A Long List of Firsts


Sitting on my deck, in a locally crafted driftwood chair, I can’t help but admire the scenery before me. The air is crisp on this early September evening in Alaska as I watch the Kenai River flowing past on its way to the ocean. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was in a totally different place. I hear the distinct footfalls of high heels on the boardwalk leading to where I’m sitting and I can’t suppress my growing smile. The young woman now standing beside me changed my life in a number of ways. Her waist length black hair flutters in the light breeze blowing across the water. I can see her nipples become erect beneath the red long sleeve t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of the new gentleman’s club; her modest B cup breast standing proud make her look so seductive. The black mini skirt covered only to her mid thigh showing off her amazing legs. The sheer black nylon encasing them shimmered down their entire length. Seeing her bright pink toenails peaking out of her 4” pumps was the final straw for me. There was a sudden uncomfortable pain in my groin as my cock hardened at an odd angle in my jeans.

It’s funny how simple things trigger memories in a person. Sights, sounds, smells and even feelings of pain or pleasure can spark a flashback. That pain I was now feeling as my cock strained against denim made me recall how all this began.

15 Months Earlier

It was Friday night, not long after leaving work, where I found myself in my favorite place. My home away from home, at least from the time just prior to my divorce until now, where I could relax before heading home or in this case to the mountains for the start of a long needed vacation. Athena’s Gentleman’s Club was the best place I could think of to kill time and allow the traffic to die down before making the drive to my cabin.

Being a regular at Athena’s, I knew most of the girls there and they knew me; some more closely than others but I think the general conscientious was that I was considered ‘safe’ to hang around with. I didn’t have the girls constantly hitting me up for dances anymore but rather using me as a safe haven to escape obnoxious patrons. When I did get dances, I always tipped well which also garnered me extra attention when not in the lap dance areas.

Tonight was no exception. Although it was still early, the place was busy. I was sipping my Morgan’s and coke at one of the small tables near the bar (my usual spot) when I saw Jessie approaching. Raven, an ebony beauty with huge breasts, had just finished dancing and was mopping up the numerous one dollar bills before leaving the stage when Jessie sat down beside me. Jessie and I had become good friends over the past year or so of me visiting Athena’s and she was also one of my favorite dancers. She was older than many of the girls there, in her late thirties, but she was still a knock out and very popular with the clientele. Her long chestnut hair framed her pretty face like an old school Hollywood actress. She was a bit fuller in the figure but more hourglass than over weight. Her neon pink bikini barely contained her generous breasts or hid her pouty nether lips. She adjusted the material at her groin before kicking off her heels and placing her stocking clad legs in my lap.

“You’ve been busy,” I said, immediately working my thumbs into her aching soles.

“These two-for-one happy hour specials are killing me tonight,” she groused then let out a contented moan as my fingers worked their magic, “That last guy wanted me to dance the whole time with my shoes on. It’s not bad for a couple dances but he kept me there for eight!”

“Well that must’ve made you some good money. Did he tip well?”

“Nope, just paid for the dances and that’s it,” her head went back and she moaned again, “Damn you know how to make a girl feel good.”

“Imagine what I could do if I could get my hands on the rest of your body…”

She brought her head back up and looked at me with a crooked smile, “I’d love to take you home with me but my boyfriend and your wife might not appreciate it too much.”

“Ex-wife,” I corrected.

“Sorry, ex-wife…fuck her. I forgot that it’s now final but Mark would still kill us both.”

“We don’t want that now do we?” I confirmed as my hands moved to her firm calves.

“Mmmmm…I hate to say this but you’d better stop or we’ll both get in trouble from management,” she said, reluctantly pulling her legs back. Had it not been so crowded, no one would have giving a shit about what we were doing but Jessie was right given the current situation, we’d better not push our luck.

I finished my drink and had just set the empty glass on the table when Dawn appeared, scooping it up. She was one of the servers but I really wished she’d get up on stage. My cock became uncomfortably hard the minute she arrived. She’s an incredible cutie in her early twenties and she was also my favorite server too. Not that the other servers weren’t good or attractive but there was just something about Dawn that got me going. Her hair was long and black with just the slightest wave going on. It hung down her petite body to her tight little ass. Her breasts weren’t huge like nearly every other girl here but they were perky and firm. It was obvious from her tight tank top that she didn’t wear a bra to support them either. Her best asset, at least in my book, was her legs. They are magnificent, firm and not overly muscular but with nice shape. I think another reason I liked Dawn so much is that she wore sheer black pantyhose rather than fishnets like all the other servers. I like a woman in pantyhose or stockings…Okay it’s more than just like, it’s a fetish for me. But fishnets always seem to cheapen the appearance. Considering I’m in a strip club, fishnets are the norm and the fact that they give off a trashy, slutty vibe should be a positive for a place like this but they do little for me. So when I find a girl who wears regular stockings or hose, I truly enjoy and encourage it. I tip her better so she makes sure to check on me more often. One thing I noticed tonight though was Dawn wasn’t her smiling, bubbly self. She was very subdued like she was distracted.

“Are you ready for another?” she asked almost mechanically, setting a bottle of water in front of Jessie.

“Thanks,” Jessie opened the water immediately and took a large swig.

“Sure,” I replied, “I’m gonna be here for a while longer.”

Dawn left then Jessie stood and stepped into her heels, “I’m gonna go freshen up before I have to get back on stage.” She kissed me on the cheek then whispered, “Thanks for the foot rub.”

I smiled and watched her swaying ass as long as I could. I pulled out my phone to check the traffic and it was still a mess. Fortunately I wasn’t in a hurry. It was the beginning of a well deserved two-week vacation so I was content to sit there and enjoy the endless parade of young, scantily clad women. I leaned back and watched a new girl on stage that was very pretty but didn’t seem to be all that enthusiastic about being the center of attention. She was going through the motions but there was no passion or excitement in her moves. I hate to say it but she kind of killed the hard on I had going.

Dawn suddenly appeared by my side and knelt down once my drink was on the table. I was expecting her to say something since she went out of her way to be that close but when I placed the money for my drink along with a $2 tip on her tray; I noticed she wasn’t even looking at me.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I don’t want that up-tight asshole and his goons to see me,” she replied, nodding toward three new arrivals to the club.

The one she referred to as ‘up-tight’ wore an extremely expensive suit that made him look very overdressed for a visit to a strip joint. His salt and pepper grey hair and deeply lined face made him look older than he actually was. His two companions, doing their best ‘Men in Black’ impressions, were obviously some kind of security for the older gentleman. Dawn appeared genuinely scared of these guys.

“Who is that guy?”

“My boyfriends step dad. He’s a real prick.”

“Why do you think he’s looking for you?”

“Because he thinks I know what happened to Ricky,” she ducked her head as the ‘gentleman’ scanned the busy room.

“You want me to call…”

“I need to get outta here without him seeing me,” she turned a pleading gaze my direction.

“Do you have a car?”

“No, I take the bus to work.”

I looked around then took Dawn’s tray and set it on the table. She had a surprised look on her face, not knowing what I was up to. I glanced back at the three men and watched as the two body guards slowly moved in opposite directions looking for their prey while Mr. Up-tight held his position at the entrance.

“When I stand up, get up and walk in front of me toward the VIP room,” I said in a very calm voice.

I stood and didn’t give Dawn a chance to think about what I was asking her to do. She did as instructed and we walked casually toward the VIP room as if I was going to get a dance from this young lady. Sitting at the entrance was the bouncer who would check people in and out of that restricted area.

“Hey Manny,” I called as I approached, “I gotta problem.”

“What’s happenin’ Jack…did Dawn spill a drink in your lap?” he smiled.

Manny is a huge guy and to most, very intimidating but once you get to know him he’s a genuinely nice guy. He and I had sat at the bar many nights in the past swapping lies until closing. Two things I knew for a fact; he considered all the girls here like his little sisters and God help the fool that ever fucked with any of them. At 6’-5” and probably 350 pounds of muscle, if you painted him green, you’d have a perfect stand-in for the Hulk. I’m 6’-1” and around 250 and I feel small next to Manny.

“You see those three guys that just came in,” motioning toward the entrance, “Dawn thinks they’re here to make trouble for her. You might want to check’em out.”

Manny’s smile changed to a fierce grimace and I could see his brow furrow as he stood. He gave an acknowledging grunt before he made his way to the front door. I took Dawn by the hand and maneuvered her toward the hallway leading to the dressing room for the dancers and the back door. Manny kept it propped open so he or the girls could slip out for a smoke. No one in their right mind would try and sneak in that way with Manny standing guard just a few feet inside. As I got to the door, I could see through the narrow opening the shadow of a man standing just outside. I turned to Dawn but she pulled free of my grip.

