A Family Affair Ch. 09


A/N — I’d uploaded Chapter 8 before receiving most of the comments for Chapter 7. Seems a comment I posted left a few noses out of joint regarding the eventual reduction of how many lovers Mark is going to have. I said it was ‘in the future’. A harem of lovers will remain at the end of this story but, yes, it will be smaller. I will be ending this story when children are born. Though this story has been nothing but pure fantasy, I do anchor most of my stories with at least some realism. And, let’s be honest, the introduction of children does change a relationship, and will certainly change the dynamic of the household I’m writing about. Having nine lovers was almost too much to write about at some stages, but I’ve had a lot of fun writing about these characters and hope you’ve enjoyed it just as much. At the end of the day, this is simply a hobby and I get enjoyment just from crafting and writing a story, even if it is nothing but silly fun.

At the time of posting this, I’m in the middle of Chapter 17. The harem still remains in full, though other relationships are starting to form. If you don’t like lesbian sex, oooh, you’re gonna be in for a bad time. Otherwise, I aim to finish this off by Chapter 20 unless there is a loud clamour for this to continue further on. But I do have other projects I’d like to finish, or even start, should I find the time.

I’m not going to spoil anything otherwise.



Katie would admit that, when she’d started her role as a physiotherapist, when she was working on a certain type of man who was obviously fit, looked after himself, and was rather attractive, it was difficult to remain entirely professional at times. She never did anything untoward to put herself in danger of losing her job or of at least being accused, even something harmless like a little flirting, but more than one patient had offered to meet up for drinks afterwards. She declined each and every time, not wanting to be considered unprofessional, nor was she actually interested.

She was in the middle of updating a patient file when her colleague wandered in, stating there was something at reception for her. “What is it?” she wondered.

“Just come and see, Katie.”

Saving the patient file, she followed her colleague out to the reception to find an enormous bouquet of flowers. Before she could ask, the receptionist said they were her. “For me?” she asked, “Who the hell is sending me flowers?”

She couldn’t help smile, though, as they were her favourite flowers. In fact, it was a mixed bouquet. Colourful. Delightful scents. And all the flowers she either loved or simply found pretty. She looked for a card and did find a small one. Opening it, there was a simple message inside.

You’re a special young woman and I’m glad you’re part of my life.

“Any idea who?” her colleague asked.

She had to scratch her head. “No idea. Maybe one of my patients who has hit on me before?”

“It’s your birthday in a couple of days, right? Maybe someone is making their intentions known.”

“True about the birthday, but would I really be interested in someone hitting on me while doing my job? I’m a professional just doing what I’ve been taught and trained to do.”

She wasn’t going to complain about receiving flowers, though, so happily took them back to the office she shared with another colleague. Immediate questions followed, and it was the talk of the office for the rest of the day, many trying to figure out who her secret admirer was. Thankfully, it was only a couple of hours until she could clock off for the day, carrying her flowers out to her car. Getting behind the wheel, she couldn’t help grin slightly. She might not know from who, but it was still a nice surprise.

Walking in the house with them upon arriving home, Amy noticed them in her hand and she was inundated with a million questions as to who they were from. Showing her the card that came with them, Amy giggled, wondering who it could possibly be. “Anyone you know?” her sister wondered.

“I wouldn’t have a clue, to be honest,” she admitted.

“Well, they’re beautiful, Katie. Maybe an early birthday present?”

“That’s what the girls at work thought too.”

Her twin sister thought it rather funny that she received flowers. She thought that typical. Her twin would probably like flowers herself, but it didn’t exactly fit her personality. Their mother thought it was a delightful gesture, though joined in with herself and Amy in wondering who it was. Cousins and aunts wandered in while Amy and Caroline prepared dinner. Mark was the last to walk in as he was doing long days at his job, trying to make as much money as possible for all the things he had planned.

“Nice flowers,” he said, “Whose are they?”

“Mine,” Katie replied, “Someone sent them to where I work.”

He immediately glanced at her twin. “Was it you?” he asked Deborah.

“Why the fuck would I send her flowers?”

“Well, it is your birthday in Çanakkale Escort a couple of days. And she is your twin sister. You know her best.”

“No, it wasn’t me. Was it you?”

