A Teacher’s Desire


Samantha Jones unlocked the door to her apartment and walked in. She had a couch along one wall, her flat screen TV mounted on the opposite wall, a coffee table in front of the couch, and the blinds along her patio door were pulled shut. Her living room was spacious and as she closed the door behind her, Samantha walked to the couch and plopped down. She had just gotten back from visiting her new classroom that she’d be teaching in at Laura Crane’s All-Girl High School. It was mid-August and school was to start the very next day. Samantha had been interviewed in June for the job of Algebra II and Pre-Calculus teacher. As soon as she had gotten the job, she moved away from her hometown and to this new city. She liked it; it was what she had wanted.

After about an hour of relaxing on the couch watching whatever had been on TV, Samantha went to the bathroom and slipped out of her dress. She rolled down her stockings and took them off and turned on the water for her shower. Standing in the mirror examining herself, Samantha was aware that she looked great for her age. She was thirty-nine years old, but she barely looked it. She had long, blonde hair that curled down her back, sapphire blue eyes, a small, pointy nose, and straight, white teeth that were perfect enough for any toothpaste commercial. Her body was toned as she often watched what she ate and worked out when she could and her breasts were small, but perky. Samantha slipped off her teal bra and her pink nipples stuck straight out. Steam was billowing out of the shower now and fogging up the mirror. Samantha removed her matching panties and stepped into the shower.

Laying in bed that night, Samantha couldn’t get rid of the butterflies in her stomach. Tomorrow would be her first day as a teacher at a new school—an all-girl school at that! Of course, she knew the risks of taking on the job prior to being interviewed, but now that it was happening in less than twelve hours, her nerves got to her. She tossed and turned and did all that she could to fall asleep. It was of no use, though. Teaching at an all-girl school was going to be stressful. It had been hard enough teaching at a school that had both boys and girls, but now she didn’t have to deal with the boys—just the girls.

Samantha had had a fantasy that led her to becoming a teacher in the first place. It hadn’t been her plan to be a teacher out of high school. In fact, she had no plan coming out of high school. Samantha had worked at a diner as a waitress when she had met her first long-term girlfriend. Her name was Regina. Samantha had been twenty-two at the time and Regina had been twenty-three, a recent college graduate. They hit it off and began dating. Luckily their families had been okay with it. Samantha liked Regina’s family and they liked her, including her younger sister, Lily. Lily was a senior in school at the time and when she found out that Samantha had been looking for a new job, she had told Regina to tell her that her school was looking for substitute teachers. Samantha was hesitant at first, but took the job. She figured that she could still work the diner in the evenings whenever she would have to sub.

On her first day as a substitute teacher, Samantha had had the luck of substituting for Lily’s math class. Samantha had always enjoyed math in school and she discovered that teaching it, even if only for a day, was a lot of fun. It had been what happened at the end of the class that sparked her dormant fantasy. Lily had waited until everyone had left the class and then she had gone and spoken to Samantha. It had started innocent enough, Lily just asking how she was doing, how she liked the job, then it happened. Lily leaned in and kissed Samantha. Samantha’s eyes had gone wide and she backed away from her girlfriend’s younger sister.

“W-What are you, you doing?” stammered Samantha.

“Regina isn’t the only one who likes girls,” replied Lily before returning to Samantha’s lips.

Samantha backed away again. She could feel a heat between her legs that she had never felt before. It was a different heat compared to her normal feeling of lust or passion.

“Why should Regina get all the fun?” Lily sat down on Samantha’s lap and stared into her sapphire eyes. “I bet I can make you moan louder than my sister can,” she whispered, her lips mere centimeters from Samantha’s ear.

Samantha’s breath had grown ragged. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She could feel the heat in her groin rising up her chest and settling in her cheeks. Samantha had never cheated on a girlfriend in the past. She didn’t want to cheat on Regina now, but something about this situation was getting to her.

Lily kissed Samantha’s collar bone. Her lips were electric. Goosebumps flared up all over her skin and a shiver went down her spine. As Lily inched up Samantha’s neck planting kisses all along the way, she stopped at her ear and whispered in it again.

“Am I being a bad girl, Ms. Jones?”

