Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 307 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 307 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER: “Hands off my boy” the tough Ranger Pete warns Grady. “You may play Tarzan in the movies but to me you’re just a hot-looking muscle-jock seducing my boy. OK, stud, you asked for this …” Then the rugged Marine Hassan shows up with the same score to settle and Grady is tag-teamed. In Grady’s movie fantasy they leave Tarzan naked on the ground, smothered in their juice, exhausted … and elated. ******************************* Chapter 307 � “THE RANGER Eddie, the Marine Hassan’s boy; and Ben, the fireman Jason’s boy. They called themselves the four amigos and Brandon smiled proudly at them … he couldn’t wait to tell them all about his `punishment’ last night by the tough Ranger. But right now there was work to do. They had to set up the long table by the pool for lunch and, as there would be a total of almost two dozen men and boys, there was a lot of work ahead. Brandon was reluctant to leave Pete but the Ranger said, “I’ll be fine, kiddo. You go work. I’ll just wander round and get the lay of the land. Er, Danny, has Grady appeared yet?” “Oh yes, sir. He always gets up early for his morning workout. Gotta keep that gorgeous Tarzan physique in shape,” he grinned. “He’s been in the gym for some time already. All on his own today, I think. “Good,” Pete smiled. “Maybe I’ll look him up.” As he wandered away Brandon shot urgent meaningful glances at the other boys. The phrase “keep your hands off my boy” kept running through his mind and his buddies listened with wide-eyed excitement as he told them about last night. ************************************ Pete had spent little time at the Grady House so far and he was impressed as he walked round the grounds. Most of the men and boys of the tribe had contributed their talents and hard work to the new house and it was now ready for its close-up. This first party would be a kind of trial run for the formal ones that would come later. It would be a casual one just for the guys of the clan and, as Mario had said, “Those guys sort of bring the party with them.” Pete came across Mario working on the landscaping in a corner of the garden. Pete was used to seeing the handsome Italian in elegantly casual clothes but he always thought he looked sexiest like this, shirtless in old jeans and boots with streaks of dirt on his chest and face. “Buongiorno,” Mario smiled, straightening up from his work. “Good to see you, Pete. You’re coming to the party aren’t you?” “Wouldn’t miss it,” Pete grinned. “I gotta go to work for a few hours first, though. I brought Brandon up here and I’m killing time until I have to go. Grady’s working out, I hear.” “Ah, Grady,” Mario chuckled knowingly. “I thought you might be looking for him. Come to make sure he’s not seducing your boy, no doubt?” “Nah, I’m not worried about that. In any case I would be too late. Brandon told me he’s already in love with Grady � all the boys are.” Mario threw his head back and laughed, “Oh everybody’s in love with Grady. It’s something I’m getting used to. It bothered me at first until Grady reassured me I’m the love of his life. Actually,” Mario smiled, “he reassures me of that three or four times a day � in bed. The man’s insatiable � can get exhausting.” “And you love it.” “Of course � fucking Tarzan over and over � what’s not to love?” He grinned mischievously. “But Grady is mighty fond of Brandon so it might be a good idea to remind him that Brandon is your boy … remind him who’s boss.” Mario’s grin broadened. “I think he might enjoy that. You’ll find him in the gym.” Still chuckling to himself Mario went back to his gardening while Pete walked back to the house in the direction of the gym, a large indoor-outdoor space on part of the patio. He heard Grady before he saw him � the clanking of weights, loud groans and heaving breathing. Pete was about to interrupt him but decided to watch instead, partially hidden by the wooden lattice wall of the patio. Up to now Pete had mostly seen Grady entertaining the group of men and boys that usually surrounded him, drawn by his laidback, fun-loving charisma. But now he was alone, working out strenuously, his easy smile replaced by a look of intense concentration. And Pete had to