Nail Technician: Part 3


Linh and I continued having pretty outlandish sex over the last few weeks. I thought it was getting time to see if I could interest her in a threesome. After all, she had said that she didn’t think that there was anything wrong with trying new things. The question was, how do I bring the topic up for discussion? It was time for my monthly treat, so I made an appointment at the nail salon. As I was waiting, I noticed two or three really good-looking ladies working there. Once I was seated for my manicure, Linh and I started a conversation. As we were talking, I noticed that one of those girls kept looking at me. I tried not to keep looking back at her, and I told Linh. Linh said, “That’s LoAnn. She’s a good friend, and I told her about us. She won’t say anything to anyone. Do you think she’s hot?” I said, “Yea, she’s good looking. This place has a few very attractive women working here.” Linh replied, “Would you fuck her?” I said, “What? Why would you ask me that?” Linh just scoffed and didn’t really say anything. Our conversation ceased for a bit. I was trying to think of what I should say next. Linh finally replied, “Well, would you?” I had some time to think about a reply, so I said, “I would if you were there.” I felt that would definitely open the door. She said, “Like watching or like us having a threesome?” I said, “Like us having a threesome. Why would I want you to just watch?” She didn’t say much after that. So after a bit, I decided to just ask her the question that would let me know if a threesome was imminent. I asked her, “Have you ever been with a woman?” She said, “A few. You know, LoAnn thinks you’re cute. I’m sure you’d do a threesome with her. Have you ever been with a man?” I scoffed and said, “Ahhh, no. I don’t know why you would ask me that.” She said, “I just wondered, you asked me. You said you wanted to try new things. So, would you do a threesome with LoAnn and I?” I said, “Of course, but wouldn’t that be a little awkward since you work together?” She said, “Not Ankara bayan escort really. I’ve been with her. We’re very close.” Now I was really getting curious, so I asked her if she and LoAnn were ever together with another man, and she said no, but it probably wouldn’t be hard to persuade her. She said, “Yesterday was LoAnn’s birthday, and some of the girls are taking her out to celebrate Saturday night after work. Maybe she’d like a birthday present to remember. You should join us.” I said, “Are there going to be other guys there? I’d feel weird being there as a customer with a bunch of women employees.” She said, “I know the owner’s husband will be there, and Jen’s boyfriend will show up later to pick her up. You could just come later and have a drink and give us a ride home. I’m sure we’ll be a little tipsy.” With it only being Wednesday, all I could do was think about Saturday night. I had to travel the next few days for work, so I wouldn’t end up seeing Linh until Saturday night. I had an early flight back from the East Coast Saturday morning, and when I landed, I had a text on my phone from her saying that she would text me with the details as soon as she finished up at work. Around 7:00pm, I received another text saying that I could be at the restaurant any time, but be there for sure by 8:30pm. I left my place around 8:00pm and headed for the restaurant.  When I got there, Linh got up to meet me at the table. It was a big round booth with all these ladies and a couple of guys crammed in. Fortunately, Linh was on the end and next to her was LoAnn. I ordered a drink and just tried to relax and enjoy myself. Apparently, the ladies must have brought a change of clothes because they were all dressed to kill. I couldn’t believe how hot Linh and LoAnn looked. The thought of being together with both of them was making me rock hard. Then Linh had to go to the restroom, so I had to get out of the booth to let her out in the hopes that no-one would Escort bayan Ankara notice the bulge in my pants. I sat back down next to LoAnn and formally introduced myself, and we started a little conversation. When Linh returned, I went to get up to give her seat back, and she said, “Just slide over, LoAnn doesn’t bite!” So I slid over towards LoAnn, and it was now pretty tight quarters in the booth. We were so close, you had to hold your legs together so you wouldn’t end up touching the person next to you. After a while, I got tired of holding them together, and gradually relaxed so they were against both Linh and LoAnn. Linh then put her hand on my thigh and whispered something in LoAnn’s ear behind me. I couldn’t tell what it was because it was in Vietnamese. I said, “What did you just say to her?” She said, “I told her to put her hand on your leg, you don’t bite either!” With that, I just figured nothing would happen because she was probably joking with me. Then I continued in the conversation and asked my ladies if they would like to order another drink, as I could only have one more since I had to drive. We all ordered a drink, and when they came, we toasted to LoAnn’s birthday. A couple of minutes into the drink I felt LoAnn put her hand on my leg. I looked over at her, and she thanked me for the drink. I was now getting so hard with the hands of these ladies on my legs that it was getting a little uncomfortable. Then, I felt Linh reach over and grab LoAnn’s hand and put it on my crotch. This was really too much! Obviously, these two ladies had a conversation about what might happen tonight, and it looked like it was underway. I opened my legs apart to give her all access to my bulge. She didn’t really reach in, so I grabbed her hand and put it squarely on my cock and gave it a little squeeze. Then I pulled my hand away and placed it back on the table so people wouldn’t notice anything. LoAnn just left her hand there feeling my cock Bayan escort Ankara continue to grow. After we finished our drinks, it looked like people were starting to get ready to check out. I asked for the bill and told the waitress to put these two lovely ladies’ drinks on my tab. I thought, That’s the least I could do. We gathered our things and headed towards the parking lot. Linh said, “LoAnn’s is staying at my place, so let’s stop and grab a bottle of wine on the way.” We got to the car and I unlocked it and Linh said, “I’m going to sit in the back with LoAnn. I don’t want her to be alone on her celebration, do you mind?” I said, “Of course not! I don’t mind being a chauffeur for you two lovely ladies!” We got to the wine store, and I ran in to get some wine. I thought I’d better get two bottles so we wouldn’t run out. When I got back in the car, I noticed that Linh had moved over and was sitting right next to LoAnn. We started off to Linh’s place and they were talking softly back there. I had no idea what they were saying because it again was in Vietnamese. I hated when they did that, but I figured they were talking about the plans for the rest of the evening. Then I noticed they quit talking. It got pretty quiet back there. So I turned around and looked, and they were making out. How hot was that? To not make it so obvious, I adjusted my rear-view mirror so I could watch without turning around. When we got to the next traffic light, Linh came up to me and whispered in my ear. She said, “LoAnn is really turned on, and she wants me to go down on her right now. Is that okay, with us doing that in your back seat?” I said, “Of course, as long as I can watch!” I heard a little wrestling around back there at first, then Linh handed me what apparently were LoAnn’s panties.  Then she said, “Can you please hold on to these until we get to my place?” Then I saw Linh lift LoAnn’s left leg up and over as she jockeyed for position. Linh lapped at her pussy for the rest of the ten-minute ride home. Once we got to her place, I grabbed the wine and we headed up to her apartment.  I went into the kitchen to find the wine opener and poured us each a glass. Linh came into the kitchen and I handed her a glass, and I asked her, “Any rules?” She said, “No rules.” I said, “What about LoAnn?” She said, “No rules.”

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