A Weekend Surprise


The flight out of was uneventful. No one on the flight caught my interest, which allowed me to be self absorbed in what I was doing. I had gotten a phone call from an old friend, who was also an ex-lover. We’d kept in touch via erotic emails over the past year since he’d left for Kansas City. He had a surprise for me. He had bought me a round trip plane ticket to see him. He promised that I’d be treated like a princess if I’d make the flight out to see him. So, there I sat on the plane wondering why after all this time he had to see me, and what my surprise would be. I’m not one to like surprises…

He greeted me at the airport in Kansas City and I was thankful that I’d taken the extra time in my appearance that morning. He looked better than I remembered, and visions of past sexual escapades heightened my excitement in seeing him. After driving the 15 minutes back to his townhouse, we were all but fucking in his 4runner. I couldn’t wait to get inside, more importantly, get him inside of me. The sex that afternoon was hot, the kind that anticipation helps to heighten. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed him.

He pampered me, and treated me like the princess we promised he would. He showed me around town, took me out for a wonderful dinner that was full of flirting and promises of what was to be. Before we could go back to his place, he wanted to take me shopping, to get something special for me to wear the following evening when he’d give me my surprise. Victoria’s Secret is where he headed too, and he accompanied me into the dressing room to try on a few outfits. I allowed him to pick the outfit out, and he decided on a white bustier, matching thong and garter. I felt so incredibly sexy modeling the outfit in front of the mirror, and he must have felt it too, because he bent me over to pull the thong to the side to enter me. It was blissful until a saleslady tapped on the door to see if we needed anything. We dissolved in fits of laughter at our predicament and quickly dressed so we could get home.

After making love and laying in his arms, he became very serious, which is so unlike him. He is normally very fun loving and full of smiles and laughter during sex. It concerned me and would later infuriate me. He said he wanted to talk about fantasies. This is something that we had explored previously, and continued to do via email since he’d left town. I knew what was coming. Once again he brought up the subject of having a threesome…another female to join us. What I didn’t know was that he already had someone in mind, that this someone was his current girlfriend. Although I had thought about the idea, had even fantasized about the idea, I was upset that he would ruin our weekend bringing it up again. And furthermore, I wanted to know if his girlfriend had any idea what he had intended. Should I ever have a bisexual experience, I didn’t want it to be with a total stranger. I wanted it to be with someone that I was comfortable with, someone much like myself. I pouted and let it ruin the remainder of the evening. We both drifted off to sleep without the warmth of each others touch.

The next morning he had to go make rounds at the hospital and left me to amuse myself. I still had a lot of frustration about the way the previous night had gone and left for a run. I didn’t know my way around his neighborhood, and let my mind wander as the houses I was passing became a blur. I ran fast, sweat pouring down my chest, leaving my legs aching. I stopped for a break to catch my breath and have a look around. The neighborhood was active with people out mowing their lawns on this Saturday morning. Acıbadem Escort Some were planting flowers while their children rode bikes and roller bladed in the driveways.

While I was looking around, I noticed an attractive lady standing on her patio wearing a blue bikini. Her tan was accented by the glisten of suntan lotion. She was lightly fingering her top and her gaze seemed to be on me. I had to be mistaken. I had never looked at women this way, and I knew that she must be looking at something other than me, but I couldn’t be sure. I started to run, thinking that maybe Eric was right. Maybe I’d like the soft touch of a woman, maybe I’d enjoy the softness of another woman’s kiss. This was insane. I was a thousand miles from home and knew no one. I had to get back to Eric’s townhouse. As I started around the block I was still thinking of her. I knew that she was beautiful, in wonderful physical shape, and then again, since I was a thousand miles from home, what could it hurt? I was brought to my senses when two dogs rushed out to the sidewalk to greet me. I stopped to pet them, and was pleased to look up into the owner’s face and see the beautiful woman from earlier. She apologized for the dogs greeting and after chatting briefly about the dogs, she asked if I’d like some water.

