Kate’s Enlightenment Part 2


I continued stroking James’ rapidly growing erection and very soon my hand failed to close even halfway around him.  He was now kneading my swollen breasts and nipples and his tongue was working its magic in and around my very sensitive left ear. His hot breath, his ministrations of my breasts and the feel of his enormous and weighty cock in my hand were combining to make my head spin with lust and anticipation. I felt his right hand travel down over my hip and onto my soft belly and I swear my pussy tingled at the realisation that his finger was going to touch my pussy. As his flat palm rubbed my mound and pelvic bone I shifted my feet slightly in order to open myself to his large black hand. I felt James spread his index and middle fingers and spread my outer lips. I could feel my own wetness as he did so, and a loud moan escaped my mouth and nostrils as he peeled me open. I felt his cock swell further in my hand and I stroked the full length of his manhood, revelling in the feeling of his veins and thickness rippling through my soft white hand. The mental and physical picture was driving me crazy and I felt emotions and sensations never before experienced with my darling husband. James strummed my exposed clitoris and I almost screamed as his middle finger expertly pressed, kneaded and ground my slippery, swollen organ along the road to an orgasm. James felt my knees begin to buckle at almost the same time I did and he stopped fingering me immediately. “Not yet, madam,” he breathed into my ear as I almost wept in frustration at the denial of my orgasm. “Step out of the bath and lie on the bed,” he commanded. I let go of his now fully erect cock and stepped out of the bath. I turned to say something to him but the words caught in my throat as I saw him standing before me. What I saw at that moment has stayed with me since; branded into my memory like an indelible tattoo and will never diminish as long as I Ankara bayan escort live. A huge, sleek, toned, glistening specimen of manhood with an erection which can only be described as “greedy,” stood before me. The thought that “not all men are created equal,” rushed in and out of my head as I mentally pictured my husband in a similar pose. James’ cock was obscenely big and thick. I was a bit frightened at that point that he could do me some damage and honestly began to fret that I might not be able to attempt to let him put it inside me. My emotions were such a mix that I felt despair, lust, disappointment, fear and wanton abandonment fighting for overall supremacy in my head at the same time. “Lie down, Kate, please,” was all he had to say in order to make my mind up for me. I walked the short distance to the bed and lay on my side and watched him step out of the bath. I held my breath as he towelled the suds from his groin area and threw the towel aside. As he approached the bed I felt my body involuntarily move onto my back and my legs bend at the knees and open by themselves.  I could feel cool air hit my burning mound and I reached down and spread myself. I saw James swallow as he watched me, knowing that he was about to have me; about to take something that was another man’s; about to violate and enjoy the illicit pleasure of a married woman’s inability to stop herself from letting it happen. A smile spread across his face and he knelt between my splayed legs. The contrast of his dark black hands on my ivory-like thighs was a huge turn on. “I bet you taste divine,” he muttered as he closed his whole mouth over my leaking mound. I watched in disbelief as his black head nestled between my thighs and I wallowed in the sensation of a much younger black man eating my slick, eager, married cunt. James’ tongue was lapping me inside and out and it felt like my insides Escort bayan Ankara were somehow running out of me. I was so wet. Long, slow licks of his tongue were travelling from my clitoris to the base of my smooth pussy and when his next lick continued onto my anus the sensations were almost indescribable. My husband had often feathered around this taboo area with his fingers when eating me but had never ventured there with his tongue. It was ecstasy as James lapped at my puckered little hole and I could feel my self opening for him.  It was at this point that my mobile phone rang. I had placed it on the bedside table earlier and it was now ringing and vibrating, demanding attention. James lifted his head from between my legs and looked wistfully at me, querying my next move with his eyes. I looked over but couldn’t see the caller ID and reached over to pick it up. It stopped ringing and in the viewer I could see the word “Steve.” Shit, it was my husband calling from Dubai I surmised as that was where he ought to be at that moment in time. A wave of panic swept over me as I worried that something may be wrong or that he was home early. Of course this was just guilt kicking in as I had no reason otherwise to think he might be around. I hoped. As I lay there contemplating this, James began to gently finger my open pussy again and I was rapidly brought back into the moment.  “Hubby?” he ventured, looking into my eyes. “Yes, yes…it was,” I hesitated. “Going to call him?” asked James seductively as he continued stroking me. At the same time he was holding his slightly softening erection in his left hand and smiling at me. “Why don’t you call him right now?” he continued.  “Stop it,” I whispered. “I can’t call him right now, can I,” I replied. “I’m busy.” “He won’t know what you are doing though will he,” replied James. “Call him whilst I carry on what I was doing.” Bayan escort Ankara “James, don’t be so ridiculous,” I countered but at the same time as saying it my mind conjured up an image of a situation so wrong that I began to think I would call Steve back. Call him whilst a sexy black man, a much younger black man, lay between his wife’s legs and licked her pussy. A pussy which was on fire and flooding under the black man’s tongue and fingers. James continued stroking me and himself, his cock now fully hard and erect and absolutely monstrous as it jutted out from his hairless groin. It truly was an awesome sight and it made my pussy tingle even more as I looked at the thick vein running underside his entire length. Given the girth of it, the vein in his cock alone would put lesser endowed men to shame and I could only imagine it scraping and pressing on my soft, wet insides. His balls hung like an elongated bag containing two large plums and swayed gently as he fisted himself in front of me, a dirty smile on his face and his eyes half closed as he concentrated on my soaking gash. I was swollen and flooding and almost ready to come as I contemplated letting him fuck me whilst I telephoned my husband. I could not believe I was even contemplating doing so. I had no idea where these feelings of intent to humiliate and degrade my poor husband came from but they were coming over me in waves now. I actually wanted not only for him to hear some of what was going on but, I realised I desperately wanted him to see it happen too. See me ravished and stretched and lose control in bed with a massively hung, gorgeous looking black stud.  Watch as he kissed and licked my pussy and ass; loving my wetness and openness to his mouth and fingers. Watch as I mounted my lover whose straining cock was infinitely more hung, thick and longer than his own.  Watch as I lovingly sucked James’ tongue as he serviced me in front of my husband safe in the knowledge of his superiority over another man whose wife was coming and creaming and moaning wildly as he stretched parts of her untouched insides for the first time. I imagined Steve being there with me as James ploughed into my spongy insides, bringing me to multiple orgasms as I cuddled into him.

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