A Change in Lifestyle


Erin had always been very flirtatious with men. All men. It didn’t matter what he looked like, how old he was, or his status in life. She knew she was a beautiful woman and she used it to her advantage to get what she wanted from men. She would twirl her long golden blonde hair around her fingers and give men a sweet, dirty smile that made them wonder what she was really thinking. It got her whatever she wanted. She was also known on occasion to sleep with these men to further benefit herself.

Erin stands just over five feet tall and is very petite. Petite except for her curves. She has very round firm breasts and hips and butt that make any man sweat from looking at her silhouette. Her golden hair reaches almost to her firm butt and her blue eyes sparkle when she smiles her flirty smile. She dresses classy, never revealing too much. She wants to leave her body to the imagination. But when she’s naked, she lives up to all men’s expectations.

Erin never thought that she would have to work very hard to get someone in bed. And in her twenty-five years, she never had. Until she began her new job. Erin tends to get bored with things very quickly, her work especially. Erin decided to switch fields again. She didn’t really have to work, because her family was wealthy enough to support her, but she enjoyed meeting and conquering new people. So she began this new job working in a family medical practice. All she was to do was answer the phones and relay the messages. She figured it would be easy and give her plenty of time to scope out the young, handsome doctors.

To Erin’s dismay, she found herself working mostly with the other women in the front office and hardly got the opportunity to speak with the doctors.

Although after awhile, she began to enjoy the chit chat of the women. One woman in particular, Kelly. Kelly was a little older than Erin. She was married with two children, but her body was in as great a shape as Erin’s. Erin found herself looking over Kelly often. Her long, smooth legs and the way she flipped her curly auburn hair. This was a feeling Erin was unaccustomed to. She never before had felt a warmth between her legs because of a woman. She welcomed it however. After all, could Kelly be any harder to conquer than all those men?

It turned out that it would be. https://www.cfimi.com Erin was lucky in the fact that Kelly was a very sexual woman. She had only been with her husband her whole life but regretted the fact that she hadn’t had more experience. Erin decided that she wanted to give her that experience.

Erin and Kelly soon became friends. They went out to lunch together and shopping all the time. As they got to know each other better, Erin began to feel more than just desire for Kelly, she started to love her. She had never imagined that she could fall for a woman after all the years she had been seducing men. One night, Erin had the opportunity to express herself to Kelly. They decided to go have a few drinks after work.

They went to a nearby pub and after a few drinks, both girls were pretty well drunk. Erin decided now was the time to act. She leaned over the table and ran her hands through Kelly’s hair, pulling Kelly’s face to hers. Erin pressed her lips softly to Kelly’s. To Erin’s surprise, Kelly eagerly kissed back. Before too long, they were kissing passionately, tongues sliding together. They didn’t realize the audience they had attracted until some men started whistling and shouting at them. They pulled away slowly from each other and smiled. They looked quickly around to see their audience. Erin started waving and blowing kisses, but before she knew it, Kelly had her hand and was dragging her outside.

Kelly brought Erin to her car and practically pushed her inside. She got in herself and started the engine. Not a word was said as Kelly drove them to her house only a few miles away. As they pulled in the driveway, Kelly looked at Erin with this strange, frightened look. It was obvious that Kelly had never been with a woman before. Erin didn’t let on that it would be her first time too. Lucky for both of them, Kelly’s husband and children were away for the weekend. Kelly unlocked the door and pulled Erin up into her bedroom. She shut the door and lit a few candles by her bedside.

Erin was struck by how beautiful Kelly looked by the candlelight. Her breasts heaving in anticipation. Erin walked towards her and wrapped her arm around Kelly’s neck, running her hands through her auburn hair. She leaned into her lips and kissed her for the second time. There was so much electricity flowing through them. Kelly loosened up a little and wrapped her own arms around Erin’s waist and allowed her hands to wander over Erin’s tight body.

