Begin Again Pt. 04

Female Ejaculation


Maggie is a wreck today. She can’t stop stressing herself out about the fact that she now has to report to HR about her engagement even though everyone knows as she suspects. Alexa will be presenting today which makes it worse. She couldn’t talk to her in the morning as Alexa had to leave early.

She sees some other directors including Han who is a dear friend of Maggie.

“Hey!” she says with a big smile on her face.

“Hey, you!” Jan wraps her in a bear hug. They grew up together. She is one of Maggie’s childhood friends.

“So good to see you! How are you?”

“I am good. Heard there is a hot presenter today,” Jan says with a smirk.

“Hey!” Maggie warns. Jan admits her defeat laughing.

The sight of Alexa in her glasses with red lipstick melts Maggie in her chair. She tries hard to hold her composure and not swooning in front of everyone. Alexa blinks and smiles a little seeing Maggie in a mess. Of course, she knows what Maggie is feeling or she thinks she does.

“Hey keep your pants on!” Jan whispers to Maggie.

“Shut up!” Maggie whispers back.


Maggie zones out during the meeting thinking about how she will announce the engagement to HR without raising a few eyebrows.

“Maggie do you have any question?” Her father’s voice brings her back to earth.

“Uh yes,” Maggie says in a stern voice.

“Mrs… Dr. Scott, why do you think this is not going to be a loss project for us?” Maggie’s slip of tongue makes everyone suppress their smile including her father. Jan starts coughing. That confirms the suspicion Maggie was having. They know. It’s not that Maggie doesn’t want to announce it from the top of her lungs. She doesn’t want Alexa to be the center of a joke because of dating the boss. However, Alexa seems unfazed. She answers Maggie perfectly and then Maggie goes on asking a bunch of related questions until everyone gets normal. Alexa, however, feels weird to be bombarded with such questions of which Maggie already know the answer to. She knows that something is bothering Maggie and she didn’t tell her. She smiles to herself thinking that she has her ways to make her confess.


Maggie gets startled as Alexa bursts through the room without notice. It’s not only her; Maggie’s assistant jumps from a chair a bit.

“What is it, darling?” Maggie asks with concern. There must be something if Alexa came to her without knocking at work. She is the one who is always on about workplace behavior.

“Can you give us a minute?” Alexa asks Maggie’s assistant giving her a death glare. The poor thing almost rushes out of the room.

Alexa almost sprints to Maggie and drags her to the closet.

“What are you…” Maggie is stopped by Alexa’s lips crashing on hers. They don’t stop until they both are out of oxygen. Maggie’s heart starts racing like a sports car for a few seconds then it comes back to normal. Alexa notices this well as one of her hands are on Maggie’s chest. She looks at Maggie with her dark steamy eyes.

“Oh no. We are not doing that here!” Maggie warns her fiancee.

“Hey come on we are not doing anything here. I just wanted to talk!” Alexa clarifies herself even though her hands are on Maggie’s waist.

“I know you are a mess because of something and you are not telling me, ” Alexa pouts and sticks out her bottom lip which Maggie can’t help but kiss.

“Evening. I promise, ” Maggie softly kisses her girl. She promises to tell her even though she is afraid that Alexa might take it the wrong way and call off the marriage. She can’t lose her again.


Alexa is running late at the office. Again. She doesn’t know if Maggie is still here as her phone died. She tried on the landline and no one answered. So it’s again her and the security left in the building at 9 pm. A cough from her behind startles her. It is Mack. There is something about Mack which always creeps her out. However, she cannot point it out.

“So you are here late, ” Mack says. There’s something different on his face; something dark. And, Alexa curses herself not having a CCTV on her work area.

“Yeah running through the deadlines, ” Alexa answers.

“Hand me the project. I will oversee it. You can go home, Ümraniye Escort ” Mack commands.

“Mack, this is my project and I will see it done. No offense, ” Alexa gets pissed.

“That you won’t, bitch!” Mack pulls out a gun out of the blue. Alexa gets dumbfounded. This is not how she pictured she was gonna die. She wishes to see Maggie one last time.

