Butch Cassidy and the Kid

Big Dick

“Guess what?” asked Elsie, the middle-aged clerk with a nose for news as she sidled next to one of her co-workers in the break room, and without waiting for a response continued. “Butch Cassidy is at it again. The new kid that just started last week. Mousy looking with glasses?”

“Karen or something like that?”

“Kari,” the catty woman corrected. “Butch had her in my department before. Picked her out pajamas or something like it for her. Shorts and a top because – get this – she’s having the kid sleepover at her house tonight. I guess she was going to have this Kari over for dinner and because it’s started to snow she conned the girl into staying overnight. No shame. She’s old enough to be the kid’s mother. Somebody should warn the girl.”

“Hey, I mind my own business,” replied the woman who was one of the few in the place that would listen to the caustic woman. “The kid isn’t a kid. She’s at least 18.”

“Doesn’t look it,” Elsie snapped.

“Nobody does when you get as old as us,” her associate responded. “Breaks over.”

The two women went back to work while the object of Elsie’s scorn, 44 year old Trish Cassidy, was checking herself in the mirror of the staff ladies room. Her ruddy pink cheeks were already looking like they had been out in the cold, and after the woman made sure her short strawberry blonde haircut was just right she exited the restroom and went out towards the entrance of the store.

Her new friend Kari Reed was in the process of punching out for the day, and when she saw Trish waiting for her she hurried over to join her.

“Sorry,” Kari gasped. “Didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”

“You didn’t babe,” Trish replied, and after telling Kari to make sure she was bundled up good, they headed for the employee parking lot way across the way.

“Let me help,” Kari said as Trish opened the doors and reached in for the brush.

“Hop in and get out of the snow. I’ll be done in seconds,” Trish responded, but smiled when Kari stayed out there and even wiped the passenger window with her mitten.

“Must be nice to have a car,” Kari sniffed as they got inside the aging Toyota.

“You might think differently after a few minutes in this,” Trish laughed. “The heat just starts to kick in when I get home.”

“Beats riding the bus,” Kari observed. “Especially the way it’s coming down. Maybe it will snow so much they will close the store tomorrow.”

“Ha! This place isn’t school. Since they don’t close they don’t have to worry about anybody showing up to open the door. One time people worked around the clock because they couldn’t drive home it was so bad. Didn’t matter if shoppers couldn’t drive to get there either. Staff were snoozing in reclining chairs, or so the story goes.”

“That must have been funny,” Kari said. “That was a good idea of yours for me to stay over. It’s getting bad.”

“You don’t go in until 10 tomorrow right? Me neither. When we get to my place I’ll throw our work stuff in the wash so we’ll be ready to roll come morning.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Kari chirped while looking over at the lady who had taken her under her wing at work and had been so sweet to her.

“Just like I promised,” Trish announced as she waved her fingers in front of the vent that had just started moving warm air into the car. “We’re almost there.”

A couple of minutes later Trish pulled into the lot of the apartment complex and took Kari up the path toward her modest one bedroom home, and while the place was no great shakes in her eyes her young friend seemed impressed.

“Really neat,” Kari said as she took care not to get snow all over despite Trish telling her not to worry about it. “Warm too. My place is a drafty dump.”

“It is warm,” Trish agreed as she walked acrodss the room.

“Oh wow!” You have a fireplace!” Kari gushed.

“That’s just for special occassions,” Trish smiled as she went over and lit a match, tossing it in into the papers and kindling that she had already prepared before leaving for work. “Like tonight.”

“Awesome!” Kari declared as she came over and stood in front of what was going to be a roaring fire soon but now was just beginning.

It didn’t stop Kari from rubbing her hands together and bouncing from foot to foot, and as Trish looked at the little waif with her eyes wild open in wonder at such a simple thing she reached over and put her arm around the girl. To her great joy, Kari didn’t recoil and even leaned into her.

“Time to get this stuff of and get comfortable for the night,” Trish said. “Got your new outfit?”

“Right here,” Kari announced as she waved her bag, and with that Trish led her into the bedroom.

“Hope they fit,” Trish said as she tried not to watch Kari unbutton her store provided blouse after walking over to the bed, her back to Trish while the older woman looked into her drawer for her sleepwear, which was identical to the things she had bought Kari.

“You didn’t have to buy this for me,” Kari said as the blouse came off the skinny little waif İstanbul Escort while Trish exhaled quietly.