“Where are you going?” I whispered, stepping further from the door.

“Gotta get my stuff,” she replied over her shoulder then disappeared into the dressing room.

I know what you’re probably thinking, ‘What’s this guy doing getting involved with her drama?’ I was asking myself the same question at that very moment, along with, ‘Do I really need this hassle?’ But when Dawn reappeared with a duffle bag over her shoulder, giving me those great big puppy dog eyes, what could I do? My inner Boy Scout or Chivalrous Knight kicked in and I had to help her. I had to come up with a plan to get passed that guy outside the door. Just then Jessie and Trixie (another beautiful, well endowed young ebony lady) entered the now crowded hall then it hit me.

“You girls want to make an easy twenty bucks each?” I asked in a low voice.

They looked at one another then back at me, both with cocked eyebrows. They must have thought I’d lost my mind or something to be propositioning them like that. We’d known each other long enough that for me to ask them such a provocative question, I was either drunk or high or just plain crazy.

“Really Jack?” Jessie sounded annoyed, “I told you I don’t do that. The last guy who asked me…”

“I don’t mean THAT!” I replied rolling my eyes, “I mean I need you two to distract the guy outside this door so he won’t see Dawn and me leaving.”

Again they exchanged glances. “Is it her Daddy?” Trixie asked with a bit of a southern drawl.

“No it’s not her father but it is someone who may want to harm her!”

They looked at one another again then to Dawn before saying in unison, “I’m in.”

“What do you want us to do,” Jessie asked.

“I want you two to get that guy’s attention and get him to turn his back to the door,” I explained, “Then once he’s distracted, ask him for a light. That’ll let me know the coast is clear and I’ll get her outta here.” I pulled out my wallet and was about to remove two twenty dollar bills when Jessie stopped me.

“Put your money away, this is on me,” she said then gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

She opened her clutch and produced two cigarettes, handing one to Trixie and moved to the exit. Trixie gave me a wink and followed Jessie to the door. They made a show of exiting while chatting loudly. I listened to them engage the guy outside then pulled Dawn with me to the exit. We had to move fast and quiet when Jessie gave the signal. I looked down at Dawn’s towering pumps.

“Take those off,” I whispered.

She gave me a shocked looked, “I’ll ruin my hose.”

“I’ll buy you some new ones. Now take’em off!”

She complied with a frown.

“When we go out, go straight towards the black Jeep at the end of the aisle and go to the rear passenger side door. Wait for me to open my door then get in and lay down on the back seat, got it?”

She nodded.

“Hey baby, ya gotta light?” Jessie asked a bit louder than expected.

I opened the door and pulled Dawn with me outside and down along the building toward the parking lot. Once we turned the corner, I put her in front of me, aiming for my vehicle. We got in and I took my time passing the ‘backdoor guard’ and his new found friends before turning onto the street. He was so distracted by exposed breasts, he never saw me.

“So Dawn, where do you live?” I asked looking in the rear view mirror.

She looked at me for a moment then said, “Magnolia and Myers.”

It took about twenty minutes to get there and as we drove down Myers toward her apartment complex, I noticed a black Escalade parked across the street. I kept driving.

“Hey you passed it,” Dawn exclaimed.

“See that expensive SUV? It’s my guess those guys in the front are more of your boyfriend’s step daddies men.” I turned right on the next street then found a place to park in front of some residential homes. “You need to level with me. What’s going on?”

“What do ya mean?”

“What kind of trouble are you in? Why is your boyfriend’s step dad looking for you and him? And more importantly, what have you gotten me into?” my voice was stern and I think it actually scared her.

She just stared at me for a moment then dropped her head and began to cry. I let her have a moment then pressed her again. Dawn looked up at me with her mascara running down her cheeks. She looked completely lost.

“Ricky stole some money from Earl,” she sobbed.

“Is that his step dad?”

She nodded, bowing her head again.

“How much?”

She shrugged, “A lot.”

“How much is ‘a lot’?” I was becoming worried when she didn’t answer immediately, “Hundreds…thousands…?”

She shook her head, “More.”

“How much MORE?”

“I DON’T KNOW FOR SURE!” she shouted, then calmed down, “A few hundred thousand I think?”

This was getting serious. “I need you to tell me everything from the beginning and DON’T leave out any details.”

It turns out that Dawn and Richard (Ricky) met at one of his step dad’s businesses; a modest golf course near Los Angeles. He had other businesses but that’s the one Earl spent most of his time at with the exception of his other golf course in Monterey which he made trips to several times a year for various charity events. Dawn worked for a temp agency during the day and was hired to help out with filing and some word processing projects. Ricky made advances and she fell for the guy. Right before her assignment ended Ricky had her do something for him. He had her connect a flash drive to Earl’s computer in the evening before she left for the day then remove it the following morning; the last day of her assignment. She was reluctant but he made her feel so good and so happy she did as he asked against her better judgment.

A week passed and she didn’t hear from Ricky then one day he stops by the club where Dawn worked nights to make ends meet. He said he needed her help with something and then they could be together regularly. She was happy to help if it meant she could be with Ricky. She went to his place that night and he laid out what he wanted her to do.

Earl was running an illegal gambling operation at his L.A. golf course and was using the Monterey course to launder the money at the charity events. The money would be driven there by a trusted person (Ricky) and stored until the event was over. Ricky was going to steal the next shipment and disappear.

“Wait a minute,” I stopped her, “If he’s the driver, he’s going to be the first one they try to find!”

“Not if they think he was hit by a rival and killed,” she countered, “Ricky, myself and two of his friends were going to make it look like he’d been robbed and fatally wounded in the process.”

“What about a body? I’m sure he wasn’t going to kill himself.”

“He drew blood in small amounts for a few days. He pulled his car off the road south of Big Sur at a place they’d picked out, splashed the blood around the driver’s side, his friend shot a few holes in the car and they pushed it off the cliff into the ocean. He left his phone on and by the side of the cliff so it would be found. We stayed at a little motel that night and then his friend Izzy brought me back here and said Ricky would be in touch. That was three days ago.”

“And you signed up for this?”

“Jack, I…I love him. And he loves me. Things just got a bit outta hand.”

“YA THINK!” my mind went into paranoid mode, “Did you or Ricky tell Earl or his guys where you live?”

“I didn’t but Ricky may have sometime while we were dating, why?”

“Did he know you worked at the club?”

“Who? Ricky…of course he…”

“No Earl. Did he know you worked at Athena’s?”

“I don’t think so. Ricky didn’t want anyone to know I worked there and I wouldn’t have told him.”

“Give me your cell phone.”

She dug into her duffle bag and handed me a neon pink smart phone.

“Did he give you a number to contact him in case of emergency?”

“Ya,” she took the phone back and scrolled through it, “Here it is.”

I quickly wrote the number down then had her get in the front with me. I waited until we were driving then tossed her phone out the window.

“What the FUCK are you doing? Why’d you throw my phone out the window?”

“I’m not sure exactly what kind of technology these guys may have but I think they’ve been tracking your phone so I got rid of it.”

She just looked at me, mouth a gape for a moment until it sank in. She must have felt scared and violated to be followed and tracked like that. It gave me a very uneasy feeling too because things weren’t adding up in a good way for Dawn. I wasn’t going to say anything just yet but it looked like Ricky was setting her up to take the fall for his handy work.

I decided to take her with me to my cabin since it was the only place I could think of that would be safe. I didn’t want any visits from uninvited guests at my place here in town so it was the next best choice. I also didn’t think they’d be able to connect me to Dawn just yet but I wasn’t taking any chances.

We had a long drive ahead with traffic and all so I asked Dawn why Ricky did this? Her answer kind of surprised me. Apparently Ricky really liked Earl until he found out Earl was cheating on his mother Jane. It went on for several months then Jane passed away from a heart attack. She was buried in Monterey where she met Earl many years earlier but Ricky found out some disturbing news. Earl used her casket to transport money to be laundered and that set Ricky off. In his mind that was beyond disrespectful. He decided he would use his position in the ‘business’ to screw Earl out of some of his ill gotten gains. Out Edirne Escort of curiosity, I asked how they transported the money. She said it was wrapped in black plastic. There were three blocks in the car with Ricky. The blocks were roughly a foot or so square and about eight to ten inches thick.

