The End of the Road


“He stepped down, trying not to look long at her, as if she were the sun, yet he saw her, like the sun, even without looking.” – Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy)

The words of Tolstoy whisper in his mind as she steps into the room. He can not bring himself to look upon her, knowing that even now she still forgives him.

He keeps his head down looking at the old logging map under flickering candle light. The cabin has been a God send but it won’t be safe for long. She stands beside the bed watching him.

“They’ll have road blocks up here,” he says pointing. “And here as well. They think they have us hemmed in now.”

“Couldn’t we just wait it out here,” she asks.

“No,” he says. “They’ll move in soon, checking house to house.”

She waits as he pours over the map.

She knows no one can understand why she loves him. He is irrational and wild, his life a series of poorly made choices leading here to this cabin in the woods, trapped and waiting for the FBI to finally take them in.

Bank robber was not something she had ever thought she would be called. She was intelligent, well educated and measured in her thinking. At least she had been before she met Tom.

He was gentle and loving, even now as there world closed in around them, but he was perilous as well and she had followed him blindly.

“Here,” he says brightening suddenly but still not raising his head.

His finger traces slowly acroos a faint line in the old weathered map.

“An old logging track. See.” He raises the map and shows her the thin black line running through a green section of the map. It winds sharply left and right like a river as it cuts through the mountains but he was right, it comes out past the checkpoints.

“They’ll know about it,” she says.

“Maybe,” he says. “But this is an old map and the track isn’t used anymore. It’s not even on the new map, look.”

He brings out another map, lying beneath the first.

“See it’s not there in this one. They might not even know it exists.”

“Perhaps it no longer does,” she says.

For this he has no answer but he does not look defeated yet.

“Let’s go,” he said. “It’s our only chance.”

She knows he is scared now and that it is not for himself. She has long known that he does not care if he dies.

She has always known that sooner or later they would be caught and when that happened they will Be killed.

They will fill him full of holes like Bonnie and Clyde. There will be no trial for them, they have been on the run for too long now and been too much trouble. There end will be swift and violent.

“And,” she thinks. “It will happen tonight.”

An understanding that for all his eternal optimism and hope they will never make it to Mexico comes over her and for the first time she is truly afraid herself.

In the car she sits beside him on the bench seat, his arm around her shoulder holding her close. They need to look relaxed, like honeymoon lovers but the fifty thousand in the boot of the car burns into her mind as she realises the case it is in sits uncovered. If they pull them over it will be the first things they see.

The turn off isn’t far. It is a slightly overgrown gap in the trees and they pass it by three times before they find it.

In sincan escort the headlights they can vaguely see the path it takes between a canyon of heavy timber. There is undergrowth sprouting along it’s length but not enough to stop them. Not yet anyway.

“What do you think?” he asks.

“I trust you,” she says.

He knows it is a lie. She is too smart to trust him, not after the years of disasters that she has been following him through. Her lie makes the knot in his stomach tighten even harder and he considers surrender.

“If we just give in maybe they will spare her,” he thinks.

But he knows better than that. The G men have a target fixed on both their heads and will shoot them down and think of an excuse later.

The track, if it could still be called that, sits silent in the headlights. Beyond the beams there is a great blackness, almost as great as the fear in his chest.

“This way leads death,” she thinks and he moves the car slowly forward, running down a few shrubs standing at the entrance, the car rolling over great lumps of rock.

“If they are in the forest,” she thinks. “They’ll spot us for sure. This is no place for a honeymoon.”

The black night envelopes there car as it moves down the track, vanishing from the highway.

“We’ll get to Mexico,” he says. “Start a new life down there. 50 g will go a long way in Mexico.”

In the darkness she smiles at him and lets her head rest on his shoulder, her hand on his chest. She closes her eyes and feels her body sway with the movement of the car, like a lifeboat being tossed around in a storm at sea.

She drifts slowly from the world, not quite sleeping but dreaming none the less. Their bodies entwined, no longer in the car but drifting down the road.

“I’m flying,” she thinks

Now his arms held her neck and she knows that if he let go he would fall to the ground a few feet below. It was not far but she would not be able to stop. This flight is beyond her control, there is no stopping and no turning back.

She hears a sound of running feet behind her and turns to see the G men are behind them, the bloodhounds have their scent and the gap is closing.

It is how she knew it would end.

She wakes with a start and realises they have stopped. They are in the middle of the track but it ends here, a thick row of trees blocking their path in every direction but backwards, the space so tight they can’t even turn the car around.

He is looking at her and she knows he is beaten at last.

“This is it then,” he whispers. “It’s over.”

She knows he is right and does not try to argue. This last desperate attempt was never going to succeed and they had both known it. She was relieved, a great weight taken from her body.

She leans in close and kisses him on the lips then pulls back when he does not respond.

He still can’t look at her, his guilt and shame too great.

“No regrets,” she says. “I followed you down this path with open eyes. We came here together you and I.”

“And we’re going to die together,” he says.

“I know,” she says. “We have both always known. So no regrets now.”

She leans forward again and turns his face toward hers and this time their eyes meet under the dashboard light.

They demetevler escort bayan move closer together and kiss again briefly before he turns off the cars engine and switches off the lights.