“It was nothing,” Trish said as she watched Kari with her back still to her, holding the blouse up in front of her as Trish sent what she hoped was a telepathic message to her new friend. Take off the bra before you put it on. Please.

And then Kari was reaching back and unhooking the harness, shrugging it off her skinny shoulders as Trish started to unbutton her own top.

“Damn!” Trish said said when there was a knock on the door, causing Kari to turn around a little, her hands cupping her breasts. “Who is out in this weather?”

A minute later Trish was back in the bedroom but Kari had already put the red tank-top and shorts on and was looking at herself in the mirror.

“Ta-da!” Kari chirped as she looked to Trish for approval.

“Looks great! Very seasonal. You would make a great elf,” Trish declared as she waved a sheet of paper. “Directions on when to move the cars tomorrow so they can plow.”

Trish went back to unbuttoning the blouse, but as she peeled it off Kari skipped out of the bedroom announcing she wanted to see the fire.

“I was hoping you were going to look at me first,” Trish said softly as she took her blouse off, wondering whether or not this night would be a disaster.

Trish unhooked her bra, the sensation of having her breasts released from that uncomfortable harness exhilarating, and then after dropping her slacks she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

“You’re getting old kiddo,” Trish mouthed as she brought her hands up and cupped her full breasts which still looked alright even if they were losing a little firmness, and as she felt her nipples pop out she wondered whether this would be the only attention they would get tonight.

Trish’s eyes went down to her waist which was getting a bit thick but still passable, and then her hips, which the same could be said of. Her hands went over to her pubic hair, raking her nails upwards through the luxuriant bush which was only a little darker than the strawberry blonde of her scalp.

Trish smiled when she noticed that she could see the pouting lips of her sex now, which was something she couldn’t have seen when she was younger and the hair felt more dense down there.

Trish raised her right arm and brought her left hand up to her armpit, rubbing the wild spray of untrimmed hairs and giving a little sniff, grateful that they kept work so cold that it was tough to work up a sweat. Just in case she dabbed her unscented deodorant under each arm before putting on her night wear and joining her friend out by the fire.


“Oh wow! It’s like we’re sisters!” Kari giggled when she saw Trish in the same outfit she was wearing.

“It looks way better on you than it does me, but I liked mine so I thought you might too.”

“I do,” Kari agreed, her eyes sparkling as the fire started to roar. “This is going to be the funnest night!”

Funnest. Trish smiled as she looked at Kari. If you only knew what I was thinking, she mused. Certainly not what you are, I’m sure. So sweet and petite, and I feel like a cow next to you.

“I hope so. Hope you don’t get bored hanging out with an old bag like me.”

“You aren’t old, Trish,” Kari decided. “Ages are just numbers anyway. Besides, you got an awesome bod and I love your freckles.”

“Oh gee!” Trish said when Kari reached over and put her hand on her older friend’s firm round shoulder.

“Ouch!” they both said as they got a little jolt of static electricity from the contact.

“Better get the clothes washing before I forget,” Trish declared as she went to the bedroom to get their work things.

Trish grabbed her stuff off the floor and then took Kari’s off the bed. Taking the name tag of the blouse, Trish wondered whether she should wash her undies as well, and looked at the washing instructions of her bra.

“32A,” Trish sighed as she looked at the diminutive cups with the light padding and tried to remember back when she could have fit into a bra this small, and then decided to wash it.

“These definitely must go in,” Trish said of the panties after holding them up to her nose, shaking her head at the thought of being seen sniffing the sweet scent of Kari’s sex that had escaped into the cotton, and then she chuckled when she saw a tiny black curly hair on the elastic of the leg opening.

Thank heavens she doesn’t shave down there, Trish mused as she looked at the tiny curly evidence that at least down there Kari didn’t remove her pubic hair like so many girls did these days, although Trish had noticed that Kari’s armpits were shaved.

Trish had gotten a glance at the young girl’s underarm when Kari reached up and touched her shoulder, and while it was no surprise to see the dense five o’clock shadow filling the little hollow instead of the unshorn hair she had hoped for, Trish knew that these were different times.

Before heading for the washer Trish gave İstanbul Escort Bayan her armpits a glance and debated for a second whether or not to run the razor under her own arms, so as not to scare the kid off but decided against it.

