Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 83


A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 80). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 83 – Move Ins. Party. Couplings. Seductions


Over the next three months the five men moved in with the rest of the family at the condominium and The Meadows. Carter came first since he had a lease expiring on his apartment. He took a large bedroom on the twenty-ninth floor and turned it into a masculine bachelor pad, complete with more sexy nude photographs taken by Brite Reber at her Minnesota studio. The photos, while borderline pornography, certainly were erotic and visually stimulating to all who visited his chambers. His room at The Meadows was similarly endowed.

As many of us had, we had alternate posters or wall hangings to deploy if and when parents or siblings were due. We figured we were shocking enough as an obvious polyamorous family without needed to flaunt our love of the human body and erotica in anybody’s face.

Deke came next, having rented out with option to buy his condominium on the fringe of the city. He took the far bedroom on the thirtieth floor because it had corner windows and could look out in two directions – east and north. He also liked being close to the main ‘action’ of the family in the condo on that floor. He took a modest size room at The Meadows. He got Alice to help him decorate the rooms. The showcase of the bedroom at the condo was a life-size painting over the bed of Alice that he got KC to paint for him. She was nude, seductively posed, and inviting, of course. He had a giclée of the same picture made for the bedroom at The Meadows.

KC and Ryan worked a deal with her thirtieth floor studio with north light. She moved down one floor to a larger room, and Ryan took over her studio and workroom in the condominium as his bedroom. He was next to Deke and liked the view looking north, particularly the way the city’s lights patterned out towards the horizon at night. Alice again did the decorating. The large photographs over the bed showed each of the ten women currently in the family posed in the nude and looked elegant and desirable. Elsa had arranged for her photograph to be taken while she still didn’t have too much of a baby bump (hidden by strategic placement of her leg). Mel and James had collaborated to do the photographs. Similar photos went on the wall of his bedroom at The Meadows.

Mike and James followed along, choosing to also have some of the larger rooms on the twenty-ninth floor. They too took advantage of Alice’s decorating talent, and the availability of other erotic photographs from my growing collection of erotica. Both men commented that they didn’t know many husbands whose wives would let them put up near pornographic art in their bedrooms. We were exceptional in that regard because the women loved the art as much as the men.

At The Meadows. Deke and Ryan took three consecutive rooms and made a two-bedroom suite with a living room in between. Deke called the middle room the Seduction Center. The middle room had a large screen TV that typically showed either pornography or sports. Of course, all the girls volunteered to try out the Seduction Center and porn to see if it worked as well as the other rooms where similar activities took place.

As I expected, there was a dramatic up-tick in the copulating population in the condo and at The Meadows. Whenever one of the guys was home at least one of the girls would be in his bed being happily satisfied and happily satisfying her lover. Occasionally, two of the men would double up on one of the girls either spit roasting her, or double penetrating her to her shrieks of delight. I watched to be careful that no one got left out of the interactions, and after two months stopped worrying. Inclusion and sharing was the natural instinct for each member of the family.

Just because the men each had their own bedroom didn’t result in a cessation in all the public action in the common rooms or my bedroom on the super bed. Often, especially after working late, I’d get off the elevator to find a small orgy underway in the condo’s living room, or I’d get back to The Meadows from an evening at some gala or a weekend flying lesson to find the patio or living room strewn with copulating couples and threesomes.

I loved the open and uninhibited atmosphere we’d created. I could have been incensed, jealous, and angry, but felt exactly the opposite. Further, I knew Ankara escort that I could join any combination of people to their delight, and I usually did.

We did not have a party for a while after the men were inducted into the family. Everyone seemed busy and distracted with other things, plus some of our outside friends were on various summer vacations. We also had a few visits from different sets of parents, so that slowed things down and resulted in bedroom rather than public room sex.

