A First Time For Everything

Big Tits

“Lisa’s off today, can I help you with something?”

Tina knew immediately the guy was Lisa’s ex and she didn’t want to tell him where she was. He looked around slowly and avoided the question. “NO baby I’ll find her my damn self.” He looked through her then walked off and Tina shivered inside. She took the plates she had picked up back to the kitchen and told Irene she’d be right back. “Hi can I use the phone it’s important, she squeezed by Tinker and he knew from the look on her face she was serious. ‘What’s going on Tina? “Oh hell Lisa’s ex just showed up and the last time he was here she got beat up something bad.”

“Was that the time she was out for three days and didn’t want me to visit her?” Tina nodded, She was pacing back and forth when she finally spoke. “Get your ass out of the house he’s back. NO, god no, I wouldn’t tell him a thing. Lisa please don’t be foolish. When’s he coming over?” The fucking court’s crazy then, why should he have a right to see Timmy?” No he hasn’t been drinking; at least I don’t think so.” Lisa you call me every half hour and if you don’t I’m calling the police you hear?”

“Damn” she whispered as she sat down abruptly and looked at Tinker. He waited for her to speak. “She says Jason’s coming over, but she doesn’t know when, can you call her about work or something in a half hour and then I’ll call her in about an hour?”

“If you think it will help sure, but don’t you think it might be better to call and kinda warn Jason.” Tinker asked?”

“I was thinking I might but I hate to interfere in her life that much.” She was undecided about it and thought she’d wait for awhile. Tinker went back to his paper work and his mind was quickly on other things.

“Karen! HEY wait up girl.” She stopped and looked around and saw Julie running for the elevator. “Hey Julie, How’s Kevin doing?” She caught up and smiled at Karen, “Damn girl I got rid of his ass a month ago,” she grinned and caught her breath. Then pushed the falling hair out of her eyes. “Shit, I have to get this cut” she blew a puff of breath up and laughed as it flipped around. “How’s married life?” Karen almost blushed, “Oh my god I love it,” she turned to Julie and grabbed her by the arm then she really smiled, “I’m not waiting for the damn phone to ring, and Get this.” She bent towards her ear and whispered to her…”I’m not horny all the time now…WELL I AM, but I do something about it.” They both laughed and headed for the elevator. “God I hope it’s a slow day, Mondays are usually the shits.”

“Probably four gall bladders waiting for us.”

“OH MY GOD DON’T EVEN SAY IT.” They both laughed again.

Kalo greeted Tina and smiled. “I not used to you here in daytime, is nice change.”

“Ya Tinker worked it out so Lisa and I could have two days a week off together every other week.” She smiled thinking about what she would do with two days off at the same time. “How is Kathy working out in music booth, Kalo pointed to her as she went down the stairs.”

“Oh she’s getting really comfortable, she wanted to come in on her day off and set up the booth more to her liking.” They entered the kitchen and Tina said, “what you doing here on your day off, If Tinker sees you he’ll have a fit.”

“We have delivery of new meat supplier I want to make sure is all good.” She laughed. “OK, but if I was you I’d avoid him” and she smiled at Tinker coming across the room. bursa escort She Left Tinker and Kalo to talk, then went down the stars to say hello to Kathy. “Hi” Kathy turned around and smiled at Tina. “Hey boss, want to dance across the floor and see if the sound level is better, I got some complaints Saturday night.”

Kathy was a lot better at this then she thought but Tina figured she’d grow into it in time. “Kathy, you worry to much, everyone’s loving you.” Tina asked her if she’d like a coke and then just started pouring one for her. “Here take a load off. What are you going to move I have a few minutes I’ll help you.”

“Just the CD racks I need them closer to me.” They unloaded the racks and moved them and Kathy started putting the CD’s back into the shelves in a proper order. She turned to Tina. “I promised a friend I’d drop off her boxes she left at my place so I really appreciate the help, I told her I’d meet her at four and it’s a long drive.”

“Hell this could have waited.”