We walked to sidewalk up to her house and she offered for me to come inside. I didn’t want to feel like an intruder, and I stood by the front door while she went to the kitchen. She came back with fresh ice water and a small towel for me to dry off. I had worked up a sweat running while releasing a great deal of frustration. I told her I was in town for the weekend, and was out to see an old friend. We had an instant camaraderie, and had many of the same interests. We were both nurses, young and unattached, although we were both seeing some. As I patted my chest with the towel, I couldn’t help but notice the way she smiled at me…the coy suggestive smile that only women can give. I knew that I had to be mistaken again. There was no way this beautiful woman with long dark hair and the big brown eyes could be bisexual…and she did say that she was seeing a doctor that she worked with. I thanked her for the water, the towel, and the friendliness she had extended to me. I needed to be going, my friend was coming home from work and we had a special evening planned. She had plans for the evening too. Maybe I’d see her again if I went running. She said she’d like that and we parted with a good-bye.

When I got back to Eric’s, I headed straight for the shower. I wanted this evening to be special, and most importantly, I wanted to apologize to him for my behavior the previous day. He’d been nothing but wonderful to me, and I intended to make it up to him, even if it meant taking our relationship one step further. The steam of the shower relaxed my muscles and I started soaping up with “Freedom” from Hilfiger. I lathered up, and let my hands roam over my breasts, watching the nipples come to life, and wondered what the feel of the lady that I’d met earlier in the day would be like. Would she cup my breasts, would she bend over to taste them? My fingers found their way to my rapidly moistening clit. I was furiously fingering myself, eyes closed, envisioning the other lady when a real hand reached around to feel my breast. Eric has come in without my hearing him, and the vision that greeted him in the shower made him want to join me. It was fast, nor forceful, but wantonly abandoned. He turned me around the face the shower, bent me slightly to came into me fast and easy. I was ready to be loved. Acıbadem Escort Bayan I was at the hands of a man, but the thoughts of a woman.

I dressed seductively in front of him. Listening to the “Moulin Rouge” and wearing the sexy outfit, I danced around him, giving him an eyeful and hopefully memories that will last a lifetime. I wanted him to remember that night like none other. He playfully slapped my ass and told me if I didn’t behave we’d never get to where we were going on time. That is when I asked exactly where we were going. He was slightly defensive, and said that even if I wasn’t open to a threesome, he would like for me to meet his new girlfriend and give my opinion of her. She was like a playmate for him, someone who was coming into her own sexuality like I had when I turned thirty. He said he’d been drawn to her b/c she was much like myself, open to new things and willing to try everything at least once, twice if she liked it.

As we left, we started out on the same path I had taken earlier in the day when I went running. I closed my eyes while he held my hand and drove, remembering and trying to figure out what had attracted me to this lady. When I opened my eyes, I was speechless. We were at HER house. Why didn’t I see this earlier? I knew that his girlfriend was a nurse. She herself had told me that she had plans later tonight and her attachment was a doctor. This couldn’t have been more perfect! At that moment I hoped that she’d play along and pretend that we’d never met. Based on the little that I knew of her from earlier in the day, I thought she’d be able to accomplish that.

Eric squeezed my hand a bit as he rang the door bell, and she came to the door. Her look of shock must have matched my own just a few seconds earlier, but when her eyes met mine, she knew that I hadn’t let on our little secret to Eric. She invited us in, and allowed for him to introduce us. I learned her name was Beth, and although I thought she was stunning earlier today, she was absolutely gorgeous tonight. We went to her patio, where I had first seen her, and she poured us a glass of wine to ease the discomfort. I knew that I had to talk to her, and asked for the bathroom. I was thankful she offered to show me and I think she must have been looking for an excuse to talk to me too. We left Eric sitting on the patio with a smile big enough to last a lifetime. I guess he was feeling rather pleased with himself. We feel into fits of laughter and disbelief at the irony of the situation, and I told her that I was tickled to find that the ‘other woman’ was none other than herself. We both agreed to give Eric more than he’d asked for and see how far he’d let things progress.