admit that he was, as he murmured under his breath, “fucking gorgeous.” Like everyone else he had seen the ubiquitous billboards and magazine pictures of the underwear ad campaign in which Grady had appeared gloriously naked except for suggestive black briefs. And Brandon was always showing Pete new advance publicity pictures for the Tarzan movie, where Grady invariably was wearing only a loincloth in one erotic pose or another, like swinging from a tree. But unlike the other guys Pete had never jerked off over the billboard or the pictures. He had never been one for masturbation, preferring the real thing, which he had never had any problem attracting with his macho good looks � the tall, rugged, strong-silent type. But now, watching Grady flex his muscles, Pete almost made an exception as he rubbed the growing bulge in his fatigue pants, on the verge of pulling out his cock and jacking off. Grady was at his most homoerotic, stripped down to gyms shorts and sneakers, his muscles rippling, his golden-tanned flesh gleaming with sweat that ran down his handsome, square-cut features, dripped onto the slabs of his pecs, ran down the cleft between them, over his eight-pack abs and ended in a big wet patch on his shorts. He was the ultimate gym jock, the kind featured on muscle magazine covers, and again Pete said to himself “Fucking gorgeous.” But this time, engrossed as he was, he didn’t muffle his voice and Grady jerked his head up. “Someone there?” Pete stepped from behind the lattice wall and revealed himself with an embarrassed grin. Grady’s face broke into a wide, welcoming smile and he shook hands. “Pete! Good to see you, man. Not often we have that pleasure. You’re a bit early for the party.” “Yeah I know. I just brought my boy up here. I gotta go and put in a couple of hours clearing brush in the park. That’s why I’m wearing what we Rangers call our combat gear with the fatigue pants and boots. Have to watch out for rattlers this time of year.” Grady got a good look at the Ranger and his cock immediately stiffened in his gym shorts. Before now he had never really had the chance to spend any time with Pete, what with all the distractions of the other hot men of the tribe. But now he got the measure of the man in the Ranger uniform, his light gray shirt hugging his obviously muscular physique, a white triangle of T-shirt showing at the open neck. The short sleeves were tight round his biceps, and his broad shoulders and bulging torso narrowed down to a slim waist where a heavy belt was loaded with equipment, like his two-way radio, flashlight, and even handcuffs for the rare occasions when he had to arrest miscreants in the forest. The rugged look was accentuated by the green military-style fatigue pants and heavy boots and Grady’s eyes zeroed in on the obvious bulge at his crotch. Maybe the sexiest part of him, Grady thought, was the tanned, handsome face, the self-assured look in his eyes and his crew-cut blond hair. Grady has always had an addiction to hot-looking men, especially guys in uniform, and he said impulsively, “Hey, you’ve got a spectacular build on you, man. Come and work out with me.” “Nah,” Pete grinned. “I’d like to but I gotta go soon, don’t wanna get to work all sweaty.” “Well at least help me out, dude and spot me while I do bench presses. Don’t let all this sweat put you off.” (Actually it was having the reverse effect on Pete.) “Here, I’ll soon take care of that.” Grady grabbed his water bottle, took a long swig … then poured the rest over himself. Standing there with water running down his face and bare chest, soaking his shorts, he stretched out his arms and laughed, “See … irresistible.” Pete was stunned. Grady was joking but it was true. This beautiful man would be irresistible to anyone � including, and especially, to Brandon who loved handsome men (one reason he was attracted to Pete) and loved to have fun (where the strong, earnest Pete knew he could not compete with the high-spirited Grady). Pete’s mind flashed back to last night when Brandon had laughed that he was `in love’ with Grady. He had been kidding, of course, but now Pete felt a sudden pang of resentment that Brandon was (understandably) attracted to the handsome movie star. `In love’ may be an exaggeration but it had a worrisome ring of truth. “Come on, man,” Grady said cheerfully. He laid a