My Crazy Life 4 – Cindy


In a previous story, I mentioned how my wife had been bothered by my attraction to another woman. One of the things that make our swinging lifestyle work is our ability to discuss matters like this and work through them. Here is a fun little story of one of those encounters.Throughout our swinging career, we have been involved in three bigger groups and a fourth smaller group. The bigger groups are fairly open and can be easily found. They are based in larger cities like Rockford, Milwaukee and Oshkosh. The smaller group is a collection of friends that we have met in the bigger groups that are compatible enough with my wife and me for us all to be close friends.More and more, lately, we find ourselves spending time with friends in the fourth group, and less time at parties in the other groups. It wasn’t always that way. Just like any other social gathering, it took time in the first groups to find friends for the fourth group.My wife and I met Cindy at a bar meet and greet in Milwaukee. We had been swinging for several years, but it was Cindy’s first event.The hostess introduced Cindy to the group in general, and then pushed her off onto another couple in the group. After a half-hour of drinking, laughing and flirting, Cindy broke away from that couple, and circled her way around to my wife and I. She smiled as she invaded my personal space.”Did you really see Pink Floyd from the front row,” she challenged, “or was that some BS to get me to come over here?””Yes, he sort of did,” my wife answered for me, “but don’t get him started. Every story leads to another one!”Cindy laughed, and we introduced ourselves.”I don’t mind stories, as long as you keep your hands to yourself until I invite you,” she laughed. At the same time, she gave a pointed glance at the other couple.”Some guys don’t know the difference between being friendly and forward and being obnoxiously aggressive,” I told her. “Our hostess said this was your first party. Don’t be afraid to tell guys like that to back off. If they don’t listen, say something to the hostess, or to me or my wife, and we’ll take care of it.””It was my own fault,” she answered. “I probably shouldn’t have let on that I wasn’t wearing panties. He took that as a challenge, and he got a little gropey.””The whole point of these meet and greets is to introduce new people in a safe place,” I responded. “He is supposed to know better than to make anyone uncomfortable. You should be able to walk around naked without being molested.””Really?” she laughed. With a teasing smile, she reached for the strap on her dress. The look in her eyes promised that she fully intended to let the dress fall to the floor. For half a moment, I considered letting her do it.Allow me to take a moment to describe her. Cindy is tall for a woman at five foot eleven. She is far from petite, Ankara escort but her proportions belayed the fact that she was probably more than one-hundred-seventy-five pounds. Her walk was quite graceful, as was her stance as we talked. She has an open and friendly face, pretty blue eyes, and long dishwater blonde hair.She was wearing a long floral patterned dress that wrapped around her body like a sarong. It was a bit tight across her breasts, but that only showed off that her breasts weren’t large, and that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The dress flowed nicely around her hips, and I liked her shape. I think that one tug at the knot at the shoulder was going to release the dress, allowing it to fall.It was easy to understand why she had been put off by the guy of the other couple. I couldn’t tell you why she seemed more than happy to show off her naked body to me. The fact that we were in a public bar that was very full of people wasn’t going to slow her down at all.”Cindy,” I chastised, “that was a figure of speech!”As I spoke I reached out and caught her hand. I caught it just before it got to the strap, and I lifted it up and away.Two things happened as I caught Cindy’s hand. First, we both felt the spark that seemed to snap between us as we touched. Second, Cindy turned and spun under our lifted hands, ending up with her body right next to mine.”Are we dancing?” she asked.”This is a good song for dancing,” my wife answered. She laughed as she grabbed Cindy’s other hand and pulled her away toward the dance floor. My wife later said that she saw the attraction between Cindy and I, but she was not attempting to separate us. She truly loves to dance, and she was hoping that Cindy would, too.Cindy smiled as she allowed herself to be pulled away, but she caught my hand and pulled me along as well.I can’t tell you what the song was. It was classic rock, maybe something by The Doobie Brothers, or Orlean. I do remember two things. First, although I am not a good dancer, Cindy didn’t seem to mind. She and my wife were dancing up a storm, and they were both just having fun being there.The second thing I remember is that halfway through the song, another guy joined us and took over as my wife’s dance partner.His name was Terry. He was a single guy. Most groups either don’t allow single men, or they severely limit their numbers. Terry knew the host couple, and they allowed him to be there. He said it was his first time at a swing event as well.As the song ended, he apologized for stealing my wife. He said he loved to dance, but he didn’t like to dance alone. He thanked my wife for letting him join us. My wife made eyes at him and promised he was welcome any time. As the next song started, he invited her to stay and dance. She took him up on his offer, and the two of them Ankara escort bayan kept dancing while Cindy and I made our way back over to the bar.For the next hour or so, we stayed paired up