Anna from Ukraine Ch. 06


“Anita, don’t push yourself too hard!” Andersen screamed to the brunette frenetically trying to catch her breath. “Try to run the next interval a couple of seconds more slowly. You should be 15-20 meters behind Mona.”

It was not unusual for Mona and Anita to train together, but they would usually not do the same intervals — Mona being an 800 m runner whereas Anita’s favourite distance was 400. This Friday however their coach had decided to let Anita join Mona’s session, with 10 intervals à 300 metres.

“A shame they don’t compete in 500 m. That would be a perfect distance for Anita. As it stands, she’s slightly too slow for 400, but doesn’t have the stamina for 800.”

“But stamina is something she could work on, right?” Anna wondered. “Can you not turn her into an 800 m runner?”

“Won’t work. Look.” He pointed at the two girls and they were readying themselves for another lap. “They don’t have the same build. Look at their thighs. Anita has different muscles from Mona. She’s more of a sprinter type.”

He took another puff off his cigarette and smiled mischievously. Anna had an idea what would come next.

“But I guess you don’t need to be asked to look at girls’ thighs, right?”

“Andersen! Be professional. Do you want me to notify the moral police?”

Now in his 40s, Andersen had once been the great hope of Norwegian track running, but had squandered his talents in an alcohol-soaked decay that showed few signs of ending. His wife having left him for his best mate, the only thing that seemed to hold him together — apart from having his son over every second weekend – was coaching Mona and Anita.

The blonde and the brunette set off again, Mona holding the pace, with Anita struggling a few meters behind.

“Mona’s the biggest talent I have ever seen. She could go anywhere. But,” he sighed, “just like me, it’s all for nothing. In the long run, the particular Mona-brand of hedonism is not compatible with the lifestyle and sacrifice it takes to be an elite runner.”

Anna didn’t quite know what to say. She wanted to cheer him up, but deep down she was afraid he was right. Especially now that they would be moving to Berlin together, with all the temptations that fantastic city had to offer.

“At least I hope your parties are great. Mine certainly were. Although that feels like an eternity ago.”

He directed his attention to the track again.

“Mona — keep an even pace. No need to have a great finish every time.”

Andersen opened another Redbull-bottle. Coaching was one of those rare occasions when he’d never be drinking alcohol.

“Same problem every time. Mona always pushes herself to the limit, even if it’s just training. I always have long arguments with her over that.”

“I can imagine,” Anna laughed.

“Tell me, is she like that in your relationship as well? So strong-willed and opinionated?”

Anna laughed again.

“Sometimes. But I can handle her. And she’s also the most caring and loving person I have ever met.”

“Yeah, you don’t seem like a person who takes any bullshit from anyone.”

The final round had left Anita completely exhausted and she was supporting herself on her knees, trying to regain her breath. Mona and Andersen were already arguing about something. Anna handed Anita the water bottle.

“Thanks,” the brunette muttered, “Fuck, Mona is killing me.”

“Hey,” Anna encouraged her. “You did great. Don’t think any other 400 m runner could almost keep up with Mona like that.”

“You think so? You’re just being nice.”

Anita’s shirt was glued to her body. The June heat was sweltering. Poor girl, she was so exhausted. Would she even be physically capable of — …

“Monday quarter past one?”

Anna was somewhat taken aback. They would usually make their appointments by SMS.

“Eh… Sure. Quarter past one.”

Ever since that day a few months ago when Anita had gone down on Anna in the deserted C-wing toilets, hardly a week had gone by without a similar encounter. Anna would receive an SMS, usually consisting of just a time and a question mark. By the time the Ukrainian made it to the toilet, Anita would already be waiting for her there. They would make out for a few minutes, then Anna would tell her to lick her — usually Anita would start with her ass and then proceed to her by then soaking wet pussy. Few or no words would be exchanged. It was utterly weird but totally addictive. To have someone as gorgeous as Anita totally worship you like that, not requiring anything in return. Anna would of course have loved to return the favour — to describe Anita as good-looking was a more glaring understatement than calling Smokey Robinson a capable singer. But doing that would turn their meetings into normal sex. It would break Bostancı Escort the spell. Anna knew she was hot, but something like this, with someone like Anita, was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. According to Marianne, there was a general consensus — among both girls and guys — that Anita and Anna were the two hottest girls at school. And now Anita had become … what? Mona simply referred to the brunette as Anna’s “sex-slave”. At the same time, she had a very popular boyfriend who apparently adored her and took her on expensive holidays. Mona had a theory that Anita wanted to keep their arrangement like that because it was less like cheating on him than full-on, conventional sex would have been. Maybe… Anita and her motives were a complete enigma. That was also why Anna felt uncertain about the outcome of her and Mona’s plan. How would Anita, the ultimate giver, react when it was her turn be on the receiving end, not only of one, but two soft and inquisitive tongues?

