A Surprise To Remember


It was just another normal night of relaxing around the house for Kay. She was waiting for her husband to come home and join her in the relaxing summertime night. I will take a shower to pass the time she thought and really give him a reason to want to stay in tonight. She undressed and started the shower. Lathering up her petite body and shaving every inch of her body she thought she heard the car door. He’s home she thought with great anticipation of feeling her husbands hands running all over her body. She hurried from the shower to await him laying naked on the couch with a towel barely covering her body. She wanted to feel his reaction more then see it, so with a last second thought she folded a shirt over her eyes.

Her heart beginning to beat faster with his every step she heard on the porch. His key entering the lock, the door knob turning and the door opening. She lay there eyes covered body wet and naked. “Not a word, she commanded. I have been waiting for you. Now, close the door and show me how much you want me.” He doesn’t say a word and does as he was told. He closes the door and locked it. As he circle’s the couch he admires this beautiful woman before him. Her hair wet and curly as if she just got out from the shower. Her skin smooth from head to toe. Her breast perky and round just needing to be licked and sucked on. As he approached closer he sat at the bottom of the couch, her petite tiny body only took up a small portion of it. He leaned over her vulnerable body and gently licked around her nipples. She leaned her chest forward to embrace his warm wet tongue.

He moved from breast to breast kissing each one with more passion and lust. His firm strong hand grabbing and squeezing her supple breast as he sucked and twirled his tongue around her hard nipples. With his free hand he moved up and down her outside leg from ankle to hip and back down. He kissed down her naval and his fingers rubbed in a soft but firm motion over her clit. She moaned as his fingers found their Eskişehir Escort way inside of her. She was so wet that he wanted to lick up every drop. He grabbed both of her legs from underneath her thighs and spread them apart. He moved down into position and did a slow light pass with his tongue from the bottom to the top of her pussy. As he repeatedly and slowly did this applying just a little more pressure each time with his tongue the lust and passion was building. He licked harder and faster until he stopped and hovered over her clit and started sucking hard. She let out a gasp with her hands pressing down on his head holding him right in place. “Omg Don’t stop,” she moaned out. Feeling her clit swell in his mouth, he increased speed and pressure. Her hips arched and her moaning turned to heavy panting. He could feel her body tensing up and then the warm juices of his hard work paying off. His mouth was overwhelmed with the warm liquid just gushing down his throat. He couldn’t resist any longer.

Her warm soaked pussy was just calling him. He unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants around his ankles, and spit on the tip of his now steel beam hard cock. Her eyes still covered by the shirt he smacked his cock against her pussy three times and on the fourth smack, he slid into her splitting her pussy wide. As she felt him enter her she gasped so loud and her back arched smooth off of the couch. “Omfg baby, I have never felt you this hard before.” She instantly came on his cock by the fifth stroke. He clenched onto her tiny waist with his hands attached to her hips like a pair of vice grips and began to thrust into her harder and harder each stroke. Bouncing her off his long thick rod with such force and pulling her back on with so much control and power. Her body was so tense from not knowing what direction it was going in that she just gave up and gave in. Her whole body was going limp from letting go of her muscles and just letting the sensations of pleasure that she was experiencing Eskişehir Escort Bayan flow through her body. His grip was so strong and the force he was using to thrust his hips into hers, was so fiercely rapid that even if she tried to control the direction in which her body was moving, it would have been futile. She was at his mercy. Which at this point he was not exemplifying at all. She let her whole body get bounced and pulled and became completely limp.

He felt the tension in all of her muscles just release. Her legs that were at this very moment wrapped around his waist became limp and just flailing this way and that. Her arms gripping the couch cushions for dear life, dropped over her head. His hands tightened around her hips like he was preparing to use a jack hammer and needed to really get a good grip. His back tightened, and his muscles from head to toe all tensed in one motion at the sight of her bodies submission. She was his to fuck, pound, or even destroy if he wanted to. The feeling of power and adrenaline coursing through his body as he watched this barely 5’ft sexy petite woman ricocheting off and on his cock freely at his control. Her body just limply bouncing wildly and faster by the second. Gushing in waves of hott creamy juices over and over again. Flowing all over his big hard cock as she lay screaming and moaning in tongues aroused him even more. He began to superman, turbo, hulk smashing her pussy. Her body flailing wildly tits bouncing every which way. He grabbed onto both her tits and squeezed so hard like a pilot on an out of control plane grabbing for the controls and holding on for dear life as to regain altitude.

With her body in somewhat of a motionless controlled state, his hips were straight pyle driving her pussy. He chuckled softly at the thought of his ass with every outward stroke briefly scuffing the ceiling, and his cock with every downstroke falling into that pussy deep, like looking for the Chilean miners deep. Escort Eskişehir Forcibly drilling and pounding his hard thick throbbing cock as far into her pussy as her body and the cushions would allow him to go. She yelled “put me on top” and with one motion and not a second thought, he leaned back with so much force and momentum that her body followed from it’s flat shell of a fuck doll position to directly on top of her pussy’s relentlessness tool of destruction. She was so aroused that her pussy began cumming harder than ever before and continued cumming as she felt every inch of his thick meat being swallowed and consumed by her tight pussy. At that moment the shirt fell from her face and she was now able to look her husband in the eyes and ask where in the hell he learned to fuck like that.

She was still bouncing up and down on his cock violently because his hands were now under her arms and on top of her shoulders, pulling her body down towards his body with a much more determined force. At the same time her thighs were being met with his thighs intensively thrusting his long flesh stick deep into her stomach. Her body tried to tighten up but was out powered and overwritten by his ability of making her pussy gush so much and cum repeatedly so hard. She planted her hands into his chest so hard and tired squeezing her thighs closed so tight to stop his cock from penetrating her but it was useless. He grabbed her wrist tightly and continued to thrust at a steady but reasonable pace. He looked at her and asked “what’s wrong baby??”

Looking at the man who has made her cum more times then she could ever remember cumming in her life was still sliding her pussy up and down on his very nice very long thick cock. Before she could answer, her mouth opened with a long silent gasp as her eyes rolled in the back of her head. She tensed up and he could fell her pussy juices running down his inner thighs. She looked down as his cock was being covered in her white hott and creamy cum. “You were about to say something?” He said.

Her body was shaking, legs quivering, and about 9 inches of a hard throbbing cock slowly moving her up and down steadily and the only problem was that it was not her husband……

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