towel on the bench, loaded the bar with weights and lay down on his back. “Give me a spot, Pete, I got a lot of weight on this bar. You wouldn’t want me to drop it and crush myself, would you? Then there’d be no Tarzan movie and you’d get all the blame for denying a poor weak gym jock a spot. Could you live with that on your conscience?” Pete found himself caught up in Grady’s exuberant, silly sense of humor and walked behind the bench press at his head. “OK, ready?” Grady grabbed the bar, lifted it off the stand and proceeded to push through seven, eight, nine reps. Pete looked down at the straining body beneath him, at the flexed muscles, bulging veins, and the square-jawed face grimacing in pain. As Grady reached exhaustion Pete curled his fingers round the bar and assisted with the last straining press, then encouraged him to do one more before the bar clanged heavily into its slots. His breath heaving Grady reached down and stroked the long bulge in his shorts. “Workouts always do this to me,” he grinned. “Instant boners.” Then he raised his eyes and looked back over his head at Pete towering over him. He reached up and grabbed the shape of Pete’s hard-on in his pants. “You too, eh, stud? Always happens … me flexing my muscles like that … gets `em every time.” He jumped to his feet and flashed a gleaming smile. Again Pete felt a flash of resentment. But that spark of arrogance that would have been objectionable in anyone else somehow was forgivable in the buoyant Grady, seductive even. When Grady said, “Your turn, buddy,” Pete turned away saying, “Nah, like I said, I don’t wanna get all sweaty.” “No problem there, big guy,” said Grady, walking round to face him. “Here’s what you do.” Fixing Pete with mischievous eyes he slowly undid the buttons of his shirt. Pete’s impulse was to pull away but he found himself rooted to the spot. He, like so many before him, was being captivated by Grady. And he resented it. “You know you seduced my boy, don’t you Grady?” he said suddenly. Grady smiled, “Brandon’s a real cool kid, buddy, you’re lucky to have him. And of course I seduced him. I seduce everyone … it’s Giresun Escort what I do. That’s how I got the part in the movie � seduced them at the audition. And the studio is hoping to hell that I seduce the movie audiences. There’s a lot riding on it.” “Yeah, I get that,” Pete said. By now Grady had pulled Pete’s shirt free and pushed it off over his shoulders. Pete reached behind his neck, pulled off his T-shirt and stood shirtless before Grady. “Just so you remember, man … Brandon is my boy. He belongs to me.” *************************************** Grady felt his knees go weak as he stared at the Ranger’s sculpted body, saw the steely look in his eye and heard the menace in his voice. Suddenly the balance of power in the room shifted. Up to now Grady had been in charge, confident in his own beauty, self-assured and playfully flirting with the sexy Ranger. But suddenly Pete had asserted his natural authority with a warning to anyone who challenged him, and especially any man who messed with his boy. And now the seducer was seduced. Grady loved dominant men and his cock was rock hard, wet with pre-cum. He knew what he wanted but was too intimidated to ask. In a role reversal, he had lost his confidence and waited for the Ranger to make the next move. Pete took Grady’s place lying on the bench and said, “OK, let’s see. How many did you do � ten was it? Piece of cake. He took a few deep breaths and said, “I won’t need a spot.” Nevertheless Grady stood behind his head and watched as Pete grabbed the bar, inhaled sharply, then lifted it out of its cradle and lowered it over his chest in the first of several effortless presses. Grady had a perfect body but Pete was bigger and stronger. Making it look easy he powered up to nine, ten … up to fifteen until the bar crashed back onto its slots. He sprang to his feet and confronted Grady, having now dominated him physically as well as mentally. In awe of the alpha male’s strength and power Grady still summoned up his last reserves of bravado and said, “Pretty tough aren’t you, Ranger?” “Yeah, tough enough to protect my boy and make sure he doesn’t lose his head over some hot celebrity movie star.” “Well, that would be his choice, wouldn’t it? Brandon’s a great kid who has always impressed me as fiercely