“Ok, girls, I’m off, my bitchy ex-wife finally let me spend a weekend with my son. And your plans for the weekend?”

“Going on a boat trip to Tønsberg with my boyfriend,” Anita muttered, still struggling to get her strength back.

“Tønsberg? Great. And you two?”

Anna looked at Mona.

“Oh, you don’t have to go into details,” he grinned. “Anna, just make sure Mona goes easy on the alcohol. The U-20s are only two weeks away.”

“Will do,” Anna smiled.

With Andersen gone, Anita just shook her head.

“God, there’s always some kind of sexual innuendo with this guy.”

Mona — as always when others criticized him — came to Andersen’s defence.

“I know he’s checking out our asses when we’re training, but can you blame him? He’s a heterosexual guy in his mid-40s whose wife ran off with his best friend and left him with nothing but the beer bottle to keep him company. He’s the best coach ever and without him I’d given up running ages ago.”

“But, like,” Anita objected, “he’s constantly serving up some lame pun about how hot my legs are.”

“Ok, Anita, can I tell you something?” Anna intervened. “Your legs are to fucking die for.”

Anita didn’t know how to respond.

“See, I’m no better than him.”

Anita just shook her head, although Anna could tell the compliment pleased her. The Norwegian brunette changed the topic.

“Fuck, Mona, one more session like that and I’m gonna end up in a hospital.”

“You have to listen to Andersen,” Anna intervened. “You’re a 400 meter runner, not supposed to keep up with Mona on a session like this.”

“I know, I know, it’s just… fuck, I hate to lose! And Mona was running so fast!”

It had been Mona’s idea to really push the brunette to the limits. “Will make her more pliable,” had been the redhead’s reasoning. Anna just hoped the plan wouldn’t backfire and that Anita would pass out from exhaustion or something when they went down on her.

“Look at it this way. Lagging behind Mona a little on a session like this gives you a perfect view of her ass.”

“Come on, Anna, like that’s gonna help!” Mona countered. “It’s hardly a secret which pair of buttocks have Anita salivating like a starving dog. Hint: Their owner is from Eastern Europe.”

Anita looked very disconcerted, her eyes flickering.

“Speaking of peaches…” Anita produced a peach and offered it to the Norwegian brunette. She had been concerned Anita would be too dehydrated and worn-out after the session and had brought some carbohydrates in the form of fresh fruit. It was important her organism recovered considering what they had in store for her. Seemingly relieved not having to reply to the latest comments, Anita took a large bite. The small streams of peach juice running down her chin was an added bonus.

“Hey, you’re getting all messed up there.” Anna ran her tongue across Anita’s chin to scoop up the fruity liquid.

“Girls, what is happening here?”

“My girlfriend here just wants to return the favour,” Mona said, putting her hand on Anita’s hip. “Or should I say favours, plural. You’ve been taking such good care of her at school, always being there for her. In the C-wing toilet. I really appreciate that, that’s why I also wanted to contribute a little. Hope you don’t mind.”

“What are you… I mean…”

She looked around.

“I heard Andersen’s car take off,” Anna calmed her. “He left the training ground keys with us. Nobody’s gonna disturb us.”

“But…. girls… — “

She sighed as Mona kissed her neck. Anna clutched her hand tightly and looked her in the eyes.

“I just wanted to thank you for all our amazing common toilet visits. I don’t want you to think I’m only a taker.”

“But… but… I need to shower, I mean, Bostancı Escort Bayan I really need to. Please. I’ve just finished one hour of extremely intense training. And before that — “

Anna cut her short.

