What Are Friends For?

All Fours

The aftermath of Joyce’s Awakening.He woke just as his wife was slipping out of the motel room.  “Oh god, she’s going back to Frank’s room for more sex,” he thought groggily.  He laid his head back down as visions from last night came flooding back.There was an obvious attraction between the attractive young black man they had played golf with and then had dinner with, and John’s pretty young wife. She returned from the hot tub wearing nothing but a motel robe, upset because she had nearly committed adultery in Frank’s room.Then he recalled inviting Frank into their room, pushing them together and sitting back to watch as they kissed. He felt a tightness in his stomach, yet great arousal when she slid to her knees and pulled Frank’s shorts down revealing his magnificent cock.  Was that what was happening now in his room?John felt himself getting hard again imagining Joyce wrapping her small pale hand around Frank’s large brown cock, slowly stroking it, pulling his foreskin back, then touching her tongue to the tip.  The thought made John moan as if she were touching him that way, as Frank had moaned last night.The images equaled anything he had seen watching internet porn only more: this was his wife. He was right there next to them, he could hear her moans, smell their sex, touch her.  And he had, until https://escortium.org that big brown cock began to reach new depths.  Then their connection became so intense that he could only watch with his cock in his hot hand.Gone was the notion that their rather prosaic sex life was fulfilling. In a couple of hours, Joyce had gone from demure wife to ravenous slut in heat.  He hated it, he loved it.Oh well, he had “made his bed” so to speak.  He got up, put the coffee pot on, and showered and shaved.  He decided that he wanted to leave as soon as she returned.  Just as he was packing his overnight bag the door opened and Joyce entered, sweating and breathing heavily.  When she saw him packing she went to shower and pack her things.John went to the office to check out.   The clerk handed him a bag saying, “The man in room 101 left it for you.”  It appeared to contain an article of clothing.  On the way back to the room he tossed it into the back seat of the car.After driving for about an hour, John suggested that they stop for some breakfast.  Returning to the car after eating John said, “Frank left something for you with the motel clerk.  It’s in the back seat.”  She opened the bag.“It’s not for me, it’s for us.  There are two golf shirts and a card that says, “Thank you both for a beautiful experience.  You are a great couple.”  She closed the bag, laid her head back, and closed her eyes; a slight smile on her lips.“Last night was very powerful wasn’t it?” John asked.Joyce just nodded, “mmmm.”“I’d like to talk about it now please.”  Not waiting for a response he said, “First, this morning I needed us to reconnect.  Although last night was mind-blowing and hot beyond anything I’ve experienced before, in the cold light of day I needed some reassurance that we are still in love and ok.  Seeing you ‘sneaking’ out of the room, I thought to go back to Frank, really bummed me.”Joyce placed her hand on his thigh and squeezed.  “I see, and I apologize. I didn’t go to Frank’s room, though I admit the thought flashed in my mind for a moment.  I didn’t know how much of the excitement of last night was alcohol-driven.  I went for a run, wanting to clear my own head.”You know, you are the love of my life and I don’t want to do anything to spoil that.  When we get home I’ll try to show you how much you mean to me.”  As she leaned over to kiss John, she slid her hand up to his hard cock and gently squeezed it.  “It appears that you liked it a lot too.”  She held onto it for most of the remainder of the trip.The sex when they got home was wonderful and truly seemed special.  Even though her pussy was sore from the previous night she welcomed his cock enthusiastically.  In the afterglow, John admitted that he got the idea to share her from watching porn on their computer.The next few weeks were strange for John, although on the surface they returned to their normal lives.  He kept waiting for Joyce to talk about what had happened, to acknowledge that it was something important.  But she didn’t bring it up and the more time went by, the more he determined to wait her out.But he was obsessed with sex; he wanted to touch her all of the time.  Anytime he saw her less than fully dressed he had to play with her breasts or her pussy, and they ended up having sex.When he saw her naked legs he immediately saw them wrapped around Frank’s hips and saw his trim ass as he plunged his cock into her pussy.  It drove him frantic with lust.She always accepted his advances and reciprocated, but he began to have fantasies about her and other men, including Frank.  He even wondered if she might be in contact with him secretly, but ultimately he trusted her to be honest with him.Then, one day he received a text. Frank would be in town, and would he like another round of golf on Saturday.  John replied yes, that he would make a tee time at his club.  He went home and informed Joyce of the plan and asked her if he should offer to put Frank up for the night.  Her response was a big smile and a nod yes.

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