independent. He’s got a mind of his own and makes his own decisions. So what if he does have a crush on me? What you gonna do about it, big guy?” “Oh no,” Pete said. “Oh no, you don’t wanna go there, buddy … trust me, you don’t want that.” Pete, a solid up-front kind of guy, didn’t have the finesse to recognize that Grady was subtly manipulating the conversation and goading him into giving him just what he wanted. Pete took it seriously � and it was making him mad. “What,” Grady taunted him, “you scared to show me what you would do to protect your boy, prove that you’re the boss? I guess Rangers are not as tough as they make out.” “OK, Tarzan, that does it. You may be a star in that studio, everyone at your beck and call, but to me you’re just a hot looking jock who wants to seduce my boy like he does everyone else. You wanna know what I do to a guy like that? OK, you asked for it, stud.” Grady was startled by the Ranger’s strength as he forced him back down onto the bench. He gasped as Pete unclipped the handcuffs from his belt, pulled Grady’s arms up to the bar and cuffed his hands round it. Pete was surprised by the muscular jock’s lack of resistance but when he yanked down his gym shorts he knew why. As he pulled them clear off, Grady’s cock sprang up stiff as a pole. “Well, well, so this turns you on, eh, buddy? You were toying with me, seducing me into giving you what you want like just one more of the guys servicing you, eh? Well I may be a simple boneheaded kinda guy but I don’t like to be messed around, so this looks like a classic case of `be careful what you wish for,’ dude.” He paced round the room deciding what to do with his captive, and Grady followed him with his eyes, dazzled by the shirtless Ranger in fatigues and boots, his muscular body lit by the dappled sunlight streaming through the lattice wall of the gym. It was not only his superb physique that made him sexy. Grady was used to guys laughing and fooling around with him, but this guy was different � more serious, tough, no nonsense, a real man’s man. And it was his down-to earth masculinity that made him so macho, so dominant … and so incredibly hot. Pete stopped pacing and gazed down at the handsome young jock, lying naked flat on the bench, his arms stretched up and handcuffed to the bar above him. “I gotta say, man, you are one hot looking stud. No wonder all the guys fall for you. But not me, man. See I never jerked off over those pictures of you like the other guys did. I prefer the real thing. And now I’ve got it. Tarzan’s my prisoner and I’m gonna bust my load all over that perfect body.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, thick cock. He threw his leg over the bench and stood astride Grady’s waist, staring down at him and stroking his rock-hard cock in his fist. “Like I said, you’re a beautiful man, Grady, but perfection makes me uneasy so I wonder how those flawless features would look smothered in cum. This ain’t gonna take long, boy” “No, no, don’t cum over me, Pete. Please don’t unload on me like that.” “Ah, don’t want your beautiful face messed up, eh? Just like all the pretty boys � `not the face, don’t touch the face’.” “It’s not that. I don’t want you to waste your jizz. I … I want it in my ass. Fuck me, man … please fuck my ass.” “Not his time, stud. Maybe just once the big movie star is not gonna get what he wants. I’m getting close, man.” “No, please, sir. Please, I need it so bad. You’re so fucking hot, such a stud, I want your dick in my ass. You want me to beg? OK, you win, I’m begging you, sir … please.” Pete had never seen a man as desperate to get butt-fucked as this guy. And this was Tarzan, the rugged man on all the posters and billboards, the man everyone worshipped. And here he was at his mercy, his muscular body stretched in bondage, butt naked, handcuffed to the bench. Seeing the muscle-jock struggle, hearing him beg, was so erotic, pornographic, that Pete almost lost his load all over him. But he held back just in time. “You want my rod in your ass? OK, stud, but when I fuck a guy like you it can be rough. See, it’s more than a fuck � it’s a warning to keep your hands off my boy. You ready for that, Tarzan?” “Yes, sir. Anything, I’ll do anything to feel that big Ranger dick in my ass. You look so fucking hot, man … I want it so bad.” Pete glanced round the