A Night To Remember


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Tammy always seemed to be left out. In school she was always the last one to be picked in kickball, never asked to dances, and did not go to her senior prom. It was not that she was ugly, no indeed, Tammy was quite ordinary looking. While she was a few pounds’ overweight, it did not show until she was in a bathing suit or nude. No, Tammy’s problem was simple, she lacked self confidence. This lack of confidence coupled with her plain looks meant she spent her nights at home while others went out, even with the few friends that she had. None of them kept in touch with her after graduation, though.

Paul, her brother, on the other hand was the all-American boy. He was on the football team, always had a girlfriend, and popular. However, he never let the power of being on top of the class go to his head. He always stuck up for others even against his team mates. Between his skills on and off the field he received a full ride through college for playing football. Even so, when he graduated, he turned down going pro to work in the family plumbing supply store just as he had always said he would.

Even though Paul was her brother and five years older, Tammy always thought of him as a friend first and family second. Instead of going to their parents with her problems, she would run to Paul’s room and cry on his shoulder. Like a friend he would hold her and stroke her back speaking words that calmed her without it turning sexual. Even when he went off to college, she would still call him late at night and spend hours on the phone with him.

When she graduated high school, Tammy went to the local college to become an accountant. While Paul had a real choice, she was expected come home and work in the family store once she finished school. So it was no surprise that in those years that Tammy found she enjoyed playing bondage games. It all started when she was thrown in with her soon to be best friend, Betty, during her first semester.

Betty was a rebel, while the Goth scene had yet to hit the main stream; she was the first student to wander around wearing black with black nail polish. She also had her nose, tongue, and ears pierced. At first sight the pair disgusted and avoided each other. However, over the course of the first semester, they found themselves left alone while others were invited to parties. It was this being ignored that drove Betty and Tammy together. They found that underneath everything, the pair was alike. The only difference was how they coped.

It was Betty who first suggested for her and Tammy to take Tia Chi as the physical education requirement. Even though it was Betty’s idea, Tammy found an inner peace from the class. Once it was over she continued to take the upper levels and found something she enjoyed. While it did not make her thin, it did get her into shape and gain confidence. It was not until that class that the roles that the pair played changed. Before, Betty would suggest something to do and Tammy would follow along like a puppy. However, as the class and her training continued, Tammy took charge of her own life and became the person who would decided what they would do.

The change was not dramatic, it happened over time and nether realized it had happened until the night that Betty took her out to a private club for her twenty first birthday. The club was a fetish and bondage bar that was having an open house for nonmembers.

Sitting in a booth, drinking rum and cokes, Betty and Tammy watched in fascination at the antics. Though Betty talked a good game, in reality she had never walked on the wild side of life. Thus it was Betty who after about a half an hour said, “Come on Tammy, let’s go.”

Tammy looked at her friend in surprise. She found the heavy smell of latex and leather intoxicating and watching various people being bound and punished excited her. “No, let’s stay a bit more and watch.”

Betty started to get up and said, “You can stay if you want girlfriend, but I’m going.”

Tammy grabbed Betty’s hand and looking her in the eye said softly, “No, you are staying here.”

Betty felt a tingle run up her arm and broke eye contact first. Sitting down she said, “As you wish Tammy.”

Both girls realized something in their friendship had changed; Tammy was coming into her own. After a while Tammy stood up with Betty following and wandered around. They found a man giving a lecture on the proper Bostancı Escort way to use the lash. When he called for volunteers she looked at Betty and smiled. The thought of the two of them, hanging side by side, while being the center of attention, sent throbs of pleasure through Tammy. When she caught Betty’s eye the throbs faded. Betty looked at her with fear in her eyes, turned and fled from the club.

When Tammy caught up with her, Betty was hugging herself and shivering outside. Pulling her friend close she said, “Lets go home.” Throughout the cab ride Betty clung to her and did not speak. Even once they were back in their dorm room; Betty did not speak or move for herself. It was Tammy who undressed her and tucked her into her bed. Finally, she said as she tucked the blanket around Betty’s shoulders, “Talk to me baby.”