“Ya I know but I’m trying to keep busy. My girl friend and I just broke up and I’m not doing really well with it.” Tina was shocked for a moment but recovered. Kathy smiled and quietly told Tina “I’m a lesbian, Will that bother you?” Tina didn’t know what to say for a moment but finally said, “I don’t know why it should.” Her head was trying to see how her feelings actually thought about it. Kathy looked at her worriedly, “Look I’m not going to hit on you, honest.”

“It’s ok really” Tina was relieved to know she didn’t have any feelings about it at all. “Look I have to get the dinning room ready I get off in a half hour and as soon as I’m done I can leave, It takes me an hour to catch the damn buss if I’m not out there in time.” Kathy looked up; “You live with Lisa right? I can give you a ride if you want, I live right off of Pagiet square.” Tina smiled “god I didn’t know that, small world huh?”

“Ok if you’re sure, I could help you with the boxes.” That would be cool, I hate to have to face Janice alone.” She wrinkled her nose. “Meet you up stairs ok?”

Tina called Lisa one last time and was worried when it took more then ten rings to get her, “You ok girl, I’m on my way home soon.”

“OK good, Oh thank god, he got there then, how did that go?” She laughed “No shit I bet he was surprised, well fuck he’s built like a tank. Just told his ass to calm down and leave huh?” God I’d have loved to see that.” She thought about Lisa and Jason as she set the dinning room for the dinner crowd.

The drive with Kathy was fun and Tina was surprised to find she liked being with her and it was surprisingly comfortable. Carrying the boxes in was kind of hard as she seen Kathy looking at her ex and her new friend, watching the two of them tease each other and then having a hard time controlling her self. Kathy was almost in tears as they finally got to the car. She slumped forward on the steering wheel and cried softly. “Kathy why did you bring the things over for them, they could have done it themselves.” She was feeling so bad for her and didn’t know what to say or do. Kathy looked through the tears running down her face “I just couldn’t say no.”

“We were together for almost five years, ever since high school.” Tina thought about what it felt like to feel alone and empty so she reached out and hugged Kathy “Look my roommate is going out, Why don’t bursa escort bayan we split a pizza and have a glass of wine.” Kathy looked through her glassy eyes and tried to smile. “Oh god that would be so nice, you sure you’re up for it?”

“Ya just take me home to change, I hate being in my work clothes when I’m going out.” She squeezed Kathy quickly and clasped her hand smiling. “But let me drive ok?”

“OK” Kathy said softy. “Tina,” her voice was soft and very warm. “You don’t need to do this you know, I mean, Well you know.”

“Oh god Kathy, it’s ok, If it’s about your being a lesbian, I honestly don’t care.” I don’t feel much about anything anymore, to tell you the truth.” Kathy looked at Tina and said, “Maybe we both have things we need to get over.” Tina didn’t answer her; she was driving and remembering. Kathy looked at her then slumped into the seat and just looked out of the window at the passing street scene.

The evening slowly turned into the most fun Tina had in months, Kathy told her about discovering she was a lesbian in high school and she was funny as she admitted all the problems she had keeping it from her parents and friends. “What about you?” Kathy finally said “Is your secrete to dark and deep to tell?” Tina looked at her and sat back. “Kathy, If it got out at work it would cause me a lot of embarrassment.” her voice was soft and very unsure of her self. Kathy looked at her and said “Then don’t tell me ok, because if you do and it ever came out I’d be the one you would blame.” Tina looked at her eyes and saw the caring inside of them. “Oh my god Kathy I feel so different with you, I don’t know what it is but I feel like we’ve always been friends.” She looked around and smiled “Take me home with you and we’ll talk ok?”

They spent the evening lying on the floor, drinking wine and talking. Tina talked about the past three years and told Kathy everything, It was like casting off the rest of her costume and letting her see inside of the real Tina. Kathy just listened to her not saying much. She did finally reach out and held her hand. Tina finished and Kathy looked at her and softly said. “Tina you just got lost for awhile that’s all, and I’ll never tell anyone, it’s none of their business anyway. Tears started running down Tina face and she tried to control them but they wouldn’t stop. Kathy moved to her and hugged her, their faces were touching when Tina felt a tingling starting in her and she knew she wanted to kiss Kathy, maybe it’s the wine she thought. She pulled back and looked at Kathy, then they slowly drew together, as there lips met Tina shook inside. She felt herself falling into Kathy’s arms and knew what lay ahead was going to be something she never expected in her wildest dreams. Kathy held her and kissed her tenderly, every movement she made was slow and loving. As Tina’s fingers unbuttoned the front of her top she looked at Kathy and she shivered.