“Are you sure it was money and not drugs?”

“Ya…Ricky cut open each block on one corner to see what was inside,” she replied, “There was wrapped stacks of used bills.”

“Were they all the same?”

“I don’t know. I only got a close look at one of the blocks he opened and it had twenties in it. Can we not talk about this anymore?”

I could tell it was bothering her so I didn’t ask any more questions about the caper. Dawn was very quiet after that. I was running through all that she’d told me as I drove. I found myself stealing glances at her nylon clad legs and that was making me very hard. I know I shouldn’t have been checking her out but I couldn’t help it. I made a subtle adjustment in my pants then tried to ignore her sexy legs.

I pulled into a gas station just south of Santa Barbara to fill up before turning inland. I needed to stretch my legs as did Dawn. I was just putting the pump nozzle back when she got out to go use the restroom.

“I’ll park over there and wait for you,” pointing at some empty spaces by a low wall separating the gas station from a strip mall. There was a small electronics store that was still open and I decided I needed to make a purchase.

Dawn was standing beside the Jeep with a concerned look on her face when she saw me coming. Her arms were wrapped around her torso and legs were clamped tightly together. She looked hot in that outfit but clearly she was chilled by the wind blowing off the ocean. Although it was early June, the breeze was cold.

“Where were you? I was worried,” her voice high and full of anxiety.

“Relax, I just needed a few things,” I replied calmly holding up a bag, “Maybe you should change before we go.”

“I’ll be fine,” she huffed but looked relieved I hadn’t abandoned her.

“Suit yourself.”

We climbed into the Jeep and I pulled out one of the prepaid cell phones I bought and plugged it into my charger then tossed it in the center console. As I closed the lid, I glanced at Dawn’s legs as clandestinely as possible.

“If I had changed, you wouldn’t get to perve on my legs the rest of the way to your cabin,” she said with a sly smile.

I must’ve changed a wide range of red at that because she giggled while running her hand up her thigh. I was so busted but I couldn’t help it. She has great legs in those sexy nylons. Dawn sensed my discomfort because she gave me a nudge.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m just teasing you,” she giggled again and gave me a wink, “Besides, I like it when you perve on my legs.” She looked at the bag I had in hand, “Did you forget your phone?”

“No…I’m just being careful.” I didn’t elaborate and she didn’t question me further.

It took nearly an hour and a half to get to the cabin once we left the gas station. Negotiating a narrow rutted dirt road in the dark isn’t done at freeway speeds. Dawn had a white knuckled grip on the door handle right up until we arrived. I think that’s when she started breathing again too. I parked under the car port I’d built last summer for times when I visit and it’s raining (or snowing) so I don’t have to get wet while unpacking or packing the Jeep. It was chilly here too, now that we were at some altitude. I opened the cabin door for Dawn and set a match to the pre-built fire in the fireplace then started my generator so we didn’t need to use candles for light.

I unloaded the two soft side ice chests containing meat and other perishables first and got the contents into the refrigerator. I brought in the rest of the food and my bag with all my clothing. By the time I was done, the 1100 square foot, one bedroom, one bath cabin was toasty warm and Dawn was curled up on the couch.

“If you want to take a shower, the water heater should be up to temp by now,” I told her.

She gave me a groggy smile and said, “Thanks…I think I will.”

“I’ll turn down the covers in the bedroom for you so you can hop right in.”

“Where are you gonna sleep?” she asked with a concerned look.

I pointed at the couch, “It folds out into a bed.”

“I don’t wanna kick you out of your own bed.”

“It’s no problem for…”

She stepped close and took my hands in hers, “Please…Stay with me. I’d feel better with you close.”

How can I refuse a request like that? She picked up her duffle bag and went into the bathroom without waiting for me to answer. I went back out to the Jeep and retrieved the phone that was charging in the center console. I plugged the other phone I purchased into a wall socket then entered the bedroom to get into bed before Dawn got done with her shower. I guess at 51 and not being in the best of shape, I was a bit self conscious about my appearance around a twenty something hottie. I climbed in under the covers in my boxers and a t-shirt and waited for Dawn.

I was staring at the ceiling, pondering the situation she was in. It concerned me that she let herself get dragged into a spot like this over a guy who promised a lot. Figuring the next move was going to be tough. Another difficult situation was sharing a bed with her and not embarrassing myself or being creepy. Just the thought of her in bed with me had my dick standing tall.

“You look cozy,” Dawn said, startling me.

She had on a long, pink night shirt with ‘Hello Kitty’ on it and fuzzy ankle socks. Her raven hair was still damp and hung down straight. Her makeup was gone but she was still beautiful in a ‘girl-next-door’ kind of way. My mind instantly wondered if she was wearing panties and I felt my cock throb. I quickly scooted to the far side of the bed before she got in. I tried not to look but I got a glimpse of red underwear then I tried not to stare. I had to take my mind off her body or I’d be a wreck the rest of the night. I rolled over and got the recently charged phone from the night stand and handed it to her along with the slip of paper I wrote the emergency number on. Fortunately I have cell service at the cabin.

“You might want to text your boyfriend about what’s happening with you and his step dad.” She looked apprehensive but quickly started typing away. “I wouldn’t mention being in bed with a guy old enough to be your father though,” I added, trying to alleviate the tension I was feeling. I could see a mischievous smile spread across her lips but she didn’t answer.

It took a couple minutes for Ricky to reply but Dawn seemed excited and guarded at the same time. They texted back and forth for a while then she turned to me and showed me a picture he sent. I took the phone so I could enlarge the image to see it better. Ricky was a handsome young man with his shirt off, on a bed flashing a cocky roguish smile. He was lean and toned but not too bulky. I hated him even more. Then I saw something in the background that I’m sure Dawn hadn’t noticed or she would have said something, I have no doubt. It looked like a foot, a woman’s foot. How could I tell? The subdued blue nail polish on the toes. When I shrank the picture back down to normal size, the foot blended into the comforter he was lying on. Ricky was in bed with a woman or he was a gifted contortionist with a thing for painting his toenails. I handed the phone back to Dawn then I heard the phone chime again. She read the message and turned to me.

“He wants to know where I am,” she stated.

“Just tell him you’re safe and with a friend you can trust,” I replied.

She held my gaze for a moment as if judging the validity of my answer then typed away. The next time he sent a message she frowned, “He wants to know if I can come to him.”

“Where’s he at?”

She bit her lip then timidly answered, “Taholah, Washington.” I guess the surprised look on my face wasn’t what she was hoping for. “He’ll pay for everything if you bring me up there…And pay you for your time too. I know he will.” She seemed sure but I wasn’t, given the circumstances.

“I don’t know where in Washington Tallhow is but Washington is at least a two day drive from here.”

“It’s Taholah,” she corrected.

“What ever…It’s a long way there and back again,” I replied, “I’m on vacation…”

“So take a road trip with me to Washington,” she leaned in close, “He’ll make it worth your while, I promise.”

I’m such an easy mark for a pretty face. I nodded without even thinking about it. Sucker! I bet I just get a hand shake and a ‘thanks dude’ from that little prick; or worse, a bullet to the head since I know his secret. He’s not actually dead.

“What’s the address of where he’s staying?”

Dawn excitedly typed my question. When the phone chimed again she had a puzzled look on her face, “He says to text him once we get to Aberdeen then he’ll give us directions where to meet.”

‘I’m not liking this,’ I said to myself. I agreed but I was going to do some planning before we walked into something unexpected. Dawn responded then put the phone on the nightstand. I guess they were done chatting. She kissed me on the cheek, turned out the light then snuggled down into the covers with her back to me. Thoughts of sexual exploration with this young lady was the last thing on my mind as I stared at the ceiling once more. There was something that just wasn’t right about this whole thing. I didn’t think Dawn posed a threat but I didn’t know much about her. For all I knew she was setting me up. My mind worked on all sorts of scenarios and most weren’t healthy for me or Dawn.

I must have finally fallen asleep because faint sunlight peeked through the window and shown on my face, waking me. I then noticed a warm body spooned against mine. I’d forgotten about Dawn being in my bed. Her arm was over my hip and I could feel her soft breasts pressed into my back. It was a wonderful feeling having a beautiful woman in bed with me again, at least one that wanted to be in bed with me, unlike my ex-wife. I was getting hard then she shifted her hips and I felt something out of place. Something warm and stiff, lodged in the cleft of my ass cheeks. I knew what I was feeling but my mind wasn’t accepting the conclusion. I was frozen while trying to wake from the dream I must be having.