Betty looked up at her and said, “My secret’s out.” She bit her lip as she continued, “Never really did anything and seeing that it was time to live on the edge for real I panicked.” She pulled the blanket up over her head, and said with her voice muffled, “I’m sorry Tam Tam.”

Tammy smiled and pulled the blanked down uncovering Betty, “That’s ok baby.” She stroked the tears away from her friend’s eyes and continued, “Your secret’s safe with me.” Standing up Tammy got undressed and crawled into her own bed. Turning off the light she said, “Good night baby.”

By the next day everything seemed back to normal with Betty. After spending all week dwelling on the club Tammy decided that she had to go back and experience it for herself. Thus it was Friday when she brought up the subject with Betty. Betty’s reaction was a vehement “NO!” Instead of fighting or forcing her to come along, Tammy went alone.

The experience was everything she had hoped it would be. As a free slave she wandered around and offered herself to the first master she found. After sizing her up and talking to her he strung her up and over the next three hours played with her body. It was only then that he brought her to a mind blowing orgasm. There was only one fly in the ointment. When the night was over, he tried commanding her to leave with him. Tammy had school to finish and this was just a weekend entertainment for her.

When she got back to the dorm room, Betty was there waiting for her. She proudly showed off her body as she talked about what had happened during the night. When she got to the point of where the man wanted her to go home with him Betty spoke up, “No this is why it’s wrong. What if he forced you to go with him? I would never be able to find you.”

“Well you could always come with me,” Tammy replied.

“No, as I already said, I am not going back.” Betty replied.

Over the next several weeks, Tammy would go back. Each week she picked a different master or mistress to dominate her. Some were nice, some were sadistic. Some talked crap about her when she was not there. However, each night she found that she loved being the center of someone’s world. There was one dominate female who always sat in a booth and never joined in the whippings or bondage games. Always there were several submissive males and females kneeling before her and waiting for her to command them.

Not seeing anyone she was attracted to, Tammy walked confidently over to the woman and kneeled before her. She rested her head on the floor for a moment before looking up. She saw that the woman was inspecting her and after a minute she looked away as if to dismiss Tammy from her presence. Tammy felt as if she had been slapped.

However, she stayed kneeling before the woman instead of getting up and walking away. Throughout the evening different dominates would walk up and with a nod from the woman take a submissive away. But, no one came to take Tammy away to play with. The once glorious feeling about being top of the world turned and curdled in her stomach like so much bad milk.

After an hour of kneeling before the woman Tammy heard her say, “Everyone leave us,” while staring at Tammy. “Sit here beside me,” The woman commanded once the pair was alone.

Tammy felt a quiver of excitement, she had never been invited to sit with a mistress and this must have meant she was in for a treat. As she sat down she looked at the woman in wonder. This close, the feeling of power radiated off the dominate woman like heat waves. “Why are you here child?” the woman asked in a surprisingly soft and gentle voice.

“I wish to submit,” Tammy replied not able to return the woman’s look.

The woman’s gloved fingers took Tammy’s chin and lifted it. Looking into her eyes she said, “No you don’t, you wish to play at submission while being a dom.” Before Tammy could do more than shake her head the woman continued, “I have watched you Tammy. Every night I have sent the best to tame you, to make you a good slave girl for a master or mistress.” She looked out over the club before continuing softly, “I have failed.” She looked back at Tammy and said, Bostancı Escort Bayan “For the first time, I have failed.”

Tammy was dumbfounded, not only did she hear that she was being set up to be turned into a true slave. But the woman admitted that she failed. “I can try harder, please give me a chance mistress,” she said just as softly as the woman.

The woman shook her head and said, “No Tammy. Go home and find yourself. Find what you really are.”

Tammy was crushed as she got up and walked out of the club. Once more she was being told that she did not fit in. Even though it was only nine pm, she went back to the dorm. She needed a good cry and perhaps Betty would be out so she could cry into her pillow alone.

