Pollyanna part 2


Patrick drove home in silence that wonderful night with the windows down and the radio off as he grappled with what just took place. The feeling in his loins was incredible, but the struggle in his mind was as equally intense. He wanted Michelle so much, but he could only offer her friendship, and hot, passionate sex. She deserves more than that, much more. He held the fingers of his left hand just below his nose, enjoying Michelle’s scent while he drove, licking his lips occasionally for that faint taste of her sweet nectar.My god she is so hot…WOW! But…everything has to go back to the way it was, this can’t happen again, he thought.Patrick closes his eyes, Michelle is sitting on Carol’s desk with her legs spread wide, he kneels before her and looks at her inner labia, remembering how the lips flared out and lay over her outer labia as he ate her. They turned dark pink when he sucked on them. The memory of the contrasting colors of his caramel skin against her pale white thighs as he sucked her dark pink lips brought a smile to his face. He could still see the cute little wrinkles and creases in the tiny folds of skin that he traced with the tip of his tongue.Realizing he was still driving Patrick quickly opens his eyes, fortunately, the road was straight and there is not much traffic out at 9:30 PM on a weeknight. Another whiff of Michelle’s scent on his fingers brings his cock to full attention again as he pulls into his driveway. Pausing a moment, he waits for his erection to subside before getting out of the car. As he sits there, he knows he has to have her again. Not in the office, no, somewhere private, somewhere he can make love to her; take his time with her…Laying her on a bed and admiring her beautiful body, taking in every inch of it, before kissing her from her head to her toes. Rolling her over on her stomach and massaging her back. Starting at her neck and slowly working his way down to her firm ass. It has just enough curve to it that he can cup it in his hands, rubbing and spreading her cheeks, kissing them. He gently fingers Michelle’s tiny asshole, teasing her, before continuing down each leg, sliding his strong hands along her thighs. Squeezing and kneading each one before moving down to her tight calves, and then playing with her toes as he gives her a foot massage. Next, turning her over on her back and running his tongue from her neck down between her soft full breasts, to her tummy, pausing to suck her belly ring into his mouth and tugging on it gently with his lips before moving down to her shaved valley. Patrick slowly licks every inch of it before he slides his hard cock inside her to make love to her.Getting out of the car he reminds himself, everything back to the way it was, they both agreed. Once inside Patrick grabs a plate of leftovers and heads for his home theater, popping in a movie to kill time, and waiting for everyone else to go to bed. He doesn’t even know what movie he put in as he sits and thinks.Is she thinking about me now on her way home? Does she even want me again? Is she regretting what we just did? Will she believe me when I tell her that I have never done this before? I’m not some guy going through a mid-life crisis looking for an easy fuck to feel young again. I’m not a dog out fucking any woman that I can, I really am not just looking to use her for sex. I wish I could give her more. I want her friendship too, and I will accept that even if we never do it again. But I want her so bad, what we did in the office was so hot, I have to have her again. He closes his eyes, remembering her taste, her smell, picturing her breasts; her hard pink nipples point up slightly and have a tiny dimple right in the center of each one. The areolas are light pink and cover a perfect mouth sized area of her breast with tiny bumps on them.What is it about her that attracts me so much? Patrick wonders, I’ve been around pretty women before, and have always been able to say, “She’s attractive,” and move on. Michelle is definitely pretty; not a supermodel, but I find her so attractive and I can’t get her out of my mind. She’s funny and sensitive, not afraid to show her emotions. Her breasts are the perfect size and she has a nice little ass, not flat like a lot of white women, just enough to grab and Ankara bayan escort hold onto. Every time I look at her, I want her. I want her soft breasts in my hands, my face between her legs, eating her until she explodes. Then sliding my cock inside her, watching it slowly enter her, pushing her lips apart as it disappears, stroking her slowly until I fill her…Patrick drifts off to sleep in his theater thinking of Michelle.The days at work pass uneventfully; for the next two months Patrick and Michelle share knowing glances every now and then, but neither one mentions what took place between them. Carol caught them looking at each other once and suspects something is going on but is not sure what. She would be shocked as hell if she ever found out what they really did, but she would not say anything to anyone. She has never mentioned that morning when she found their juices on her desk. Besides, both of them would deny it anyway. Therefore, they each remember that special evening in their own private way.Whenever Michelle wears a dress or skirt Patrick imagines sitting her on Carol’s desk a second time, lifting it up to her waist, exposing her, before getting on his knees between her legs. Next, he kisses her along her soft inner thighs, pleased with the simple beauty of her smooth white skin as he works his way up to her wet slit. Watching her pink lips swell and darken as they open like a flower for his tongue, stopping to look up at her smiling face before sucking on each petal, pulling on