Succubus Leveyla Pt.1


If you are offended by demons, foul language, or demon ladies temporarily growing penises for use on other demon ladies, then don’t read this. I didn’t create the succubus and didn’t intentionally infringe upon anything, just wrote what I thought up for fun. That said, it’s pretty raunchy, so I’m just giving the heads up. I enjoy it, but I’m a freak. If you like it too, then lemme know and I’ll write more and put it up 🙂 Enjoy. ~BambooPART ONEIn this world, there exist wicked beings of all sorts. For the most part, it is humans who do the most atrocious things to other humans, yet the race still falls “victim” to a more secretive existence: demons. There was a time when great and powerful demons ran rampant over the earth, but over the centuries, these have either been killed or gotten bored of such actions. True demons like those are a rare breed now anyway, because of the more promiscuous demons that have grown in number. The promiscuous ones are the succubae, lustful demons that ascend to earth to have sex with multiple humans for simple pleasure. Because of the increase in these demons, demon blood is thinner than it was, because of half-demon children being born to these succubae in hell. These children are more created than born, however, because when a succubus becomes pregnant, or impregnates a human, the life form is immediately transported to the succubus layer of hell, in the form of an egg. Inside the egg, the children incubate until they reach the age of physical peak, which is usually between 18 and 20, and then release themselves. They possess all necessary skills upon awakening as well, being granted them simply because of their race and the otherworldly “Demon Knowledge” that all demon-kind possess. When “born”, however, half-succubae are treated as lowly things due to their weakness from the human side. To gain power, all succubae must do the same thing: collect life force. They do this through sex, taking a bit of life from each human they fuck, though it is such a small amount that the humans don’t notice, but also won’t remember the encounter. Therefore, to gain a lot, they must have a lot of sex; it is how they thrive. Half-succubae are the same, but at birth don’t possess the necessary power to use magic or ascend to the earth. For this reason, the more powerful succubus demons take the freshly awakened ones in as sex slaves of sorts. By using them, they gain power, but also grant an equal amount to the Ankara bayan escort young ones. As succubae do care for their own race, almost all the demons have at least one slave at any given time, using them until they can manage on their own. They even teach them tricks to the necessary magic that the race possesses. When they reach full maturity, the young ones grow a tail and wing, signifying their full powers. Both the mistress and slave… all the succubus demons and half-demons, are wickedly happy with their life cycles of lustful pleasure, from birth to death, and have become a primary demon in hell for their ways. My name is Leveyla, or Eyla, and I am one of these: a half-succubus living in servitude. I am 23, having been free of incubation for a mere four years, my peaked age being 19. And, over these past four years, I have been in the service of my great Mistress, Sevinma. She found me immediately after I awoke and gave me a name, taking me in and nurturing me. On my second day with her I learned of the intense pleasure of sex as she caressed me and licked me all over, and how I would forever more come to crave it, to need it. Soon after she showed me what our bodies were capable of. All succubae are female, but she showed me that our bodies can be altered in almost any way. She showed that, at will, we can alter any body hair and hair color, skin tone, eye color, breast size and weight, limbs, even temporarily grow a cock! I was born with black hair, pale bluish skin, a curled horn on my head, golden eyes and ample curves, but if I so desired I could be flat chested, red-skinned, purple haired, and with horns on my back. My mistress taught me to hone these natural abilities, all the while showing me more and more about sex. Over the next year I did everything for her that she wanted. I always obeyed, more than willing to eat her when she said, blow her when she said, or let her fuck me raw whenever she said the word. I loved every second. After the first year, she collected two more half-succubae, the girls that would become my sisters: Devi and Lilah. After she taught them the basics, it was then that I would be able to receive all I had done. Because I was older, Mistress Sevinma allowed me to grow a dick, or “tenock” as we called them often, and be on the giving side for the first time. I had sex with Lilah first, then Devi, and become even more committed to the act. I loved it, Escort bayan Ankara everything about it. As time went on, we all received equal treatment and took turns pleasuring Mistress and each