Soulmates and Sexmates – Part 1 of 2


Mathias slowly and quietly opened the bedroom door. It was now Wednesday at 2:02 am; he had been up since just before midnight, sleep just wouldn’t come. Even now he was not very tired, but knew he needed sleep for work tomorrow.Softly walking through the dark room to the bed, he slipped under the covers he had left pulled back; he did not want to disturb his wife. As he was carefully pulling up the covers, he heard, “So you couldn’t sleep huh? Were you watching porn? I’ll bet it was the BBC vids. You love them. That is not going to relax you.”“Erin, how long have you been awake? I tried to be so quiet when I left.”“Usually I can sense when you are not here. I dozed off and then woke wondering when you were coming back. So you didn’t answer me. Were you watching porn?”“Yeah, I was. I know it is not especially relaxing. Guess I’m semi-addicted.”“Ya think!?”“It’s not like I’m the only one… You spend time there also. Hell, we both watch together. You seem pretty turned on by the BBC’s also, my lovely girl.”“Maybe I am, so what? Come up here. I know what will relax us both.”“I think you’re right. A quickie is just what the doctor ordered! Do I need to get anything?” Like most women, Erin needed a warm up to get her juice flowing suitably.“Just get up here.”In a moment he was between her legs, rubbing his cock-head between the lips he knew so well, finding them quite wet. “Somebody’s been playing… You naughty girl,” he said as a big grin spread across his face. He easily pushed in.“Oh yeah Matt! Make me cum and fill me full baby.”The only sounds were the soppy thwacks from each of his strokes and their mixed moans of pleasure. In only a few minutes her legs tightened around him as she whispered, “Oh baby fill me, I’m almost… Oh god!”As her kitty tightened around him, he completed her request—filling her full. Then they relaxed, both sated from their climaxes. As he rolled off, she said, “The bed is wet enough and I’m not getting up so get down there and clean me up.”“My pleasure,” he replied as he slipped between her legs and began consuming their combined fluids. Her clenched muscles forced out as much as possible.Once finished, he crawled back up for one last goodnight kiss where they shared their mingled essence.“Now I’ll sleep great. Thanks babe!”“My pleasure stud!”Turning on their sides, they were breathing the slow, deep breaths of sleep in a matter of minutes.Morning came quick as the alarm went off at 6 am. They both struggled out of bed, mumbled some good morning greeting and set about their routines to get ready for work. After completing their ablutions and everything else each required, they kissed quickly and left for their respective job. He was a lead lineman for the power company, and she was a para-legal for a senior partner in an eminent law firm.They were both thirty-one, had been married for seven years and both had held the same job for a bit over eight years. With each bringing in close to a six-figure income, and their decision not to have children, they enjoyed a very satisfying lifestyle.~~~~~~They had met on a blind date that neither of them was thrilled to go on, but the evening turned out much different than either expected.A mutual friend invited them to a dinner party. They had never met but heard each other mentioned in conversations with Melanie and Bill, the hosts. They had never really learned much or cared much about each other; they were just names sort of hanging out there in the ether.Erin had a standard routine for attending functions like this upcoming party. Look and dress sensuous, not slutty, show off the goods, but not to the point where it seemed available. At twenty-three she had long ago understood that her body was verging on killer, if not fully there, and her visage was attractive and pleasing. Although she loved sex and was well acquainted with many of its techniques, for a number of years it had never been a consideration on a first date. This would be no different.Mathias, also twenty-three, also had a standard approach for situations like this dinner party. Dress casually smart in a way to impress in a low-key way. Never act the stud, just be friendly and make sincere, unpretentious conversation. Like Erin, he knew himself; he was handsome and personable. He did not need to do anything but dress and act his normal self.The invitation read: Drinks and appetizers at 7 pm to be followed by dinner at 8 pm. The usual RSVP information was included. They had both responded that they would be pleased to attend.Neither of them wanted to be the first ones there, so by happenstance, they both planned to arrive around 7:15—or thereabouts. It turned out they both arrived at the same time and ended up walking to the front door together. Mathias liked what he saw as they approached the walk from opposite sides so he introduced himself as they turned towards the door.“Hi. I’m Mathias Delacroix,” he said, offering her his hand.Liking what she saw, she took his hand and replied, “Nice to finally put a face with the name. I’m Erin Donovan.”Then they both said the same thing, “I guess you’re my date.” This brought forth smiles and laughter.The moment their hands touched each felt a tingle so insignificant they barely noticed. That’s when Cupid quickly shot an arrow into each of them. What was significant from that point on throughout the dinner party was they barely paid any attention to the other guests, only to each other. Oh they independently thought they were being quite discreet in their efforts not to seem absorbed in each other, but that effort was an abject failure.By the time the party was breaking up, the guests beginning to leave, they had both fallen deeply in lust, and somewhat in love, with each other. They had each kept this feeling deeply to themselves. As they walked to the door neither wanted to part. Stepping outside onto the porch, they moved to one side where they hemmed and hawed in their conversation, neither wanting to say goodbye, both unsure how to proceed.Finally, Mathias took the plunge. “Listen Erin, I only live a couple miles from here. How about coming over for a nightcap? No expectations other than more conversation. I’m enjoying your company and would like it to continue a bit longer. After all it’s only 10:30 and it’s not like we have to get up for work tomorrow.”