That set of circumstances, specifically having to hide away from the elders to have sex, got me to thinking about our crazy society. Everyone knows that sex is one of the most basic human needs along with food, shelter, and clothing – depending on climate. We eat together; live together; and dress similarly, but we don’t engage in sex together. Who ever started the idea that sex was a wanton act that couldn’t be viewed or exhibited to other people that loved you? I thought of how much we learned from each other, got inspired by each other, and even shared with each other.

On another topic, I quickly found that I didn’t like Stacy having to work until two a.m. at the Club Infinity as the emcee, head of entertainment, and other miscellaneous jobs while the place was open, and then head home to arrive in the middle of the night and therefore miss all the evening and most important interactions with the family. I was barely seeing her except on her days off. I’d put her in the position, but now I wanted her around with everybody else.

I had a serious career talk with her, and then with Lee – the club manager she’d hired. The result was that he took over her role until a replacement could be found. He also had an idea he wanted to try about ‘promoting’ one or two of the strippers into that role on a monthly basis to see how they handled the additional responsibility. I told him to try it.

My next talks were with Elsa, Greg, and Sean at Darwin Architectural Group. Consequently, Stacy was welcomed back with open arms and even given a better position than she had before I absconded with her to help with the Club. The result was that she came home with Elsa most nights and could be with the rest of us. She confessed that she was happier, however, she still had a lot of sweat equity in the Club and went there many evenings just to touch base with what was going on. Lee always welcomed her with open arms and let her play any role she seemed to want to take on. Since she was free of responsibilities, she often became a guest entertainer, honing a nice little striptease routine that usually brought lots of praise and tips from the late-night horny patrons.

We had a party on September tenth at The Meadows. The fifteen domestic members of the family were there – myself included, plus some of our ‘regulars’: Wes and Scott – our flight instructors, Anna and Vanessa – their fiancées and porn queens, Felicia and Monica – their lovers and mentees in the porn business, Jon and Amber, Andy and Margo, Steve – Sheila’s old fuck buddy, Lucas and Linda Boyd – Elsa’s ICU nurse when she’d been shot, Greg and Sean from Elsa’s work along with their wives Kim and Pam, and Elsa and Cindy’s one night stands Troy and Dan from Atlanta and their wives Janet and Sandy. Some of the others couldn’t make it.

To help with the party at The Meadows, Cindy arranged for Chloe and Zoé to attend, plus two girls who had been at the huge party we had the earlier in the year – Cari and Erin. They would be sexy waitresses for the early part of the evening, and then become whatever they wanted to be after that. Cindy assured me that they all wanted to be full participants in our sex-filled weekend. We had forty people in attendance unless others arrived as guests.

As usual, all the guests arrived with some kind of simple gift such as a bottle or two of wine or some kind of contribution to the food or hors d’oeuvres. I was going to tutor everybody that they should just show up, but Elsa must have read my mind. She pulled me aside and I again got the ‘saving face’ lecture from her. These people wanted to contribute in some way and not be leeches on my largess. I shut up after that.

The party was a smashing success by my standards, and based on the many comments I received during and after things broke up. The weather was still warm, the river swimmable, and the pool delightful. The guys even set up some of the tents near the cabana again for those in the mood to camp out for part of the evening.

I refreshed old relationships having an erotic time with Janet and Sandy, Chloe and Zoé, and Cari and Erin, taking them in pairs into the super bed. I got to administer The Experience to the latter two who had not had the pleasure before. As expected, I ended with two additional women who loved me and thought I walked on holy water. Each girl had thought the party would be a simple orgy, as simple orgies go, but instead left with a new understanding Ankara escort bayan of their body, love, relationships, and a new set of close friends they wanted to be with frequently.

As I courted the women, we’d often have sexy company next to us as we fucked away into the wee hours of the morning in the big bed. I did roam about periodically, and that led to Linda Boyd and I having a romantic interlude, even as Lucas fucked Kim on an adjacent sofa. I ended the evening with Margo, and we cuddled up and slept after our passionate intercourse. By that time, I needed to recharge.

