Books and Their Covers Ch. 03


“You want me to fuck you hard like the little bitch you are?”

I nodded again and tried to buck my hips against her, begging for friction or pressure or penetration of any kind because I wanted to cum. Oh gosh, I wanted her to make me cum, and I knew it wouldn’t take much right now. She furiously slapped my thigh, I whimpered softly at the pain. She laughed and slowly slid in two fingers. I squirmed beneath her, whining around the gag, begging her to at least finger fuck me.

“What do you want, bitch?” I didn’t know quite how to respond, but I didn’t want to displease her again.

“You, mistress!” I whined around the ball. Of course, it didn’t come out quite that clear. She laughed and began sliding her fingers slowly in and out of me, releasing a deep moan from my throat as I tilted my head back in pleasure. This felt nothing like when I did it to myself, imagining her.

“What do you want from me?” She asked with a smirk I could hear. I hesitated, then decided to answer with the truth.

“I want to please you, mistress.” I mumbled sincerely. She paused, and my first assumption, once again, was that I had done something wrong, but I didn’t really care why she stopped at the moment. I was too horny. “Please ma’am, don’t stop!” She slid down and took me in her mouth again and I bucked hard, unable to control myself. She gabbed my hips and slammed me down on the bed, reminding me that I still wore the skirt as it rubbed against my skin in stark contrast to the satin sheets. She began eating me out again and I cried out around the ball again.

“May I cum, ma’am?” She offered no response and I tried to pull away, knowing I wouldn’t be able to hold it back. She simply followed me and I whined around the gag. “Please!” I cried out again. I raised my hips, about to climax in 3… 2…

Just as I almost reached the peak, she Maltepe Escort pulled off. I screamed in frustration. She laughed above me before laying on top of me again as she pulled off the blindfold. I was glad she blocked out the ceiling light so I could glare at her without being blinded. She smirked down at me as she slithered her hands around the back of my head to undo the gag. I guess I made some funny noise or face as I tried to get the taste and feel of the ball out of my mouth, because Talulah laughed at me.

“You’re cruel.” I stated. She gave me a scolding look. “Ma’am.” She smiled.

“I wanted to make sure you came back again. If its any consolation, I didn’t cum either.”

“I could change that, mistress.” I offered immediately, afterwards cursing myself for how stupid I sounded. She smirked down at me.

“Oh, is that so? Maybe I’ll give you that chance.” My eyes lit up. It was at that point that the fact that a naked gorgeous woman was laying on top of me registered.

“Can you sit up, please ma’am?” I asked softly. She frowned and later it occurred to me that perhaps she thought she was too heavy or something. That was the last thing in my mind as she sat up on my stomach, displaying her gorgeous, tan, toned body, with her perfect perky tits and nipples that were just begging to be sucked on; a sight I eagerly took in. She shifted a little and I could feel the wonderful dampness leaking out of her pussy and onto me. I flopped my head back and muttered “holy fucking hippogriffs…,” my mind barely functioning. She chuckled above me, whether from the phrase or my incapacitation, I did not know, but either way, I looked up at her, my eyes darker and my mouth watering.

“Like what you see, bitch?” She asked with a smirk.

“Fuck yes, ma’am.” I breathed. She chuckled.

“I don’t Maltepe Escort Bayan mind the view much myself.” She murmured, looking down at me and licking her lips. My mouth suddenly went dry and I assumed it had something to do with the abundance of liquid flowing further south. She slid down me, her damp pussy leaving a cool trail down my body. She ground her hips against mine, quickly driving me towards a climax again. I bucked and I could feel her juices mixing with mine. That drove me to the edge. I bucked up to find she had moved down, just enough that, I couldn’t get any relief. She laughed at the glare of utter hatred I shot at her. “You sneaky little bitch, you were about to cum, weren’t you?” I slowly nodded, glaring furiously at the woman I now realized must of been a demon, or a fallen angel at the least, because she was evil. “You want to cum bitch?” She asked, slowly sliding a finger along my pussy, sliding through the wetness. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back. I was so close it was painful for her to touch me like that.

“Yes ma’am…” I breathed out. She pulled away from me and held her finger at my mouth. Without thinking I took her finger in my mouth and sucked my juices off eagerly, swirling my tongue around the fingers and staring at her dilated eyes. I did everything I could to those fingers, in an attempt to make her loose that calm cool, make her just as horny as I was. It didn’t work.

She removed the fingers from my mouth and I had no idea where they were going, but I soon found out as she shoved a tan digit in my puckered asshole. I bit my lip as I screamed in pleasure, squirming erratically.

“Mistress, please! Let me cum…” I begged. She simply laughed above me.

“So you’re one of those kinky bitches. You like anal?” I nodded with a long whine. “Good, cause I was Escort Maltepe planning on using all your holes anyways.” As she spoke, she worked her finger around, sliding the second in after.

“Please!” I cried out. “Mistress, I am going to cum!” I all but screamed. She shot me a glare and I whimpered pathetically, my breath hitching.

“Do I need to gag you again bitch?” Me shook my head with a whine and looked down. Then I saw her clock and jerked my body up.

“I need to go, like now.” I said, trying to wriggle my hands from the handcuffs. She pulled her fingers from my ass and looked at the clock.

“But it’s only six thirty,” she muttered, almost whined.

“I–I’ll come back tomorrow, but I need to go now.” I offered apologetically, blushing.

“Fine,” she barked, grabbing something from one of the night stands and crawling on top of me. “But you’re spending the weekend. And if you cum tonight, I will flog you until you can’t walk,” She growled, staring me in the eyes. “Understood?” I nodded mutely and she unlocked the hand cuffs. She said nothing as I got up and got dressed, just sat on the bed and pouted. I smiled as I put on my leggings. I slipped on my shoes and when I turned around she was on the edge of the bed, leaning out to me and glaring.

“You will come back, won’t you?” Though her expression was one of annoyance, I could here a hint of desperation in her voice.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said with a smile, pressing a kiss to her lips softly. I started to withdraw, but she grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me towards her and kissed me fiercely. I pushed her away gently, muttering “I really must go,” when our lips separated slightly. Her eyes were dark and she held me close for a moment longer.

“You really have no idea how long I have wanted you, Kira.” Her voice was raspy and low, and I knew, on any other day, I would start begging to make her cum.

“And now you have me, but please, I must go.” I insisted and she finally released her hold on me, and I scurried away. I was glad the butler was not by the door, nor was the boy at the gates. I just wanted to get home at that moment.

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