That Anadolu Yakası Escort had been it. Without even giving it a second thought, Samantha pushed Lily off of her. Lily sighed and straightened her shirt. “Damn,” she sighed, “I thought for sure that I could—”

Samantha pushed Lily onto the teacher’s desk and climbed up on top of her. Her lips pressed hard into Lily’s. Lily clawed at Samantha’s shirt and pulled it out of her pants. Samantha jabbed her tongue at Lily’s lips until the brunette opened her mouth. Their tongues swirled and saliva mixed as their lips smacked. Samantha sat back on Lily’s thighs and removed the shirt that Lily had untucked.

“I didn’t think my advances had worked,” gasped Lily.

Samantha looked down at her girlfriend’s younger sister and frowned. “I’ve never cheated on a girlfriend before.”

“So, why now?” asked Lily.

Samantha still wasn’t sure yet. She shrugged and then thought about stopping. Lily’s fingers ran up the sides of Samantha’s ribs and she placed them on her bra-covered breasts. Her fingers slipped between the fabric and Samantha’s breasts and she pulled her sister’s girlfriend back down to her.

“Let’s not think about it, then,” Lily whispered.

Samantha forced a grin and went back to kissing Lily.

It wasn’t long before Samantha had had her bra removed. Lily had then maneuvered down the desk, shifting between Samantha’s legs, and had perfectly aligned her face with Samantha’s breasts. She had wrapped her arms around Samantha’s bare back and pushed her down so that she could lick and suck Samantha’s erect, pink nipples. Her fingernails grazed Samantha’s back and sent shivers down her spine. Samantha’s pussy had been boiling by then and she had really wanted Lily to pleasure her even more, but she had had enough sense in her to stop it there. She liked being a substitute teacher despite only having one day of practice at the job and she didn’t want to get caught and lose her job or worse, end up in jail. Samantha got dressed, but before Lily could open the classroom door, Samantha had stopped her, pinned her against the wall, and kissed her one more time.

“That was an excellent assignment, Ms. Jones” smirked Lily.

It was then that Samantha had realized what had come over her. She had a teacher-student fantasy that she had only just discovered that day.

Samantha, still laying in bed, had her fingers in her panties and was rubbing her clit. They were soaking wet as she fantasized about the first time with a student, her first time with Lily. She was panting and moaning and when her climax hit her, she thrust her hips in the air and writhed with the feeling. She had cum re-imagining Lily from all those years ago and waves of pleasure coursed through her body. She removed her hand from her panties and in a smiling daze, closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

*** *** ***

The following day Samantha awoke to the sound of her cell phone’s alarm. She jolted up out of bed and grabbed her phone. Her fingers were still sticky and her panties still slightly damp. Today was her first day of school and she didn’t want to be late. Samantha always hated showering before bed and then right after waking up because it always dried her skin out, but after last night’s explosive orgasm, she felt it necessary.

After her shower, Samantha brushed her teeth, combed her hair, got dressed, ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and then headed off to school. She was right on time and was greeted by some of the other teachers who taught at Laura Crane’s All-Girl High School for several years. They all seemed friendly and they were all female which she then thought made sense.

Samantha’s first class of the day was Algebra II. The class was mostly juniors with a couple sophomores. It was a breeze. Being her first day teaching, Samantha thought that she would take the day to have all of the students of her classes introduce themselves to her and tell them a little about themselves and in turn she would do the same. It took up most of the class time. Her second class was another Algebra II class. It was just as easy. Her third class was vacant; it was free time. She enjoyed the time to herself. After that was an Algebra I class that she had agreed to teach. It was all Freshmen and another easy class. Her fifth class was her first Pre-Calculus class. It was mostly Juniors, but there were three Seniors in the class.

Samantha had started on the right side of the classroom with the desk in front and went down the row followed by the next row starting with the girl in the back and then up to the front until she got to last desk in the last row closest to the door. Each girl stood and said their name and told Samantha a little about themselves.

As Samantha listened to each girl and got to know them a little, she was surprised at how well she was able to maintain herself. She hadn’t had one sexual Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan thought about any of her students. Of course, it helped that most of them were underage. Though Samantha was aware of her teacher-student fantasies, she was smart enough to know that underage girls were completely off limits. This class had three Senior girls in it, but she was more than confident that she could get passed that allure. This year was going to be different. No, not this year, she thought, this job! This job will be different! I won’t allow myself to go down that path again.