She made a soft moan and her hand pulled at my hip as hers began to rock ever so slightly. My mind was screaming ‘GET OUTTA THERE!’ but my body wouldn’t move. It couldn’t be true. Dawn couldn’t have a cock; it wasn’t possible. It dug deeper into my ass crack with only my boxers (and her thin panties) as a barrier; I bolted out of bed, waking her in the process. She wasn’t fully conscious when I threw back the covers. What I saw just wasn’t possible. ‘She was a beautiful woman not a man dressed as a woman,’ I kept telling myself. Her long nightshirt had ridden up above her waist displaying a prominent bulge in those sexy red panties I saw last night.

“What the fuck!” I stammered in disbelief.

Dawn was now awake and realized she was on display. Although not naked, there was no mistaking what was hidden in her underwear; a fully erect cock that must have been about five inches long. She yanked the sheets back down and hid her face with her hands. Once she’d covered herself from the waist down it was as if she was once again a woman and not a man in woman’s clothing. I could see her nipples were hard in the cool morning air and my mind tried to erase the thing I saw between her legs. There was a long awkward silence between us when I heard Dawn begin to cry.

“I’m so sorry,” she sobbed, “I didn’t want you too…I mean…I was afraid to tell you…” she broke down tears.

I’d read about transgendered people, I’d seen pictures of them; mostly of men that were trying very hard not to be men and failing. But Dawn is beautiful. There was no way she’d be mistaken for a guy. She’s petite and curvy and has a very soft feminine voice…I was in conflict. I didn’t know what to do, what to say. I’d never had any kind of attraction to guys; I was a man’s man. I wasn’t gay. I didn’t want to have sex with a man or a man in drag but Dawn was a dilemma for me. Even now, knowing what I did, my cock was hard as a rock. Until that very moment I saw that she had a penis, I’d have fucked her the minute she asked. It made me mad that she had a penis but what could I do about it?

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a…” I couldn’t say it.

“A cock! A penis…a pecker…Why? Because of how you’re reacting right now,” she fired back.

“But you could’ve told me.”

“Would it have kept you from staring at my legs? Are you embarrassed you have a hard-on right now? I bet you’ve jerked off a hundred times thinking about fucking me…about me sucking your cock,” she glared at me with a frightening fierceness as tears streamed down her cheeks, “I’m a WOMAN! I may not have a vagina but I’m every bit a woman! If you hadn’t found out about my…You’d still be having those sexual thoughts. Don’t worry; it doesn’t make you gay to be attracted to a transgender woman.”

I felt like a total idiot. She was right. What difference would it have made? Had I not found out about her plumbing, I’d still be fantasizing about her. My reaction to finding out she wasn’t born a woman is based on social stigmatisms and prejudice. As far as my mind and body were concerned, she is a woman. I had fantasized about fucking her while jerking off, probably more than a hundred times. I didn’t want to admit it but I was embarrassed about being turned on by her. Standing there, watching her cry tore me up. I wanted to hold her and comfort her, tell her everything would be alright.

“I’m sorry,” I said in a repentant voice. I didn’t expect her to believe me or even accept my apology but I had to let her know how I felt.

I’m sure I surprised her with that. I could tell she’s had some negative reactions before from other people but probably few that regretted it after the fact and were willing to say they were sorry. Tears continued to flow and I felt terrible. I wasn’t sure what I could say or do to make her feel better so I tried the only thing I knew when in an uncomfortable situation.

“Are you still going to like it if I perve on your legs?”

I think Dawn was stunned by the audacity of my question after what had just happened. It took a moment then she began to laugh. When she got control of herself, she looked at me with an appreciative smile and said, “I’ll still like having you perve on my legs.” We both laughed. I think that broke the tension.

“I’ll go make us some breakfast,” I finally said and started getting dressed. Dawn just smiled. She looked relieved.

I rekindled the fire then whipped up some bacon and eggs and waited for Dawn to join me at the table. She came out of the room in a loose fitting t-shirt, tight fitting yoga pants and those same fuzzy socks she wore to bed. The shirt was long enough to hide any bulge that might be present. Walking meekly to the table and sitting down, she inhaled deeply, taking in the wonderful aromas. Dawn looked at me then down at her plate.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you,” she said quietly.

“You had every right to yell at me…I was an asshole.”

She took a long look at me then picked up her fork and sampled the eggs, “Mmmmm…These are good!”

“Thank you,” I replied, digging into my meal.

“Are you still okay with taking me to meet Ricky?” Dawn asked apprehensively.

“Yes…I’ll take you but let’s not have anymore surprises, okay?” She blushed, not wanting to look at me then nodded.

There wasn’t too much to prep for this trip. I was going to throw some clothes back in my bag, grab my laptop and toss in those extra phones I picked up. We’d stay in a motel or two depending how good we did on the road. When we got there…That’s where the easy part ended. I wasn’t sure how this was going to unfold. Part of me wanted to tell Dawn about my apprehension but the other part still wasn’t sure about her part in all of this. I didn’t want to tip my hand too soon.

We finished breakfast; got things cleaned up and put our bags in the Jeep. Dawn put on some low heeled boots for the trip and we were off. Once we were on pavement, Dawn eased her seat back and kicked off her boots. I glanced at her legs out of habit and she smiled when she saw me do it.

“I guess I should have put my hose back on for the trip,” she teased. I focused my attention on the road, trying not to show my embarrassment at being caught.

I drove hard all the rest of that day and into the night before calling it quits in Yreka, California. Dawn and I discussed many things during our ride; her job at Athena’s, her desires for a career in management and her relationship with Ricky. The latter got very involved. The more she told me about him, the more I didn’t trust him. I also picked up some inconsistencies in the story Dawn told me about this heist. We found a motel and rested for the night. The room we got had two twin beds. Part of me was relieved that I wouldn’t wake up with a cock prodding me in the ass but not sharing a bed with a beautiful woman was a disappointment.

We woke up late the next morning and while Dawn was showering, I used my laptop to find a motel outside Aberdeen so I could have some time before we met Dick (that’s how I was now referring to Ricky) to get a lay of the land. I had a good mapping program that would let me see every trail and road in the area.

We took our time eating breakfast in Yreka then drove just beyond Vancouver, Washington before stopping again for a late lunch. I made sure to take my time eating because I didn’t want to get to Aberdeen until the following day. I could tell Dawn was anxious but I wasn’t going to let Dick set us up if I could help it. We were a little over two hours from Aberdeen at that point. It wasn’t terribly late so I was going to have to come up with some excuse to stop. Dawn had told me in our many conversations that she couldn’t drive a stick shift so if I couldn’t continue, she couldn’t offer to take over. I wanted to spend the night in Olympia then contact Dick and find out where he wanted to meet so it could be done in the day light. Hopefully I could figure out a possible escape route (or two) if things went bad like I was expecting. I truly hoped I was wrong about Dick but my gut was telling me ‘Beware’. The worst part was I could tell Dawn really loved him and I hadn’t told her about what I saw in that picture or the feelings I was having toward her ‘boyfriend’.

While filling up just outside Olympia, I was talking to a local lady about places to stay in and around Olympia. She mentioned a couple motels then told me about a vintage hotel in a town just west of Olympia called the Old McCleary Hotel. It sounded interesting so I looked it up. It was in the town of McCleary about forty-five minutes from Aberdeen. It would be perfect. I had already been setting the stage for calling it a day in Olympia do to ‘My back giving me trouble.’ So when I finally said I couldn’t continue just outside of Olympia Dawn was frustrated being so close yet so far from the goal. I managed to get us a room (one king size bed) for the night. She wanted to contact Dick but I was reluctant, not knowing what he had in mind yet. Dawn was getting very upset as we were preparing to settle in for the night.

“I don’t see why you won’t let me at least text Ricky and let him know we are real close.”

“It’s late and I need to relax this knot in my back before…”

“He could come here and I’d be outta your hair,” she was sounding desperate, “I’m going downstairs and call…”

“Dawn WAIT!” I lowered my voice, “I need to show you something.”

“Can’t it wait? I’ll be right back.”

“It can’t wait,” I said as calmly as I could, “Please, sit down.”

“Fine!” she huffed and plopped on the side of the bed and I sat beside her. I pulled out the phone she used to text him with and found the picture. I handed her the phone. “This is the picture Ricky sent…So what?”

“Enlarge it,” she did, “More.”