That made him snort. “Me? What the fuck would I know about flowers?”

“Hmmm. I have to agree with him there,” Caroline said, “Never seen him show any interest in flowers.”

“Only when you’re bent over tending to your flowers outside, Mum, though that’s more about that fine arse of yours and not the flowers.”

She threw a tea-towel at his face, laughing away. “You are incorrigible at times, Mark, but thank you, sweetie.”

“I know. Anyway, nice flowers, Katie. I’m going for a quick shower before dinner.”

She moved the flowers during dinner so everyone could see each other while they were eating, ensuring the conversation flowed as always. Deborah continued to tease her about the secret admiring, left thinking it was probably one of her clients. If she thought about it honestly, that was probable. If they’d been waiting for her at home, that would have been concerning. Even though she was nothing but professional whenever with someone, she knew being an attractive young woman would still garner attention.

Heading to bed later that night, her twin sister did poke her head through the door. “Wasn’t too much?”

The question made her laugh. “You’re my twin, Debbie. I know what you’re like, remember?”

“Still, you got flowers, they’re beautiful, but even I’m wondering who the fuck sent them.”

She shrugged. “Must be one of the guys I do therapy with. A couple of them are rather handsome, and though I don’t even flirt with them, you know what some are like. Just being friendly can be slightly misconstrued.”

“Want some company tonight?”

“Always, but just to sleep. It was a long day.”

“Me too. I’m going to crash as soon as you turn off the light.”

There were no surprises at work the next day, though plenty of questions from her colleagues about figuring out who sent her the flowers. She admitted to not really knowing who, but whoever had sent them must have taken a good guess at what she liked, and that she naturally received questions and teasing from people at home as well.

Waking up next to her twin on her birthday, they set their alarm an hour earlier so they could make love before getting up. Her twin ended up on top of her, spinning around and lowering her pussy to her mouth, savouring her taste as she did every time. She’d happily admit that Deborah could eat pussy better than herself. Her only female lovers had been in the family. Her twin sister had numerous lovers of both sexes before making the decision to be with only the family too.

She came first. She usually did whenever they made love. There was just something about being intimate with her twin sister that made every time they were together special. At least they no longer had to be silent, crying out as she enjoyed her orgasm. Deborah chuckled before she turned around to kiss her, tasting her pussy on the lips of her twin. “Nothing like a birthday orgasm,” she whispered, “Now time for yours, Debbie.”

Laying her sister down, Deborah spread her legs nice and wide, her pussy looking incredibly inviting. She licked her lips at the sight, which made her sister giggle. “Katie, there are moments like this when I love you more than ever.” Feeling heat creep up into her cheeks, she attacked the pussy of her twin, causing her to cry out loudly. “Fuck, and that’s even better…”

Her twin lasted five minutes before she enjoyed an orgasm of her own. Katie knew her body as well as she knew her own. Soon as it passed, Deborah dragged her up so she could kiss her again, pressing their bodies together as they ended up on their side, no surprise that fingers ended up between the legs of each other.

“Fuck,” she moaned.

“Why not another one?” Debbie whispered.

Sometimes, there was nothing better than Debbie’s fingers inside her as she knew exactly where to poke and prod. Her fingers were buried in her twin’s pussy. That’s when their mother knocked and opened the door, smiling at what she saw on the bed. Slipping inside and closing the door, she sat on the edge of the bed. “Happy birthday, girls,” she said softly.

“Oh god,” Deborah moaned softly, “Mum…”

Katie grinned as her mother ran a hand down the side of her twin, removing her fingers as those of her mother slid inside her twin. She gasped and immediately caught a sob, her mother leaning down to kiss her twin. “I love you, baby,” her mother whispered.

“Make me cum, Mummy,” Deborah whispered.

“I will if you make your sister cum too.”

She was going to cum regardless as Debbie knew what she was doing, but there was now added determination as Deborah definitely wanted to orgasm with her mother’s finger buried in her pussy. Katie did nothing to hold back her orgasm, no surprise she was soon squeezing her fingers tightly, feeling her entire body Çanakkale Escort Bayan almost shut down, eyes almost rolling back in her head, it was so good.