Too old to change now, Trish told herself. Take me as I am – please.


An hour and a half later Trish was throwing more wood on the fire while her dinner guest was in the bathroom, and after closing the firescreen Trish eased into the corner of the love-seat and listened to her heart pound.

When Kari rejoined her, there was a chance that she could sit in the chair kitty-korner from where Trish was sitting, but she didn’t think that would happen because Kari was sending signals to her from across the dinner table. If she was wrong Trish was going to be crushed but she didn’t think so.

The teen who was so shy around others had opened up a great deal, and if the mousy little waif was trying to win a contest for being adorable and innocently sexy, in Trish’s eye Kari had won.

Not only in words either, Trish had noticed, because when the cook had dropped her napkin she had caught the girl looking down the scoop neck of her top and grinned when their eyes met. Then when Kari was helping her by insisting to dry the dishes, Kari asked where the gravy bowl went.

“Up here. I’ll get it,” Trish had said, and after taking the piece had reached up and opened the cabinet above the sink.

“Oh! Sorry,” Trish had as her reach not only caused her to bump lightly into the little lady but had given her young friend an accidental but very close view of her exposed armpit.

“I’m not,” Kari giggled while looking at the strawberry blonde spray, and then to her delight before she lowered her arm Kari reached over a gave her a little tickle under her arm.

“Kari!” Trish exclaimed, her shock real but her shiver in reaction more from excitement that from being tickled.

“Fuzzy wuzzy,” Kari said with a laugh and with eyes wide behind her horn-rimmed glasses, and Trish felt her face flush at that comment.

“You’re right there!” Trish said as she gave the girl a little tickle, but at her ribs instead.

“Should have seen me this morning,” Kari said.

“Oh?” Trish replied.

“Yeah,” Kari had replied. “Now I’m sorry I shaved.”

“Me too.”

“Might have ruined your appetite,” Kari mused.


“Now I know,” Kari had replied, and Trish was about to forget about the fireplace plans she made and just ravish the girl right there in the kitchen, but Kari slipped past her and said she had to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom door opened and Trish watched Kari go to the window, and after peeking out and announcing that it was snowing even harder, she skipped over to where Trish was sitting.

“Can I join you?” she asked shyly, and after Trish smiled and nodded she sat on the love seat.

“There’s a blanket there,” Trish said in nodding at the tartan cover on the end of the couch by Kari. “If you’re cold.”

“No, it’s really toasty warm in here,” Kari said in looking at the space between them. “But is it okay if…”

Trish nodded as Kari slid over next to her, and after wiggling a little to get right up next to the older woman she squirmed around so that Trish ended up with her arm up on the back of the love seat, at which point Kari positioned herself with her cheek practically under Trish’s arm.

“Now this is warm,” Kari smiled as the reflections of the fire danced on her face. “I’m so glad you invited me here.”

“I’m glad you accepted,” Trish replied as she put her arm around Kari’s shoulders and gave her a squeeze, the bowing of the top of her blouse giving the older woman a peek at Kari’s adorable breasts. “Very glad.”

“Somebody at work warned me about you,” Kari said as she looked up at Trish without blinking.

“Oh,” Trish said as calmly as she could manage. “I’m not surprised. I am surprised you came then.”

“Actually, it’s what made me want to come all the more,” Kari said. “You’ve been so sweet to me since I started there, and all the while I was thinking that maybe – just maybe we would end up as friends.”

“Do you need these?” Trish asked of Kari’s glasses, and when the girl shook her head Trish removed them and set them down.

“And then I started thinking – maybe more than friends,” Kari continued. “I love your smile and your freckles – and sometimes when you looked at me I wondered…”

“You aren’t wondering any more though, are you?” Trish asked, and as the young girl began to shake her head Trish leaned over and pressed her full lips into the waiting ones of her new friend.

“Want you so bad,” Kari mumbled as they kissed, tongues dueling as Trish embraced the little woman/child, her hands sliding up and down her back as their bodies ground together. The lithe teen managed to wiggle around until she was on Trish’s lap, straddling the older woman while cradling her ruddy cheeks in her trembling hands. “Been Escort İstanbul thinking about this since we met.”

“Me too,” Trish agreed, dazed a bit because she was used to being the aggressor but enjoying Kari’s exuberance.

“Out in the kitchen – wanted to attack you – you looked so hot,” Kari said breathlessly. “I was scared I still might be wrong about you though.”

