An Erotic Evening with Linda


I recently broke up with my boyfriend and was feeling a little down. On my way home from work, I decide to stop off at a bar. I get a drink and find a table and sit down.

A woman approaches me and tells me her name is Linda. I tell her that my name is Victoria. Linda is beautiful, and about my age and asked if she could buy me a drink. I tell her that would be great. We are drinking our drinks and getting along great. We have so much in common. I think to myself, that I have never been interested in a woman, but Linda seems so nice.

Linda and I were talking for many hours. Linda asks me to go back to her house, so we can talk more and be in a more private atmosphere. We get to her house and she opens a bottle of wine and brings out some snacks. We continue talking for awhile. Linda tells me she has a hot tub in the backyard. She hands me one of the bathing suits and we go and change. She brings the wine out and hands me the snacks and we go into the yard.

We get into the hot tub. The water is so hot and the jets feel really good on my back. We are sitting right next to each other. She puts her hand around my neck and starts to play with my hair.

I turn to her and she starts to kiss me. We are kissing very deep and very passionately. Our tongues are dancing in one another’s mouth. Her kisses are so sweet and so intense. I feel like I could kiss her for many hours. She takes my hand and we get out of the tub. She has a patio full of furniture. She takes me to a lounge style couch. Her hands are around my waist and our bodies are pressed together.

We remove each other’s bathing suits. Our hands start to feel each other’s bodies. We start rubbing each other’s pussies and it feels so incredible. We are both bald and are pussies feel amazing.

Linda lays me down and she Ümraniye Escort sits on top of me. Her hands are all over my breasts. Her mouth has moved to my nipples that she is slowly sucking. Her tongue is kissing me all over and it feels so good.

She spreads my legs and starts to lick the creases of my thighs. Her tongue starts to explore the folds of my pussy lips. She spreads my pussy lips with her tongue. She starts to tongue fuck my warm wet pussy. I am moaning and my hands are now playing with my breasts.

I am bucking and grinding my cunt into her face. I let out a small whimper and my body starts to release my pussy juices. My sweet dreamy cum floods her mouth. Linda is lapping it up as fast as she can.

She scoops some cum up and feeds me her fingers that are dripping of my juices. We start to kiss, deep and passionately, my cum on her breath. We are holding each other. I tell Linda I have never had such a powerful orgasm as I just did.

I want to return the favor. Linda tells me there is oil on the table. She said it would be nice if I could give her a massage. Linda lays on her stomach and I put the warm oil on my hands. I start on Linda’s neck massaging her with my hands. I pour oil onto her back as my hands work her tight muscles. I pour oil on her buttocks and I am working each cheek in my hand. I lean down, and start to lick her asshole. She tastes so good, as my tongue is exploring her.

I work the oil on Linda’s legs and her calves. I pour oil on Linda’s feet and work the soles of her foot. I take her foot and suck her toes one at a time. I tell Linda to turn over. I feel so connected to her and she is so beautiful, her body is just perfect.

I pour the oil over Linda’s breasts and stomach, and I slowly begin to massage Ümraniye Escort Bayan her breasts. I am sucking her nipples and rolling them between my fingers. I squeeze her breasts together and then I rub each one separately kissing them and cupping them. I then work the oil on Linda’s stomach. I lean down and start to kiss and tongue her belly button. I pour the oil all over her legs. I am working her legs and her calves very deeply. I pour oil all over her pussy.

I rub my hands all over her pussy. I replace my hands with my tongue. I am slowly tasting her beautiful bald cunt. I have never tasted a woman, but I want her so much. Her pussy is so sweet, and very wet. I love how her pussy is responding to my tongue. She is moaning and groaning as I am tongue fucking her. I pour oil into my hand and slowly begin to finger her pussy. She is so wet, and she is moaning. I continue to rub my index finger on her clitoris that is now swollen. She is bucking her pussy into my face and her scent is just intoxicating.

I am fingering her very slowly. I have three fingers inside her wet cunt. I can feel her vagina muscles contracting with the deep penetration of my fingers. Linda is moaning and telling me not to stop. I begin to taste her sweet juices that are flowing out of her cunt. Linda starts to orgasm and her creamy dreamy cum is pouring out.

Linda’s cum tastes like a sweet peach. I just keep licking her and sucking on her clitoris that is so swollen and hard. I swirl some of her cum on my fingers and feed it to Linda. We again begin to kiss. Our bodies are pressed together and the kissing is so intense. I never want to stop kissing her.

Linda tells me to come into the house and we will go into her bedroom. We lay side by side. Our hands are playing Escort Ümraniye with each other’s breasts. Linda starts to suck and play with my nipples and then her fingers start to massage my ass.

Linda tells me she will be right back. She is gone for about 10 minutes and comes back with a strap on and tells me that she really wants to fuck me and can with this.

She lays on top of me, and slowly brings her strap on cock into my wet pussy. We are kissing, so deep and so passionately. Whenever I have been with men, the kissing is not nearly as intense as it is with Linda. I really get lost in her kisses.

Linda slowly begins to penetrate my pussy. The thrusts are very slow and very tender. We are kissing deep and passionately. I am moaning to her.

I then tell Linda to lay down. I straddle her and guide the cock into my dripping pussy. I am bouncing up and down over Linda’s cock. Linda is massaging my breasts. I am rubbing my clitoris as I am fucking Linda. I start to moan and tell Linda how wonderful this feels.

Linda tells me to get on my hands and knees. Linda stands behind me and is kissing my asshole and my pussy from behind. She starts to play with my pussy with her finger. I am dripping wet. She rubs the massage oil on my asshole, and slowly inserts her pinky finger into my ass. Her finger is penetrating my asshole and it feels so good.

Linda slowly inserts her strap on cock into my asshole. It feels very tight going in, but she slides it gently in. I am moaning, as she is fucking me with her cock. She slowly begins to slap my ass in an upward motion. It stings a little but it does not hurt.

I am fingering my wet bald pussy. My pussy starts to orgasm and my fingers are filled with my sweet cream. I scoop some up and feed it to Linda. Linda slowly is sucking my fingers.

She pulls her strap on cock out and we just embrace and again start kissing. I have never in my life have experienced something so amazing and erotic, then I did here on this night.

Linda and I exchange phone numbers and I hope to see Linda again. I will never forget this amazing night.

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