Deborah slid her fingers into her mouth as she lay on her back, their mother quickly stripping off and getting between Deborah’s legs, three fingers now buried in her pussy. Katie watched her twin being pleasured. It was a rare thing for their mother to join in, but considering it was their birthday, this was almost a present from her to them.

“Mummy,” Deborah whimpered, her mother leaning down to kiss her.

“Such a tight little cunt, Debbie,” Caroline murmured.

“Oh god!” her twin cried, watching her back arch, “Oh fuck… Mum…”

“I know what I’m doing, Debbie. Remember, I’m older, experienced, and know my way around a tight, little pussy like yours.”

Katie leaned over to kiss her sister as she was on the verge of exploding. It didn’t look like her mother was doing all that much, her fingers only gently sliding in and out of her, but it was still beautiful to watch, their mother gazing down at them with such love in her eyes…

As soon as Deborah had an orgasm, Katie was gently pushed onto her back, her mother using her mouth on her instead of her fingers. She had to cover her mouth to stop the sob. Her mother had never done this before. “You okay?” her mother asked, obviously concerned. She nodded eagerly, wanting nothing more in that moment than her mother to pleasure her.

Deborah cuddled into her side to watch, unable to tear her eyes away from her mother. That’s when her eyes were not closed from the sheer pleasure she was experiencing. She was soon quivering from every flick of her expert tongue, left imagining of the fun they could have as a threesome. Her mother knew exactly what buttons to press and the orgasm she experienced was almost out of this world. She squeezed her sister tightly, her mother needing to use her hands to stop her thighs squashing her head.

Feeling her mother pull away, she opened her eyes to see their mother sat on her knees. “Happy birthday, my beautiful twin daughters,” she said softly, sliding off the bed, leaning over to give each of them a soft kiss, “I’d love to do that again sometime soon too.” Both of them nodded eagerly, which earned a warm smile. “Now I’d better go shower and brush my teeth. Can’t have pussy on my breath at breakfast.”

She watched their mother leave the room before turning to her sister, who was grinning as much as she probably was. “That just happened, right?” she asked.

“About damned time she came in and just gave us an orgasm,” her twin replied, “Not a bad birthday present, Mum. Not bad at all.”

The bathroom was empty so they enjoyed a shower together before returning to their separate bedrooms to get ready for the day. She was in the kitchen before everyone except Amy, who was already blushing by the time she’d poured a coffee. “Sounds like you had a good morning, Katie.”

“Nothing like a couple of morning orgasms on your birthday, Amy.”

“I’m hoping I get some dick this year, in the morning then in the evening. Preferably a lot in the evening.”

“Just tell Mark that’s what you want and I bet he’d make an entire day for you.”

“You think he would?”

“Come on, Amy. He loves you to bits. There’s no doubt he tries his best not to have favourites, not including Heidi. They’re a couple, deeply in love, and definitely want a future and family together. But there is no doubt that Mum is probably his next favourite, and you’d be not far behind.”

That made her sister chuckle. “God, seeing our mother with him, she’s like a love struck teenager sometimes. Almost have to shake her and say ‘Mum, you’re nearly forty-six! Get a grip of yourself!’ Though it’s done her the world of good. She was almost going through the motions at times.”

She was eating toast when the rest slowly started to appear. Mark and Heidi walked in together. That meant they’d spent the night in the same room. If they didn’t, they’d arrive separately. One of their little idiosyncrasies as a couple they had. Once the entire family was around the table, they discussed plans for that evening. Before either of them could reply, their mother explained she’d already made reservations at a nearby restaurant that they both loved, and that it was for seven o’clock, so they had time to come home, shower and change, before heading out.

Walking into the reception of work later that morning, she received plenty of ‘happy birthdays’ and she smiled when arriving at her desk, as there were a few small presents, balloons, all her colleagues wandering in with a cake for her. Some of her regular patients also knew it was her birthday, a couple of the older ladies with hip, knee and other problems bringing her small gifts, another bringing a plastic tub of pastries she’d baked.

She was eating the lunch she’d brought to work with her when the receptionist walked into the lunch room, Escort Çanakkale handing her an envelope. “This just arrived for you.”

Putting down her sandwich, she looked at the envelope. It was addressed to her at work, but there was nothing else that told her who it was from or where. So she opened it up to find two tickets inside. What they were for made her gasp and almost burst into tears. “Holy shit,” she whispered.