“You weren’t,” Trish said as Kari reached down to link her fingers with Trish’s, and after kissing her Kari lifted the older woman’s hand over the back of the love seat and sighed.

“Saw your bushy pits out there,” Kari explained as she looked at the spray of strawberry hair that filled the rounded hollow of her underarm. “I was hoping you’d be hairy – omigod how I love hairy women,” and with that Kari bent over and kissed the thatch lightly while looking over for Trish’s reaction.

“Don’t want to freak you out but I’m kinda weird,” Kari said. “I have a thing for armpits and yours are so sexy.”

“Me too,” Trish said as she watched Kari run her fingers through the fine hair. “Probably not very fresh at this time of day though.”

“Even better,” Kari said with an impish grin. “Maybe if we get all sweaty I’ll prove it to you.”


Still holding Trish by the wrist, Kari ducked down and kissed her way up and down the furry expanse, and when the kisses turned to licking and nibbling Trish groaned, arching her back as if the slender waif was overpowering her while Kari was using her free hand to try and get Trish’s tank top off.

Trish gave the girl a little help, and then her top was going up and over her head, but Kari kept the garment wrapped around the older woman’s wrists as she looked at what she had unwrapped.

“If I made a woman she would look just like you,” Kari said as she looked at the full pendulous breasts, the freckles ending just under the collarbone with the skin pale below.

“Want to see you too,” Trish said but Kari asked Trish to wait a second, so the older woman kept her hands tangled in the blouse above her head while Kari raked her fingernails lightly through her armpit hair before going to Trish’s breasts, her hands overwhelmed by the large globes as she kneaded the soft flesh. “Driving me crazy.”

Kari then leaned back and crossed her arms while taking her own top up and over her head, exposing her pert titties to the older woman who simply said “perfect” as she leaned forward and kissed the plump aureola before taking much of the cone into her mouth.

Soon the two were on the carpet between the couch and the roaring fireplace, where the teen peeled down Trish’s bottoms, leaving the woman naked.

“Knew you’d be hairy,” Kari said as she parted Trish’s solid thighs while reveling in the sight of the jungle of golden hair that filled the delta. “Wet too.”

Trish was not used to being the submissive but when the little woman buried her face in her pussy she felt helpless to do anything but enjoy as Kari’s very talented tongue went to work and soon had her writhing on the carpet.

The popping of the wood and the resulting sparks seemed like fireworks to Trish as she clamped her thighs around the young woman’s head as he orgasm came upon her like a freight train, leaving her shuddering and dazed as her body rode out the aftershocks.

Trish had to pull the eager girl up from her delta and bring her face up to hers, smothering Kari with kisses as she tasted her own sex on Kari’s face before rolling up to her knees and putting the girl on her face.

Trish tugged the red shorts down, revealed a thick triangle of dark hair guarding Kari’s opening. It was a triangle that was as dense and the hair was soft, but the wetness pouring from the girl made it easy to find the opening and once Trish’s tongue burrowed in the older woman took it from there.

Trish cupped Kari’s little buttocks in her palms and effortlessly raided her off the carpet a bit to allow her serpent-like tongue to run along the lips of the young woman’s sex, even sliding lower to almost reach her anus before going back down.

Kari was squirming beneath her in a feenzy, clutching at the carpet, Trish’s shoulders and anything within reach. She was making little sounds; whimpering, moaning and squealing while Trish held onto her ass and fucked her with her tongue.

“Cumming!” Kari wailed as her body arched and thrashed, bathing Trish’s face with her juices as she made that word last a long time while crushing the older woman’s ears.

“Omigod!” Kari was mumbling over and over when Trish finally relented and climbed up to her knees again, suspending herself over the flushed waif and smiling.

Kari reached up and cupped Trish’s dangling breasts, kneading the soft flesh while leaning upwards, and Trish leaned down herself so Kari could suckle on her breasts. She looked like an angel as the fireplace lit her up, but Trish’s back was telling her that the bed was needed.

“Aw!” Kari complained dramatically as she let Trish bring her up to her feet.

“Here we go,” Trish declared as she picked up the nearly weightless waif and carried her into the bedroom, setting her gently on the bed before lighting some candles on the dresser.

“How about that?” Trish asked just as the hall light flickered and the power went out. “Oops! Just in time. Be right back.”

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