Las Vegas


Bryan had always promised to take me to Las Vegas. Each time he told me of his plans to go, they did not include me. I was hurt. I knew I had no business feeling that way. It was his entertainment. I knew my place in his life. I was not his girlfriend.He usually took his girlfriend Lisa. He went to Las Vegas often. I had never been and had all my life heard stories of Las Vegas and wondered what it was like in person.This particular week Bryan told me of his plans to go. He said he was bringing his girlfriend and meeting Joe, his friend from San Diego there. As the weekend neared, I made plans with a guy Carl I was seeing. Carl was nice. He had planned to take me to dinner on Friday and some fun outdoor things for Saturday.I received a message on Friday from Bryan that his Lisa could not make it. Bryan was bringing me. As normal Bryan did not ask me, he told me. Immediately after work, I was to meet Bryan near his car. I told him I did not have any clothes or essentials. He said he would buy me everything I needed. He even made arrangements to have one of his guys drive my car to my apartment. I was not sure what he told that guy.I called Carl and canceled our plans. I made up some story that seemed to work.At five o’clock, I was outside waiting by Bryan’s car. He walked out of the building with one of his work friends. He told him that he offered me a ride home because my car was in the shop. I was pretty sure that he knew something was up. Especially with Bryan’s reputation in the building for chasing women. At this point, I did not care, I was going to Las Vegas for the first time. It was not just the TV and Radio commercials anymore. I was excited to be going there.We left the parking lot and Bryan said we had time to go to the mall before catching the plane. There we went directly to the BeBe store and he bought me a few things. I barely had time to try them on because we had a plane to catch. In the car, he told me to put on the white dress he bought me. This dress was short tight-fitting and completely see-through because of my olive skin. He did not allow me anything else, no bra or panties. I was not sure it was as see-through as it was until we got to the Oakland airport and I noticed people looking at me. I was lucky this was before TSA checks and all that.On the plane, we sat in the first-class section. This was a new experience for me. I was enjoying the trip already.Once in Las Vegas, we took a limo to the hotel. But I barely got to see Ankara escort the sights because Bryan had me kneeling between his legs the entire ride sucking him off. Shortly before we arrived, he came in my mouth. I knelt back and waited for him to tell me to swallow. He did not, he pointed at the seat next to him and said sit. I sat the last few minutes of the ride with my mouth full of his cum waiting for his command. It never came.We exited the limo in front of the glorious hotel with all the lights. The lights were so bright that they only showed off my dress even more and the fact I was not hiding much. I have grown somewhat accustomed to being on display while with Bryan.Because he was a frequent guest, he had his arrangements made for his room before we got there. We did not have to stand in line. We walked to a special counter. They greeted him by his name and handed him room keys. It took less than a few minutes, then we were on the way to our room. All the while with Bryan’s cum still in my mouth. He seemed to be enjoying my predicament.In the elevator, he cornered me and told me to show him his gift. I did as instructed, he told me to swallow. I had been walking through the casino for my first time seeing all those lights, machines, and people. But I had a mouth full of cum. It is something I will remember for the rest of my life.Before the elevator reached his floor he started to unbutton my dress. It was the style that buttoned up the entire front length. I was so happy that no one stopped the elevator. By the time we reached our floor, he completely unbuttoned my dress. It was tight-fitting so when he did it just hung to my sides. I knew better than to try covering up. I had been with Bryan long enough to know that I was not ever allowed any modestly in his presence. Bryan’s ongoing instruction to me was always, just do as you are told. He repeated that to me constantly throughout the time we were together. I think from day one that was his mantra.We entered this door which opened into a hallway with doors on each side and a double door straight ahead. This opened into a large living area/ common area. The other doors lead to bedrooms. We walked into the common area and Bryan immediately took my dress off. He instructed me that if we were inside those outer doors I was to be naked the entire time. no exceptions. I just nodded that I understood. I never said no to Bryan. I knew if I did, he would likely Ankara escort bayan find another interest other than me. Plus it was something about his control and his dominance of me was so incredibly hot. I knew