“That sounds good. I’ll just follow you in my car. That way I will be able to leave whenever without causing you any bother.”“Great! I’m in the black Subaru over there,” pointing to his left. “I’ll make a U-turn and wait for you to get behind me. It is the Greenwood Apartments if you know it.”“Oh sure, I know them. It’s a nice looking complex. I’m in the red Miata over to the right. See you there.”   As they were walking to the cars, and as she followed him, they both wondered how things would go when they were alone with each other. It was some version of, Now what?Mathias’ lustful urges were running high. He wanted her bad, very bad. If someone looked in the right place they would see just how bad. He also knew she was special. He had never met a woman quite like her: so easy to talk to, so conversant in such a wide variety of topics, so damn beautiful and sexy—he was totally besotted and did not want to screw things up. Erin’s lustful urges were also running high. The excessive warmth and dampness between her legs was unmistakable. She wanted him bad, very bad. He appealed on so many levels: he was handsome and fascinating, very easygoing but gave a feeling that he easily took charge, and definitely pushed all her wanton passion buttons. Would she break her rule tonight? God, she wanted to, but would he even attempt? Would she break her rule if he did? She did consider it and now was not totally ruling it out.As all these thoughts were running through their minds, Mathias pulled into a parking space and she right next to him. Erin was about to alight from her car as he arrived to help her. Taking his offered hand, she slid to get out. Her dress moved up to reveal her thigh, almost revealing her soaked, black bikini panties. She made no move to hide anything, and he did not try to hide his gaze. Her diaphanous, spaghetti-strap dress moved easily in the light breeze as they walked up the stairs to his second floor apartment. Opening the door, he smiled, made a slight bow as his arm indicated she should enter, saying, “My lady.”       “Thank you kind sir,”The sight of a neat, clean, well-furnished apartment greeted her. The doorway opened into the living area with a kitchen and dining area visible beyond.   “Have a seat on the couch if you like. I’ll open a bottle of wine we can enjoy.” He turned and headed for the kitchen. Instead of sitting, she followed him into the kitchen.When he realized she was there, he turned as she said, “Just thought I’d see if I could help.” Not knowing what other excuse to make so she could be close to him.Both their libidos were at full throttle; both were trying to maintain an outwardly calm demeanor.“You’re helping by just being here. I really enjoyed spending the evening with you.” He had let a bit of his feelings show to test the waters.“I feel the same. It was very pleasant talking with you, getting to know you.” She was testing right back.He had the wine open, pouring each of them a glass. They picked up their glass and clicked them together before sipping. She was about to comment on the wine when he said, “Here’s to us and a wonderful evening spent together.”“Hear, hear!”Thinking this lame conversation could not go on much longer, Mathias decided to let his feelings out in a gentle but unmistakable way. He put his glass down, brought both hands to the sides of Erin’s head and pulled her in for what he planned to be a gentle kiss. She offered no resistance, putting her glass down as their lips were about to touch.There was a gentle kiss, which quickly turned into a full-blown, open-mouth, tongue-twirling stunner. Arms wrapped around each other, they pulled their bodies close. Each began moving their hips in a not so subtle grinding motion. Signals from the stimulated centers of their ravenousness passion raced to their brains—the end was now certain.Mathias found the zipper on the back of her dress. Slowly at first, to test her objection, he pulled it down a bit. If anything, their kissing intensified. He pulled it to its end at the base of her spine and began rubbing her back. By now she was moaning, but the kiss remained unbroken. Finding the hooks of her strapless bra, he popped them loose. The spaghetti straps were the only thing left to move; he slipped them off her shoulders. Only their joint body pressure now held up her dress.Erin broke their embrace enough to grasp his covered manhood as her dress and bra fell to the floor. Oh god, she thought as she grasped him, even this is magnificent. Mathias swept her into his arms, carried her to the bedroom and delivered her to the middle of the bed. By now she was laughing so hard tears were running.She managed to exclaim in her laughter, “Hurry with your clothes and if you’re smart you’ll bring a towel to put under me.”Now grinning and laughing a bit himself, he stripped in seconds and ran to the bathroom for a towel. Running back with the towel, his cock was wildly flying to and fro. He tossed her the towel and flopped down beside her. “Was I fast enough?”Still chuckling as she pulled off her panties, she said, ”You were a speed demon. I’m sorry for laughing. I don’t know why I started. I think everything became so overwhelmingly wonderful it just happened. Then seeing your wonderful cock flapping back and forth as you hurried back… Get up here and fuck me! I am so soaked. God I want you in me. And I’ll have you know I am breaking a major rule just for you.”