them with his lips, and stretching them. Then taking her swollen clit into his mouth and licking it with the tip of his tongue, tasting her juices as they cover his nose, mouth and chin… Michelle still catches Patrick staring at her legs now that she is wearing more dresses and skirts for him. She knows how hard he gets looking at her and wants to walk over to his chair and free his cock. Grabbing his shaft and taking his head into her mouth, gently sucking on it, and then tracing her tongue around the swollen rim. Eagerly, she licks up the drop of pre cum that oozes out of his tip, and then traces the veins that run along his hard dark shaft with her tongue, before taking him in her mouth, sucking as she works her way down to his pubes. Feeling his hands run through her long hair as she pleases him. Just before he squirts his load, she straddles him and slides it deep inside her…However, the phone always rings, or someone says something to snap him or her out of his or her private fantasies. No one knows his or her secret as the work continues to pile up at My Mortgage Inc. More and more customers are feeling the pinch of the economic down turn. Everyone is doing their best to focus on the customers and trying to help them even though the pressure is building from management to keep payments high. Unfortunately, Patrick and Michelle’s co-workers begin taking out their frustrations on each other.They are snapping at one another, not bothering to help with questions on difficult workout packages. All the joking around they used to do has stopped. Everyone is on edge.Things are just tense amongst them, until their manager Stan announces, “We need to have some fun, this work is really getting to everyone. We need to get out of the office, go somewhere, and do something fun. I don’t care what it is just something we can do as a team that’s fun”“Yeah,” Tommy says, “let’s go bowling that would be fun and a great team building activity.”“Shut up Tommy, who wants to leave work to go to some stupid bowling alley?” Jenny quips. “How about we leave early and all go home, we’ll call it a sanity break from each other, lord knows I need one from you guys, that and a glass or two of wine.” Jenny ends her statement with her annoying laugh that she does after every comment she makes.“Jenny, you know we can’t do that,” Stan says sarcastically.Carol, always the perky one, says, “I know, we can have a crab feast at my house. I only live fifteen minutes from the office so it’s not out of the way. We can all put in a few dollars and buy a bushel of crabs and beer. My husband Bobby is home in the afternoons so he can grill some hot dogs and hamburgers as well. It will be a blast.”Stan agrees along with the rest of the team Escort bayan Ankara members and Carol begins making plans. Jenny loves to cook, a regular Julia Childs, even drinks the cooking sherry, so Carol puts her in charge of the side dishes. Michelle and Ivan have the desserts, Tommy and Marcus the adult beverages, and Stan and Patrick will get the crabs, hot dogs, and burgers. The rest of the team will handle the condiments, non-alcoholic beverages, and any other miscellaneous items. Carol has a large house at the end of a cul de sac with a nice sized deck on the back. There is space for everyone to gather on the deck or you can slip off into the game room, shoot some pool, and play foosball. It is a perfect place for a small party. They plan it for Wednesday in two weeks… *****Pollyanna continued to dance at the Wild Italian Gentlemen’s Club every Friday and Saturday night. Just two more weekends and her three-month commitment will be up. Marcus has been asking her to stay; she has moved up into the top five dancers and is making good money every week. The 1,100 to 1,600 that she makes is really knocking down her bills and she has been putting at least 200 each week into Rachel’s 529 plan for college. It is not much, but it is better than nothing at all going for her future education.The bouncer, Joey, has been looking after her, steering the big tippers her way for private lap dances and walking her to the car each night to make sure no one is waiting for her. One customer, Steve, has become a regular every Saturday night after her first set. He always gets the first private lap dance. It was flattering at first, having a 23 year old wanting her to dance for him privately and paying 75 for it, but last Saturday, when she was dancing for him, he called her “Mom” and that ruined everything. A little too twisted for her liking. Only two more Saturdays left and she will be done with him.The dancing has been great for her body though, her legs are even more toned and her ass is as tight as it has ever been. However, it is taking its toll on Rachelle, having to stay at Mary’s house every Friday and Saturday night, and hiding it from Mom and Dad has been rough. At least no one from work has shown up, especially Stan. Friday was another good night and Saturday night started out the same. Pollyanna danced her first set, did a couple lap dances on the floor, when Joey came and got her to escort her to a back room for the private lap dances.“Is Steve waiting for me tonight Joey?”“Sort of, he’s here but someone else paid for you before he did, so he has to wait this time. He was pretty pissed about it. He’s hooked on you bad Michelle, I mean Polly; does he know you may leave in a couple of weeks?”“No, I haven’t told him yet Joey, besides I haven’t made a final decision about it anyway.”“Well, I’ll keep my eye on him, he seems a little weird.”“Joey, if it’s not Steve, who’s waiting for me, another regular?”“No,” he replies.Joey opens the door to the private room; Patrick is standing next to the chair and stammers, “H-Hi.”“PATRICK! I-I-I thought we agreed?”