Ashima , Vanishree


Vanishree, was petite although she always evoked those usual glares from guys around. Migrating from a small town to a buzzing city wasn’t easy although she had begun coping up with the ordeals of being a part of the cosmopolitan. She wasn’t feeling humiliated anymore whenever guys took advantage of the overflowing crowds in the buses by playing with her tits, even if they got longer and harder. She has felt enough hardened bulges pressing against her ass while she traveled standing and getting squeezed inside the buses. Honestly, she was getting immune to those lusty grips of men on her body and started wondering if there was anything more interesting than letting men play with her flesh. That was until she met Mrs.Ashima, her instructor at the CADD institute.

Vanishree remembered the entire class coming to a stunning silence as Mrs.Ashima walked in for the first time. Soon, the male students had switched over from Vanishree to Mrs.Ashima although she was almost twice their average age.

Vanishree was convinced that Mrs.Ashima was perhaps the hottest female she had ever come across. Mrs.Ashima almost stood at 5’8″ which made her look so imposing in the company of other females in the institute. She seemed to be working very hard to maintain her physique as her sexy curves were just a matter of envy for most of the female students. What started of as a mere admiration was soon turning out to be a sexual desire, although it took some time for Vanishree to realize that she had been nurturing a lesbian desire.

Vanishree had been lured into lesbian adventures by some of her room mates before which were mostly one sided affairs giving pleasure to only those who fell at her. It was perhaps the first time that Vanishree herself was curious to go on her own to lure a female with sexual intentions. Vanishree often watched Mrs.Ashima’s her bra visible beneath her light blouse and sighed thinking about the prospects of laying her hands and mouth on those wonderful pair of breasts concealed in cloth.

Mrs.Ashima was equally impressed with Vanishree; after all Vanishree was one good reason for the male students coming regularly to the classes. Being a sexually fulfilled woman, she looked upon Vanishree as just another student in the class. But it didn’t take much time for Mrs.Ashima to discover that Vanishree had other ideas. She watched Vanishree moistening her lips, stare at her with widened eyes, as some guys used to do . Although, it was a bit embarrassing for Mrs.Ashima, she reconciled to the fact that the girl must be starving for sex which is quite normal at her age and with a little bit of counseling, she would be back on track. She decided to invite Vanishree to her house to have a one to one talk about what she feared was disturbing her young student. Vanishree was more than willing to be there though with entirely different intentions.

After a few exchange of pleasantries, Mrs.Ashima decided to hit the nail on its head.

“Vanishree,” Mrs.Ashima spoke gently. “What do you think of me?”

Vanishree remained silent for a while. She wished she could tell instantly about what she thought of her tutor; that she got wet at the very thought of her; she felt something drifting between her thighs whenever she looked at Mrs.Ashima; she badly needed to lure her tutor into lesbian sex. But, only moments ticked as Vanishree was searching words in the air to describe what she felt about Mrs.Ashima.

Mrs.Ashima pitied the young, innocent student who looked like getting off the tracks by nurturing desires that weren’t expected of her. She let a long sigh before talking again.

“I know that you are somewhat disturbed.” She Şerifali Escort looked straight into Vanishree’s eyes as she spoke. “I can see some immature lust in your eyes; similar to those perverted male students in the class. I can’t tell you how cautious I am not to give them even the slightest clue. They would ravage my modesty like beasts.”

Vanishree remained quiet as Mrs.Ashima continued.

“I have been watching you biting your nails in the class while your eyes are pinned on my body. I have seen your chest swelling up and down many a times as if you are heaving for breath. I am twice your age and I know what all these means.”

“Ok,” Vanishree interrupted. “Tell me what you think of me.”

Mrs.Ashima smiled briefly. “You are a good student.”

Vanishree smiled wryly as she said, “I wasn’t asking about that Madam.”

Mrs.Ashima realized that her student was making an attempt to make her indulge in a sexual conversation. It was odd although but she decided to let Vanishree go ahead rather than abruptly terminating the conversation.

“Well. You are a nice looking young girl,” Mrs.Ashima winked at her. “I noticed on the first day itself; you are such a cute girl; somewhat innocent; I thought you might be having plenty of nuisances in the bus.”

“Very much true,” Vanishree admitted. “Sometimes my tits get sore. Guys keep squeezing them in the bus as if they are made of wheat flour.”

Mrs.Ashima laughed uncontrollably. “What else?”

“They rub their thing against my ass while the bus takes turns,” Vanishree’s face grew red as she continued. “Sometimes they bring their hands right in between my thighs and rub it over.”