“A major rule?” he said questioningly.“Yes, no sex on the first date.”“Oh, that is major. I’m extremely flattered.” Now he was barely holding back laughter.“Oh you… Just get up here.” He moved between legs. She was already squeezing and pulling her ravishing blush-red nipples. Her low moans could just barely be heard. Looking down was the view of her suggestive landing strip and the smooth, bare slippery skin below, it looked totally appetizing, but he had other things to do right now. So beginning to slide his cock between her lips, he slathered it with her slick juice. She was not kidding about being soaked. He was quickly coated and pushing into her.“Oh yeah. Damn you’re big. I love it. Fuck me you… you… animal!”“As you wish my lady.” With that, he pushed for the third time, going fully deep.“Oh my god! I’ve never…” Then she trailed off into loud moans and cries of ecstasy.Her knees were up as he slid in so he hooked them under his arms and bent down to her, taking them along. She was pinned to the bed as they kissed, never stopping his slow, long strokes.“I’ve never been filled so full. Oh yes… It’s wonderful. Damn, every stroke seems to find new places to stretch and arouse.”“So you approve so far?”She felt an easygoing closeness to him that had previously only come with long-term lovers. It was actually a bit scary to have these feelings so soon. What if he… No, she would not let her mind go there. Riding the sexual high of the now was all she would allow for—and ride it she did.“I love these long, deep strokes. They have me… You know just how they have me. You could be a devil in disguise. You’re teasing me, but I know you want it just as bad as I do. Ah… Damn… Yes!”“I wanted you bad from the moment I saw you but did not dare hope. Disappointments can happen so quickly.”“You’re disappointed?” she teased“I am thrilled beyond belief!” He gave her two quick, hard thrusts.“God yes! Nooo… Don’t slow down.”“We have all night baby.”“Yes, but right now I’m a very needful thing… daddy,” she said with a grin.At that point, he pulled his eight inches back and started an onslaught of jabs that only penetrated two to three inches. His speed made up for the lack of depth and drove her closer to the orgasm she craved, but not far enough. She responded with moans and cries for more. Her arms flailed around trying to reach him to pull him deeper—all to no avail.Finally, after minutes of keeping her on the edge, he plunged fully in and held himself tight against her. It was more than she needed. Her significant flow of fluid commenced along with her bucking wildly against him. She cried out, between gasps, “Oh Fuck! God I’m… Fuck Yes, Fuck Yes. Damn you! You’ve…” The rest was lost to unintelligible shouts and gasps for breath as her body quivered.He maintained his tight hold and firm pressure against her pussy until the orgasm had run its course. Sensing she was calming down, he released his control, allowing her legs to extend and flop to the bed. Raising up on his arms, he kept his weight off her while they remained connected.“Jesus Christ, I’ve never cum like that! That thrust sent shocks out from my clit to my fingers and toes. I was… I don’t even know… Ravaged, destroyed, consumed, all that and more I think.” Verging on more laughter, she said, “Can I have more please?”“You seem like a multiple girl to me. I’d love to get you going and going and going. Think you can handle it?” A pleased with himself grin spread across his face.“That’ll be the day when a guy can out last me. You’re probably a one shot pony anyway,” she taunted.“Good thing we’ve got all night!” He immediately started pumping her again. No slow motion now, he was into serious fucking, determined to bring her to multiple orgasms before he finally released his seed into her. One shot pony indeed, he intended to prove that totally wrong.The sex and the joyful repartee went on well into the wee hours of the morning. All of their available orifices had been in play at one time or another, and every position they could conjure was used. When they both finally admitted exhaustion, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Mathias had cum four times and Erin had no idea how many orgasms had run through her. She did know that never had she even come close to whatever the number was.  When they awoke around noon, Mathias, never one to cry uncle, rolled her onto her back and began to get on top. She pushed him away. “Oh no big boy. I’ll admit I’m sore. It’s a good, pleasant sore, but nothing is going in there, right now anyway. And look at your cock! It’s red as a beet. You have must have sunburn or some other kinda burn,“ she said, once again laughing in her own special, exuberant way.From that day until this, they had been deeply in love and lust, to the exclusion of all others—excepting their recent foray into the sport-fucking scene of swinging. They had decided to try extending their sexual escapades.~~~~~~After dinner that Wednesday night Matt poured them each a brandy, saying he wanted to talk to her. They walked to the family room.“So what’s on your mind sport?”“Well we agreed that we wanted to expand our sexual horizons so we tried swinging. I think we both agree that did not really work to our satisfaction.”

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