Erin reached down to the hem of Kelly’s shirt and lifted it off right over her head, exposing Kelly’s beautiful perky breasts. Apparently she had decided to not wear a bra that day. Erin pushed Kelly back onto the bed and removed her own blouse and bra. Kelly had never seen another woman’s tits and instantly reached out to caress one. Erin’s nipples instantly became rock hard to Kelly’s touch. She moaned slightly as Kelly pinched her nipples. Erin straddled Kelly and bent her head down to Kelly’s perfect pink nipples and began to run her tongue around them. She started out in circular motions and then began to flick her tongue across one and then the other. Kelly’s back arched with pleasure. After a little more teasing, Erin finally began to suck on each nipple. But not gently. No, Erin wanted it to be more erotic, so she sucked hard. And she bit at Kelly’s nipples, the way she knew she liked it when men had done it to her. A loud moan escaped Kelly’s lips.

Kelly reached up to Erin and fumbled slightly with her zipper. When she got it, Erin easily slid out of her pants revealing a silky red thong. Kelly smiled as she pulled the thong off also. What she found was a perfect, hairless pussy. She could already smell Erin’s sweet smell and she knew that she wanted to taste her.

Kelly rolled Erin off of her and made her lie down. She got onto her knees and bent before Erin’s pussy. She traced the lips with her tongue and then entered inside. She licked gently at Erin’s now swollen clit, causing Erin’s legs to twitch with pleasure. She ran her tongue down and pushed it into Erin’s hot little hole. Kelly began to tongue fuck her. Erin’s moans grew louder. She began to run her hands through Kelly’s soft hair. Kelly worked her tongue back up to Erin’s clit and as she licked it, she inserted two fingers into Erin and fucked her with them. The pleasure was too exquisite for Erin to bear any longer and she began to scream with pleasure. Soon Kelly’s lips were glistening with Erin’s cum. Kelly loved the taste, she wanted to lick her lips, but instead she decided to share it with Erin. She propped herself up next to Erin and bent down to kiss her. Erin licked around Kelly’s lips, tasting her own sweet juices.

Kelly got up off the bed and disappeared into the next room. Erin was afraid that they were done. She was pleasantly surprised to see Kelly come back with a seven inch vibrator. She handed it to Erin. Erin instructed Kelly to get onto all fours. Erin loved the view of Kelly’s tight little ass and couldn’t help but stick her tongue into Kelly’s already dripping wet pussy before she inserted the vibrator. Erin knelt behind Kelly and began to tease her with the vibrator. Running it slowly over her clit, but never letting it enter her. She reached under Kelly and pinched her nipples as she did so. She practically had Kelly pleading to be fucked.

After a few more minutes, Erin agreed and shoved the vibrator deep within Kelly. Kelly jerked momentarily but soon gave into the pleasure of Erin pushing the vibrator in and out of her throbbing pussy. Erin brought her finger to her lips and sucked on it. After doing that, she traced the outline of Kelly’s sweet asshole. Kelly had never felt anything like it and before she knew it, Erin’s finger was probing deep inside her ass. It hurt at first, but soon she grew to see the pleasure it held. Especially with Erin still fucking her with the vibrator. Being doubly penetrated was too much for Kelly to handle and she let out a loud moan as her cum flowed out onto the vibrator. Erin instinctively pulled the vibrator out and lowered her head to lick up Kelly’s cum. She licked across Kelly’s now more sensitive clit, causing Kelly to jerk with pleasure.

Erin lay down next to now exhausted Kelly. They lay there for an hour, lightly kissing and caressing each other. They did not speak a word. They knew that their relationship had changed. Kelly couldn’t help but wonder if Erin would submit to a threesome with her and her husband. She thought she could persuade her, because Kelly wasn’t about to give up this newfound pleasure.

As Erin lay there, also exhausted, she also thought about many things. Her thoughts and feelings about Kelly were very confusing. But most of all, she was angry with herself. She realized that after all those years of seducing men to get what she wanted, the favor had finally been returned. Kelly had seduced her. Erin knew that now Kelly would have ultimate power over her. She would do anything Kelly commanded. Funny how things change isn’t it?

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