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May 25th, 1998

It was the last day of classes during my senior year of high school. I loved my time here. I had entered as a mousy freshman, and was leaving one of the most popular girls in school. I hit a growth spurt during my sophomore year, shooting me up to around 5’8″. My blemish ridden complexion cleared up, and my breasts grew to a D cup. I started taking the time to actually style my long fiery red hair. I started receiving lots of attention from both boys and girls. This bolstered my confidence considerably and I started being more active in my school’s student council and drama departments.

I was standing on the stage of the school’s empty auditorium. The stage was still set for the last production. The cast and crew were getting together this weekend to strike the set and have a farewell party. I looked out into the empty auditorium and thought about being on that stage through the years, captivating the audience. I took a seat on a prop bed, swung my legs around, and laid back with my hands behind my head. My mind wandered to other things I was going to miss about high school: Certain teachers, football games, cast parties, all my friends, Melissa…

When Melissa crossed my mind, my spirits dropped. Melissa had moved to our small Nebraska town our junior year. Something captivated me about her from the start but I could never put my finger on it. She had shoulder length straight brown hair, cold gray eyes, and always dressed in open flannel shirts over tshirts and baggy pants. She had attractive features, but they seemed to always be arranged in a scowl. The first time I noticed her, I was walking out to my car between classes to grab a notebook. Melissa was parked nearby. She was leaning against her old Ford truck smoking a joint. Our eyes locked for a second, but I quickly turned away and didn’t glance her way again while I rooted around for my notebook.

After that, I noticed her a lot. She was nearly always alone. Sometimes I’d catch myself staring at her for several seconds at a time. My friends have had to break me out of my trance several times. I’m sure she caught me staring, too. As soon as I saw her turning her head I’d snap my eyes down. I realized how much I was going to miss seeing her around, but I didn’t understand why.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the bolt turning on the heavy stage doors. I shot up and turned around. It was Melissa! She had one hand on the lock, and one hand carrying a duffle. She was wearing a thin waffle cut black shirt and olive green cargo pants with small chains adorning the pockets.

“Last chance, Allie. Are you going to talk to me or not?” she demanded.

Her words caught me off guard, and I felt my face flush. I couldn’t think of a response. She sighed and walked over to the bed, sitting next to me. She produced a bottle of Zima, opened it, and handed it to me.

“Oh…I don’t…I don’t drink” I stammered.

“You just started. Anadolu Yakası Escort Drink it and relax” Melissa said as she opened a bottle for herself. She extended her bottle toward me. “Cheers to getting the fuck out of this shithole.”

Her choice of words made me blush even more, but I clinked my bottle to hers. She took a long pull from her bottle and I sipped mine. I didn’t really know what to make of the taste. It was like a Sprite, but not as sweet. Beside me, Melissa sighed again.

“Look, I see you staring at me all the time. Are you judging me? The way I look? Because I smoke pot? Do you think you’re better than me or something?”

I was mortified.

“No! Melissa no! That’s not it at all. I just…I…please don’t take this the wrong way but I think you’re really pretty and I like…I like the way you carry yourself I guess” I said quickly. Melissa flinched and for a brief second a smile hinted at her lips.

“Well I’ll be damned. Prom queen’s got a crush on me” she sneered.

“God no! I didn’t say that! That’s totally not what I meant! I’m not a…a…”

“Dyke?” Melissa offered.

“Lesbian. Yes. I mean no, I’m not like that or anything” I said, feeling my face flush again. Melissa started laughing, and it startled me. In two years I had never seen her smile, let alone laugh.

“Well, I am a dyke. And now I know why you’ve been honed in on me. Gaydar. You have gaydar because you’re a big lezzie just like me” she chuckled.

“Am not! I’m going with Tyler Powers!” I said defiantly. My mouth was getting dry so I took a bigger drink from my bottle. Melissa took another big swig from her bottle.

“Tell me, how far have you gone with Tyler Powers?” Melissa prodded, clearly amused.

“What??” I gasped. “I don’t have to tell you that! That’s none of your business!”

“Humor me, Allie. Tell me how it went and how it made you feel” Melissa said, gentler this time. I furrowed my brow. That was the 2nd time she used my name, and hearing her say it filled me with a feeling I couldn’t describe. I started thinking about Tyler and our make out sessions.

“We’ve kissed lots…and he’s felt me up. He tried fingering me once but I had him stop after a few seconds. It felt weird. Kissing him is weird too. He always tries jamming his tongue in my mouth. It makes me think of snakes and grosses me out” I recalled.

The feel of Melissa’s hand brushing my cheek gave me a start. When I looked at her, she was smiling. Her whole look was transformed. Her cold gray eyes had a playful twinkle, her hard features were softer. I thought she was pretty before…but now I was practically mesmerized, especially since she had moved her hand from my cheek and was stroking my hair.

“It’s not supposed to feel weird or gross, Allie” she said softly. “It’s supposed to feel like this.”