“I know Michelle, we did, but…”“You again!” Joey growls, “I thought I recognized you when you paid but I wasn’t sure, you paid 75 to talk again? Michelle, you want me to throw him out?”“No, its OK Joey, wait outside, I’ll dance for him.”“You know that’s against the rules Michelle, I have to be in here with you.”“It’s cool Joey, just wait outside by the door; I’ll yell if I need you, but I won’t, Patrick knows the rules.”Joey closes the door behind him and Michelle walks over to the media player and selects “Do Me, Baby” by Prince. As the music starts, she tells Patrick to sit down. Patrick obeys and watches her slowly walk over to him, her hips swaying to the music. He stares at her legs looking down at her ankles, his eyes slowly work their way up her body as she comes closer.“You’re beautiful Michelle.”Her G-string covers her pink lips that he wants to lick so badly. The dancing has made her stomach flatter and the belly ring she is wearing is the perfect accent for it. His eyes pause at her breast; the pasties are hiding her hard nipples. Patrick remembers how soft her tits were when he lifted them up to his mouth. The erotic image of his dark Bayan escort Ankara hands cupping her white breast flashes through his mind as she walks even closer. When she straddles him and sits on his lap, their eyes meet. Michelle leans forward and their lips touch. The kiss is long and passionate; the sexual tension that has been building between them for the past two months is ignited in that one kiss. They try to devour each other in that moment.Patrick sucks her thin bottom lip between his thick full lips as she slowly starts to pull away. Releasing it, in a husky voice, he says, “I want you Michelle, I need to make love to you, not here, and not in the office again, someplace private, I want all of you Michelle. I can’t tell you how badly I want you. I wish I could explain it, the passion I have for you, that I want to share with you, but I can’t put it into words. I just want you to know that…that I have to have you again.”Michelle whispers, “I know Pat, I can feel it every time you look at me, and I want you too, I want you to have me, to make love to me. I want you to hold me in your strong arms, to take me, to feel you inside of me, inside my special place.”After kissing him again, Michelle places her hand on the back of Patrick’s shaved head and pushes his face down between her breasts. She holds it there as she moves her hips in time with the music.“Do me baby, like you’ve never done before,” Prince sings, “Give it to me till I just can’t take no more.”Patrick’s dick is rock hard and standing at attention in his shorts, Michelle rocks back and forth on it grinding her pussy against his manhood. He grabs her ass and pushes her down against it. Her wetness has soaked through the tiny G-string she is wearing and leaves a damp spot on his shorts as she rides him.“Michelle…you’re going to make me cum in my shorts…oh god, stop…please stop, not in my shorts…not like a little school boy.”“Cum for me Pat,” Michelle says in a sultry voice, “imagine your cock is deep in my pussy right now, feel it sliding in and out of me, fill me with your cum.”Prince continues to sing in the background, “I want you now, I just can’t wait no more, can’t wait, oh.” Patrick grunts as he squirts his load in his shorts, biting Michelle’s shoulder. Holding her ass, he guides her hips as she slides along his cock. Michelle feels his body trembling as he cums and holds him tightly. After a few minutes, Patrick looks up at her, a sheepish grin crosses his lips, and he places his hands on her face and kisses her softly.Joey opens the door and announces, “Time is up.”“I have to go Pat; I’ll see you on Monday.”As Michelle leaves Patrick grabs a couple of tissues and wipes himself off, trying to keep the cum stain on his linen shorts from getting too big. Fortunately, the club is dark and it is almost an hour’s ride home. He should be dry and everyone asleep when he gets to his house. Joey leads Michelle to another private room where Steve is waiting for Pollyanna. Michelle dances for Steve but her mind is pre-occupied with what Patrick told her. He was so sincere when he said he wanted me, I could feel it in his words. He isn’t some guy just trying to get into my pants for an easy fuck, I know he isn’t. He really wants me, to make love to me. He wants to share special moments with me. But, why me? Why does he want me so much? I’m just your average girl next door. He doesn’t want me just for sex; he really cares about me, really wants to be my friend and lover. Yeah but how many times have I heard that before. Is he really different? I’m sure he’s not trying to use me for sex. He really wants to please me, to make me feel good, to share the passion he has for me. Even if I end it now he will still want to be my friend if I let him.She sensed he would do anything she wanted to give her pleasure, even if it was only for a little while. He wanted her to have multiple orgasms every time they made love, something her ex never did. It was not just about him getting off, he wanted her to feel the same intense pleasure he was feeling. But, her struggle was as great as Patrick’s, having been through a divorce; she vowed never to be the “other woman.” Michelle was just as torn as he was, was the short times they spent together making love worth the risk? What if they fell in love, then what?We have already been together once though, and it felt so good being in his arms, his tongue was like magic on my pussy. His cock filled me just right and no guy had ever tongued my ass before. I’ve heard of analingus but no one had ever done it on me, my god it felt so good…too good.

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