“They’re tickets for La Traviata. These were rare as hens’ teeth. I mean, I was trying to buy them the moment they came out and nothing. Sold out within minutes. Every single show.”

“What the hell is La Traviata?”

She couldn’t help grin. “It’s opera.”

“You like opera?”

“I love it. Sure, we’re not exactly the sort of culture that holds it to our bosom, but there’s nothing that gets the emotions stirring more. La Traviata was composed by Verdi. I’m still waiting for the day I can finally see something by Puccini.” She looked at her colleague. “Obviously Italian. They do the best opera. Personal opinion only.”

“Those names mean absolutely nothing to me, Katie. But who the hell are the tickets from? First flowers, now opera tickets.”

“I have no idea. But these cannot have been cheap.” Then she noticed the date. “Shit, they’re for tonight! I’d better call Mum!”

Calling her mother offered no explanation. She denied buying the tickets, sounding as surprised as she felt. When asked who would want to go with her, she figured her twin wouldn’t be interested. That was an interest of Katie’s only. Her twin would probably fall asleep within minutes. She invited her mother to join her, but she said she’d take her twin out for dinner. She asked the rest of the family, but she was left a little sad that no-one seemed all that interested in going, but if she had to go by herself, so be it.

She managed to get out of work early, pulling up at home. Amy met her, having heard the news. “I’ll have to get ready, find something to wear, then I guess just get the train into the city.”

As she showered, did her hair, put on make-up started to dress, she heard the rest of the family get home earlier than normal, no doubt intrigued as to what was going on. Walking out in the dress she’d chosen to wear, the others were quickly gushing over how beautiful she looked. Considering she’d done her hair herself, she was rather pleased with the outcome.

Hearing the knock at the front door, Caroline disappeared to open it, hearing her call Katie to come join her in the living room. She walked out and nearly burst into tears.

“Happy birthday,” her brother said softly. He held another bouquet of the same flowers. He was as handsome as he’d ever looked in his tuxedo. It was immediately obvious who had bought everything. Then she felt a hug from behind.

“Like your surprise?” her twin whispered.

“You did this too?”

“I helped a little but it was his idea. You’re going away tonight and won’t be back until Sunday. He’s got the whole weekend free with you.”

She had to hug him, taking the flowers and inhaling their scent before handing them to her mother, then she hugged him tightly. “All this for me?” she managed to ask.

“Call me an old romantic at heart. Take my date out for some opera should win brownie points.”

The humour helped as she giggled. Closing her eyes, she relaxed into him, part of her now not wanting to let him go. “I’ll need to re-do my face.”

“Well, I think you’re gorgeous regardless, but we’ve got a little time before our ride arrives. It’s just an Uber, so don’t get too excited, but Debbie has already packed a weekend bag for you.” She could only lean back and look at her brother in shock. He’d thought of almost everything. “Hotel for two nights in the city. Booked us dinner for tomorrow night.”

She heard more than one sigh from behind her. “Where the hell did you get the tux?” their mother asked.

“Ah, it’s a rental. Think I’d actually buy one? Took some organising but I couldn’t just rock up to opera in jeans and a shirt.”

She let him go, returning to her room with all the young women to finish getting ready. Hearing the conversation from the living room, there was no missing how proud their mother was. “She’s my sister, Mum. I would have done something for everyone, but we’ve not been together yet. I’m also aware she’d like it be special, so I figured I’d pull out all the stops. Guess I’ll have to do the same or everyone now, not that I mind. Amy’s birthday is next so…”

“Don’t care, long as he fucks me all the time,” Amy whispered, sitting on her bed behind her.

“Pizza, wine, a lot of dick?” Deborah joked,

“I’m a simple woman, Debbie. Maybe a trip to the cinema so he can feel me up in the darkness, like we’re awkward teenagers. Honestly, all I want is a day or two with him alone, just like all of you do too.”

Her mother called that their lift had arrived, grabbing her purse and a light jacket that went with her dress, Mark already with two small bags in hand. With plenty of calls to have a good time, he escorted her out to the waiting car. Making sure she was seated first, he popped the bags in the trunk, before joining alongside her. She grabbed his hand immediately and didn’t let it go until arriving at their hotel.

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