“Sure you wanna do this?” A voice startles both of them. It’s Maggie. Mack turns around to see her and Alexa takes the chance to kick the gun out of his hand. Mack seems shocked. Alexa punches him hard under the jawline which makes him fall down and hit his head.

“Fuck!” He curses.

“Don’t you ever dare to aim a gun at my fiancee and more importantly, to a kickboxer, ” Maggie says as she ties him up with her scarf. As she finishes, she calls the security and the cops.

“Are you okay, baby?” She sprints to Alexa and checks her up and down for injuries.

“I’m fine!” Alexa reassures her.

“That’s what I was afraid of. Someone already tried to kill us before. I was worried you would get hurt again because of me, ” tears filled up in Maggie’s eyes.

“Hey, hey, it’s ok shush!” Alexa wraps Maggie with her adrenaline rushed body.


Alexa is quiet on the back of Maggie’s SUV. She is wrapped safely by Maggie’s arms. Maggie doesn’t know what to do except for being there. She is worried if the incident with Mack has triggered any bad memories in Alexa. The driver announces their arrival. Alexa gets out of the car almost immediately. Maggie feels worthless. She just wants to make her girl happy again.

“Baby are you ok?” She asks entering the walk-in closet where Alexa has already taken off her shoes.

“Hmm, ” Alexa gives her half of smile and goes to the shower. Meanwhile, Maggie’s phone starts ringing. So she goes to answer it.


The shower sounds too quiet. Too quiet to be someone showering and it makes Maggie suspicious. She enters the bathroom after a knock.

“Lexie?” She says softly. She sees Alexa sitting on the loo with the lid off. She is wrapped in a towel and her hair is damp from the shower.

“Baby, ” Maggie kneels in front of Alexa trying to see her eyes. As she holds her hands, Alexa looks at her. Her eyes are red from crying. She starts crying again.

“Oh my baby, ” Maggie hugs Alexa as she cries. Eventually, Alexa hugs her back and calms down.

“Tell me how can I make you feel better? Food? Sex? A million dollars?”

Alexa laughs at Maggie’s comments and wipes away her tears with the back of her hand.

“I’m sorry. You don’t want to see me like this, ” Alexa says with her red face.

“Damn right! I don’t want to see you catch a cold. Let me dry your hair, ” Maggie pulls Alexa and leads her to the dryer. Alexa sits on the counter as Maggie dries her hair.

“What are you looking at?” Maggie blushes as she catches Alexa staring at her lovingly.

“Wondering how I got so lucky. The offer still stands?” Alexa beams at her. Maggie only winks and kisses her forehead.

Maggie sits on the rug talking on her phone when Alexa enters after getting into something more comfortable. She comfortably sits on Maggie wrapping her arms around her shoulder.

“Yeah… We will talk soon, ” Maggie hangs up the call.

“Sorry, that was mom. She wanted to know how we were after the Mack thing, ” she says cautiously.

Alexa plants a longing kiss on Maggie’s cheek, “Baby I’m fine. I got scared. I didn’t want to die without seeing you last.”

Maggie’s eyes tear up hearing what Alexa just had said.

“You are not dying! You understand me! Not in a million years!” She says in a commanding tone.

“I will try not to, ” Alexa plants a soft kiss on Maggie’s lips. Maggie hugs her tightly not wanting to let her go.


Lilly obviously didn’t hand over the keys of her sister’s house when she was asked. She enters the home with Jia unannounced. Grace has told her about what happened and she just wants to make sure her sisters are ok.

“You go and call them. I will take care of these, ” she says to Jia pointing at food packets in her hands. Jia goes for the open bedroom door. She freezes as soon as gets to the doorway. Ümraniye Escort Bayan Alexa is sitting on Maggie’s lap on the floor. They are so lost in their kiss that they haven’t noticed Jia’s presence. Maggie is rocking her a bit. They look so comfortable in each other’s arms; so in love.

Lilly gets mortified as she comes and stands beside Jia with her mouth open.