Standing at the door of the dorm room she could hear the music within. “Shit,” she said softly trying to put on a brave face. Opening the door, Tammy received the shock of her life. She hurried in and closed the door behind her and stood staring down at Betty. Her friend lay on her bed, her ankles tied to her thighs, wrists tied together and blindfolded. In her hands was a vibrator that she was working in and out of her flower. However, that was not the shocking part, it was what that Betty was saying blew Tammy’s mind.

“Please,” Betty begged into the supposed empty room. “Please, let me cum Mistress.” Her voice reached a fevered pitch as she mewed in need, “Please Mistress Tammy.”

Chapter 2

Tammy stood watching her best friend, who by the way, was self bound and blindfolded as she masturbated. She did not know what to do. Leave? Stay? Speak up? Let Betty finish? Her indecision was decided by her bumping into a chair as she moved around for a better look.

Betty froze and in a quiet and trembling voice asked, “Who’s there?”

Tammy replied in a tender voice, “Just me baby.” She saw Betty blush all the way down to her shoulders and pulled the chair over to sit beside her. As Betty’s hands moved up to remove the blindfold she stopped her and said, “No Baby Girl, don’t stop.” She guided the bound woman’s hands back down to the vibe still inside her and smiled.

As her hand over top of Betty’s bound hands moved the vibe in and out she leaned forward, “What do you want Baby Girl? Tell me.”

Betty’s fear faded as she felt her hand’s guided back to the vibe inside her. The lust inside her bloomed again as she became caught up in Tammy’s words. As her hands pumped the vibe in and out she said, “I need to cum. Please let me orgasm Mistress Tammy.”

Tammy thought back on all the times she would never take the final step. Personally she would have rather been the one tied up and masturbating. However, she was the one in charge and had to think about how she would have wanted it to go. “Not yet Baby Girl,” she said as her hands moved up to caress Betty’s full breasts. Now and then she would grab a hold of a nipple and tweak it as she fondled her new pet’s breasts. Seeing Betty’s body start thrashing around she quickly said, “No orgasms until I say so!”

“Please mistress! I need… please… please… Oh god!” Betty babbled as her body screamed for release.

Drawing it out as long as she could, Tammy finally said, “Cum now pet. Cum like my good Baby Girl should.”

Betty’s body exploded in a burst of pleasure. Her back arched and toes curled as a thin keening sound escaped through her closed lips. As she thought it had passed another orgasm hit again pushing her over the edge of sexual bliss. Her body thrashed a few times as it calmed down. Her hands started to remove the vibe and felt Tammy stop her.

Tammy had never seen a woman orgasm like that and at first she was scared that Betty was having a seizure. When her friend finally calmed down she smiled, “Good girl.” Instead of letting her stop she said, “Don’t stop darling.” Bending down she kissed Betty’s lips and slid the blindfold off her. Her hands moved down to help her bound captive masturbate as she talked, “So Baby Girl, this a one-night thing? Or do you really want to be my Baby Girl forever?”

Betty looked up into Tammy’s face and bit her lip. Closing her eyes, she said, “Forever.” When she opened them they were glistening with unshed tears, “I love you, always have and always will.”

Tammy bent down and kissed Betty’s lips once more and replied, “I love you too Baby Girl.” Sitting back up she started playing with Betty’s breasts and said, “Now then, I want you to think it though baby before you reply. Do you submit your body to me, for me to mold and shape however I wish? Do you submit your mind to me, for me to command and make my own? And finally, do you submit your immortal soul to me, for me to hold and take care of forever?” She looked over Betty’s body and then back up at her friend. Inside she was still wishing the roles were reversed.

Betty looked up at Tammy and realized this was a life changing moment for both of them. Even though her body was screaming yes submit she hesitated. Escort Bostancı She tried to think while her body distracted her. Seeing Tammy’s serene face looking over her bound body did not help any. She was saved from answering when Tammy said, “I want you to think about it for a week and when you have made up your mind let me know.”