“You know, me and Mona, if we like someone we don’t really care if they’re a little sweaty. In fact, I think this is exactly how we want you.”

Anna pre-empted any further objections by plunging her tongue into Anita’s mouth, exposing her taste buds to the Norwegian girl’s delicious peach-infused saliva. Judging by the response of Anita’s tongue, no more objections would be forthcoming.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. Mona will lick your ass, I will lick your pussy and you’re gonna have the best sex you’ve ever had in your entire life.”

“Now, raise your arms,” Mona ordered her.

She duly complied and let Mona pull off her soaked t-shirt. The stifling heat wouldn’t let her sweat dry, Anna felt how slippery Anita’s waist and back were as she ran her hands across them. As Mona’s hands expertly liberated the Norwegian brunette from her sports bra, her breasts were revealed. Fuck, they were gorgeous! Mona may have been right when she once mentioned that Anita’s breasts were slightly too large for a runner. That is, they were by no means gigantic — nice B-cups not unlike Anna’s — but on the track any extra weight would slow you down and it was better to be equipped with very small ones like Mona’s. Anna squeezed Anita’s breasts together, buried her face between them and inhaled deeply. The smell of Anita’s sweat was like a feast to her nostrils. Once she’d put her nose there it was such an ordeal to remove it.

She looked up briefly to see Mona signalling something with her eyes. Oh yes, the plan, the plan. She put her lips to Anita’s ears.

“My girlfriend wants your ass,” she whispered and started pulling down the brunette’s tights and panties in one go.

“She’s really gonna…” Anita muttered to herself, in what looked like a blend of complete resignation and wild anticipation of the intense pleasures about to come her way.

Anna placed her hands on her friend’s sweaty ass cheeks and spread them wide for Mona. Although she couldn’t see exactly what was happening, studying Anita’s face and sounds gave her a second-to-second update of the whereabouts of Mona’s tongue.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck. Aaah.”

The unbelievably beautiful Norwegian moaned hard into Anna’s face as Mona’s tongue was working overtime between her buttocks. “Fuck, she must really have a sensitive asshole,” Anna thought, almost regretting for a moment the division of labour she and Mona had agreed upon. The helpless creature just stared at Anna with pleading eyes and looked like she could faint any second. She was too exhausted to express her excitement, too fatigued to even brush away the strands of hair sticking to her eyes. Fuck, she was gorgeous! Anna realized now that the traditional arrangement between them had left Anita’s beautiful face underexposed; Whenever the Norwegian was licking Anna’s pussy, the Ukrainian could only see her dark hair. When she was licking her asshole, well, not even that was visible, although Anna was usually enjoying it so much that everything was a blur anyway. Whatever, now she finally had a chance to study Anita’s face in depth, admire her fantastic warm green eyes, feel her hot breath caress her face.

When Anna’s fingers found her vagina, the Norwegian brunette was already soaking and it didn’t take many seconds before her orgasm was underway, accompanied by aching moans. Her last resources depleted, Anita collapsed on the grass.

“Anybody home?”

Anna tapped Anita on her shoulder and was relieved when a few barely audible words escaped from the seemingly lifeless creature.

“Girls, this is just too much.”

“Anita, listen to me carefully.” Mona said sternly. “Ten seconds from now you’re going to feel Anna’s tongue between your legs. I know this is a dream come true for you, so you just have to pull yourself together, ok?”

The original idea had been very clear. Anna wanted Anita to sit on her face, so that she could feel completely submerged in the delights of her pussy. But looking at the miserable thing lying there, Anna realized a change of plan was needed. To expect Anita to mount anything in her current state was unrealistic, almost cruel. No, Anna just had to lick her where she was lying on the ground. She lay down on her belly in front of Anita.

The smell was raw, intense. After all, the legs Anna buried her head between had just spent an exhausting hour trying to keep pace with Mona on the track. But at this very moment, there was nothing Anna wanted more. She inhaled deeply as she felt the Norwegian girl’s sticky pubic hairs caress Escort Bostancı her face. The Ukrainian just plunged her tongue between Anita’s folds, her selfish craving for the Norwegian girl’s juices making her ignore her clit. The touch of Anna’s tongue was an injection of life into the wasted Norwegian, who dug her fingers into Anna’s hair and moaned like an animal undergoing light torture.