that way. We flirted and danced and met new people, and all four of us had a good time.It was still early, maybe eleven at night, when my wife came off the dance floor with Terry in tow, and sidled up next to me with a grin on her face.”So the host couple is talking about getting a room at the motel next door, and continuing the party there,” she said in a suggestive tone. “We are all invited, but so are some other people.”She glanced darkly in the direction of the first couple that Cindy had met. That look only lasted a fraction of a second, and then her eyes were sparkling with laughter again.”I was thinking,” she continued, “that the four of us should get our own room.””I was going to decline our hostess’s offer,” Cindy replied, “but I love your idea.” She paused to look back and forth between my wife and me. “Are there any rules I should know about?””Promise me that you’re clean and that you won’t get pregnant, or else use a condom,” my wife answered. “Unlike a lot of the women in this group, I am not bi, so you stay in your bed, I’ll stay in mine.””I can live with that,” Cindy laughed. “Let’s go!”The motel was literally across the parking lot. I agreed to put the room on my credit card, so Cindy and I left first to go get the room. Some other people were headed over there as well. Cindy made us slow down until she and I were mostly alone.”John, can I ask you something?” she asked.”What’s up?” I asked playfully to keep the mood light.”Do you and your wife know Kathy? She’s in this group.”Kathy was another single woman that was part of the group, and we knew her. She claimed to be bisexual, but she tended to choose women over men. I had tried to flirt with her once. She flirted back, but she also let me know she wasn’t interested in more. She wasn’t one of our closer friends, but we still liked her.”Of course,” I answered. “How well do you know her?””I just don’t want to cause trouble with your wife if she doesn’t like bi women,” Cindy answered. She also blushed. “I met Kathy on another very different website. After she and I had sex, I was telling her how I was still craving a man, and she suggested this group. I wish she would have warned me about that other guy.””She probably never let him get close enough for her to find out,” I teased. “My wife won’t be upset at all if you are bi. She would even do a threesome with another woman, as long as it was all about the guy. She doesn’t want girl-on-girl anything.””Okay,” Cindy said, sounding relieved. “Kathy did say it was better to have a general talk about the sex before it happened. Is there anything…”She seemed Escort Ankara to lose the courage to continue.”Let me ask you this,” I asked lightly. “What are your expectations? Anyone who is into swinging is a little bit kinky, but mostly I enjoy regular stuff. I wouldn’t be too put out if you gave me oral sex, and I’d be delighted to give some to you. I like regular sex, but in more positions than just missionary. I won’t go out of my way to give you anal sex, but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you if you asked. And don’t even try to touch me back there unless you want to lose a finger in the butt vice!”Cindy started laughing as I finished.”I’m afraid to even try anal,” she laughed, “but now I have to see how strong the butt vice really is!”By then, we were at the office for the motel. I went in and got us a room. My wife and Terry had joined Cindy by the time I came back out with the keys.My wife snatched the keys away from me.”The hostess was mad that you didn’t stop to say good night,” she said with a grin. “You better go to their room and kiss her to make up. We’ll leave the door unlocked!”She didn’t wait for a response. She and Terry made a bee-line for the room.Cindy gave me a smile and slid her arm around me as she steered me toward the other set of rooms. It only took us a moment to find the hostess and make our apologies. I gave the hostess a sound kiss, and shook her husband’s hand. Cindy gave both of them delightful kisses.The hostess’s husband made a remark about wishing Cindy would stay, and then he teased her about being eager to see her naked. Cindy promised that she would make it up to him next time, but then she stepped back and her hand went to the knot at her shoulder.I am almost greedy enough to have wanted to stop her to keep her to myself. I am also egotistical enough that I was going to enjoy flaunting the fact that they were only going to get to see her nude.She certainly didn’t disappoint us.The dress dropped to the floor, and she watched as his eyes swept over her body. She took a step back and turned her ass to face him as she bent at the waist to pick up the dress. Her eyes were shining with mischief as she sauntered over and slid her hand into mine. She didn’t slow down as she led me straight out the door.I will admit to a certain fear of authority. I was absolutely certain that a hundred cops and the SWAT team were all going to swarm in and arrest us. We made it down the outside walkway to our room without any incident at all, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Cindy made fun of me because my hard cock was pressing against her hip with every step.The door to the room was ajar, and I closed and locked it behind us as we entered. My wife and Terry were half naked on one of the beds, and losing clothes fast. Cindy didn’t even look their direction as she grabbed me and pulled me toward the other bed.”I can’t believe you made me do that,” she marveled as she pulled at my clothes. I was too busy helping her get me naked to protest.”I can’t wait to see what else you make me do!” she teased as she grabbed my hard cock and pulled me onto the other bed.

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