Kim and Pam woke me the next morning to cap off my explorations with our guests. I knew I’d see the porn stars soon, so I didn’t feel unfulfilled that I hadn’t gotten with Felicia, Van, Anna, or Monica even though the urge was there for them.

Sunday afternoon, the guests disappeared from the bacchanal with thanks and fond memories.

Several comments I overheard gave me pause for thought. Troy had expressed regret that he didn’t get to be with Elsa or Cindy. Jon had looked forward to an assignation with Melanie that hadn’t happened. Sean had wanted some time with Izzy, but she too had been elsewhere, so he had a fabulous time with one of our waitresses.

That evening, after cleanup had finished, I took an oblique approach to inquiring about the party. I asked Melanie, “So, who did you have the most exciting time with last night?”

She blushed, and said, “James. The two of us had a really loving time together.” The two looked mooneyes at each other across the room.

I turned to Cindy, “How about you?”

She said, “Oh, I only did two guys last night – Deke and Carter. I was very pleased with the way things went.

I was seeing a pattern; I tried Stacy with the same question. She responded, “I got wrapped up with Lucas except when he did a pretty wife named Kim. I joined in.”

I turned to Elsa and gestured for her to respond to my question. She said, “Ryan and Mike did it for me.”

Sheila anticipated my question. She pointed at Deke and Carter. “I alternated with Cindy on those two. We traded back and forth.”


“I did what you’ve been telling me to do. I had a very sapphic night with KC and Alice. We fucked each other blue with every toy in the book, although Mike did join us at one point.”


She shook her head. “I have my period and had cramps, so I felt kind of out of it. I helped in the kitchen and worked the bar. I made out a little with James, but didn’t want to have sex. He knows how I like to cuddle, so we just sort of hung out and did nothing of note.”

I looked around at the men and women in the circle in confusion. “So you each only had sex with people in our circle – in the family?”

Heads slowly nodded in realization about the truth of the statement.

I asked, “Should we stop having parties with non-family members?”

Everyone looked shocked and took offense at the thought. “OH, NO” resonated around the room from both sexes.

I stood up, “So, do you intend to play outside the family, or have we reached a critical mass where all your erotic needs can be fulfilled at home?”

Heads shook. Some were confused, but voiced a desire to have the others in attendance at our parties. They considered it a rare fluke that things had turned out the way they did.

I spoke, “I had a ball with many of our female guests, and they seemed to respond well to our lovemaking. I am feeling like the odd man out because I strayed outside the family. This is a very uncomfortable feeling.”

I sauntered out of the living room and into my den and shut the door. I really didn’t know what to make of the situation where we held a sex party only the family stayed within the family. I did want the others to talk about it. If there were something that needed to happen, Elsa would let me know.


I sat in the balcony in the VIP area looking down over the dance floor and stage at the Club Infinity. The place was more than half full at this late hour – eleven o’clock – and our favorite stripper Kat had just finished a highly erotic dance that must have raised every dick in the place to a full salute and made the pussies that represented a third of the audience soaking wet. This was a good-sized crowd for a Thursday night. The club was making money. There were unrelated bachelorette and bachelor parties underway as well. Earlier a couple of male strippers had done their thing and then lewdly intervened in each of the female parties to everyone’s delight and gales of laughter. Kat was headed off to tantalize the groom-to-be in one of the bachelor parties; she was barely clothed after her strip to total nudity.

Despite the erotic stage show, about eight couples continued to dance to the small band but watch the show; the women dancers in ultra-sexy apparel that would probably get them expelled from any of the other clubs Escort Ankara in the area. At least one woman was commando; I know because I saw her date lift her skirt so he could squeeze her bare ass as he ground his pelvis into hers; in the process he fully exposed her to the rest of the club to great delight at some of the nearby tables.