It is pure darkness now. They are cut off from one another, invisible and alone. She moves across to him and sits across his body, their groins rubbing together in the darkness.

“If we have to die,” she thinks “let it be like this.”

She fumbles blindly in the dark for his buckle and finds it at last, deftly unclasping it and finding his penis, already hard, she takes it in her hand and rubs it against her moistening pussy.

The fear is still tightly gripping her and adds an edge to her desire that has her gasping already. She senses a feeling of reluctance in him as he keeps his hands limp at his side and she knows he feels too guilty to take her in his arms.

“Lover,” she says. “I have chosen this.”

She kisses him again and then moves slightly down, kissing his neck and chest, tearing aside his shirt as she descends.

His breathing becomes short and she positions herself on all fours beside him on the bench seat, her mouth still kissing around his stomach before she licks the head of his cock then wraps her lips around it, tasting a drop of precum, her fear now replaced by desire and a last lustful embrace of life.

She hears him groan as her mouth sucks hard on his growing length, taking him down to the base with the first bob of her head.

She wants to show him that she loves him still, that even at the end of the road that they have literally come to she still wants him, still loves him and would do anything for him.

Desperate to distract him she sucked tightly on his shaft, her tongue encircling it back and forth as she coated his cock with her salvia.

She took him deep into the back of her throat and he cried out as her throat contracted as she gagged on the thick head. His hands began to grip her hair and she knew he was with her again as his hips rose and fell on the seat in time with her bobbing head.

She wants him to cum now, to feed her one last load of his sperm, she wants to taste him as if feeding on his life force. Her fear is still tight within her and this time it is for his life that she is afraid.

Without him her life is aimless wandering.

She needs him to cum, she wants to savour his taste one last time, if she lives and he does not she wants this moment to remember.

She takes his cock out of her mouth and pulls his pants down fully, releasing his balls. Knowing the feeling of her tongue on his testicles sends him over the edge she licks it, softly at first but then building faster and faster until she enguls the whole sack, moaning passionately as his scent fills her nostrils.

He grips her hair and guides her mouth back onto his cock, bucking his hips rapidly.

“I’m cumming,” he shouts and she takes him deeper into her mouth as the cum rises then erupts in a torrent inside her mouth, splashing over her tongue and teeth until her mouth is filled ith his seed.

She doesn’t swallow but leaves it in her mouth, letting it swim inside of her, the scent of him rich within it.

At last she has to swallow as her breath runs short and she focuses all her mind on the feeling of it being absorbed into her body through her throat.

They lie side by side in the darkness and she feels peaceful at last. They have been running for so long she can barely remember the last time they were able to sit still like this.

She listens to him breathe, resting her head on his chest and wishing this night would not end.

He rubs her shoulders gently and wishes he could think of something to say to her. She has followed him through years of disaster without question and with no word of criticism.

“You should have married that lawyer,” he says at last.

“I never told you this,” she says. “But he hit me. He hit me many times, that’s why I left him. That’s why I love you, that is why I have stayed with you. You’re a fool, but a loving fool.”

“A fool that has gotten you killed,” he says.

“Not yet,” she says.

“Soon,” he says. “There’s no way out on the highway and no way through the forest. The hounds will close in soon. They’ll find us.”

“I know,” she says.

He feels her move again, her leg moving over him and knows what she has in mind. He feels her pubic hair tingling against the head of his penis, causing it to harden against the wet lips of her vagina. She leans forward, smothering him with her bare breasts and he moves his head, taking one breast in his hand while the other sucks her nipple.

She sighs as she lowers herself on to his hardness, the shaft sliding comfortably inside her body. She rises and falls on him as he suckles her breasts, their soft moans filling the darkness and breaking the silence of the forest.

She increases the speed of her bouncing and moves her hands to either side of his head and raises his lips to her own. Their lips part, allowing their tongues to explore one another’s mouths. They breathe as one.

His cock grows harder inside her but he stifles his climax, moving his thumb to her clit he massages it causing her to whimper as her climax rises then bursts in a short sharp shock which seems to blend with another more slowly building climax growing inside of her.

He releases her clit and grips her hips, grinding her up and down on him as her breasts dance before him, slapping together as she bounces.

“Cum inside me,” she pleads. “It doesn’t matter anymore. I want to feel your cum inside of me.”

He tenses and his climax finally breaks free, his orgasm more intense than anything he has felt in his life. An image from his first wet dream as a teenager passes before his eyes.

It is of a bear trap snapping into place. The trap falls around him and as it snaps the orgasm rocks his whole body a feeling that is stronger than himself and cannot be contained.

She feels the liquid erupt inside of her and hears him crying out.

Suddenly a light flashes into her eyes. She looks up and sees a row of torch lights coming around the corner of the narrow mountain track not fifty feet away.

She looks down at him in the torch light but he doesn’t look back at her.

The lights grow closer but still he stares down.

“Will you not let me see your eyes,” she says. “Why won’t you look at me.”

“Because you are the sun,” he says. “And I see you even when I look away. Your light is too bright and I am too ashamed.”

“Why?” she asks. “I followed you freely.”

“And I have extinguished your light,” he says as their windows explode, little flashes of gunpowder dancing in the air around them.

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