Getting Ready for a Spanking – Part One


Elizabeth had been friends with Ricky for years; they were roommates, best friends, and each other’s biggest supporters. Ricky had always come across very vanilla, and Elizabeth was a freak in the sheets and outside of the bedroom. Needless to say, Elizabeth loved being kinky. Elizabeth had been talking to Ricky for weeks about adding to his experience. She thought he would really enjoy spanking Elizabeth. Spankings had always been a huge turn Ataşehir Escort on for Elizabeth. For weeks Elizabeth practically begged Ricky to spank her. Then, one night after Elizabeth was really pushing her limits being a total brat, Ricky told her that tonight when no one was home, she was going to see what being a little brat will do, and the punishment. Elizabeth could hardly contain herself. She had Ataşehir Escort Bayan wanted to be spanked for so long, and she knew she was only hours away from the dream of being spanked to finally come true! Finally, everyone left the house to go the movies, and Elizabeth and Ricky were home alone. Elizabeth was so excited that she could hardly sit still, and if you were to look at Ricky, anyone could Escort Ataşehir tell that he was so nervous. He told her that when he got out of the shower, she would get her spanking. Spankings had always turned Elizabeth on. Elizabeth knew that Ricky always took long showers, and she figured that with him being nervous, he would be in there even longer and it would give her some time to have a quick orgasm, so she would not make a fool of herself in front of him as he was spanking her. Elizabeth climbed into bed, opened up her phone, and went to look to find something to read. She found a lesbian story that she thought would be interesting, and began to read it. While reading the story, she reached in her nightstand drawer and pulled out her dildo.

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