When it was really big I slide my finger over the screen to Edirne Escort Bayan bring the foot I saw into the frame. Dawn sat there in silence for a few moments then turned to me, “Why didn’t you show me this before?” There was anger in her voice and disappointment.

“I didn’t want to hurt you by making accusations before…”

“FUCK!” she shouted, shoving the phone back to me. She paced across the room then back again before glaring at me. I could see tears welling in her eyes, “What else aren’t you telling me?”

“I don’t trust Ricky,” I said flatly.

She stared at me, shaking. I couldn’t tell if she was angrier with me or Dick at that moment. Love blinds people to things. I know because it blinded me to what my wife was doing behind my back. It hurts when you learn the truth too. You feel anger and hate toward that person. The problem is there’s denial that takes place in between the love and the anger. That’s what Dawn was dealing with now.

“Why don’t you trust him? He hasn’t done anything to you…” she trailed off as the tears flowed.

“I think he means to hurt you. If nothing else I think he tried to pin the blame on you for the theft of Earl’s money.”

“No! He wouldn’t do that he loves…” she choked back a sob, “He wouldn’t do that.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“Well…I am!” she sobbed, “I am.”

I stood and took her hand in mine, “If you really want to call him, here’s the phone. But I’m not going to wait for him to show up. I’ll pay for the room and you can stay here but you’re gonna be on your own.” I handed her the phone. She looked at it then me. I could see there were a lot of emotions going on behind those eyes. I turned and picked up my bag and started putting my things in it.

“Wait Jack…I don’t want you to go.”

I faced her again and she hugged me fiercely, burying her face in my chest. I could feel her sobbing as she clung to me. I place my arms around her. I think that was the moment I’d gotten past the fact she wasn’t born a woman and that I was going to accept her for what she was. I stroked her hair as she continued to cry. Dick’s betrayal of her love and trust was probably the most painful thing for her right now. I know it was for me when I was in her shoes.

She leaned back slightly, enough to look up at me. Dawn put a hand on my scruffy cheek then pulled me down for a kiss. I was apprehensive at first. She was the first transgender person I’d ever kissed but that wasn’t why I hesitated. She had a boyfriend; for how much longer, who knew? And she’s so young. I stopped thinking and gave in to the kiss. It started out as a tender peck that turned into more pecks that lingered longer and longer as time went on. Soon our tongues were dancing and twirling in each other’s mouths as our hands began to explore. I gripped her firm ass cheeks, pulling her into me. She moaned and I could feel her hard cock pressed against mine.

I flashed back to the morning I discovered Dawn had a cock. I was hit with emotion and doubt but it felt like that was another person feeling those things. It wasn’t me because I was holding this beautiful sexy young woman who I was going to make love to. At least I was hoping that was where this was going. I didn’t have to wait long to find out we were progressing down that road.

Dawn pulled free of my grip and tore off her shirt exposing her perky breasts in a bright red lace bra. The bra was quickly discarded too, dropping to her knees in front of me. She had my jeans open and around my ankles before I could think ‘Hell Ya!’ Her tiny hand closed around my throbbing cock as she looked up at me with lust filled eyes. It was a dream come true. Just then I had a terrible thought. I hope this isn’t a dream and that I’m going to wake up the moment my cock goes into her mouth, like all the other times I’ve had this dream.

Her lips closed around the head of my steely rod and I thought my knees were going to buckle. I didn’t wake up. This is real. Her tongue swirled around the head while her hand glided up and down my shaft in a twisting motion. It had been so long since I’d had a blowjob that I’d forgotten just how good it can feel. Her mouth slowly engulfed me, so warn and wet. My hands came to rest on her head, caressing her luxurious hair. Dawn would take me fully into her throat then withdraw to just the tip. I was in heaven. She repeated her loving actions again and again to the point I was about to explode. I was teetering on the edge when she released me and stood up. The frustrated groan I made must have sounded pathetic. We kissed again; passionate and hungry this time.

Dawn pulled away from me, panting. For a brief moment she just looked at me as if deciding something important then hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her yoga pants and panties and took them down to the floor. She stepped out of them and was once again standing in front of me with her rigid cock pointed to the sky, bouncing with the beating of her heart. I guess she was waiting for my reaction after what happened the last time I saw her cock. Although this time I could actually see it. It wasn’t a mysterious bulge in her panties anymore it was exposed and in the open. When I didn’t balk or show disgust it must have been what she was hoping for. A huge smile spread across her lips and she lunged forward for another kiss.

To my surprise I wasn’t disgusted or afraid of being that close to someone else’s throbbing dick. Clearly it didn’t matter because of who it was attached to. Dawn was an amazingly beautiful woman in my eyes. She had a cock but so what? All I could see was the beautiful woman. As we kissed I could feel her cock pressed against mine. She pulled away again then crawled onto the bed. When she got to the far side I watched her dig into her bag for something. To be honest, I was focused on her tight little ass and firm legs. I could also see a set of hairless balls hanging down between those legs. She turned and sat with a bottle of lube in her hand.

“Jack…I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you inside me,” she said in a desperate tone, “I want you to make me feel like a woman.”

I stepped to the side of the bed and she took me in her mouth again. I’m not sure why. I hadn’t diminished in the slightest. If anything I’d gotten harder…If that’s even possible. She didn’t linger there for very long then removed my cock and coated it completely with the slippery lube. Satisfied I was ready; Dawn rolled onto her back and lubed her tight puckered hole with two fingers. I felt like I was in a trance watching her. I just stood there dazed when her hand returned to my throbbing dick then I was awake. She pointed me at her opening and pulled me forward until I made contact. Her ass was hot and I felt her sphincter relax. My hips rocked and the head went in.

Here’s another thing to add to the list of firsts that I’ve experienced since meeting this girl. I’ve never had anal sex with anyone before. The two times I brought it up with my ex-wife, I was met with threats of castration. None of the women prior to her ever had any interest either. It was definitely a different feeling; very tight and very hot. I sank in slow, watching her face for any sign of discomfort but I didn’t see any. When I could go no further, her legs closed around my waist and she drew me into another kiss.

Dawn moaned into my mouth and I could feel her hips roll forward and back as her sphincter gripped me tight. It felt amazing. My hands went to her breast and fondled the warm flesh and taunt nipples. The kiss went on and I didn’t move. I didn’t want this moment of intimacy to end. I also was well aware that it wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge. I was so turned on by this sexy young lady that I feared disappointing her by cumming the moment I started to move. She broke our kiss and looked deep into my eyes.

“Fuck me Jack,” she begged, “Fuck me now.”

Her legs opened and her arms went behind her knee, spreading them wide. She was waiting for me to fuck her, waiting for me to make her feel like the woman she was. I was the one she wanted. It sounds silly but when you’ve gone as long as I have without that feeling of being wanted, when you have it again it’s incredible.

“Dawn I’m not going to last very long…I’ll probably cum in less than a…”

“I don’t care. Fuck me as long and as hard as you can Jack…It doesn’t matter.”

I withdrew and thrust back in making her cry out. God she’s tight! I thrust again and again and I was getting very close. She was thrashing about and jabbering incoherently beneath me. I was going to cum any second when Dawn shrieked and went stiff. That actually scared me. I thought I’d hurt her. Her ass clamped down on my cock so hard I thought she was going to pinch it off. A juddering cry came from her as her cock sent pearly ropes up her belly. The sight of Dawn cumming was so amazing it made me join her. I felt my balls tighten and release my fiery load into her spasming body. I grunted uncontrollably with each blast of cum shot into her ass. I braced my arms on either side of her body as the spasms in my groin started to slack. Her legs closed around me again, holding me in place. I panted hard trying to catch my breath but it was more from excitement than exertion. Her legs were still trembling when my cock had softened and slipped from her ass. She moaned and opened them, releasing me to get a towel to clean us both.

After mopping up our mess, I lay down beside Dawn and she cuddled up to me, making a soft purring sound like a contented kitten. We lay there in each other’s arms basking in the afterglow of mind blowing sex, at least for me. Remember, it’s been a long time in between. Dawn’s head rested on my shoulder, her right hand mindlessly twirling the grey hairs on my chest. I think she was finally considering all I’d said prior to our frisky encounter.

“Do you really think Ricky wants to hurt me?” she asked quietly.

“Yes…yes I do.”

“So do I,” she somberly admitted.

“When did you realize that?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I actually thought about it the night this whole thing started. Ricky was acting strange when he got to the club. He wanted to meet me at my place.”

“You told me you went to his place.”