“Aren’t they the sweetest?” Jia gushes which is almost a whisper not to disturb the couple.

“It’s like they are going to eat each other, ” Lilly whispers with disgust on her face.

The couple’s kiss starts to get more steamy and Jia coughs to let know of their presence. Alexa almost jumps in fear. Maggie gets annoyed.

“Sorry you didn’t answer my calls so we came to check on you, ” Lilly says with a guilty smile.

“So you just stood there and watched?” Alexa asks with her mouth open.

“Sorry? We came bearing food, ” Lilly gives a guilty smile and a puppy face. Alexa stands up and helps Maggie to stand.

“You guys go. I will join you after a quick shower?” Maggie smiles at Alexa.

“Okay, ” Alexa gives the goofiest smile.

“Awww my heart!” Jia comments putting both of her hands dramatically over her heart.

“You both are in so much trouble!” Alexa warns to Jia and Lilly as she walks out of the room.


Maggie joins them in the living room as they were so busy in their talks. Mostly, Alexa and Lilly discussing AI and Jia trying to keep up.

“Hi!” Maggie sits beside Alexa; slipping her hand on Alexa’s waist for comfort. She is still worried about Alexa’s little breakdown earlier.

“So we are thinking about playing truth or dare, ” Jia says.

“No. You were thinking about playing truth or dare. I am down for a game of monopoly, ” Lilly pouts.

During their game of monopoly, Alexa whispers in Maggie’s ear, “Can I borrow a million?”

Maggie takes out her phone and sends Alexa the money.

“There I sent it. Don’t bother returning it, ” Maggie smiles.

Alexa’s jaw drops on the floor, “I was..”

“She was talking about monopoly money, you dumbhead!” Jia laughs and others join. Maggie gets red in embarrassment.

They later agree to play truth or dare as Jia has lost interest.

“Keep it decent, Huang!” Maggie warns at which Jia only rolls her eyes.

They spin the bottle and it’s Lilly’s turn.

“So, what’s the reason behind your celibacy?” Jia asks with raising an eyebrow.

“Jeez! I just don’t like relationships. Doesn’t mean I don’t get any action!” Lilly says.

“Gross!” Maggie comments at the information and Alexa laughs and squeezes her hand.

“Ok!” Jia moves on. Alexa somehow lands on Maggie’s land. Maggie starts caressing her back. Then it comes to Alexa’s turn.

“So, Alexa what’s your least favorite sex position?” Jia wiggles her eyebrows.

“Least, huh?” Alexa starts thinking with a hand on her chin. Lilly growls at Jia as she hates knowing about her sister’s sex life.

Thinking for a couple of seconds, Alexa looks at Maggie confused who mouths “doggy.”

“Doggy!” Alexa says cheerfully.

“That’s not fair! You cheated. Maggie helped you, ” Jia accuses loudly.

“In my defense, she should know the answer better than me, ” Alexa winks and Jia gets reddened. Maggie and Lilly chuckle seeing Jia embarrassed. Then it comes Maggie’s turn.

“Keep it clean, Huang!” Maggie warns again. It seems like Jia has taken the responsibility of asking all the questions as the others are not “fun” according to her.

“So how many partners did you have?” Jia asks. Maggie cannot believe the audacity of her friend. Alexa freezes and Lilly looks back and forth from the two friends.

“Uhh please don’t answer. I don’t wanna know!” Alexa covers her ears and lifts the tension of the room.


“Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?” Maggie starts grilling Jia when they are alone.

“It seems to me like she still doesn’t know you completely and you are getting married, ” Jia says with a soft tone.

“That’s none of your business, Jia!” Maggie shouts which gets the attention of Alexa and Lilly.

“It is my business because you are my best friend. I can’t see you heartbroken Escort Ümraniye again, ” Jia snaps. Maggie looks hurt. Her past is going to ruin her life. Alexa will leave her.


Jia and Lilly crash on spare rooms. Though Lilly has a permanent room in Maggie’s house.

Alexa and Maggie also come into their room.