Tammy untied the slip knots holding her friend’s hands together and then the ones holding her ankles to her thighs. She was confused, the words about waiting a week just slipped out. She stood up and undressed and turned down the covers in her bed. She looked at Betty and smiled, “No matter what you pick Baby Girl, you’re still my best friend.”

Sometime during the night Tammy was woken by the covers being pulled back and a warm body crawling in next to her. Turning towards Betty, she pulled her close and held her friend as she cried.

After a bit Betty said through sniffles, “I need you.”

“Don’t cry Baby Girl,” Tammy said as she stroked Betty’s smooth back. When she felt her friend’s salty lips meet hers, she kissed back. Their kiss turned rugged as hands explored each other’s body. Other then the club Tammy had never been with a woman, now with real feeling behind the movements or her hands and lips she made love to her Baby Girl. Sometime during the night Tammy realized that even if Betty said no, she would always be her Baby Girl.

Betty woke up with the coming of the dawn. Even though it was the weekend she showered and dressed. She thought about waking Tammy and seeing if she wanted to go to breakfast with her. However, looking at her still sound asleep Betty could not bring herself to wake her. Instead she left a note on the door’s whiteboard telling Tammy that she was going out to get breakfast and then to the library.

Although breakfast and then while working on a research paper Betty found she was distracted; she was hot and bothered. Finally, in desperation she picked up her stuff and hurried to the bathroom for a quick masturbation session to take the edge off. However, all it did was make her more excited. Even when she imagined Tammy’s fingers caressing her body she could not reach an orgasm. Whimpering in need Betty stopped masturbating when she heard the bathroom door open. Giving up she flushed the toilet and went back to working on her paper.

It was late afternoon when Betty got back to the dorm room. She was surprised and disappointed that Tammy had not come to get her at the library. At the dorm she saw on the white board, “Baby Girl, Family emergency, be back when I can. Love, Tammy.” Although she was disappointed that Tammy had not called her, she felt all warm and fuzzy reading her new name. With that realization that “Baby Girl” was her new name, Betty knew what her answer would be at the end of the week.

When Monday rolled around and Tammy was not back, Betty took it on herself to go to each of Tammy’s classes and talk with the teachers. For the most part they let her sit in the classes and take notes for her. Between classes she spent all her time researching modern slavery. However, there was so much information that it was hard to determine what was fact and what was fiction. Each night she would tie herself up and masturbate saying words of submission to the empty room.

It was late Friday night when Tammy returned, she looked as if she had not slept in a week and then been rode hard and put up wet. Betty, who was asleep, jumped out of bed and hurried over to give her a welcome home hug and kiss. “What happened?” she asked as she held Tammy tight.

Tammy clung back and said through tears, “Mom and Pop are dead.”

Chapter 3

Tammy lay in bed with Betty. She listened to her friend’s soft breathing and wondered what she would do now that her parents were dead. “Dead,” she couldn’t believe it. They had been involved in an auto accident and left everything up in the air. It took everything she and Paul had to pay for the funeral the pair. At least Paul had been working in the store for a couple years now and knew how to run it. That was the only bright point in the whole week. She was surprised and worried about Paul’s behavior. He seemed overwhelmed and would start a project only to drop it for another project. It had been thrust on her to make the funeral arrangements.

As morning broke, Tammy knew what she had to do. She would go back home after graduation in a few weeks and help Paul run the store. It was a fitting tribute to her parents. She looked at Betty and decided that when she woke up, she would ask her to come and help. Perhaps, Baby Girl would consent to living with her. All through the week she missed her Baby Girl, so much so that at night in her bed, she would cuddle with her pillow pretending it was Betty. She was debating on getting up when Betty woke.

Looking up at her Betty kissed her tenderly and said softly, “Good morning mistress.”


Betty got up out of bed, removed her sleep shirt and panties, and knelt on the floor next to the bed. Looking up at Tammy she said with a sparkle in her eye, “I love you Tammy, more than anything. Please make me yours.”

Tammy sat up and looked down at Betty, “I love you too Baby Girl. But don’t you think the process of submission would be better after we wake up?”

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