“I know…I’m sorry. I was nervous and didn’t think it mattered too much until now when you told me you didn’t trust him and that he was trying to put the blame on me.”

I just let her talk, now that the reality of what she was involved in hit home.

“He had me packing things of his while he opened the blocks of money. It was like he didn’t want any of his stuff found there. That’s when I saw the money for the first time. He tossed the blocks in a duffle bag then made a few calls. One to Izzy then another to…I don’t know who, and then the plan was for him to leave in the morning for Monterey.”

“Where were his two friends? I thought Izzy was with you that night?”

She was silent for a moment then answered, “They were going to meet him at the dump site and make it look like he was run off the road and robbed like I told you.”

“I see,” my tone giving away my disappointment at her dishonesty.

“We went to bed and…well…had sex. He got up during the night when he thought I was asleep and put something in my bedroom closet. He came back to bed and when he started snoring, I looked in the closet,” Dawn started to cry at that moment and I stroked her head comfortingly, “It was the block of twenties and he hid it behind some of my dresses. That’s when I thought he was ‘buying me off’ and I’d never see him again.”

“What did you do with the money?”

“I put it back in his bag,” she sobbed, “I was mad he did that. It made me feel like a whore.”

There was a long silence again. She was quietly crying and I was just going to be there for her. I didn’t think Dick did it as a kind gesture. I think he was making it look like a payoff. That’s what it would look like to an outside observer. Maybe I was wrong about him. He had all the money now and yet still wanted to have Dawn with him. That changed things but I still didn’t trust him. I wasn’t going to let my guard down just yet.

“His phone rang at about 2:30 in the morning and when he answered it he was very upset. It was one of his friends telling him Earl was looking for him and he had to get outta there. He grabbed his bags and left,” she sniffled then said, “He didn’t even kiss me goodbye. Just said he’d call me. That was the last I heard from him until the other night I texted him from your cabin.

“I expected a visit from Earl’s thugs so I packed some things and went to a friend’s house to wait for Ricky to call me…but he didn’t. I thought I’d be safe going to work but I made sure to take my bag just in case. I’m glad I did or I’d be running around in that tank top and mini skirt now.”

“And the problem is…?”

She poked me in the ribs, “You’re such a perve.”

“Guilty as charged.”

Something still bothered me about all this but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it was. In the morning we’d see how things were going to play out but now all I wanted was to relax and enjoy the company of this young lady. We got up and showered and she sucked me off like a champ while in there. I held Dawn in my arms until we both drifted off.

I think that was the best sleep I had in years. Dawn was on her side and I was spooned to her. She must have been awake as I shifted my hips, bringing my cock in contact with her firm ass.

“Good morning Jack,” she greeted without turning over.

“Good morning darlin’, how’d you sleep?” I asked, kissing her ear.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as she stretched and rolled to her back, “Like a baby.”

“I guess it’s a good thing I was spooned to your back this morning or I might have woke to a real surprise,” referring to our nakedness, kissing her ear again.

She giggled, “Don’t worry; I don’t top the guys I’m with.”

“Is that so? I distinctly remember your cock giving me a wedgie as you dry humped me the other morning.”

“That was an accident. I was dreaming,” she blushed.

“Dreaming about whom?”

“A woman…”

“Someone I know?” I asked sarcastically but when she didn’t immediately answer, “C’mon, tell me.”

Dawn coyly bit her lip then answered, “Jessie.”

“Really? You two would be hot together.”

“You’re such a perve,” Dawn rolled her eyes.

“Yes I am.”

I took one of her nipples into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. She moaned her approval then sighed. She was looking at the clock. I thought she was worried we wouldn’t have time for some morning fun because she was anxious to get on the road but I was wrong.

“We need to get down to breakfast, it’s after nine and the lady said they stopped serving at nine-thirty,” she told me, running her fingers through my hair, “Besides, I’m starved.”

I took the hint, so we got up and dressed and downstairs in time to get the included breakfast. We packed then I took some time to look at the area around Aberdeen and Taholah. I noted all the logging roads and trails as well as any paved roads so I could have some idea of just how public or remote this meet might be. We both had on jeans and t-shirts but Dawn filled hers out much better than I did. I gave her the phone when we got in the Jeep and told her to call Dick once we got to Aberdeen.

It was just shy of noon when we got there and she dialed the number in the phone. We stopped at a gas station so I could try and figure out where Dick would have us do this meet. I could only hear some of the conversation.

“Hey baby, it’s me. We just got to Aberdeen…A friend of mine from the club…He’s just a friend, okay…Moclips…past Moclips highway…on the right…Okay baby, love you,” she sounded sincere but I had a feeling she’s a better actor than I originally pictured.

I started punching in the names as she mentioned them, Moclips, Moclips Hwy and something just past the highway.

“He wants us to meet him at an old logging sight they hang out at. It’s not being used by the company anymore. He says it’d be a good place…”

“For an ambush,” I interrupted once I saw it on Google maps, “If he’s in Taholah with his buddies, it’ll take him about 15 minutes to get there and set up. It’s going to take us close to an hour. Are you sure you want to do this?”

Dawn took a deep breath contemplating my question. I could see she was struggling with the options. Dick must be one real smooth operator because he’s got Dawn very messed up right now. If I’m right he means to killer her and probably me as well. I think she knows this by now. So why am I sticking my neck out. I like Dawn and I don’t want to see her hurt by this asshole. My tactical mind is telling me that this guy didn’t let that many people in on this caper. I’m figuring two others besides Dawn from what she’d told me early on. He only got her involved to use her for information then set her up to take the fall. She gave me a strange look before answering.

“Yes, I have my reasons,” placing a hand on my arm, “You don’t have to go. You can drop me off and…”

“I can’t let you go up there alone. Besides, I came all this way. I’m not going to abandon you now.”

“Thank you,” she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I started the Jeep and we were off to the rendezvous. I had Dawn mount the second prepaid cell phone in my GPS cradle with the camera facing out the front. I had a couple ideas to help ensure we got out of this with the least amount of pain possible. It was over cast and had been raining off and on as we drove. Mud could be an advantage given we were in an off road vehicle. Of course I didn’t know what type of vehicle Dick and his friends would be driving so I had to hope mine was more capable than theirs. Unfortunately I didn’t have any of my firearms with me since I didn’t plan on doing any shooting while on vacation. I did have a ZT combat knife in the Jeep but that was about the extent of the weapons on hand. I’d have to make sure we were close to Dick if anything went sideways.

It took a solid fifty minutes to get to the turn out for the rendezvous. I slowed to a stop on the shoulder before continuing. The rain had stopped but I could see one set of tire tracks in the mud. It looked like a truck or large SUV by the width of the tracks and the spacing between them. I reached behind Dawn’s seat and pulled out my knife, placing it in its sheath at the small of my back. I also turned the camera on in the cell phone and started recoding video. Putting the Jeep in four wheel drive, we started up the muddy path.

Trees flanked both side of the road and I kept an eye on the tracks of the vehicle that preceded us. When the trees opened onto a large cleared area, I could see a newer Ford pickup parked near a pile of unused wood and debris with three people standing nearby. From the picture I saw on the phone, Dick was standing in front of the Ford with his thin arms crossed over his chest. He had on a leather jacket with a t-shirt beneath and skinny jeans (why guys wear skinny jeans is beyond me). The cowboy boots he wore were comical in bright yellow and blue. The mountain of a man leaning on the hood to his left was the one I was concerned with. He looked like an incarnation of Paul Bunyan in his flannel shirt, blue jeans and boots. I wish Manny was with us. The third member of the group was an attractive blonde. She was in a flannel shirt and a denim skirt that stopped just above her knees but the open toed pumps were a bit outta place here. She was to Dick’s right by front the passenger door.

I stopped the Jeep roughly a hundred feet from them and made sure they were all three in frame of the phone’s camera. I touched it twice to take a couple stills then turned to Dawn.

“You might want to leave your stuff in the Jeep until you’re sure about what you want to do,” I told her in a very serious voice.

She looked at me and smiled, “That’s probably a good idea.”

“Do you know the blonde and the meat mountain?”

She gave a slight giggle, “The big guy is Izzy and the blonde is his sister Jeana.”

We opened our doors and stepped Escort Edirne out. Dawn walked forward and I followed, angling behind her to come up on her right. We walked slow but steady and as we drew near, the mountain man stood up straight and gave me a cold look, crossing his massive arms over his barrel chest. Manny might have a tough time with this dude; I sure didn’t want to tangle with him. Dick gave me a contemptible glare then focused on Dawn. At just under six feet tall and rather slim, he wasn’t very threatening in appearance. It was then I got a good look at Jeana’s feet. Her toes had that same blue color from the picture I saw. I don’t think Dawn noticed but if she did, she didn’t react.

