And Then I Touched Her

Non Nude

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The wedding had been an odd time for Lynne. Her father had remarried and she wasn’t unhappy about it, however, she had expected the next wedding to be hers. She didn’t have the charm to find anyone, her new step-mother had helped with a new diet, however, she remained a large and homely girl. Maybe if she had been a pretty miss, someone would have housed her during her father’s honeymoon. Unfortunately, Lynne had been stuck with her second cousin during this time. Roberta – Who loved to be called Bobbie – was an odd duck. She had a tiny flat in London, worked as a barmaid and was unmarried at her age – She was in her forties.

Lynne would end up like her – Unmarried and alone. Her frizzy hair couldn’t find a style and her thighs were huge. Her body jiggled with every step. Lynne was in her last year of school and she wasn’t even going steady. Now she was stuck with Roberta because no one trusted her to be alone. Lynne slipped into Roberta’s bed and stared at the ceiling. Roberta was undressing for bed, the woman wore odd clothes. She liked trousers. Her slender body was prefect for dresses and Lynne couldn’t understand why she would waste it in trousers. Roberta had similar breasts to Lynne’s – heavy and sagged slightly without a bullet bra. However, Roberta’s breasts looked larger on her slender frame. Lynne noticed the older woman’s sleepwear wasn’t a nightgown, she was wearing a large shirt and pair of boxer pants. It looked rather boyish.

The women wished for a good night and sleep took over them. Lynne dreamed Kadıköy Escort a pressure was rubbing against her stomach, roaming until it find her breasts. The pressure lingered around the chest, searching for something. The pressure brought on a welcoming feeling, Lynne relished and eased into the dream. The feeling dripped into her loins. The pressure lifted her nightgown – It felt real as the fabric brushed against her thighs. Lynne opened her eyes, the room was dark and couldn’t truly see, however, she could hear.

The shifting of her nightgown was filled the silence. Lynne was on her side as the pressure returned to her thighs, it was pair of fingers. It didn’t feel odd because she was still covered by the heavy sheets. The fingers traveled to the soft flesh of her arse; massaging as they moved along. Her arse cheeks were kneaded and squeezed, the massage continued to increased the feeling. Her body was bubbling with a heat, and the core was resting within her vagina. Deep down, Lynne understood what this was. She was doing the dirty, the thing that classmates muttered about. Lynne had never been kissed and yet her arse cheeks were being treated like dough. It felt devilish, but she couldn’t avoid the curious throb in vagina.

Roberta stopped playing with the arse cheek, Lynne missed the touch and listened to the shifting movement again. The older woman moved closer, a mass of hair brushed against Lynne’s exposed skin. It tickled as the public hair continued tease. Roberta’s heavy breath were increasing, and an unknown movement was happening below. Lynne wanted to see, however, Kadıköy Escort Bayan she was pretending to sleep. The frustration was building, this would be her only chance to do the dirty. Lynne squeezed her eyes shut and rolled onto the back, Roberta stopped moving. Lynne opened her legs somewhat, and hoped her nightgown was high enough. Roberta took the bait.

The nervous fingers felt around her inner thigh, they were slow at first. Lynne opened her legs a little wider. She felt Roberta’s present and knew she was being watched. Lynne breathed slowly. It was surprisingly hard to pretend to be sleeping. A finger tested the tender flesh of inner labia, it found Lynne’s wetness.

“Dirty hussy.” Roberta muttered with enjoyment, and vanished under the sheets. The previous touch had been gentle and uneasy. Roberta’s fingers became greedy and massaged Lynne’s opening, testing the hole. It wasn’t one finger. Roberta pressed two fingers into Lynne’s virginal hole. She jerked from the shock. Roberta laughed.

“I knew you were awake.” The older woman pounded Lynne, a wet finger was placed onto her clit.

Her entrance dribbled, it felt like she was peeing herself. The embarrassment was overwhelming. The pressure on her clit, was rough and unrelenting. The wiggling fingers within her vagina, were pressing against the upper parts of her walls. Lynne needed to use the toilet, she couldn’t hold it in anyway. She gasped. The bed was ruined by her squirting juices. Her legs trembled. Lynne stared at the ceiling, her chest was pounding. Roberta threw back the blanket and Escort Kadıköy gripped Lynne’s left arm.

“Touch me.” The older woman ordered.

“I can’t do that” Lynne yelped, her eyes widened. “You’re a girl.”

“Oh, i see. You want to be fucked by man.” Roberta left the bed. Lynne’s ears burnt at profanity. She sat in the shame of her own wetness.

Roberta lit a candle and searched her vanity table. Lynne watched in confusion as the older woman took a hand-brush, and placed it down her boxer pants. The knobbly handle hung out the hole of the pants. Roberta climbed back onto the bed. “What?” Lynne stared at the sliver handle, the tip was large and round.

“I’m your man.” Roberta smirked. “After all, you’re still showing your kitty to me,” This was embarrassing when the lights showed everything. The older woman stared down at her bushy public hair, Lynne laid back and covered her eyes. She wanted that feeling again. The tip of Roberta’s homemade cock teased Lynne.

“Do you want it?” Lynne tried to ignored the question; biting into her bottom lip. Roberta sighed.

“My choice then.” The handle was pressed into her. It was large and stretching. Lynne whimpered at the sudden size within her. Roberta gripped Lynne’s chin and forced a kiss. The older woman began to pound, her hips met with Lynne’s chubby hips. A tongue entered her mouth and roamed. Her vagina gripped the homemade cock. Roberta reached down and pinched Lynne’s clit; rolling it roughly within her fingers. Lynne returned the kiss. She wanted more, she could her wetness dripping down her legs. Her hands reached out and rested on Roberta’s shoulders. Her hips began to move; pushing it deeper inside. Her legs wrapped around her lover. It was coming, twisting her stomach until finally releasing. Roberta’s boxers were covered in her juices. Lynne begged for a third time and then another time. Until finally, she touched her lover.

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