Amber Makes The First Move


I’ve always been a bit bi-curious, but never had the guts to act on it. I grew up in a small town, and I could never risk initiating something with another girl that might wind up rejecting me. Eventually as I got older and moved out on my own to a larger city, my shyness was completely ingrained. I had to settle for watching lesbian porn and masturbating while I imagined someone licking my pussy.

I made friends quickly and met Amber at my first job doing group home work for mentally handicapped children. I thought she was gorgeous and had such a great mischievious smile. She had long brown hair with large hazel eyes. Her tanned skin made for a fantastic contrast with those eyes. She was only about 5’3″ with a curvy little body. She wasn’t what you’d see on magazine covers, but I thought her hourglass shape and shapely ass made for a knockout combination. She was my friend, but obviously I had more that a little crush on her. Of course, shy little me would never act on it!

After working together a few months we became best friends, we had many movie nights and lots of time alone, but nothing ever happened. I resigned myself to forever being ‘curious’ and never ‘satisfied’.

Amber eventually found another job at another company, I was crushed even though she was so happy at the pay increase she’d be getting. On her last night we decided we should paint the town, and went to a local techno club to dance and get thoroughly pickled to celebrate her success.

After our shift I got dressed with the clothes I had brought in the group home bathroom. As I smoothed my lacy white thong over my hips, I took a long look in the mirror. Not classic, I think… but I have very large breasts, natural though people sometimes have trouble believing my 36 F cup is real! I critically look at the curve of my waist flared out to my nice wide hips and slowly turn to take a look at my round ass. It’s perky, I decide, and think- Even though I’m not very thin, I have this hourglass shape down, and look pretty damn sexy tonight. The dark shirt and skirt I put on make my skin look more ivory-like than normal, and I shake back my red curls and decide- I look damned good, maybe I should let some guy get a little lucky tonight, it’s been awhile.

During the ride to the club, Amber is driving. We chatter all about her new job and gossip about the people we know, all the time I can’t seem to keep my eyes off her short little skirt that rides up a little more each time she shifts gears. I do my best to keep up with the conversation and not wonder what is between those legs all the way to the club.

Once inside we get our drinks, and two guys almost immediately approach us. Amber waves them off saying “Sorry guys, it’s girls night tonight!”

I start to laugh and she gives me an impish look and tugs my arm to lead me to the dancefloor. It’s crowded and hot, and the lights are low. The techno beat is low Ataşehir Escort and thumping and we start to dance, gyrating our hips and jokingly spanking at each other. We were forced to dance closer and closer by the crowd of bodies until we were eventually just dancing with each other, doing the gyrating grinding dance and driving all the men around us crazy- all the while thinking it’s hilarious. I have to act like it’s not making me hornier than I’d ever been in my life!

I’m having so much trouble concentrating as we dance so close, I want this woman so badly! I can smell her perfume and feel her soft skin on mine. I can even smell the strawberry margarita she had before coming onto the dance floor on her breath. I can’t seem to stop staring at her full lips in their daring shade of red lipstick and wonder what it would be like….

I could feel the tips of her breasts brushing mine to the beat of the music. She slowly insinuated her leg between mine so that we were both straddling each other’s thighs. I could feel my short skirt slowly riding up with each movement to the techno music. I could feel my pussy start to tingle and get hotter with each beat, we looked into each other’s eyes and slowly moved closer and closer together.

God! How could she know it but she’s driving me insane! I could feel her breath mingling with mine, I could almost taste her lips… so close- could I? Should I? I could feel my heart race and jump into my throat while my pussy got wetter and wetter as it throbbed, aching to be touched and licked…

Amber leaned in and slowly licked my bottom lip, catching it between her lips we started to kiss. Her lips were so soft, and I could feel her breasts pressing into mine while we continued to grind to the beat of the music. I put my hand on the small of her back and pulled her close and all of a sudden on my bare leg I could feel her wet cunt! She wasn’t wearing any underwear under that skirt!

She ground her dripping wet slit against my leg to the beat of the music and put her hand on her leg right under my pussy. With the next beat she pushed my thong aside and slipped two fingers inside of my dripping pussy.

No one could tell she was finger fucking me while she rubbed her sweet wet cunt all over my leg to the beat of the music. The beat goes faster and faster, so harder and faster I fuck her fingers that keep stretching and stroking my hot wet hole… my heart starts to beat faster as my orgasm builds and finally I cum all over her pretty little hand with a little gasp. She rides my leg to her orgasm and I can feel her juices running down my leg. I want to touch her pussy so badly, but I’m too shy to initiate anything, even now!

She looks at me and takes a long lick from her fingers with her sweet little pink tongue, and whispers in my ear- “Your juice tastes so good, I need to eat your pussy.” as the song Ataşehir Escort Bayan is ending.

