The DJ , MC Show (Part 2)

Cum Between

PART 1 – THE SPECIAL GUEST“I’m… Ji…ah…”I was speechless at the sight of Bennett appearing in the VIP area. Honestly, for a moment it was from too many of the Pink Poontang cocktails. How many had I had? Four? Five? My limit for a Cosmo is three. If I’d somehow managed to drink five Cosmos I wouldn’t be standing or awake.But as tipsy as I felt, I didn’t feel dizzy or spinning. Blinking, the sight of Bennett smirking at me was crystal clear even in the dim light. It seemed as if at the same time I was seeing him clearly as I was finishing turning around, Bennett was seeing me. I noticed how his eyes widened and the smirk forming on his face dropped right along with his jaw.It sounds odd I know, but it was only then that I realized my son’s so-called friend whom I couldn’t stand was already recovering from surprise at seeing me wearing the little white Lycra Revolve cocktail dress I’d bought for this event. The smirk returned to Bennett’s face as he stepped past Kyle and Jimmy in the VIP.“What a lovely name, Ji-ah,” he enunciated my ‘name’ in such an exaggerated way, almost mockingly. “I’m Bennett, but when on the clock you may call me Dr. B-Rock.”“What are you doing here?” I insisted. Or rather I almost did. I got as far as two words before Bennett interrupted me.“Have we met before, Ji-ah?” he sounded as if he didn’t recognize me. But now that he was in front of me, facing away from Jimmy and Kyle, the knowing expression Bennett was giving me was a chance to make this less awkward.“That’s not my—““I’d know if we’d met before, Ji—ah,” he interrupted me again. “Especially with those—“Now it was my turn to cut Bennett off. “I don’t—““Act by chance do you, Ji-ah? I’m almost sure I’ve seen you in—“I put my hands on my hips, helping regain enough of my composure to give Bennett my perfectly practiced bitchy pout and snipped at him, “My name is not Ji-ah. It’s—““Asian J-Lo,” Kyle called out from where he and Jimmy had been amusingly watching Bennett and I.I put my arm out against Bennett’s chest to move him aside. Either he allowed me to or I surprised both of us with the gesture so I could look at Kyle as I hissed at him, “Kyle, will you please fuck off? Know what I’m saying?”That’s not me or how I talk. I honestly didn’t know I was saying it until I had and saw Kyle’s confusion. I was almost about to apologize when both Bennett and Jimmy began sputtering with laughter. Their reaction instantly brought back my composure.“Damn, she’s straight up gangster,” Bennett laughed. I turned my head to look at him to see if he was laughing at me, expecting to catch him staring at my cleavage. To my surprise, Bennett was smiling into my eyes and he gave me a wink.Kyle sucked his teeth at me, clearly not happy with how I’d gotten the better of him in front of Jimmy and Bennett. Glaring at me, he mumbled something to Jimmy that made him stifle a laugh before looking at me.“Let’s do this,” Kyle announced. He and Jimmy bumped their fists. While Kyle began saying, “Yeah aw yeah” over and over. Jimmy flexed his arms and wrists while nodding to Bennett“We gonna do three jams,” Jimmy told him. “Then I introduce you to the stage—““And we turn it up, knowmasayin’?” Kyle looked right at me, sucking his teeth. I couldn’t tell if this was his hip-hop act or if he was upset with me. Pretending not to notice, I glanced next to me at Bennett.“Gotta save the mack for last,” is what it sounded like Bennett said as he walked over to the others and they slapped hands and bumped fists. Heads huddled and voices were low but I heard the words “motherfuck” and “fuck” a lot. When Kyle said “bitch” louder, he lifted his head and glared at me with a smile.I noticed how Bennett saw Kyle still staring at me and how I tilted my chin defiantly. He broke the group hug by shifting in front of Kyle. Bennett said something and Kyle sucked his teeth. It was just such an annoying sound. Then he and Jimmy left the VIP while Bennett told them, “Save me some!”Bennett turned around and knowingly smirked at me while his gaze traveled from my heels and lingered along the way, pausing at my cleavage, he said, “Just when I thought you couldn’t be any hotter…” Bennett raised his gaze to meet mine. “Or be a bigger bitch.”PART 2 – FACE TO FACE“Excuse me?”I blinked, not quite certain I’d heard Bennett. Just as he said what sounded like “bitch” from out in the penthouse club main floor rap music began thumping so loud the empty glasses on the low table were vibrating.