Samantha listened intently to her students announce their names and briefly describe themselves. She smiled and relaxed, sitting back in her black, faux-leather chair..

After her fifth class, it was lunch. Lunch was from 12:30 to 1:05. Sixth hour class started at 1:10. Samantha was feeling really good about herself. She hadn’t brought a lunch so she went down to the cafeteria and grabbed a slice of pizza, which had been the day’s main lunch. She grabbed a bottle of water, paid for it all, and then went back to her classroom. All the other teachers had either gone to the cafeteria or were in the teacher’s lounge. Samantha finished her pizza and with ten minutes to spare decided that she would try to make friends and head to the teacher’s lounge. On her way there, she passed by a bathroom. She heard a strange noise which caused her to stop. She looked around and noticed that she was the only one in the hallway. She heard it again. Brows furrowed, Samantha stepped back a couple steps and listened at the entrance of the bathroom. There it was again.

It sounded like a clicking or smacking noise followed by what sounded like a soft sigh. Samantha looked around the hallway again and saw no one. She quietly entered the bathroom. The entrance curved in an ‘S’ shape and when Samantha rounded the wall, she stopped and peeked into the bathroom. Her eyes went wide as her jaw fell agape. There were two girls, Seniors Samantha assumed, making out in the bathroom. One was a brunette with caramel skin and shoulder-length hair that frayed at the ends and the other girl was a pale, redhead with hair that went clear down to the faucet of the sink she was propped up on. The redhead had her thin legs wrapped around the other girl’s waist with one hand around her back and the other hand missing. The clicking noise Samantha had heard was their lips smacking and the sighing was coming from the brunette girl whenever their lips parted. The brunette tilted her head back and the redhead kissed her way from the brunette’s collarbone up to her chin. Samantha realized where the redhead’s missing hand had been when she saw her slip it out of the brunette’s pants. Samantha straightened up along the wall and held her hand to her mouth. Her toes curled in her shoes and she could feel the tingles between her legs.

“You taste so good,” Samantha heard one of the girls say. She assumed it to be the redhead.

“I want to taste you next,” said the other girl.

“We only have a few minutes left before my sixth hour class starts. You should come over tonight,” said the first girl.

Samantha heard both of them giggle and then she quickly, but quietly left the bathroom before they could find her. Samantha raced back to her classroom. Her heart was fluttering in her chest and she was wet despite not wanting to be. The bell rang and the halls were littered with high school girls. One by one Samantha’s class filled with Algebra II students—all of them being Juniors. Samantha had the class do the same thing as the other classes, but this time she couldn’t focus. She tried her damnedest to concentrate and managed to pick up a few of the girls’ names, but all-in-all, she ignored them.

What do I do? Samantha asked herself. Do I tell a teacher? Of course I tell a teacher! But I am a teacher! They’ll ask me why I didn’t stop it myself. Then, what? I get fired? I can’t get fired! I need this job.

Samantha came back to reality to find her students staring at her. “It’s your turn,” said one of the girls. Samantha blushed.

She stood up and introduced herself to her class. She told all of the girls a little about herself and why she enjoyed teaching, though, she left out the teacher-student fantasy part—the part that would get her into trouble. She went over the main objective of the class and what they would be doing and what she would be teaching throughout the school year. When she finished, the bell rang. It was time for her last class: Pre-Calculus.

This time, Samantha’s Pre-Calculus class was mostly Seniors with only a few Juniors, the complete inverse of her last Pre-Calculus class. As Samantha surveyed the girls in her class, her breath caught in her throat and her heart faltered. Sitting in the back, closest to the door was a girl with long, red hair. Her skin was creamy white and she had thin legs with jeans Escort Anadolu Yakası on just like the girl from the bathroom. The girl looked up at Samantha and smiled. It was the girl from the bathroom!


“Um, okay…” Samantha had to gather her thoughts. Her heart was racing. “Okay, so, today being the first day… Um, we’re going to introduce ourselves and then tell everyone a little about ourselves. Starting with the first desk closest to the window,” Samantha swallowed hard, “uh, you start first.”