“Who’s the old guy? Your new sugar daddy?” Dick asked meaning to be hurtful.

“No Ricky, he’s just a friend. I told him you’d be very grateful for bringing me up here,” Dawn’s voice wasn’t hiding her pain at Dick’s question, “He helped me get away from Earl and his men when they came looking for me.”

Dick shot me a quick glance then turned back to Dawn, “Did you bring it?”

“Ricky I barely got out of my place when Earl’s men showed up. I grabbed my work bag and took off.”

“Where’s what you took from me?” his voice low and threatening. I was curious as to what he was talking about but I didn’t want to get involved just yet.

“You said you loved me,” Dawn’s eyes began to tear up; “I thought you’d be happy I was able to make it up here to be with you.”

Dick uncrossed his arms and placed his hands on his narrow hips, leaning forward to get right in Dawn’s face. He was a mean little shit and I was about to find out just how mean.

“The only reason I wanted to see you now you little faggot, is to get what you took from me but since you left it behind I guess we’re through here. Why the fuck would I want to have anything to do with a sissy faggot like yourself?” then gestured to the blonde, “I’ve got a real woman who…”

You know the point when you’ve heard enough from a loud mouth that thinks he’s some kind of big shot but really is just a pathetic piece of shit and has just crossed that line? Well Dick just crossed that line with me. I didn’t care what he thought Dawn had taken from him or what he thought he was going to do about it. I was going to put him in his place.

My right hand shot out at the mountain man. I sank two fingers into the hollow of his throat before he even knew what hit him. It wasn’t hard enough to do any serious damage but his throat would close up and breathing would become a significant effort. I followed up with a front kick to his groin, causing him to collapse to the ground choking and clutching his balls. I didn’t waste time admiring my handy work as I grabbed Dick by the throat with my left hand, driving him back into the Ford’s grill. At the same time I drew my knife and placed the point against one of his testicles making him shriek.

Dawn was stunned at my action and stood there with her mouth agape and tears flowing down her cheeks from Dick’s venomous words. I was tempted to make him a eunuch but I wanted him to apologize to Dawn first. I leaned close to give him some choice words of my own but I didn’t get a chance to say any just yet.

“LET HIM GO!” Jeana shouted, pointing a revolver at me.

Dick found his voice and decided to talk tough just then, “I’d do what she says. She’s a good shot.”

“Well Dick,” I said coldly emphasizing his name, “I sure hope she is because if she doesn’t hit me just right, I’m still going to have time to castrate you before I fall. I might even get lucky and get your femoral artery as well. A little shit like you’d bleed out in three to four minutes easy.” I let that sink in for a second before continuing, “But her hands are shaking pretty bad right now. She might end up blowing your head off by mistake.”

I watched his eyes shift her direction but she was too far behind him to see what I was telling him. I could feel the pulse in his throat hammering away and knew he wasn’t that confident in his girlfriend’s marksmanship. I put my lips to his ear but spoke loud enough for all to hear.

“Tell her to put the gun down Dick or they’re gonna be calling you Dickless from now on,” my eyes went to the trembling blonde.

“Put the gun down Jeana,” he croaked.

“But Ricky I can…”


I clamped down tighter on his throat when I saw the shocked look in Jeana’s eyes, “You really need to learn how to talk to woman, Dick. Apologize to Jeana and ask her nicely.”

It took him a moment to realize I was serious then he said, “I’m sorry…Please put the gun down Jeana.”

Jeana looked confused. I’m not sure if the confusion was from me making Dick apologize or his request to relinquish her weapon. She looked from me to Dick and back again before complying. She set the gun on the ground at her feet and took a step back.

“Dawn, go get the gun,” I asked calmly.

She was like a zombie but did as I asked. I dug the knife in deeper, splitting Dick’s tight pants and exposing his right testicle. Releasing Dick’s throat I motioned for Dawn to hand me the gun. I took a step back, cocking the hammer and aiming it at Dick’s groin. His hands shot up in the air. I could see blood staining his pants from the slight prick I gave him. I could see a gun in Izzy’s belt as he continued to roll around in the mud. I retrieved the Beretta and stuck it in my waist band.

“Turn around,” I ordered Dick and he complied. Lifting his jacket I found no more guns and told him to turn back.

“Up until you decided to be such an asshole to my friend here, I was just going to keep my mouth shut and observe,” I explained, “But you’ve pissed me off and insulted this beautiful young lady. So I want you to apologize to her.”

“Young lady? That’s a fucking guy…a fucking sissy faggot…”


The bullet hit the ground between Dick’s audacious boots, spraying them with mud. I cocked the hammer again and returned the sights to his groin. Dawn was holding her ears, Jeana was white as a sheet and I think Dick may have pissed himself as I noticed the dampness in his jeans spreading.

“WHAT THE FUCK MAN!” Dick shouted when he realized he wasn’t hit.

“That was your first and last warning shot. The next time you open your mouth I’d better hear you being extremely humble or you’ll be singing like Michel Jackson,” I narrowed my eyes.

Dick looked at me with anger and fear, contemplating how serious I was. “I’m sorry I called you…a guy,” he looked at me as I motioned him to continue, “and a sissy faggot.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard. Now Dawn mentioned how appreciative you’d be of me bringing her all this way. She even alluded to me that you’d generously compensate me for my time and trouble,” I gave him a stern look, “You’re not gonna make a liar outta her are you?”

Dick’s face was going red from anger but he didn’t say anything to set me off, “Fine…How about 5k?”

“You call that generous? Why not make it fifty?”

His eyes went wide and his mouth opened as if to argue then he noticed me taking careful aim at his bleeding manhood, “Fine…I’ll get you the money.”

“You stay put,” I said, not wanting any surprises coming from the inside of the truck, “Jeana…Be a good girl and get the money for me.” As she started to turn I added, “And make sure that’s all you bring out.” She nodded and opened the rear passenger door and removed a black duffle bag that looked very similar to Dawn’s. She set it on the hood and looked to Dick for confirmation. He sharply nodded and she slowly opened the bag. Jeana counted out ten wrapped stacks of fifty dollar bills and placed them on the hood.

“Dawn, could you get that for me?”

She stepped forward and picked up the stacks of bills, holding them to her chest. The tears had stopped and the reality of my words set in as she could see Dick was no good. She took a few steps back waiting for me to give her more instructions. I sheathed my knife.

“Thank you Dick,” I said backing away toward my Jeep with my free hand on Dawn’s shoulder.

“Why do you keep calling me Dick? My name is Ricky.”

“Dick is the most common nickname for Richard, but you truly live up to the more phallic reference,” I grinned still backing off.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I’m the mean old fart that’s allowing you all to live. I could shoot all four of you and take all the money and vanish,” I saw shock and disbelief in Dawn’s eyes at that statement, “So be thankful I’m just taking a small portion of the money.”

“You’re a fucking DEAD MAN!” he shouted now feeling safe at a distance.

I immediately marched forward with the muzzle trained on his forehead, “No you’re the dead man remember, at least in your step daddies eyes. And if you want to keep it that way, you’ll keep your mouth shut and just disappear. Otherwise the camera in the front of my Jeep will have some interesting images to share with Earl. They’re streaming to a friend of mine who will get them to Earl if anything happens to me or Dawn. Do you understand me? And if I see you or your friends again, I’ll make you disappear.”

I walked back toward Dawn, who was staring at me wide eyed; taking her by the arm I led her back to the Jeep. I got in but Dawn just stood at the passenger door looking in at me. I know I scared her but it was necessary since some things had gotten clearer to me.

“Get in!”

She did and sat on the seat dumbfounded. I backed down the way we’d come so as not to give Dick or his friends a look at my license plate. Once out of sight, I opened and emptied the shells from the revolver and tossed it into the woods. I did the same with the 9mm I took from Izzy then made a quick turn to drive straight out onto the highway. There was no traffic coming so I turned left and headed back the way we came then turned onto the Moclips Highway going inland. I figured they might still want to follow but I wasn’t going to make it easy to find us.

Dawn was still clutching the stacks of money to her chest with fresh tears on her face. I know my threat to kill them all was weighing heavy on her mind as was Dick’s betrayal of her. She had to deal with the harsh reality of what could have happened to her had things gone differently.