“So you get horny?” Mrs.Ashima became really curious. Somehow she could not help getting excited hearing to what the young girl was narrating.

“Sometimes,” Vanishree agreed. “I get desperate and you know what I mean.”

“I very much do,” Mrs.Ashima affirmed looking at Vanishree with sympathy. “Have you let boys on the bed?”

“None at all,” Vanishree refuted as she continued in the same breath. “Only girls!”

Mrs.Ashima was convinced about her student’s lesbian attitude.

“Don’t you find it odd having same sex relations?”

“Not really,” Vanishree shook her heads. “I haven’t enjoyed them either.”

“Then, what makes you look at me with so much of lust?” Mrs.Ashima queried confusedly.

“May be you would make a good lover,” Vanishree smiled nonchalantly at her tutor who froze for a moment.

Vanishree stopped talking for a second as her eyes got fixed directly on Mrs.Ashima, watching her smooth slender neck. Her tongue popped out as she moistened her lips thinking as to how her tutor would taste.

“If you are averse to what I just said, please ignore them,” Vanishree concluded with her typical smile. She moved as though she was about to stand up when Mrs.Ashima touched her to stop her. Vanishree instantly felt a chill on her arms and heart began beating fast.

“I can tell you Madam,” she said biting her lower lips. “Your simple touch feels so good.”

Mrs.Ashima was dumbfounded. It was absolutely a new experience of seeing a girl getting sexually aroused at her touch. She was getting excited to see Vanishree enjoying the feel of her fingers on her arms.

“I can’t understand,” She wanted to make it a bit longer.” I don’t believe what my touch could do to a girl like you?”

Vanishree preferred not to reply to her tutor as she wanted to enjoy as long as it lasts. She was feeling her heart pumping quicker. She felt as though her legs were trembling while the familiar dripping sensation Şerifali Escort Bayan occurred right in between her legs. Mrs.Ashima was about to take off her hands from Vanishree’s arms before they were hurriedly placed on Vanishree’s right breast. Mrs.Ashima shook as if she was hit by a mild electric shock as her palm rested on Vanishree’s young but somewhat tiny breast. The tutor was soon loosing as her hand which involuntarily rested on her student’s tits, began cupping it gently. ‘This is the first time that I have cupped a girl’s breast’ – Mrs.Ashima told herself as she watched Vanishree enjoying her grip on the breast.

“I am loving it,” Vanishree partly opened her eyes to utter these words before her right hand stretched forward to rest on Mrs.Ashima’s waist. Mrs.Ashima almost jumped to feel her student’s warm skin on the flesh of her waists as she immediately discovered that sex with a woman is not all that boring as she had thought. Her eyes closed for a moment as she began relishing the feel of young fingers clinching on to her waist muscle.

“Madam,” Vanishree spoke in a husky voice. “Where is the bedroom?”

Mrs.Ashima sheepishly obeyed her student as she walked towards the bedroom while holding the young girl on her shoulders. Vanishree looked around the bedroom with wide opened eyes for a while before making her tutor sit on the bed and locking the door from inside.

“Let’s get rid of our clothes,” Vanishree sounded like issuing orders. Mrs.Ashima felt as though she was hypnotized into doing things that she hasn’t done ever before. After a few seconds of hesitation, the elder woman began unwinding her long chiffon slowly while her student kept watching with lust glowing like torch in her eyes. Mrs.Ashima for once looked down at her own body with just a blouse and petticoat on but soon began unbuttoning her blouse as well. Vanishree kept staring at her tutor while Mrs.Ashima unclasped her bra and stood naked to the hilt after undoing her petticoat strap.

Vanishree came closer to Mrs.Ashima and looked at her tutors pinky areola and perky nipples. Mrs.Ashima blushed at once sending her nipples to harden further. Can one female make another’s nipple so hard? She asked herself. Vanishree’s eyes explored her tutor’s nudity; her shining strong thighs, long sleek legs, her flat stomach and her naval. If eyes were mouths, Vanishree was eating Mrs.Ashima.

“What are we going to do?” Mrs.Ashima sounded very delicate.

Vanishree began stripping, moving her body gently and removing her clothes one after another. Mrs.Ashima watched with gasps as her young student revealed her sexy body for her to see. She was amazed to see the erect nipples on the tiny breasts while her eyes did notice some moisture on her student’s hairy pussy. Mrs.Ashima stood up before Vanishree to have a close look at the young girl’s naked beauty. Surely, she needed no further clues as she made up her mind to have a go at her student. Vanishree, with her experience in the adventure, pushed Mrs.Ashima on to the bed again and went down on her kneels.