It dawned on Anna how lucky she was. Any time Anita entered the classroom, strolled down the corridor or took a sip of a Cola Zero-bottle, any given time Anita appeared in front of other people there would be someone imagining how it would be to go down on her. Most of the guys and many of the girls — Anita was so hot Anna reckoned even a fair number of heterosexual girls would feel honoured to lick her pussy. For almost all of them, that desire was bound to never be more than a crazy dream. For Anna, though, it was happening, it was most definitely real: the taste, the smell, the sounds. The Ukrainian hoped there would be chances to repeat this, but her senses still savoured everything as though it was the last time her tongue was ever inside that exquisite vagina. Who could know what tomorrow brings? Anita may suddenly decide to become a nun or emigrate to Australia, or — heaven forbid — she could get knocked up and spend the rest of her life breeding and nursing. But this moment, here and now, would be forever stored in a special safety box inside Anna’s memory.

Anna’s middle finger was eager to join the party so the Ukrainian inserted it into Anita’s ass. The Norwegian teenager’s asshole was slick with pussy juice and Mona’s saliva and the finger slid deep inside her bowels without much difficulty. It was enough to finally tip her over.


Anita’s convulsions were so violent that Anna really had to use force to keep her finger inside her ass. When the Ukrainian resurfaced, she noticed Mona pointing her mobile at them — the naughty redhead had apparently filmed everything. That little movie would definitely be a welcome addition to the les porn and webcams Anna occasionally watched alone or with Mona. Of course, Mona probably should have asked for Anita’s consent before she started filming, but hey, it wasn’t like they would put it online or anything. And besides, Anna would be more than happy to pose if the Norwegian wanted some footage with her.

She removed her finger from the depths of Anita’s ass and was about to put it into her mouth, when Mona just grabbed her hand and wrapped her greedy lips around the finger. Their attention turned to the creature on the grass — was there any sign of life? They lay down on either side of Anita and started licking her face, their wet tongues sliding across her cheeks, ears, nose. Ten–twenty seconds of this and some soft purring sounds began to be heard. Good. They had not completely destroyed her.


“So you’re not angry with me for the stuff I’ve been up to with your girlfriend?”

“Please,” Mona laughed. “I’ve been begging Anna for details and getting myself off while listening. I know you don’t want to come between us, so I was never worried about that. I guess I just wanted a piece of the action myself — I’ve had soft spot for you ever since first year.”

“Really?” Anita looked genuinely surprised. “Why didn’t you just seduce me then? I would have been more than willing.”

“To be honest I thought you were just too gorgeous. Like, outside my league. And then you seemed so hetero-happy with your boyfriend and all.”

“Come on. What about Anna? She didn’t seem too gorgeous for you?”

Mona laughed again.

“Anna’s too gorgeous for anyone and should basically only be allowed to have sex with herself. But with her the crush was so overpowering I just knew I’d go mad if I didn’t get her. And I sort of knew from the moment I saw her that she’s into girls.”

“But,” Anna wondered, “what’s the deal with your perfect boyfriend and all that? Have you told him anything?”

“No, why bother him with that? I like him but I also know I am bisexual. The very moment I saw Anna I realized once and for all that I am definitely, unapologetically into girls. And — fuck, speaking of my boyfriend I just recalled I was supposed to meet him minutes ago.”

“It is very rude not to keep an appointment.”

“It is, isn’t it? On the other hand… Fuck, just let him wait. I wouldn’t dream of coming between him and his new smartphone anyway.”

“Good decision,” Anna commented. “Now, since we got that sorted out, I have a question for you.”

Anita listened attentively.

“Would you like to taste my girlfriend?”

“May I?” Anita’s face lit up.

“You may indeed and you won’t even have to move. The Mona-and-Anna pussy takeaway delivers to your door, or something like that.”

The Norwegian teenager looked up to see Mona placing her knees on either side of her head. Watching her girlfriend lowering her cunt onto Anita’s face, Anna knew that a new page had been turned in her relationship with the beautiful Norwegian brunette.

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