“You heard me, Asian J-Lo,“ Bennett had moved closer to me by the time I looked up from the glasses.  So close, my cleavage brushed  the front of his chest. I tried not to appear startled or lose my balance in strappy white 6” heels. “Jillian, I mean. Although I see the J-Lo resemblance here and there.”Bennett’s eyes shifted down to my lips on “here” and then lingered lower over my cleavage on “there” and finished with a lick of his lips as if having a taste of something spicy. I feel as if this…. boy, no older than my son, was trying for seduction and I found myself looking slightly up into his eyes and…Laughing at him. I could tell from Bennett’s expression, he had been expecting me to swoon. His smirk dropped into a frown followed by a scowl as I laughed again, turning my head away as if more interested in the rap music thumping behind Bennett.In the brief moment of my second laugh, just as I feigned interest over his shoulder, I saw Bennett’s eyes flash with not quite hurt or upset per se, but almost rather with… an angry delight ? I honestly didn’t know what it was a glimpse of.  It was the first time I’d seen such an expression on Bennett’s face.“What’s so funny?”Bennett couldn’t keep the confusion from his voice and he wore it as the next expression to replace the usual cocky smirk. He truly looked cute with his true Little Boy Lost face replacing his handsomeness I’ve always known wasn’t who Bennett was.“You…”  I honestly couldn’t stop giggling to get another word out.“What about me?” Bennett’s attempt to reclaim a smoldering stare just was even more ridiculous. My giggling went higher, becoming breathless. I could see the corners of his frowning mouth turn upward as big smile appeared. “Are you buzzed, Jillian?”My giggles continued as I waved my hand in denial, but then I couldn’t help nodding. Bennett glanced at the empty glasses vibrating on the table, then back to me. I almost thought I saw the lightbulb turn on over his head. Like in a cartoon. Were we in a cartoon?Bennett began to chuckle. “I knew there was a party girl in there.”  He reverted right back into “seduction” mode with such fairness, it brought on more giggles. My eyes blurred a bit with tears of laughter and wave of tipsy dizziness made me sway.“I’m a party girl?” I felt flattered for some reason.“Yeah, you’re a party girl alright.”“No, you are!” My voice sounded slightly slurry as I slapped Bennett’s arm, causing me to sway again. My hand stayed on his lean bicep; the flex Bennett gave made me realize my hand was lingering longer than needed to stop swaying. I pulled my hand away too fast and teeter back in my heels.Bennett had his firm grip on my arm. He instantly steadied me, my balance brought back in one swift move, pulling me forward so abruptly it made the room spin and had my head in a dizzy daze and unaware Bennett’s gesture was meant to pull my body against his.  The room stopped spinning the moment I felt my cleavage stretch the thin material of the neckline of my dress and press firmly to his chest.I felt something like a static shock the instant my cleavage touched his chest. Only it wasn’t static shock. It felt more electric, keeping our bodies connected. I couldn’t stop the breathless gasp that parted my lips almost on his throat. With our bodies slightly still touching as if held in place by the static shock, when my lips almost kissed his chest, I felt something in the front of Bennett’s baggy jeans suddenly swell and stiffen, the denim poking my bare thigh just below the hem of my dress.Bennett let out a low groan at the same time as my gasp of surprise made the dizziness disappear. I jumped back, ending the sexual static electricity keeping our bodies almost pressing. Bennett’s grip on my arm started to slip as I jumped back from him, but the back of my legs bumped into the low sofa behind me, making me lose my balance and another breathless gasp rise in pitch and I was falling backward.It was Bennett’s athletic grace that enabled him to grip my arm again. Only instead of pulling me toward him, Bennett stepped sideways while lifting my arm high to twirl me swiftly before letting my arm go. I couldn’t stop the high giggle that I gave mid-spin and I heard Bennett’s chuckle moving past my side until it was behind me.“That’s what I’m talking about.” I felt Bennett’s hot breath on the back of my neck and the way he spoke with such smarm… but with such…hungry lust…but then his hands seized my hips and I felt my heels leave the floor. Bennett pulled me back as we fell.PART 3 – SIDE BY SIDE“Bennett! What are you doing?”I tried to bring back my bossy demeanor. But I only managed to get his name out before the motion of being pulled so suddenly backward toward the sofa, my voice coming out in the sing-song way it does when I’m tipsy. I blushed uncontrollably as the rest of what I’d meant to say turned into a tipsy giggle.