Ali’s Juices


She sits at the table across from me, legs crossed, a chilled glass of Moscato in her hand. Her beautiful dark, curly hair strategically pulled up to expose her soft white skin and beautiful eyes. I watch as she raised the glass to her pouty, red lips and takes a sip. One hand is laid across the table. I cannot help but to reach out and place mine on top of it. Her skin feels like silk, exactly as I had imagined it many times.

We engage in mindless chit chat, enjoying our drinks, hands often touching, smiles forming, and giggles letting out from time to time. From time to time my mind wanders from our current conversation to the memories of how we met and how almost instantly we were attracted to each other. It felt like months had gone by yet in reality, it has only been weeks. My attention is drawn back to her as she leans forward to grab her purse, her black halter top falling open revealing her gorgeous breasts. I bite my lips gently full well knowing that in minutes, my hands will be roaming over her voluptuous body.

After finishing our drink, I take her by the hand and escort her to my car. I open the door for her and watch as her perfectly sculpted ass lifts slightly before coming to rest on the seat. I quickly hurry to the driver’s side and climb inside. As I fumble with the keys, I feel her hand resting on my thigh. Her touch immediately sends chills up and down my spine, my body coming to life with arousal. The keys drop and I turn my attention to her, my hands cupping her face, pulling her towards me, lips slightly parted, before being pressed against hers.

Eyes closed we kiss, tongues sliding one over the other, my teeth gently nibbling on her bottom lip. She moans lightly and I feel the juices slowly Kartal Escort dripping from my pussy. Her hand has moved up my thigh, so close that I am sure she can feel the heat emanating from between my legs. My hands have fallen, one gently rubbing on her breast, the other caressing the outside of her warm mound. I can feel her heat and I know she is turned on, so much so that I pull away and start the car.

The drive from the restaurant to home isn’t far but feels like a road trip. One hand on the steering wheel, my other hand strokes up and down her bare thigh, coming dangerously close to her pussy on more than one occasion. I watch as she tips her head back, taking short and shallow breaths, every time my hand stops just shy of its target. Moving back and forth in her seat has drawn her skirt higher and higher, nearly revealing her lace panties. My eyes return to the road and noticing a red light, I take advantage of the little break. My hand presses firmly at the knee, working ever so slowly up the thigh, ending at her wet mound. My fingers slightly move her panties to reveal bare skin, then dart inside. My middle finger quickly circles her clit then retreats as the light changes to green.

I lick the juices off my fingers and grab the steering wheel as I race home. Moments later, the car parked, I guide her up the stairs to the apartment. As the door slams behind us, I push her curls up off her neck and gently kiss her neck, starting on the left and working my way around to the right. My lips find her earlobe and suck it, my hands tearing her skirt off, followed by her halter top. She stands in front of me donning her bra and panties and all I can do is think to myself how lucky I am right Kartal Escort Bayan now! I slide my clothes off and point the way to the bedroom.

She stands at the side of the bed, teasing me by carefully removing her bra, then panties, then running her fingers through her hair. Now naked, I rush to her, unable to control myself any longer. My hands push her back on the bed, bountiful breasts bouncing. I watch as she adjusts herself in the center of the bed. I can feel my own juices dripping down my thighs as I admire her perfect form. Climbing onto the bed, I spread her legs wide open. My tongue traces up the inside of her right thigh, stopping as it approaches her pussy. I nestle my nose into her hair, take a deep breath, and enjoy the scent of her wetness. My tongue licks the outside of one lip and then the other as my fingers part her hole.

Her hips rise slightly as if she is yearning to fuck my tongue. My hands press her hips back to the bed, my tongue now darting in and out of her cunt, sopping up every ounce of juice dripping from inside. As my tongue makes its way to her throbbing clit, I slide two fingers inside her, eagerly searching for her g spot. Using the tip of my tongue, I trace each and every letter of the alphabet on her swollen clit, my two fingers tapping against and massaging her g spot. At the letter “M”, I suddenly stop. She gasps and pleads for me to keep going and as I dive back down, her hips thrust up, fucking my face.

I pull my fingers back out and suck them clean, then use my hands to flip her onto her hands and knees. Pressed up against her, I reach around and grab her nipples, pinching them firmly. She squeals a little then relaxes, her moans of Escort Kartal pleasure echoing up and down my spine. I reach under my nightstand, adjusting my strap on. I take the cock and rub it up and down the outside of her pussy before pushing in deep. I watch as she rocks back and forth, tits swinging wildly. I can’t help but to reach around and grab them, rubbing her erect nipples. My hands travel down her chest, over her stomach, stopping on her pelvis. I push deeper inside as my fingers split her lips, my middle finger flickering back and forth on her swollen, throbbing clit. I lean backwards; grabbing her hips and pulling back with me, helping guide her up and down.

She moans and screams louder and louder, begging me to eat her until she cums. I pull the cock out of her, flip her onto her back, straddling her chest, the cock plunging in and out of her mouth so she can suck her juices off. Tossing the strap on to the floor, I remain straddled over her chest as I spread her legs open. My pussy is just out of her reach so all she can do is smell the dripping juice as they trickle on her chest. My hand presses against her mound, massing it firmly, before my fingers plummet inside her tight little hole, my tongue sucking her clit. Again her hips thrust up, fucking my face harder and faster. I know she is just moments from explosion, so my fingers find her g spot and repeatedly tap against it faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, tongue circling that clit. With one final thrust against my face, I feel her body tense up, then her pussy gush a river of cum against my tongue. I suck, lick, taste every ounce of her glorious love juice, not missing a single drop, its stickiness covering my chin, lips, and nose.

After her release, all I can do is lie next to her, pulling her close, kissing her passionately. I feel her curls dance across my breasts, my body weak from pleasure. As I lie there with her, my only thoughts are of how delicious she tastes and how much I can’t wait to pleasure her again, and again, and again…

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