“Do you want me to stop?” Kathy asked. “No” she whispered to her “Oh my god no, not this time.” Her voice was shaky and her head was spinning as Kathy pulled her blouse off and then her bra. When her warm lips touched the tips of her nipples she stiffened up and pulled Kathy into her body. Kathy was everywhere, it seemed like she knew everyplace to touch and tease. As her fingers slowly entered her, enfolding her tip between her bursa sınırsız escort fingers she stiffened up humping them and wildly kissed her. She almost didn’t know how they got there but she felt the bed beneath her and then Kathy’s lips touched her center. Her fingers found Kathy’s hair pulling it hard, then touched her cheeks softly as Kathy began to slowly lick her everywhere.

“Oh my god, Oh my god, please,” she moaned, “please come up here so I can do things to you too.” Kathy stood, then pulled her clothes off all the time looking into Tina’s eyes. Getting back on the bed she swung her leg over Tina’s body and moved up further so she could easily reach her. Tina watched her own fingers caress Kathy’s firm butt, lingering over her warm skin and then she drew her down as she timidly licked her folds for the first time. The feeling on her tongue was slippery and the taste was the most erotic thing she had ever imagined. It was engulfing her mind so much she kinda drifted in and out. The third time she cam they were tenderly kissing each other’s lips and pressing their bodies together slowly.


Tina looked at the early light of dawn and felt Kathy besides her she thought about what she had done and wondered if it was something she’d be ashamed of in a few hours or days. She rolled to her back and Kathy’s arm went around her. She looked at her and saw the smile she had. “Morning baby.” She whispered to her. Kathy saw she was deep in thought and knew she’d be thinking about what she had done. “Is it ok? Please say its ok.” Her voice was soft and pleading. Tina smiled and said “Ya I think its ok, yes it is, I’m just trying to decide if I’m a lesbian.” She rolled to her and moved the strands of hair back from Kathy’s face. “Your so pretty, If this had to happen I’m so fucking glad it was with you.” Kathy lifted up and moved over Tina’s breast. She stroked Tina’s hair and laid her head on her, “I wish you were a lesbian, but your not. I don’t even think your totally Bi-sexual, I just think you needed someone safe to hold and love last night.” Tina thought about that and took her time. “I’ve always liked boy’s,” she admitted. “But this was incredible, my god I never felt anything like this.” They both looked into each other’s eyes and Tina knew she didn’t want it to end it yet either. “Kathy” she said softly, “I can’t promise you anything.”

“I know, but I’ll take it for as long as it will last.”

“Why would you do that.” Tina wondered out loud. “Because last night I knew Janice was right, We grew out of our relationship, I knew the moment we kissed I could love you so it made me think about how I was feeling.” Tina shivered inside and looked at her closely, she reached out and touched her face. “Kathy… If we continue this I never want to hurt you, I’ve fucked up to many things already. Please lets always be friends.” Kathy slowly nodded her head. “Ok, hey your off today and I don’t have classes until late this afternoon, What do you want to do?” Tina grinned and pinched her nipple, “first lets shower and then lets fuck, I don’t know what I am right now but I know I’m still horny I haven’t had sex in over a year.” She kissed her “and it felt so good” Kathy smiled, “god you’re a dream come true. Want to live with me, You said last week your looking for a place to live.”

“Kathy I can’t, I really need to live alone for awhile, I don’t understand why I just know I do.”

“K, shower then?” Tina smiled. “Oh my god yes. Right now.”


“Ya,” she whispered, “you, And then coffee, and then lets go out and get some sticky buns.”

” Ok look.” Kathy smiled, “How about us, and then sticky buns and then coffee?”

“o…K baby,” Tina slowly kissed her.

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