Vanishree began stroking her tongue and lips on Mrs.Ashima’s neck; soon over her shoulder while Mrs.Ashima shuddered feeling her student’s nibbling and licking. Her breathing began to deepen as Vanishree continued enjoying the taste of her tutor’s skin. Mrs.Ashima moaned as Vanishree’s grazed along her shoulder muscles, occasionally biting gently, as gently as she could. Mrs.Ashima’s hands reached to Vanishree’s young breasts cupped them and gave them a firm squeeze. Vanishree’s legs quivered in excitement. Vanishree began licking Mrs.Ashima’s breasts lashing her Escort Şerifali tongue at the hard nipples while her lips suckled the breast.

“Oh. Now I know what I have missed,” murmured Mrs.Ashima as her hands reached and rested on Vanishree’s back. Her fingers stroked Vanishree’s hair while she kept sucking her tutor’s breast harder. Mrs.Ashima had already given up to Vanishree’s lust as every time she felt the young girl’s tongue and lips on her nipples, her head jerked back in joy. Her hands clutched Vanishree’s head just firm enough to let the sucking session continue.

Vanishree’s face descended to Mrs.Ashima’s pussy. Vanishree inhaled the perfume of the lacy panties and sighed in excitement smelling her tutor’s pussy. Soon she started licking the panties, as if she loved to lick with the panties on. Mrs.Ashima’s head swung from one side to another as she felt the feel of her student on her womanhood. Vanishree closed her eyes relishing the taste of Mrs.Ashima which seeped through the panties and licked all over by her tongue. Mrs.Ashima swirled moaning uncontrollably. Vanishree was getting more adventurous as she began driving her tongue deep inside Mrs.Ashima’s pussy. The teacher for once was the student as the young girl let her tongue dive deeper exploring her tutor’s sex cavity.


Mrs.Ashima shook violently as she experienced her first orgasm, in the company of a girl. Vanishree kept licking and gulping the drops of juices flowing out of her tutor’s cunt while Mrs.Ashima was swept over by huge waves of pleasure. As Mrs.Ashima’s body loosened up, she rested on the shoulders of Vanishree. They were still for a few moments feeling the cool drops of perspiration on each other’s body. It was Vanishree who broke the silence.

“I hoped you loved that” Vanishree smiled as she began gathering her clothes from the floor.

“Wait,” Mrs.Ashima was loud. “Let me reciprocate for what you have done.”

Vanishree stood still as Mrs.Ashima struggled to stand up and began walking towards her. Mrs.Ashima went right behind Vanishree and began pressing her body against her student. The tutor’s waist was pressing against the student’s ass cheeks while the senior’s hands reached from behind to rest on the young girl’s sexy breasts. Mrs.Ashima’s fingers began kneading Vanishree’s nipples as the student bit her lips in excitement. Mrs.Ashima was pushing Vanishree towards the bed and once they reached, Vanishree found herself on the bed with legs spread wide like never before.

Mrs.Ashima leaped over Vanishree and started licking the young pussy. Vanishree jumped feeling her tutor’s tongue on her pussy as her body began experiencing joyful thunders all over. Mrs. Ashima’s hands reached up, holding her student’s young tits yet again and began squeezing them harder and harder. Vanishree remembered some guy who had once squeezed her tits so hard that it gave her a sore for almost a week. Mrs.Ashima’s cheeks were brushing against her upper thighs as the tutor meticulously sucked her student’s pussy with amazing ease. Vanishree felt signs of an orgasm as Mrs.Ashima well and truly reciprocated her student with her excellent tongue work. Soon, Vanishree’s muscles began contracting wildly while her breathing deepened as pleasure waves kept striking her all over. She screamed as she reached the peak of an orgasm after which Mrs.Ashima halted momentarily. After a few long gasps, the tutor resumed from where she had left. Every time Vanishree got close to an orgasm, Mrs.Ashima would stop and resume again after a few seconds. Vanishree could take no more of this as she started pleading for an orgasm as her entire body was electrified with sexual joy. Finally, she came and her juices started flowing straight into Mrs.Ashima’s waiting mouth.

“Oh Yes!” Vanishree yelled as she shook immediately after her orgasm while Mrs.Ashima smiled with a sense of fulfillment.

And they lived happily thereafter.

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