“Did you mean it?” her voice a whisper.

“Did I mean what?”

“Would you have really shot them…and me? And taken the money?” her eyes brimming.

“I could have but I care too much about you to do that,” I replied, checking my rear view mirrors.

When I looked back at Dawn she had a strange look on her face. She could tell I was holding something back.

“You don’t trust me?” she finally posed.

“You haven’t been honest with me when I asked you to. I guess you didn’t trust me.”

Her cheeks reddened, signaling I was correct, “How much is in your bag?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your bag,” I reached behind me for her duffle bag and tossed it on her lap, “how much is in there? Open it!”

“How did you know?”

“I wasn’t sure until this moment,” looking at her for a second, “Dick asked you if you had brought what you’d taken from him. I’m assuming that you took one of the blocks of money you told me about. Now’s the time to come clean or I’ll drop you right here on the side of the road.”

Dawn broke down crying. Once she recovered, she explained when she had put the block of money back in Dick’s duffle bag; she saw the other two blocks and their denominations; fifties and hundreds. She realized that Dick might be trying to set her up by leaving the block of twenties to be found by Earl’s men but she still held out hope that he loved her. All she’d be able to tell them is what he had told her but it seemed too elaborate and I’m sure they’d have tortured her for her accomplices. Dick would be gone and never coming back and she would end up with some new cement shoes. Dawn kept the money in hopes Dick would contact her to get it back and really want to be with her for some unknown reason. I felt sorry for her in that respect. Dick probably didn’t realize she made the switch before he was well on his way to Washington then he couldn’t caller her because if Earl had her and she answered with him right there, the whole plan would’ve fallen apart. If he just accepted the loss Dick would still have plenty of money to disappear and start a new life.

Things fell into place once I realized what she had in that bag this whole time. She went back for it at the club even when it could have meant being caught by Earl’s boys. She wasn’t scared that I’d left her at the gas station because my Jeep was right where I told her I’d parked it. The problem was I left it unattended when I went to the electronics store. She made sure to keep it with her or close at hand from then on and when she opened it, she shielded the contents from me. The only question I had left was how much was in the bag?

I pulled to the side of the road and parked. I looked at Dawn and she didn’t want to meet my gaze. She must have felt bad she’d played me like that but I needed to know. I watched as she opened the duffle and exposed the block of money. The plastic had been cut open in two places so it was easy to see the wrapped used bills. I counted two rows of five, end to end and each held twenty stacks of hundreds. At one hundred bills per stack that was two million dollars.

“Holy shit!”

“I’m sorry I lied to you Jack. I didn’t know who I could trust. I didn’t know you that well so when you started helping me I was confused. I wanted to believe you were a good guy but I didn’t know for sure,” Dawn was crying again.

I guess I can’t blame her for that. If it had been someone else she confided in and told them about the money, they might have just taken the money or turned her in to Earl in hopes of a reward or worse, killed her and took the money. I know I said I could have done that but I meant what I said to her. I cared about her.

I took Dawn by the hand, looking her right in the eye, “We need to disappear.”

Present Day

“What do you think of my outfit?” Dawn asked, swaying her hips seductively.

“You look amazing,” I replied, devouring her with my eyes.

Dawn raised her right leg, resting her foot on the arm of my chair. Bending at the waist she leaned in and kissed me on the lips while her left hand caressed the uncomfortable bulge in my pants. My hand stoked her firm nylon clad calf perched on the chair. She moaned softly then moved her lips to my ear.

“Dressing like this for work makes me so horny,” she purred.

From my position I could see the bulge in her bikini briefs. She really knew how to tease me after all this time.

“I think you need to fuck me before we go to work,” she cooed.

“We’ll probably be late,” I replied with half hearted concern.

“Don’t worry, I know the owner and he’s really nice,” her hand stroked my cock more firmly, “Besides, he’s got such a nice cock.”

I chuckled at that. Ever since I bought out the owner of the only strip club in the area and put Dawn in charge of the girls we hired, I’ve enjoyed being the boss of my own business. Dawn likes to use that in our blossoming relationship to get what she wants; usually in the bedroom. Using the money she ‘acquired’ from Dick’s heist, we bought a cabin on the Kenai River and used some of the money to renovate our new business. I never considered owning a strip club but then again I never thought I’d fall for a transgender woman either. I named the place “Dawn’s Northern Lights”; it just sounded good to me and considering she provided the money to get this all started I figured it was appropriate too.

“C’mon baby, just a quickie before we go,” now she was begging. She stepped back, pulling her briefs to the side so I could see her throbbing cock. She’d removed the cotton panel of her hose for ‘easy access’. “Please…I need it bad.”

I stood and scooped Dawn up into my arms. She let out an excited squeal then laid her head on my shoulder. I carried her into the cabin and set her down by the couch. She kissed me quickly then squatted in front of me. She had my cock out in a flash, licking her lips before taking me in her mouth. I moaned as she wasted no time taking me all the way down. She started bobbing on my rock hard cock and I had to stop her.

“Honey, if you keep that up, you’re gonna have my load in your mouth and not in your ass where you want it,” I told her.

“Sorry,” she gave me another lick, “I just love the taste of your cock in my mouth.”

She stood and turned around, bending at the waist over the back of the couch. Dawn flipped up her skirt giving me a wonderful view of her firm round ass and shapely legs all incased in sheer nylon. She pulled her briefs aside, exposing her stiff prick and puckered anus. It appeared she’d already lubed up her butt.

“It looks like someone has already been playing,” I stated.

“I can’t help it. I told you dressing like this makes me horny,” her voice demure and soft.

I had to admit, when she dressed like that it made ME really horny too. I stroked my cock a few times to coat it with my own pre-cum then stepped closer to her inviting ass. Dawn watched over her shoulder as I lined up my steely member with her tight hole. As the head slipped inside we both gasped. She had the most amazingly tight ass. Holding her hips I pulled myself deeper until my hips touched her butt. She was panting and I just held myself there enjoying her snug grip on me. I could feel her clenching, signaling she wanted me to fuck her.

I withdrew slowly then sank back in, gradually picking up speed with each thrust. I truly enjoyed fucking Dawn’s ass. She drove back into me making our bodies slap together. I was quickly headed for a powerful release. Dawn seemed to be on the same road as her moans and cries got louder. She knew I was going to cum soon too.

“That’s it Jack, fuck me good…I want you to cum for me…cum for me baby…cum for me,” she pleaded.

I never could resist that. Her sexy voice, begging me to cum was the best trigger for me. I felt my balls tighten and my knees shake as the first shot of my cum fired into Dawn. She felt it and shrieked then bucked her hips wildly. She was going to cum too. By the time I’d deposited the fourth rope of cum, Dawn joined me in orgasm. Her cum sprayed the blanket hanging over the back of the couch and dripped onto the floor. I held her until we’d both finished, caressing her hips and back as we panted.

Dawn shifted left, reaching for her purse on the end table. She pulled out the jeweled butt plug I gave her for Christmas. She lubed it up with saliva then had me pull out. She slipped it into her vacated hole before any of my cum leaked out, making a contented sigh. She put her briefs back in place and spun around to kiss me. Our tongues danced for a few minutes then she broke our kiss.

“Now I’m ready for work,” she stated, grabbing a jacket by the door, “We’d better get going.”

I folded the blanket and used it to mop up Dawn’s cum from the floor. I tossed the blanket by the laundry room door before following her out.

“When are you going to ask Jessie to come home with you?” Dawn asked as she walked to the passenger side of my Jeep.

I rolled my eyes, “She’s got a boyfriend.”

“Jack, she stopped seeing Mark before coming up her to work for the summer. You should ask her before she heads back home next week.”

Jessie had come up at my…our request and she’s done very well this summer. Making in three months what it takes her nearly all year to make at Athena’s. I didn’t realize she’d broken up with Mark though. And I didn’t know that Dawn was so interested in me hooking up with her either. Which leaves the question, ‘Why?’

“Why do you have such a need for me and Jessie to hook up?”

She fastened her seatbelt then gave me a sultry look, “Because it’d be hot watching her sucking your cock while I fucked her. Or fucking you while you fucked her.”

“Hold on a minute sweetheart,” I said starting the engine, “I thought you didn’t top men you’re with?”

She leaned in close, running her hand up my thigh to my straining cock, “There’s a first time for everything. So…are you gonna ask her?”

That seems to be the story of our relationship; the list of ‘firsts’ just keeps getting longer, and nothing is as it appears.

“We’ll see…” I smiled.

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