both of them!

“Come on Ricky, let’s go to bed. I think Carole and Jason want to be left alone. And grab a bottle of wine for us.”

Ricky noticed that Andrea was carrying a tube in her hand. He had seen the familiar label on the tube. It looked just like Mistress Chan’s anal lube. The teenager’s cock jumped with excitement. Andrea had made sure that Ricky could see the label on the tube.

“Ricky…I’m sure we’re gonna need this, don’t you think?

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