A boat trip


A Holiday on the Boat: That didn’t only listened boring it HAS to be boring. And my parents thought that we should have such a holiday. They said it would be relaxing. We drove about 6 hours only to get on the boat. The little Harbour laid somewhere in East-Germany. It laid near a little channel that linked two little lakes and there were several little Vacation-Houses. It looked like from a postcard. We checked in at the reception and after that we could get on the little boat (it was about 10 meters. That isn’t much for 3 Persons and 1 week). Then I saw something that let me thought that week doesn’t has to be that boring.
She was about 14 (I was 15 on this time), had smooth long brown hair, wasn’t that tall and had very pretty face and a nice little ass. In one word she was cute.
I saw her a few times on that day and flirted a bit with her but nothing serious. All I found out was that her name was Milena. We found out that we were living just 10 miles away from each other. At last I said that I have to get back to our boat (we slept in the harbour that night). She answered that we’ll see us in one week because of the party that would be given when the boats are back in the harbour. I didn’t knew that but I was glad that I would see her again.
The rest of the week was pretty boring but I had a lot of Jack-off material now. The last day was pure torture. We came back in the harbour late (at five o’clock or so) and the party was just about to start. As we got to the barbecue I looked for her. And she wasn’t hard to find.
With her black dress she could have been at the opera, too.
I sat me near her and we ate our stakes. Slowly it began to get dark. The birds were singing and a light breeze brushed over the harbour. She said “Hey, its boring just sitting here. Can I invite you for a little walk?” I was near fainting, but I was clear enough to say “Yes, of course”. We walked for about ten minutes as we Eskişehir Escort came to a little hut which was build on the water. I said that we could sit down there and chat a bit. “Of course” she replied. It was now near total darkness and the lights were put on. In the little hut someone had light up some candles. “How was your trip?” I asked her” It was nice, but a little boring. And yours?” Melina answered. I looked at her and said “This is the best day of the whole week” “Was it that bad?” “No, but the party and that all is just very cool”.
Suddenly she said “Hey, do you want to play `truth or dare`?” I had just played this game on several birthday parties when I was younger, but I’ve heard some promising stories about what could happen. With a light tremble in my voice I said yes.
“Ok! Truth ore dare?” she asked me. “Hmm, truth, I guess” “Ok. Do you ever kissed a girl?” That started to get interesting. “Yes, I did. It was my first girlfriend but we broke up a year ago. She is the only girl that I ever kissed until now. Now, truth ore dare?” “Truth, too, I think” “Ok, do you ever kissed a boy?” She slipped towards me leant over and kissed me. “Yes, I kissed you” Whow! I’ve expected much but NOT that! I’ve never had such an hard-on and it hurted cause I weared a jeans. ”Ok it’s your turn again truth or dare?” she asked. “Dare, this time” I said, still a little bit shocked. “Ok, I dare you to jump in the water” “What??” I could not believe it. The water wasn’t dirty at all but it was cold although we had summer. “You chose dare” she said in an innocent voice.
So I took off my sweatshirt and my T-shirt (I swear I could hear her whistling as I took it off) my socks and at least the jeans. I climbed on the handrail so that she couldn’t see my hard-on and for a second I stand there and looked at the water. It was about 1.5 meters under me, and then I jumped. The impact in the water wasn’t hard and Eskişehir Escort Bayan at first it wasn’t cold. But after a second or two it was indeed cold. “I dare you to come in to me!” I shouted. “I didn’t choose dare” “Of course you did “I hoped that she would come in to me.
“ Ohh Ok, I’ll come in” I couldn’t believe it! She was standing there, pulling her dress off under which she weared just a little bra and panties. She climbed on the handrail, too and I had a very good sight of her panties. She jumped and landed near me. She screamed”Uah, that’s cold!” I nodded “Yes it’s very cold. Come let’s swim to our boat for drying” We swam to our boat and climbed the little ladder at the backside, which lead to my cabin.
As I got two towels we dried up.” Can I have a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from you?” Milena asked. “Of course. Wait a moment please” I got her a pair of black shorts and a red shirt. But she didn’t went to the bathroom or told me to turn around as she removed her panties, she just started to pull them off, and I stand there, totally paralyzed from the view I’ve got. It was the first time I saw a pussy of a girl (except in porn) She just smiled at me and said”I don’t think that we need them this night”
Before I knew what she was about to do she came towards me and kissed me on the lips. She grabbed for my pants and removed them. “Hey, what’s up? You don’t look very happy?” She asked. I don’t replied but a grabbed for her bra and unhooked it “That’s what I’m talking about” She shouted. I carefully reached for her breasts and she groaned very lightly. I massaged them for about five minutes and her nipples were rock hard. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and led me in my cabin.
She kneeled in front of me and wanted to start sucking my cock, but I said” You don’t have to do that If you don’t want to” “It’s ok” she said. And five seconds later I was that she didn’t rejected. It was Escort Eskişehir wonderful. No it wasn’t. It was like pure heaven. She caressed the head lightly with her tongue and as I told her I was close cumming, she didn’t stopped and swallowed the whole load. I couldn’t see how much it was, but it felt much more than the times I jacked-off.
“It’s your turn” Milena said in an innocent voice. She laid on the bed and spread her legs wide. The view I got was priceless. I leant forwards and lightly touched her pink pussy lips. I started licking them and I flicked with my tongue between her lips. Slowly I sticked my tongue deeper inside and elicited her a very load moan. She moant the whole time until she was finally cumming. I licked the whole juice from my bed and her legs and I enjoyed it very much.
“Lay on the back o the bed” She said. So I did, and somehow she was climbing with wide spread legs on the bed and positioned my now rock hard cock direct under her dripping wet pussy. She lowered her body very slow and as her outer pussy lips touched the head of my cock, it was like a whole new world was opening.
She lowered further and further and finally she sat at my stomach, my whole cock was inside of her. I asked her if she had sex before, because I didn’t broke her hymen, and she said no, but she broke it with her dildo. She started bouncing up and down, going faster with every stroke, and with every stroke our moans were getting louder.
I grabbed her tits and laid her on her back and continued fucking her. I felt something big building up inside me and I said that I was close cumming. She said“Yes, yes, I’m toooo!” we came simultaneously and after I shot my load we both slept an hour or so, with my cock inside her. As we woke up it was near midnight and I slowly pulled my cock out of her. It was a feeling of loosing something very important.
We went to the shower and I fucked her again as we washed each other. We returned to the party and no one of our parents recognized something. I gave her my phone number and she gave me hers. I drove as often as I could to her and we both fucked every time. It was the best friendship I ever had…

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