Samantha sat down as the first girl stood. Going in this order, the bathroom redhead was going to be last. One-by-one introductions were being said. Samantha kept shifting her eyes to the bathroom girl. Every time their eyes met, the girl smiled. Does she know, Samantha wondered. No way. She never saw me! She was too busy nipping at the other’s neck. She remembered the scene and a hot flash hit her groin. She crossed her legs under her desk and squeezed them. No! Listen to your students!

As the class was coming to an end the second to last girl, named Emily something, sat down and then the last girl stood up. This was it. Here was the bathroom redhead.

As the girl stood up, her straightened, red hair fell around her shoulders and across her chest. Her lips were glossy red, but brighter than her hair. She appeared to be short or at least shorter than most of the other students. Samantha was 5’9″. This girl had to be 5’3″ at best, at least a half-foot shorter than Samantha. Her breasts were large for her thin frame and she filled out her green shirt nicely. The heat pulsated between Samantha’s thighs as she stared at this young hottie.

Samantha caught herself and blushed. Stop checking her out!

“Hi, my name is April O’Rory and I’m eighteen years old.” Samantha furrowed her brow. She thought it strange for bathroom girl to not only announce her age, but emphasize it. “I’ve lived here in this city my whole life and I’ve been coming to Laura Crane’s All-Girl High School since I was a Freshman. I have two moms and I love them very much.” Samantha’s eyes widened. She has lesbian moms?! April grinned as she stared right at Samantha. “They’re not lesbians. My dad divorced my biological mom and remarried my step-mom.”

It was as if she had read Samantha’s mind. Don’t be dumb, she told herself. She probably just noticed your eyes popping out of your head! Stop giving yourself away!

“Anyways, while my moms aren’t gay, I am.” She smirked while peering directly at Samantha. “Of course, all of you knew that already,” she added, turning away from Samantha and signaling to the class. “I’ve never been one to shy away from my sexuality.” She turned back to Samantha and grinned. “Anyways, I love science and English classes the most, but I have a feeling that I’m going to really like Pre-Calculus. And, with that, I guess I’m done.” April sat down, but not before winking at Samantha.

Samantha felt a white hot flame billow between her thighs. It spread up into the chest causing her nipples to harden and then radiated into her cheeks. She was glad to be wearing a padded bra, but she couldn’t do anything about her cheeks.

“Well… that was,” Samantha nodded her head as she tried to find her words, “insightful. Thank you all for introducing yourselves to me and your classmates.” Samantha wanted nothing more than to lift up her skirt, pull down her panties, and rub her clit until this heat inside of her was gone. However, she still had five minutes left of class and she had to finish her introduction.

“My name is Samantha Jones and I’ll be your Pre-Calculus teacher this year.” She went over everything she had said in her past classes and when the bell finally rang, she added, “I’ll see you all tomorrow. May you all have wonderful evenings!”

Samantha plopped down in her chair and buried her burning face in her hands, letting out a long, exasperated sigh. It was over. Her first day at a new school was finished and she could go home and relieve herself. However, when she looked up she noticed a piece of paper on the desk where April had been. She hadn’t issued homework; there was no reason why the girls would have had paper out. Confused, Samantha went to the desk and picked it up. It was folded and written on the paper was, ‘This can be you if you want it.’

Head cocked and brows furrowed, Samantha unfolded the paper. Drawn inside was a fantastic depiction of Samantha with her lips wrapped around a nipple. Her eyes were closed like she was enjoying it and written along the edge of the paper where the nude women’s body was drawn was the name, ‘April.’ Samantha gasped and dropped the piece of paper. Her heart was fluttering once again in her chest.

With heat returning to her pussy something fierce, Samantha closed her classroom door and locked it. She turned off the lights and fell into her chair. She pulled her skirt up over her thighs and moved her panties aside. She plunged two fingers deep into her sopping pussy and threw her head back over the back of the chair. Her breath was ragged as she tried to stifle her moans and her eyelids fluttered shut. She remembered the scene in the bathroom with April and bathroom girl

and let her mind wander as to what they would have done if they had had more time together.

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