“Tonight was fun. Thank you. I am okay now, ” Alexa hugs Maggie.

“Hmm, ” the only sound Maggie makes.

“Mags, are you ok?” Alexa asks with concern.

“I’m fine, ” Maggie says and sits on the edge of the bed. Alexa’s phone makes the low charge sound. She goes to the bedside table to plug the cable that’s when Maggie says, “I am a sex addict!”

Alexa freezes mid-action and closes her eyes for a couple of seconds. She quietly sits beside Maggie facing her. She guessed it a while back but didn’t want to say anything. Maggie looks down at her feet. Alexa pulls her chin up with her hand softly and says, “Hey I know!”

“What! You know? And you didn’t tell me anything?” Maggie stands from where she was sitting. Alexa makes a tsk sound and also stands up only to make Maggie seat again. She takes both of her hands in her hands, “Baby I love you. All of you!”

Maggie still looks shocked. She has been dreading to confess this and Alexa already knew.

“So, you are not gonna leave me?” Maggie asks with a shocked face.

“Have you ever cheated on me?”

“No! Not even in my dreams!”

“Do you plan to?” Alexa raises an eyebrow.

“No! Never!” Maggie confesses sincerely.

“See baby we both have our demons. At least yours is fun, ” Alexa grins trying to cheer Maggie up.

“Lexie, you don’t understand!” Maggie says.

“Maybe I don’t. But I will be there, ” she kisses Maggie’s hand.

“So that’s why Rose made that comment, ” Maggie says plain-faced.

“Baby I might have googled you and know about your past lifestyle, ” Alexa chuckles.

“I never felt committed until a certain blonde came to my life; so in love, ” Maggie says gazing into Alexa’s eyes.

“I love you, too!”

“Are you sure you are ok with this?” Maggie cannot believe Alexa’s reaction in all these. She may be the only person who took this lightly. Maybe she doesn’t understand.

“Let me show you how sure I am, ” Alexa kisses Maggie and it only gets deepened.

As their kiss gets heated, their hands start roaming everywhere. They only stop when they need air. Alexa gently pushes Maggie into the bed without breaking the kiss. Alexa slowly undresses both of them. At this point, Maggie’s heart starts beating like crazy. Alexa notices it almost immediately, “Baby your heartbeat is going crazy. Are you ok?”

“Only for you baby, ” Maggie smiles.

“Aww,” Alexa sucks on Maggie’s pulse point and Maggie arches her back at Alexa’s touch. Alexa takes her time going down. She tries to cover every inch of Maggie’s skin with her mouth while Maggie feels firecrackers under her skin. Alexa finally gets down to Maggie after burning her with desire. The first swipe of Alexa’s tongue makes Maggie scream loudly as she was already sensitive down there. Alexa starts magic with her tongue while one of her hand is still on Maggie’s boob and the other hand is inside Maggie. The girl is going crazy under her; moaning; screaming; cursing her name. Maggie comes loudly but Alexa doesn’t stop. She flips and pulls Maggie on top of her so Maggie was sitting on her face.

“Lexie!” Maggie moans loudly as she arches her back.


Meanwhile, Jia and Lilly come back to the living room. None of them could sleep with all the action happening besides their rooms.

“For a multi-billionaire, one would think she would build a soundproof room!” Lilly comments covering her ears in disgust.

Jia chuckles, “Well she is surely having a good time. Damn, I didn’t know Alexa had it in her!”

Lilly rolls her eyes.

“Well you know, I expected quite the opposite, ” Jia comments as she sits down with her wine.

“What do you mean?” Lilly finally removes her hands from her ears.

“I asked Maggie to come clean about her sex addiction.”

“Seems like they are a perfect match, ” Lilly rolls her eyes. She is still disgusted by the sounds coming out of the other room.

“No you see, Maggie was never with one person. And, Alexa has enough money to live alone for the rest of her life. Yeah, I researched. Anyway, my point is they really love each other, ” Jia says lost in thoughts.

“You realized that just now? And, because of the sex? Oh, poor Jia, ” Lilly chuckles sipping her wine.

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