All Alone on Christmas Eve


It’s Christmas Eve and my ex-husband’s turn to take the kids for the holidays. It had been less than a year since the ink dried on our divorce papers and my on again off again boyfriend decided he didn’t want anyone during the holidays.

I sat in my living room with a roaring fire in my fireplace and the lights twinkling on my Christmas tree.

It only reminded me of Christmas’ past so I turned off the Christmas lights and downed my final bottle of beer before heading to my bedroom with dread. I knew it would be cold and lonely and I wasn’t sure if I could make it through the night in the two-story, five-bedroom house, Mo and I built together. I climbed into my cold, queen-sized bed and turned on the television.

After flipping through channel after channel of movies depicting perfect families leading perfect lives and being home on the holidays I clicked the off button.

“Fuck this shit,” I said to no one. I went back to the kitchen and opened the cabinet under the sink and grabbed a bottle of tequila. “I might as well get myself drunk and pass out and hope I wake up from this nightmare soon.”

I didn’t bother to grab the salt or the lime, instead opting to drink a large gulp of the golden, warm Kadıköy Escort liquid straight from the bottle. Its warmth I felt through me. After one longer gulp from the golden goodness, I put the cap back on its top and headed back to my room.

I hit video on my bedroom TV this time and powered up my DVD player, not sure what I had loaded. Immediately two women came to life on my screen kissing and fondling each other’s tits. It made my pussy wet watching the two woman go at it.

I took off my silk pajamas and tossed them into the floor and climbed into bed.

I began to play with my breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples as the women on my TV screen increased their intensity. The tequila warmed and loosened me up at the same time. Each time I squeezed my tits a little harder. I took the nipples between my thumb and index finger and pinched hard. I moaned and twisted them. I let go of one and reached into the drawer on the nightstand.

Not sure which toy would find my hand first, I grabbed the first thing I found and pulled it out. It was my seasonal shaker—a small, Christmas tree shaped vibrator. The star on the top even glowed. I turned the dial and it roared to Kadıköy Escort Bayan life. I ran it down the center of my body and closed my eyes.

I let go of my other nipple and that hand trailed behind the tree, both making their own way down. As soon as its little points pulsated on my clit I increased its speed. Blood flew to there and I swelled up. I began to move my fingers around the lips and gently spread them as the tree performed its magic on the outside of my pussy.

I took two fingers and spread my lips wide, exposing the head of my clit. I lowered the speed on the dial as rubbed the tree around. I could no longer hold back.

“Oh God,” I moaned. “Fuck me faster you bitch,” I yelled to myself.

“That’s it. Rub my clit you whore. You know how I like it.”

I moved it back and forth, bringing myself close to orgasm but stopping just before I came. I slipped the tree inside me and turned it to full blast. The vibrations on the inside released the tension on the outside.

With it plugging away at my pussy, I ran my hands up my stomach and back to my tits. I grabbed them both hard and rubbed and squeezed. My pussy tightened on the vibrator and it Escort Kadıköy almost slipped out. I pinched my nipples hard, moaning and bucking.

I raise my head up and took one of my nipples into my mouth and bit it. I knew this was one of the perks of having the large fucking sagging breasts but at that moment I didn’t care. It felt so good feeling my teeth graze over the nipple. I bit myself harder and harder until I could feel myself cum.

My juices and vibrator came out of my wet pussy and I stopped my onslaught on my tit. I reached down and grabbed my tree and turned the vibrator off for a few seconds. I brought it to my mouth and sucked my juices, cleaning my tree before I turned it back on and brought it straight onto my clit.

This time I didn’t bother holding back. I moaned and bucked. I rubbed my clit hard and fast and then slow and easy. Each time I could feel myself about to cum. When I knew I was ready, I set the speed to high and flicked my clit over and over.

I screamed and cried out. I threw my head from side to side. My other hand made it’s way to my pussy and I thrust first one finger inside me as the tree ran its branches over me. Before I knew it I had four fingers in me and reached up to feel the vibrations from the inside.

I could no longer hold back. With a fierce thrust and squeeze I again came, my juices soaking my hand. I turned off the vibrator and lay in bed in the afterglow of my own orgasm.

“Merry Christmas to me and to me a good night.” With that, I passed out.

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