At one of the tables on the main floor, Melanie, Izzy, and KC were holding court. They were dressed in revealing and sexy dresses, commando of course, and had been giving off ‘I’m available’ vibes to the entire club. Melanie was the only one of the three displaying her tits with a see-through top, but KC’s top was thin enough to indicate she was excited about the prospect that some new males would pick them up – handsome guys that were hopefully over-sexed, full of stamina, and experienced enough to deliver superb sexual experiences to the three sisters. While they hoped for experience, they also wanted the young men to be innocent enough to have some uncertainty about the success they’d have with the girls.

Sheila and Alice sat alone at another table representing more of the slightly older set than the threesome at the other table. I wanted to eat them up they looked so sexy. Marcia and Stacy sat at a third table, although I had to admit they did look kind of dykey, and I wasn’t sure held the same sex appeal the other two tables did. Stacy had dressed to reveal her tattoos and her piercings.

Cindy had flown left-seat in the Cessna Citation to New York, taking Mark to some kind of investors meeting about the stock in his company – Worthington Industries.

We were all at the Club with the intent to get fucked by handsome strangers. The idea was to put Mark at ease that we were still into open sexual relationships, in this case meaning outside the family. We had become too inbred at the last party for his liking, and when we realized it for ours too. He hadn’t said anything, but he’d been the one to call it to everyone’s attention at the last party a few weeks earlier.

Our five ‘brothers’ had taken the same challenge and gone off to another meat market in the city called Epic. That club catered to a more upscale crowd and had been frequented by some of the homegrown movie and TV stars as well as sports celebrities. None of the guys had ever been to the club, so they were casing the place out to see what kind of action they could find.

The whole situation was peculiar in many ways, and I knew that some people would single us all out as sluts and wayward men. We were all dedicated to each other in multiple loving relationships. Yet, we all loved sex with other, non-family members. In the club that night, we were even looking for what Melanie called ‘strange,’ meaning new cock that we hadn’t had the pleasure of fucking yet. Despite our fetish or perverted ways, none of our other relationships were in the least way threatened. In fact, most made the argument that our behavior strengthened them.

As I watched through the thick glass of the balcony into the throng below, three single good-looking males near their age moved in on the succulent trio of Melanie, Izzy, and KC. If they liked the men, the plan was for the girls to use the sex room in the club. They’d have to pass right by me to get there, unless someone approached me first, an unlikely event since I sat alone and away from the main flow of clubbers. There was a reason I sat alone.

I was an unlikely candidate for sex because of my highly visible baby bump. Were I to have been with any of the other girls, I was a sure thing to bring all action to a stop. Who on earth would want to hook-up with a pregnant lady? I was clearly showing my ‘delicate’ condition. I had dressed as sexy as I could given the circumstances, but the bulge was hard to hide and all my tight dresses that rated as ‘hot’ would no longer fit around my bump.

The three guys got Melanie, KC, and Izzy on the dance floor. They were working up a frenzy as the fast music excited the club. I saw Melanie give the bandleader a subtle nod, and about two minutes later the music transitioned to a slow, romantic number. All three girls plastered themselves against their new acquaintances.

A voice I didn’t recognize spoke from behind me, “You look lonely up here all by yourself. Would you care to dance?” I turned and smiled at the handsome older man who had taken it upon himself to come and find me. I wasn’t hiding, I was just not on the main floor.

I said in disbelief, “Right here?”

“This is as good a spot as any and no where near as crowded as the dance floor down below.” He took my hand as I rose and we assumed a somewhat intimate dance position as we swayed to the music. My bump immediately rubbed against his midsection. He said, “My name’s Matt.”

“Elsa,” I said and gave him my megawatt smile. “Pregnant Elsa in case you didn’t notice.” My remark was the ultimate in understatement.

“You were by yourself up here in the VIP section. I watched you for a while, thinking that someone would come and claim you, but alas you appeared to be a lone voyeur. I hope it’s all right that I came upstairs without asking anybody.”

“Oh, it’s fine. On the weekends there’s someone limiting access, but Thursday is not the weekend.”

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