Annabelle Heads Back to School


Annabelle threw the last of her bags onto her new bed, sighing with relief, she looked around the room. Her things looked like a moody teenager lived here instead of a 25 year old, deciding that she didn’t care right now, she flopped down onto the bed with her bags and closed her eyes. Thinking back to the road trip she’d just finished, she slowly let out the tense ball of frustration that had been building up inside her. Crazy traffic, icy roads and dangerous drivers were not a good recipe for a peaceful move.

Annabelle had just moved to attend university at Yale from her home in Boston, after finishing up work Friday afternoon, it had been a hectic weekend gathering up all her things and moving her entire life into her small hatchback, and then out again into her new house. Her new roommates weren’t even home to help her move her stuff in! The recent snow on the ground had left an icy sheen on the walkway into the house making the standard walk in the front door much more of an ordeal than it should have been, but none of that mattered now, she was here! Opening her eyes she got back up off the bed and looked around at her messy room, no that simply wouldn’t do, Annabelle was not a messy person and she wasn’t about to start her new adventure with her things strewn across the floor. Moving quickly, she packed away all her clothes into her new (surprisingly spacious) wardrobe and put her laptop on the new desk, before she pulled out a carefully wrapped photo from her bag and put it next to her laptop.

Taking off the layers of bubble wrap, she looked into the eyes of her long term boyfriend John in the photo frame, momentarily tears welled up in her eyes as she wished she could be sharing this new adventure with him. John had been studying abroad this year in London for his business degree, the distance sucked, but Annabelle and John had been dating for years, they’d make it through this. Snapping back into focus, she realised that she was sweaty and tired from putting away all of her things in such a rush, Annabelle listened for a second at the door to make sure none of her roommates had come home yet before slipping her top off onto the floor and walking into the bathroom.

Turning the shower on, she took off her bra (finally) before taking off her jeans, glancing into the mirror as she tossed her jeans back into the room, her eyes slowly wandered up her legs, taking in her smooth skin and toned thighs up to where her panties sat snugly on her hips. Turning slightly, she stuck her butt out a little, ‘nice!’ she thought, Annabelle had always had a big butt, in high school she had hated it, but now it was her greatest asset, and her recent fitness routine of regular jogs, squats and lunges looked like it had started to pay dividends. Hooking her thumbs under the elastic of her panties she slid them slowly off and stepped into the now steaming shower. As the heat and water rapidly wiped the sweat off of her skin, the last few remnants of stress left her as she relaxed into the comfortably firm jet of water.

Turning around to grab her Bostancı Escort body lotion, she let the water massage her back as she squeezed lotion into her hand. Bending over, she started at her feet and moved her hands slowly up her legs, enjoying the smooth sensation of the lotion on her skin, and the sweet fragrance that filled the shower. Rubbing the lotion into her calves, her thoughts turned back to John, remembering how they would shower together back when they were living together. John would come home from the gym, all sweaty and bulked up from his workout, and hop immediately in the shower. Annabelle like to sit on the edge of the bed and watch as he stripped off his gym clothes and strolled confidently into the shower, loving the fact that Annabelle was taking in every inch of his muscled body. Sometimes he would pick her up off the bed and carry her to the shower, as Annabelle pretended to squeal in protest. After they undressed each other and hopped under the water, John would grab her from behind and kiss her neck before grabbing the soap and lathering up his hands. John loved to run his hands up Annabelle’s legs, massaging them gently as he worked up her body until his hands were sliding across her small, perky tits. Annabelle liked how he would circle her nipples with his soapy fingers, before pinching them gently trying to get them all stiff, her breathing slowing as her eyes closed and she focused on enjoying the sensations, pressing her tits forwards firmly into his smooth hands. John would slowly press his chest up against her as he grabbed her tits more firmly, Annabelle feeling his hard cock pressing into her butt, as she began to slowly grind back into him, letting him know how turned on she was. It was so empowering to feel his cock grow harder and harder the longer he played with her tits, and the more she pressed her butt back into him, knowing he was so turned on at the thrill of touching her.

A sputter from the shower head snapped Annabelle out of her daydream, the shower coming back into focus as the water returned to its earlier comfortable stream. She was surprised to find her hands at her tits, with her nipples stiff and firm under her hands. How did that happen, she wondered? Annabelle had been extra horny recently, but the stress of moving and long hours at work recently had stopped her from acting on her sexy thoughts. Turning off the shower, she grabbed her towel and dried off, trying and failing not to brush her already sensitive nipples with the soft towel. Walking naked back into her room, she noticed that she still hadn’t heard any of her roommates yet, either her door was completely sound proof or they weren’t home yet. Not feeling particularly social, Annabelle decided that she could wait until tomorrow before introducing herself properly.