Before I knew it she had scooted close to me, put her hand Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan behind my head, and pulled our lips together. Our first kiss was brief. She pulled away slightly to gauge my reaction. I was too shocked to protest, and she went in for another kiss. It was very different than kissing Tyler. Whereas Tyler would mash our faces together and try to force his tongue into my mouth, Melissa caressed my lips with hers using light suction, her tongue occasionally finding mine. It felt great, and was met by a sudden pang of arousal, something I rarely felt with Tyler unless I happened to be horny already. But, those feelings would actually diminish some once we started messing around.

Before I even realized it, I was kissing Melissa back. I mimicked her movements and hope I got it right. Melissa responded by sliding her hands around my waist and slipping them under my shirt, unhooking my bra. I gasped and broke the kiss.

“I’ll stop if you want me to” she said breathily. “But I really don’t think that’s what you want.”

I studied her face. Her look had changed again. The twinkle in her eye was more urgent than playful. Her lips were bright pink from the kisses. I realized at that moment that I had never been more attracted to someone than I was to Melissa at this moment. If that made me a lesbian, then so be it. All I knew was that I most certainly didn’t want her to stop. I pulled away from her and pulled my top over my head and shimmied out of my bra. Melissa’s eyes widened.

“Wow…you’re stunning!” Melissa mused. She took a breast in each hand and gently started rubbing and squeezing them. Again, this felt worlds better than the grabbing and pulling I was used to with Tyler. Her hand brushed my nipple and I cooed in response. She began nibbling around my collarbone and made her way onto my breast, finding my nipple. Shivers raced through my body as she rolled her tongue over my hard nub. I looked down at her, and suddenly felt quite exposed since she was still completely dressed. I took her by the shoulders and gently pushed her away. She briefly looked confused until I pushed her shirt up and over her head. My hands fumbled with her bra but had it off within seconds. Melissa grinned, a hint of a blush forming on her cheeks.

I took in the sight of her small but perky breasts with small pink nipples. She had the build of an athlete, but as far as I knew she hadn’t been on any of the school sports teams. “Lay back” she instructed. I did as she told, and she positioned herself beside me. We started kissing again, each toying with the other’s nipples. I became aware that I had been gently thrusting my hips, and I felt Melissa’s hand on my inner thigh over the thin material of my cotton shorts. “May I?” she whispered in my ear.

“Please!” I pleaded. She slowly slid her hand beneath the waistband of my shorts. She brushed my trim mound with her Escort Anadolu Yakası fingertips. As she continued toward my pussy she began planting soft kisses on my neck. I felt her brush my outer lips, circling as she closed in on my opening. She slowly pushed one finger inside me, slowly working it in and out along my inner walls. My breathing became heavy and involuntary sighs and whimpers escaped from my mouth. Melissa continued nuzzling my neck, and stealthily slipped another finger inside of me. I moaned and clutched her shoulders, hips now bucking in time with her thrusts. I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest when I felt her thumb push my hood up and work circles around my clit. I was practically panting, hoping to God she wouldn’t stop. Soon I felt a tickle start to rise deep within me. The tickle turned to a white hot ball and started spreading. I got scared and was about to yank her hand away when it dawned on me that I was about to have my first orgasm.

“Oh God, Melissa! I’m about to come!” I howled. My nails dug deeper into her shoulders. She gave my neck another kiss and then raised her head above mine. What I once thought were cold gray eyes now burned into mine with a fiery passion. My muscles tensed as the ball of heat spilled over and took hold of my body. I cried out in a voice that didn’t even sound like my own. As my orgasm subsided, Melissa slowed her movements, withdrew her hand, and cradled me in her arms. She kissed my forehead that had become slick with sweat.

“I bet that never happened with ol’ Tyler Whatshisname” she chuckled.

I was still in a state of bliss from my orgasm. I couldn’t seem to form words, so instead I just shook my head. We laid there in silence and then suddenly Melissa sat up with a start.

“Shit! I need to get home. I’m still under my parents’ reign of terror for another two weeks until I move out of their place and start my job. It took me a few seconds to register what was going on. I sat up slowly.

“Wait, your leaving? But I wanted to…you didn’t get to…”

“Don’t worry about it” she cut me off. “Two short weeks and I’ll have my own place. We can have a little house warming with just the two of us. I’ll make you dinner and we can get…uh…properly acquainted” she giggled as she put her bra and shirt on, and handed me my clothes. “We can talk about our likes, dislikes, goals, aspirations, your obligatory coming out parade down main street” she hit my arm, and I gave her a sheepish grin. “Do you have email?”

I nodded and searched my backpack for a pen and something to write on. I found the perfect thing.

“Sign my yearbook?” I asked innocently. She laughed and took the yearbook and pen I offered her. She handed them back when she was done, put the empty Zima bottles in her duffle, kissed me briefly, and then she was gone.

I sat there dumbstruck for several minutes. I had even began to convince myself what had happened was all in my head. Hadn’t I just been thinking about her? Then I took note of the yearbook in my lap. Hesitantly, I opened the cover. There it was, her email address along with the words “Allie – Good luck in life! I hope all your dreams come true. Please keep in touch after graduation. Oh, and it was a pleasure fucking you. Best, Melissa”

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