We both sat in the back on the way to dinner, and noticed Eric peeking into the rear view mirror more than necessary. We talked like we’d been best friends forever. We had so much in common. Besides our professions, and our reason for being together that night, we both had similar home situations. We’d both gone to private school, been cheerleaders, played the piano. I couldn’t help but feel genuine attraction for this woman. Beth was beautiful. I was shorter at 5’5” and 115 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was at least 5’8” and very thin herself. Where my breasts were average, hers were full. Her legs were long and fit. I couldn’t help but stare at them, and wanted to touch them. As if she could read my mind, she picked my hand up and placed it on her leg with a gentle pat…all part of the game we were playing with Eric.

Dinner was full of flirty looks, sexual quips, and you Escort Acıbadem could feel the sexual tension. We licked our lips sensuously, and allowed each other to lick the other’s fingers. We flirted with our eyes, running our fingers over our own breasts. We allowed ourselves to run our high heeled shoes along the others legs. We were just playing, weren’t we? I couldn’t be sure anymore. I knew that my pussy was moist, and I was willing to allow more to happen than I originally bargained for. Eric sat quietly thru most of dinner, watching what was transpiring between the two of us. I almost felt sorry for him since we hadn’t paid him much attention. After the dishes had been taken away, I placed my hand upon his leg and drew his head towards mine. I was so hot and gave him a kiss like I’d never given him before. I told him I’d be right back, that I had to use to restroom before we left.

As I exited, I wondered what the two of them would be talking about. When I walked out of the bathroom stall, I noticed Beth standing by the sink. She walked directly up to me and said “I want what you just gave Eric,” and her mouth came down on mine. It was soft and warm, the touch of her tongue sent shivers down my spine, and all the wondering I had previously had disappeared. I heard a small moan escape, and wondered if it was hers or my own. We pulled back, searching each others eyes, and at that point, I knew that my part of the game was over. Tonight I would experience Beth for myself, and I didn’t care if Eric was involved or not. I couldn’t wait to go back to one of their places.

He was leaving the tip as we approached the table and he looked inquisitively at both of us. His looks continued as Beth took my hand, and interlaced her fingers with my own as we left the restaurant. We were like teenagers in the back of a car on the way back to her home. When we got there, he suggested we go up to Beth’s room and change into something more comfortable. Once again, he knew something that I didn’t know. She said she had plenty of robes, to pick out any one that I liked. I laid a white one on the bed, thinking it would coordinate well with the white outfit I had on under my dress. She reached for a black one. As we both took our dresses off, the irony of the situation doubled when we saw that we had on matching outfits. The very outfit that Eric had picked for me in white, he had bought for her in black. That dirty devil. He had counted on this happening. The squeals of laughter ended by the sound of his 4runner pulling out of the driveway. We rushed downstairs to find a note on the table that read: “Each of you are my present to the other. Enjoy yourselves tonight and I’ll see you in the morning. Do you think I could join in?”

I think we both knew that this is exactly what Eric had intended. He knew us both so well, and knew that we’d be sexually compatible with each other. He was right. The night I spent with Beth is by far the most incredible night of my life. I know that only a woman could touch me the way she did. The lovemaking was slow and sensuous. The feel of her breasts against mine is a feeling I will never forget. The taste of her matched my own, and I was totally uninhibited in loving her the way I enjoyed being loved. She had the softest skin, the softest touch, and I couldn’t get enough of exploring each and every part of her. I liked her kisses the best, and will often close my eyes to this day and try to recapture those moments.

Of course, we allowed Eric to come back and play with us Sunday morning. Who would I be to not allow his ultimate fantasy to come true after he gave me a fantasy I didn’t know that I had? Beth and I still talk often via email and the phone, and we are planning a vacation to Florida soon. She and Eric still date each other, and we’ve agreed to see where time takes us. She says she’s planning a surprise for me this time too…Why is it that now I like surprises so much?

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