I was nothing more than someone for him to have fun with, that nothing would ever come of our relationship as it was. When he commanded me to do things my head spun and I became aroused.I took a shower. When I came out his friend Joe from San Diego was there as well. Joe was not at all surprised to see me naked, nor should he have been. Every time I had met him I was only clothed once that is when we met in San Diego. Joe was staying in the other room across the hall from Bryan’s room.Bryan took me to the room where we had sex. During which he continually asked if I was going to be good and do what I was told. I  told him I would do whatever he wished. When he completed inside me. Bryan told me to stay there, he was going to send in Joe. Before he got up Bryan had me clean his cock with my mouth. I made sure I got him good and clean, tasting our mixed juices.Joe could hardly wait, he was ready and excited in seconds. He reminded me that last time he only got to use my ass and that he was drunk. He was going to have the rest of me now. He seemed excited to see Bryan’s cum dripping out of me as I lay there on the bed. In seconds he was pounding away where his friend had just been.Joe had me lay on my back with my head over the side of the bed. He stood and started pounding my mouth with the same fury he had been using on my pussy. I could still taste Bryan’s and my cum on his cock. He came filling my mouth and shooting directly into my throat. He came a lot. I had cum exiting my nostrils. He just kept pushing it into my throat long after he had cum. I was a mess. Joe snickered.When he finished, he stepped back. I dropped to my knees in front of him to clean his cock. I showered again. Bryan had laid out what he wanted me to wear that evening. This dress was extremely short, loose-fitting almost baggy made of very light material. The dress had deep cutouts under each arm extending to just above my waist. The cutouts ended with maybe a three-inch material to the hem of the dress. The cutouts were held together by thin strands of material that were each a little longer to the armpits. Of course, I was not allowed anything else besides the dress and shoes.I tried it on and if I stood straight with arms to my Escort Ankara sides and did not move I was okay but any movement and my flat chest would be on full display. Any walking or slight breeze would expose me completely.  So short to expose me there as well if sitting. Standing next to me or one step behind, it would be easy to notice I was naked under the dress. It was very sexy I must admit. If someone put any effort into standing near me in the right position they would no doubt see everything I had to offer.I was always caught off guard by men paying attention to me. I was trim and fit. Men described me as cute, However, I did not feel I had a sexy body. I sure did not look like Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarty, or any of the sexy girls of the day. I was flat-chested with large nipples, I had a nice firm butt and legs from running. My long hair, I liked. Mostly I thought I looked like I had not fully developed yet.We went down to the casino floor. Bryan, Joe, and I walked around with Bryan showing me the different areas and machines. I managed to block out all the eyeballs focused on me was me walked. It was apparent that I was not covering myself well. The Casino floor was crowded and noisy.Bryan and Joe wanted to play some card games before dinner. I stood behind Bryan and Joe and watched them play. Our backs were to the walkway which allowed for plenty of people walking by to catch a look. I felt like I was naked standing in a large crowd. I tried to just concentrate on the game rather than people noticing me, many did. Some were more obvious than others about pointing out my condition. I felt flush with excitement.Joe and Bryan would both occasionally reach out and feel my butt. Bryan once even lifted the bottom of the dress to show anyone nearby. I just stood there trying to not draw additional attention to myself. I’m sure more than a few of those standing around got a view as Bryan’s hand lingered on my exposed butt.We went to dinner Bryan, Joe, Anthony and me. Anthony was one of the card players Bryan asked him to join us for dinner.After dinner, it was back to the card tables. I stood by and watched and learned the games. Bryan gave me money to play the slots. He told me to play the slots in front of him where he was seated at the tables. I played, as I did pulling the lever caused my dress to open with each pull. Bryan, Joe, Anthony, and everyone near had a show right in front of them.I stood rather than sat because sitting my dress would not cover me below the waist. That was apparent at dinner but here on the casino floor, I might get arrested. With each pull I had to reach up this caused my dress to lift and the sides to expose my breast as well. I just pretended I did not notice but the players at the table sure noticed. 

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