Housewife In Passionate Love With Young Libyan!


My husband is a chief engineer in the petroleum industry. For the last ten years he has been working with a multinational oil company operating offshore production platforms in Tunisia. His job implies traveling to other neighboring countries such as Libya, Algeria and Egypt. One day he came back from work and told me that he had been invited to attend a major conference on risk management in Tripoli, Libya.He would like me to go with him as the conference program included two social evenings for participants and their spouses. I welcomed his suggestion but expressed some concern about our four kids while being away from home. He reassured me that he would ask his mother to come to our place and look after them during our ten days’ absence.I spent the next day preparing for our trip like packing items we should take and also arranging things for my mother-in-law to see to my four children.Our departure to Tripoli was scheduled for Friday morning from Sfax Airport at eight a.m. The flight would take over two hours. At Tripoli International Airport we were met by a young Libyan who introduced himself as the person assigned by his company to help us with hotel accommodation and take us around places we wish to visit during our stay in Libya.His name is Hamad, good-looking, athletically built, probably in his early twenties. My husband and I followed our guide who carefully put our cases in the car boot and drove off to our hotel located on the coast of Tripoli. Hamad took care of filling out the forms when we checked in at the reception and insisted to see our hotel suite as he had to make sure that all facilities were available.The suite consisted of a spacious bedroom with a king-size bed, a small sitting room, a bathroom, and a small guest room with a sea view. Everything seemed fine. Before he left, Hamad told us that he had instruction from his employer to take us for dinner at a French restaurant in town.He would therefore be back to pick us up around eight that evening. To return the compliment my husband invited him to have dinner with us, which he accepted with great pleasure. Before leaving Hamad gave us his business card and told us to call if we needed anything. We thanked him for his help and assured him of our appreciation for his warm welcome.To tell you the truth, my husband and I had met challenges in our sexual life for the last four years. Making love had become a rarity and when it happened it turned out to be a fiasco, particularly on my husband’s side. As time went by my husband’s sexual performance got poorer and my sexual drive increased Üsküdar Escort tenfold.The idea of visiting Tripoli at this point in time was to me a “puff of oxygen” that could extenuate my sexual frustration and it hopefully would be an opportunity to spice up our love as husband and wife. It might put an end to our isolation.Hamad came on time and the three of us headed to the French Restaurant in town. It was dinner at candlelight with romantic music in the background. My husband sat next to me and Hamad faced me.Hamad started telling us about his situation in Tripoli. He said that he studied sociology at the Tunis University, and he graduated a year ago. Soon after graduation, he returned to his native country Libya. He didn’t have to wait long before he landed a job at the Public Relation department of an oil company based in Tripoli.The pay was good, but he missed the pleasant lifestyle he used to have in Tunis while being a student. He felt bored as a young single adult in a country which is deeply conservative, and intolerant compared to Tunisia. My husband and I sympathized with Hamad and told him that he would be welcome any time to visit us and stay with us.We also assured him that we have two sons, the eldest is probably two or three years younger than him, and two daughters, one is most likely the same age as he is. Hamad was delighted to hear that and promised to keep saving up for visits to us in Sfax, Tunisia.We then left the restaurant and Hamad drove us back to our hotel. He also said that he would be taking my husband to the Company headquarters at eight and that he suggested he’d return to the hotel with the idea of taking me visit places of interest in the Greater Tripoli area if I wished. Benny and I welcomed the idea.Hamad took leave and we both went into our suite as we both needed some rest and sleep after a busy and eventful day. I couldn’t sleep right away. I kept thinking of Hamad and felt somehow that I was getting sexually attracted to him, but I tried hard to dismiss such feelings when I thought he was practically as old as my son Daly.I tried hard to ignore these feelings, but they kept invading my heart and fancy even when I was asleep. To me it was sexual attraction and chemistry at first sight. There was no way I could share these thoughts with my husband. I knew he would be devastated. So, I decided to keep him in the dark and happy in his ignorance.When I woke up in the morning, I found out that my feelings for Hamad intensified and my sensation of guilt at being sexually attracted Üsküdar Escort Bayan to him vanished from my mind. It was like being reborn, wiping out all sentiments of faithfulness