Forever His


I feel you slide your hand along the curve of my rib-cage; I’m shivering in pleasure from the simple touch. I watch your hand move along my skin, taking my breath away with each movement. You slide your hand up along my rib-cage to my full breast; the palm of your hand skims along my nipple forcing it to become rock hard instantly. I gasp out, pushing my breast up towards your hand with a soft moan.  Your lips press against mine with a soft sigh. The way your lower lip teases me with kisses, a small pout on your perfect lips, makes me ache, it gets me every time. My hands go to your back, slowly working to slip into your hair. You kiss me for the longest moment, sucking my tongue into your mouth, forcing my head to move with yours. It makes me whimper out, I want more. I feel the smile spread across your lips. You love when I whimper for you. You let go of our kiss, looking down at me, a smile in your eyes. I bite my lip knowing you have so much in store for us. You lean back down to only barely kiss my lips, before you slide your hands into mine. You hold me in place; you begin to work down lightly, sucking one of my nipples into your mouth. You’re slow at first, you tease me, and I want to beg for more. I gasp Ankara bayan escort with each flick of your tongue, until you finally give into me. You become harsh, and rough, making me moan louder, writhing under you. Your grip on my hands tightens, keeping me in place so I can’t move. I feel your mouth suck harder, pulling my nipple between your teeth, scraping along the flesh. Each time it’s near the end, you do it again, making me dizzy with lust. My mind focusing only on your touch, the way you please me. You let your mouth pop from my nipple, feeling my breast fall from your mouth. You come back up with a cheeky grin on your lips; you tie my wrists to the bed posts. My eyes widen, unsure what you have in mind. I let you, I trust you fully, I don’t resist. I’m tied up, you climb up higher towards me, and hover above me. Your cock just at my chin, brushing my lips, I want to taste you. I feel your cock twitch, throbbing with excitement. You push forward a little, the tip runs along my lips. Your finger slides around your shaft, you push forward into my mouth. I open my mouth willingly for you; you slowly begin to fuck my mouth. I caress my tongue around you, making you nice Escort bayan Ankara and slick so you can move easier inside my mouth. I hear you moan out, I know you’re enjoying yourself; your pace quickens. I can feel the head push into the back of my throat as I go faster, deeper for you. I gag slightly, as I inhale you, taking you deeper, wanting more. I can taste your pre-cum drip down my throat, loving how you taste for me. I softly moan for you, it makes you thrust a little faster. I circle my tongue around you, sucking harder. You slide your cock out of my mouth with a light pop, before coming down meeting my gaze. You kiss me lightly, just as you pinch my nipples hard, making me cry out. Your giggle is all we both hear for a moment, as you move your mouth to my other nipple. It’s hard and sore from the way tease me so. You suck on it roughly, pinching the other giving me aching delightful touches. I twist under you again, trying to wiggle slightly, not so much to free myself, but due to pleasure. I can’t help myself. Your hands run down my body, one of them between my legs. A single finger slides along my slit, you can feel the effect you have on me. You part my legs Bayan escort Ankara wide, and move to lie between them now. All I can see is your head, your finger still tracing my slit. You slide your finger between my folds, finding my swollen clit, making me jump in pleasure. Your fingers part me; you lean in and softly blow against my pussy. You slightly lick at my clit, and I feel the softness against my growing clit. “Fuck, please!” I moan out. I feel your soft wet tongue flick again, and my moans are undeniable. I whine out your name, you dive in deeper, sucking on my clit. You slowly release it, and grab it again hard, repeating it again, and again. The way your tongue circles my clit is almost like what I was doing to you, moments ago, when your cock was in my mouth. You dart your tongue against my clit, your fingers caress along my slit, teasing my entrance. You suck harder on my clit, pulling it into your mouth. My entire body quakes, shaking in desire, I widen my legs, wanting more of you. I crave you! You release my clit your tongue works down to where your fingers are. You taste my juices. You slowly glide your tongue back up towards my clit, and back down lightly. You do this so much that when you suck my clit back into your mouth I yelp out. The pained pleasure causes me to orgasm hard, my wrists pull at the bounds. I want to break free now. I squeal out, begging for your touch. You don’t let up, prolonging the orgasm I feel ripple from my body hard. My mind is lost, gone; you own it, just like the rest of me.

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