“Uhmmm…”  Bennett’s reply ended in what sounded like a growl almost. My dizzy vision settled and I saw Bennett next to me, but he was staring at my legs…. or so I thought. When I glanced down, I realized how far up my bare thighs the hem of my dress was and the view he was getting of the lacy white front of the VS thong I had on.I quickly used one hand to put in my lap to block his view while using my fingertips to pinch the hem’s material and pull the hem down my thighs while also trying to scoot away on the sofa. I managed to move along the sofa but by doing so, the hem slipped from my fingers and slipped up my thighs again.Bennett chuckled and looked up into my eyes. I blushed but had enough composure to take the opportunity to use both hands to pull my hem to mid-thigh. As I managed this, Bennett scooted toward me until the denim of his jean-clad leg touched my thigh.“I just bet that’s a sexy little white lace thong,” Bennett smirked at me.“Is that so?” I snipped at him with a line I use when in need of keeping from feeling flustered and at the moment — I have to continue to be honest — Bennett’s accurate assumption of my underwear came with such confidence and amusement at how I was trying my best — but failing — to act as if I was annoyed.“You fucking hot is what’s so, Asian J-Lo,” the smirk on his face curling the corner of his mouth and lent his lips a pout of his own that was intended to be kissed.“Kiss and find out,” Bennett said seductively and I gasped. Had he said it out loud? Or was Bennett reading my racing thoughts. Bennett taunted me. “I dare you.”“Oh really?” My other favorite phrase I use on men who think they’re being clever.“Yes, really,” Bennett’s confidence was increasing at the same rate I was trying to keep my composure while trying to keep my hem from slipping from my fingers.“What makes you think I’d kiss your lips?” I snootily replied.“Who said anything about the kiss being your lips on mine,” Bennet’s smarminess reached a level of such arrogance I didn’t think capable.PART 4 – HELPING HAND“Wait… what?”Is all I managed to say, but lost whatever I had intended when I saw Bennett had his right hand on his lap. Even in the dim neon VIP lighting, I could see the bulge in his jeans that his hand was subtly rubbing and squeezing.I was speechless at how bold this little brat was being. I heard him say, “Isn’t this where your hand was last time we were this close? At the birthday party, remember?”“I remember,” my voice sounded far away.“Of course you do. How could you forget how hard you got me,” the condescending tone seemed deliberate, as if Bennett had figured out how I cannot stand being spoken to in such way, sensing somehow it flustered me. “I bet you’ve never felt one so hard, have you?”“Never…” It was true and the way my whispered reply trembled it had to give it away. As I heard it, I blushed, realizing I was still staring at Bennett’s hand on his jeans, imagining it move off his lap and reach for one of my hands and putting it in his lap.“Time for Take Two,” Bennett’s smarmy remark was delivered at the same time he held my hand on his lap. Immediately I felt the arousal grow, stiffen…and I realized in my tipsy daze I wasn’t imagining Bennett had put my hand on his hardening shaft. It was actually happening.My surprised gasp sent a surge to his arousal that made Bennett groan lustfully yet also sounded as if it hurt. His hand over mine slipped away as Bennett’s hips locked. It was enough for me to find some composure to pull my hand from the lengthening bulge in his jeans.I quickly stood up. Too quickly because the instant I did, a wave of tipsy dizziness made my head spin and my hands meant to reach for the hem of my dress instead joined my arms raising out from my sides in an effort to keep my balance in my 6” heels.Bennett stood up in a rush and I felt his hands seize my hips, firmly returning my balance while keeping me locked in place before him.“Let go of me this instant!” I tried moving side to side just trying to break free of Bennett’s hands gripping my hips. As I struggled, I felt the hem of my dress rising higher up my legs. I realized Bennett was using my struggle and his hands on my hips to inch the clingy material higher.

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