gym and saw several tubs of lube lying around. Obviously this was one of the many places in the house that Grady got fucked by Mario. He dipped his fingers into one of them and lubed up his cock. Grady had wrapped his hands round the bar he was cuffed to so the handcuffs wouldn’t cut his wrists. Pete now pushed his legs up, doubling him backward. He leaned forward and grabbed the bar, pressing his hands over Grady’s. Standing on the floor, still straddling the bench, Pete’s cock was touching Grady’s hole and he grinned down at the handsome jock staring wildly up at him. “This what you wanted, stud, to be at the Ranger’s mercy waiting to get your ass reamed? Well you got it, boy … here it comes …” Grady’s eyes opened wide as he felt the thick shaft drive into his ass, deeper and deeper until the head passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest. “Aaaah!” Grady’s mouth opened wide and he uttered an animal groan as the Ranger’s cock filled his ass. He stared up at the rugged face, the blond crew-cut, the square, stubbled jaw, then at the muscled torso leaning over him, bending him double. “Oh, man, you look so fucking hot. It feels so good. Please, sir, fuck my ass.” Pete pulled back and pushed in again, then again until his cock became a piston pounding into the jock’s helpless ass. Pete was driving Grady wild, his head thrashed from side to side, his muscles flexed, his body writhed, but he was trapped, his hands pinned to the bar, his ass pinned to the bench by the ramrod driving into him. He was totally at the mercy of the Ranger, this alpha male who oozed masculine power. As he felt the hot ass clench round his cock Pete was equally turned on. Looking down at the gorgeous athlete impaled on his cock Pete flashed on all the pictures he had seen � the massive billboards with the beautiful underwear model in black briefs, the publicity stills of the rugged Tarzan in nothing but a loincloth, muscles rippling as he strode through the jungle. And this was the same naked jock he had cuffed to the bench, the man who had begged to get fucked, the man whose body shuddered beneath him as he jackhammered his ass. He saw again how seductive he must be for his boy, why Brandon was `in love’ with him as he had said. And Pete’s admiration for Grady’s beauty shifted to resentment of it. “Fuck you, man. Keep your fucking hands off my boy or I’ll fucking rip you open.” He pulled all the way out … then slammed his cock in again, losing all restraint as his shaft became a sledgehammer pounding ass. Grady had the wind knocked out of him. The only other time he had felt anything this ferocious was the time a raging Randy had fucked him savagely when they first met. He was hovering between ecstasy and pain as the shirtless Ranger ploughed his ass mercilessly, endlessly. The muscle-jock who loved to get fucked was on fire, sinking into an oblivion of lust, nearing his limit of sexual endurance and he sobbed, “That’s it, man, I’m done. I can’t take anymore. Please, sir, finish me off … cum inside my ass … please.” “I’ll tell you when you’re done, boy,” Pete growled. “I want you to know I’m the boss, I’m my boy’s master and you’re gonna admit that. You’re gonna submit … or you’ll get more of this.” The pounding became savage and Grady gasped. “OK, I submit, sir. I give up … you’re the boss, sir … you’re the master. Please, sir. Oh god, I’m gonna cum. You’re making me cum … oh fuck … fuck … aaagh!” His cock erupted in a plume of semen that rose up and splashed on Pete’s chest heaving above him. The sight of the handsome jock thrashing in ecstasy as his ass reflexively clenched round Pete’s rod could have only one effect. “Yeaaah!” Pete yelled in triumph and he emptied a massive load of jizz into Grady’s ravaged ass. ************************************* They were both staring in disbelief into each other’s eyes, both in a mild trance, when they were brought back to earth by the sound of slow handclapping. “Beautiful, just beautiful,” came a deep voice. Pete jerked his head round and saw … Hassan. The exotic Arab/Asian Marine Captain was standing by the gym entrance dressed Giresun Escort Bayan pretty much like Pete, shirtless in his usual military fatigue pants and combat boots. Grady whimpered as Pete pulled his dick out of his ass and got to his feet. “Hey, soldier, good to see you � looking