Grabbing fresh clothes from her wardrobe, she picked out a pair of black lacy panties to put on, remembering that they were John’s favourites. Still horny from her shower fantasy, and feeling a bit cheeky, Annabelle decided to take a pic Bostancı Escort Bayan of herself in the panties and send it to John. John loved receiving pictures of her wearing lingerie, and Annabelle loved the feeling she got knowing that he would be turned on just by looking at them. Laying face down on the bed, Annabelle held her phone over her shoulder and took a pic showing off the lacy panties perfectly framing her rounded butt, knowing that this angle was a favourite of his. Sending the pic to John, she saw herself in the full length mirror next to her desk, her cheeks still flushed red from the steamy shower, and her nipples still standing firm and sensitive. Looking at herself topless in the mirror, she realised she had never sent John a topless pic, but then she had never felt as sexy as she did just now. Bending over slightly so that her tits hung tantalisingly from her chest, her nipples standing proudly against her smooth skin, she posed to take the picture. A flash of inspiration caused her to gently slide a hand down the front of her panties, John would practically explode when he saw this! Before she could change her mind she quickly hit send, she had never felt so sexy! Knowing how hard the pics would make John had got her all turned on again. Bringing her hands back out of her panties, her fingers brushed gently against her clit which had become swollen with her arousal. She was already wet! Annabelle never had trouble getting turned on, but this was something else, bringing her other hand up to her nipple she squeezed it gently, loving the sensation that rippled throughout her breast. Continuing to rub her nipples, she sighed with pleasure as she grazed a finger over the front of her panties, tracing a line from the entrance of her pussy up to the elastic of her panties she was shocked at her body’s reaction. She couldn’t help but slide her hand back inside her panties, pushing a finger to the entrance of her pussy, she slid it back up between her lips, bringing the wetness of her pussy up onto her quickly swelling clit.

Noticing that she was practically soaking her panties through and not wanting to ruin them, she quickly slid them off and threw them haphazardly towards the desk, laughing when they fell right on top of her photo of John! He had always loved watching her touch herself, so Annabelle adjusted the panties on the photo frame and turned the frame towards the bed, so his photo would have a great view of frantic fingers rubbing at her pussy. Moving quickly back onto the bed, Anna’s fingers quickly found her clit again, moving quickly in circles while spreading her wetness all over her pussy. The sensations quickly spread throughout her body, as her body cried out for attention after weeks without orgasm. She slowly rubbed back and forth with her middle finger, ring and index fingers slowly opening herself up to give a better angle of her clit.

Enjoying this position for a while, Annabelle quickly realised she was getting close, as she felt the familiar ache of pleasure waiting to release. Escort Bostancı Knowing that it would be worth the wait, she reluctantly pulled her fingers away to recover briefly, hands moving willingly back to her tits and pulling at them to maintain her arousal.

With her orgasm delayed momentarily, she moved one finger into her pussy as she shifted her thumb on top of her clit, rubbing it as she slid her finger in and out, simulating as best she could Johns cock pumping in and out. Her other hand had her nipples swollen and red with desire as she gently flicked at them driving her crazy with arousal. Opening her eyes and looking at John’s picture, she immediately wished that she could have his hard cock between her thighs as she pumped up and down with her hands on his chest, butt slapping noisily as she bounced up and down with Johns hands grabbing at her tits.

Grabbing the next best thing, she grabbed one of her pillows and rolled onto her front, placing a knee either side of the pillow, and lowering her dripping pussy onto the pillow. The new pillow sheet felt soft against her clit as she ground slowly against the pillow, her wetness quickly spreading making it easier for her to slide back and forth. Looking back over her shoulder towards John’s photo, and the mirror next to it, she immediately found out why reverse cowgirl was one of John’s favourite positions. Annabelle’s butt looked perfectly round and tight as she pressedd into the pillow, feeling the pleasure build in her pussy, gasping slightly as the pillow brushed her clit over and over. He must love the sight of my butt bouncing up and down on his cock, she thought, and almost immediately came as she imagined John’s hard cock sliding into her pussy while he slapped and grabbed her ass from behind.

Her hot pussy was slick with wetness as it continued to grind against the pillow, feeling the wetness stream out of her pussy she grabbed her phone from the bed, letting out a low moan as her pussy throbbed with pleasure. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer, and not stopping to think, she hit record and started filming herself, holding the phone up high as she took in her bouncing tits and ass as she ground firmly into the pillow, her pussy finally giving in to the intense pleasure that had been building ever since she hopped in the shower. As she felt her orgasm beginning, Annabelle closed her eyes in pleasure and ground crazily into the pillow, moaning uncontrollably as she came, her legs turning to jelly before collapsing flat out onto her bed in exhaustion. Lying there to regain her breath, her pussy twitched with pleasure as the remnants of her orgasm cycled through her body before she recovered fully. Coming slowly back to her senses, she tried to think of another time she’d cum that hard by herself, with John she had orgasms like that regularly, but she couldn’t remember ever being that turned on her own.

Looking guiltily at her phone, she briefly watched the video she had taken of herself. She and John had never gone this far online before, and this would be entering new territory if she sent the video to him. A brief internal tussle with herself left her with only one conclusion, she trusted John, and the only thing he would do with the video would be to masturbate to it himself. The thought of that image pushed any doubts from her mind. She hit send.

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