other. We learned more about our bodies and our magic every single day, happy to be in servitude to Mistress Sevinma. Now, however, it’s soon my time to be able to support myself completely. I’m much stronger than I was four years ago, needing only a bit more energy to be able to be on my own. Sitting on a ledge, I looked over the Succubus plane thinking about it. Soon, I’d be on earth, not looking across a plane of hell. The sights of earth couldn’t match the Succubus plane, I muse. The entire place is filled with a sexual energy that brings a wicked smile to my lips! Looking over the ledge, I could see the moist, pink grounds and caves, all of it moving and pulsating. The sounds of moans could always be heard, and taking a deep breath of the intoxicating aroma of the plane always made me wet. Being away would be tough. “Sisterrr…” came a lower, lusty voice to the right. I came from my thoughts to see Lilah approaching me. As was her natural, she was rather short, had pale pinkish skin, red hair, a small horn on her right temple, and very cute features. She was dressed in nothing but a collar, like all three of us. I smiled and stood up, walking over to her and pressing my lips tightly to hers, squeezing her close. I giggle as I feel her breasts against mine. “Heehee. Hello sister,” I moan. “Your boobs are bigger than usual today.” She smiles slyly and replies, “Yes, I know. We all weren’t born with natural Double D’s like you, bitch.”I giggle at the tease and give her a playful shove. “Actually,” she says with a smile, “Mistress wanted a titfuck, so I grew these E-cups for her.” “You’re so fucking lucky! I haven’t been able to give her one since last week.” I pout. “Hahehe, you‘re such a slut for them, Eyla…and…well… she wants to see you now, actually. She told me to come tell you. Maybe you‘ll be able to!” Lilah cooed.I smile widely, always loving the call from Mistress. With a parting kiss, I walk briskly away from Lilah, going in to our fleshy home and heading towards my Mistress’ chambers. Right before reaching them, Devi stumbles out, smiling. Her blue hair is messy and her pale skin is covered in sweat. I can see it drip over her smaller, perky breasts and down her navel, leading my gaze Bayan escort Ankara lower. There I see thick, sticky white fluid webbing between her thighs and dripping down her legs. “Ohhhh fuck!” she moans, smiling up at me. “Mistress sure is fierce today.”I feel my face flush as I look between her legs. She notices my gaze and reaches down, swirling a finger inside of her slit and bringing some of the white fluid to her lips, licking it up. I moan gently to the tease and fall to my knees without a word, crawling to Riva and immediately licking all across her thighs, collecting as much of Mistress’ cum as I could. It was delicious. The taste of it drove me mad and made me soaking wet. Being her slaves, we all craved it…we all loved it. Riva just moaned as I licked her clean, grabbing my horn roughly. “A-ahhh…Eyla…You better get in there, Mis- Ahhhnn! …Mistress called for you!” Riva groaned through her pleasure, just as I finished cleaning her up (which was no coincidence). I sigh happily, savoring the taste on my lips, then stand up and nod to my sister, passing by her with a giggle as I see her trembling legs. Around the corner awaits the entrance to Mistress Sevinma’s bedroom… my favorite place in all the hells. I shake in excitement as I pass through the entrance, feeling my wetness increase with each step I take, until I see her. As with every time my eyes fall upon her, I’m taken aback by her beauty and the sheer sexual energy radiating from her. Outstretch on a huge pillow she lay, her tall and graceful figure on display. Her long white hair ,crowned by her large spiraled horn and black wing, lay all about her. Her smooth, deep crimson-like skin radiated over her four arms, her huge shapely breasts, her smooth legs, and her silky, forked tail. Her silvery gaze took the breath from me as I stood before her. “Mmm. Hello Leveyla. How are you, my lovely?” she said in her naturally sexy, intoxicatingly lustful voice. The sound of it made me swoon. “Good Mistress!” I say sweetly. “You called?”She smiles devilishly and extends her tail out, wrapping it gently around my waist. Its softness feels good against my hips as it lifts me and sets me down next to her. “It’s nearly time for your first time on earth, my pet. Are you prepared?” she softly asks against my neck. “Y-yes Mistress,” I whisper, her hot breath sending tingles through me. She smiles again and wraps her two right arms around me. “This will be one of our last times for quite a while.” I shiver in delight from the obvious foreshadowing. “I will miss you,” I say honestly.Mistress giggles and kisses me softly. I smile widely from the kiss and look in to her face, feeling hot inside. “For that reason, I’ll even let you suggest what you’d like to do,” she coos, getting closer.

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