She impishly grabs my hand and starts to lead me to the crowded ladies room. My head is spinning from that mind shattering orgasm, so I let her lead me where ever she wants. There’s a long line for a stall, and finally we make it to the front of the line as the handicapped stall is opening up. She tells me to go ahead, so I go into the stall.

Quick as a shot she sneaks in behind me as the door shuts. As I am recovering from my shock, she grabs me by the back of the hair and starts to kiss me frantically, her tongue shooting past my lips and her breath coming short.

“I have to taste you! Will you please let me eat your pussy?” she begs.

“Right here?” I squeak, “People can hear us!”

“Good, I want them to hear the cute little squeaks you make when I make you cum all over my face.”

Immediately she slips her hand under my skirt again and slowly caresses my swollen lips through my lacy thong, softly at first, then more urgently. I can feel my pussy throbbing and dripping at this point, as my clit slowly raised it’s head and began to run against her finger through the underwear, aching so much for contact. Eventually my brain turns off and all I can think about is rubbing my cunt all over Amber’s face while she begs me to fuck her.

Amber slowly slips my panties down my legs and pushes up my skirt as she gets down on her knees in the bathroom stall. She looks at my bare pussy for a moment, seeing my clit pushing through my swollen cunt lips dripping with honey. She slowly inhales my fragrance and reaches forward and oh so gently touches the tip of my clit. I can’t believe this is happening!

I am so hot by this point I have a small orgasm from that touch. Watching her play with my cunt is seriously turning me on. As she leans forward all I can think is: “YES! PLEASE!” she slowly pushes her pink little tongue between the lips of my pussy, separating my lips with her nose and tongue she starts to take long slow licks from the bottom to the top of my slit. I can see my juices on her lips between licks.

She slowly licks faster with more pressure letting me build as I watch her tongue invade my wet cunt lips. What a sweet intruder, watching her pink tongue on my wet pink clit was the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life! She slowly raises two fingers to separate the lips and begins to lick all the juice off my sopping pussy while I start to shudder and beg…. eventually I spread my own lips for her and she grabs my asscheeks and rams her face into my pussy.

“Yeah baby!” I whisper urgently “Eat that pussy, lick it harder! Do you like the way that tastes you dirty girl?”

She groans in agreement as she sucks and licks my clit, with the occasional tease of a finger in my aching hole. Eventually I’m rubbing my wet Escort Ataşehir pussy all over her face while she licks and fucks me with her fingers. I’m gasping and panting by now, right on the edge of my orgasm when I hear a woman in the stall next to us begin to moan quietly. Thinking of another woman finger fucking herself while listening to this beautiful woman eat my pussy drives me over the edge and I cum hard all over Amber’s face, no longer caring who heard me.

Amber stands up and whispers in my ear “I’m not done yet my sweet pussy, can you hear everyone getting hot listening to me fuck you?”

And as I listened I could hear multiple women moaning in the bathroom, and as we looked under the stall doors, some had single occupants, and others, like us, decided to pair off. You could smell the musky sent of pussy in the entire bathroom and the sound of all those women eating each other and touching themselves made my sensitive pussy start dripping again. I looked back at Amber and saw her slowly running her fingers up and down her clit, rubbing my juice all over herself with her eyes half closed.

Someone needed a little attention! As I began to kneel to service that sweet little brown haired pussy, she raised me up.

“I’m not done with you yet, you don’t get to taste this until I’m done with you!”

She slowly spreads my legs again, and has me lift one of my legs and hook my heel in the bars that lined the handicapped stall. Amber crawls under my spread legs and kneels. She separates my sopping labia and pushes her long pink tongue directly into my aching hole while she massages my clit with her tongue. I flex my legs and slowly start to ride her face, grinding my pussy into her pretty little face while her nose stimulated my asshole and her thumb on my clit. Her tongue pushed and licked in and out, in and out, until slowly I feel my juices getting hotter and more slippery and the blood thunders in my ears and I feel a mind shattering orgasm coming on, when suddenly I’m completely filled with a huge purple plastic cock! Her tongue is back on my clit and she’s ramming this huge vibrator in and out of my pussy, fucking me harder and harder….

Everything shatters and I scream while I cum all over that long fat vibrator, my muscles contracting around it’s wide girth and my juices squirting wildly.

When I finally am able to stand on my own, (those handicapped rails are pretty handy!) I look down and see Amber’s handbag open and realize she had brought a toy for us to play with. Had she been planning this while I fantasized about her thinking this would never happen??

When I look confused, she chuckles, and admits she’s wanted to eat my pussy since the first time we met, but was just waiting for a good opportunity. She figured getting us together and slightly tipsy it was bound to happen sometime tonight.

As we made our way out of the bathroom I could see two women on the counters with their legs spread and one woman alternating finger fucking one and eating the other. Apparently we made a sensation!

I look at Amber with a grin, and say- “So when do I get to taste yours?”

“Let’s get out of here and head back to my house”…

To be continued…

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