to my husband of twenty years, and feeling like a twenty-year-old housewife.Hamad came to pick up my husband and suggested to return about lunchtime to take me to visit places of interest in and around Tripoli. I welcomed the idea with the consent of my husband.I then started to make myself beautiful and sexy. I waxed my pubic hair and had a bath after spraying my body with Givenchy and Alien perfumes. I also chose my underwear with knickers that would make it easy to finger and caress my clitoris.My breasts are so attractive that no male could resist being infatuated with them. I, therefore, put on bras that highlighted my cleavage. It would also allow any male to remove the sexy item and be greeted with my fully erect tits. All my selected underwear would pave the way for Hamad, I hope, to get attracted to my body and hopefully move forward in the direction of starting a sexual relationship.I really wanted to enjoy my stay in Tripoli and maybe I’d have uninhibited fun for a few days as our children were home and we were away from any source of embarrassment.I am a beautiful woman, curvaceous and willowy with long black hair and the most amazing fiery brown eyes that express every emotion, and every feeling I have.I have a two-piece suit for wearing around our pool. It was a semi-sheer thong, just a triangle at the bottom held by three thin straps. The top was made of two see-through triangles of cloth, held by a single strap top and bottom. It was very revealing but only suitable for wearing around our very secluded pool. Hubby loved it.I also brought my bikini in case I fancied a swim which was also bought for the occasion and just as sexy as any item I would like to wear when on holiday.It was about an hour earlier that Hamad came over to pick me up for a tour. I opened the door, not thinking it was him.“Put your clothes back on, you’ve got company.” Little did he know how close to the truth he was.I quickly grabbed my shirt from the back of the chair, slipped it on over my skimpy little outfit, and did up two buttons in the middle. Without missing a beat, I smiled and invited Hamad to sit down and relax.“You early aren’t you,” I commented.“I came straight from work, thinking of having an extra hour with you,” he said.“Do I look beautiful?” I ventured to ask.“You look amazingly charming!” Hamad said.”Do I look like a Libyan?” he asked…I Escort Üsküdar answered promptly, “Not at all! I thought you were French or Italian?”“To tell you a little about my family background, my grandpa was married to a Swedish lady and therefore my father had mixed blood,” Hamad explained.“In his turn, my father got married to a lady from the Netherlands and that perhaps explains why I look partly Middle eastern and partly Caucasian,” he added.As I opened a couple of beers for us, Hamad brought me up to date on his job in Tripoli while his family was in Benghazi.“I want to be closer to Tunisia as I often feel nostalgic about my best years there,” he explained.“You must be feeling a great deal of stress being away from your former university mates and your soccer team players!” I commented.However, it was his reply that started it all. He replied that, with the lack of entertainment he was having here, he hadn’t dated or had sex for three months, and THAT was causing him tremendous stress!!“You know, I’m so horny I could bang a baboon’s bum bare-back!” he went on to say.I had just taken a gulp of my drink, and the thought of Hamad and the baboon made me lose it, coughing and spluttering with mirth. Hamad grabbed a towel and helped me clean up, getting a real eyeful as he did so, as my oversize shirt I was wearing had gaped open, and he could clearly make out the curls of my pubic hair and the slit of my mound through the semi-sheer material of my thong panties. I quickly recovered my composure and pulled the shirt closed.Hamad’s joke set the tone for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I started to tease him mercilessly about missing all the beautiful girls in Tunisia. I of course felt sorry for him and took his side in wishing to return to Tunisia.Hamad, on the other hand, was enjoying my company immensely. He was giving as much as he got from me, and enjoying the attention he was getting from me, who kept the beers flowing.I could see him catching a peek at me every time I leaned over the table, as the shirt would fall away from my body, and he could see my breasts through the transparent material of my bikini top. I seemed quite unaware of the effect I was having on him…The conversation returned to Hamad’s sexual frustration, and I started making outlandish suggestions as to how Hamad could deal with it, each suggestion getting more and more hilarious. And that’s when Hamad dropped the bombshell. In amongst the ludicrous suggestions.“Mimi, how about having for me for the night?” he jokingly asked.“I promise to take real good care of you. You know, rreeeaaaalllll good care of you!!!” Then I laughed.“Sure, no problem. All you have to do is convince my husband.” I laughed back at him.I blushed, went from pink to red, to crimson. I laughed at how embarrassed I felt.“Are you serious?” I asked.“Dead serious, Mrs. B,” he confirmed.

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