gorgeous as ever. What brings you here?” “Well, I was on my way home from work and thought I’d drop in to check on my boy Eddie, make sure they’re not working him too hard. He told me you were here so I thought I’d pay my respects … you know, Marine to Ranger. But, hell, I didn’t expect to find this. Man, you were really doing a number on Tarzan here. He piss you off or something?” They both stood looking down at the chained, exhausted jock who stared up at the two muscle-gods, stripped to the waist in military fatigues and boots. Still in a daze Grady’s mind flashed to the movie set and to the two hunky soldiers in the story, villains of the piece and Tarzan’s rivals. In a couple of climactic scenes he has a major fight with them, the soldiers shirtless in fatigues, Tarzan in his loincloth. In the first fight Tarzan takes a beating, gets tide up at their mercy and they work him over. In the second fight, of course, Tarzan triumphs and gets his own back. And now here he was, chained naked, at the mercy of two similar military guys discussing him. “Nah, he didn’t piss me off exactly,” Pete was saying. “I just didn’t like the way he seemed to have so much influence over my boy Brandon � thought he might be seducing him. Hell, the boy even said he was in love with him.” “Dammit, my kid Eddie said the same damn thing. It’s one reason I dropped by here � to make sure the boy was alright. He’s an impressionable young guy and could easily be seduced … like a lot of the others are by this hotshot movie star.” He stared down at Grady. “Man, just look at him. Fucking gorgeous young stud. No wonder they all fall for him.” “Yeah, that’s why I had to warn him off my boy … had to make it clear the boy is mine … I’m the boss. I think he got the message.” Hassan chuckled. “I saw the whole damn thing, buddy. Man, you banged him good. Didn’t think I should interrupt � though I sure as hell wanted to. Matter of fact I intended to have a word with Grady when the time was right.” “Shit, no time the present, captain. He ain’t going anywhere.” “Yeah, now you mention it. Watching you hammer his ass sure made me hot and horny. Gave me a boner that won’t quit. Look at this …” He ripped open his fatigues and pulled out his huge thick cock, hard as steel. “After all, you lubed him up good for me … so why not?” Grady’s eyes opened wide as he saw what was happening. “No, guys, no more. My ass is sore as hell after the beating it just took. Please, captain. I can’t take another cock in my ass.” Hassan laughed. “You hear that, Pete? That’s something you don’t hear every day of the week … Grady here saying no to a butt-fuck.” His eyes glinted as he stared down at the helpless athlete. With his cock standing straight out from his pants Hassan held his arms out to the side and flexed his muscular torso. “Look at me, man. Do I look like the kind of guy who takes no for an answer? You know what they say, `The Marines always get their man’ … and this Marine sure intends to. Now, let’s try again … you want it?” Sore as his ass was Grady was mesmerized by the sight of the tall, muscular soldier, his huge dick pointing straight down at him. His lust overcame his caution and he said, “Shit that’s hot. OK, man … fuck me.” Hassan assumed the same position as Pete had been in � standing astride the bench with Grady’s legs over his shoulders. Grady was doubled over, his ass on helpless display, still oozing Pete’s cum. Like Pete, Hassan leaned forward, folded his hands over Grady’s on the bar and pushed his cock between his ass cheeks. “I’ll go easy on you, buddy,” he grinned. “Brace yourself, big guy.” Grady sighed deeply as the long rod slid slowly inside him. He had expected more pain but Hassan was true to his word and it was a far more gentle fuck than Pete’s fierce pounding. Grady gazed up at the exotic olive-skinned Arab face with the slanting eyes, high cheekbones and jet black hair. And there was something else that excited him. There was something Grady had never told anyone � except Mario. (He told Mario everything.) When he filmed the fight sequence at the studio where the soldiers tie Tarzan up and work him over he had to writhe in supposed pain and maintain an agonized look on his face. So he imagined that the soldiers were not just slapping him around … he fantasized that they were driving their dicks into Tarzan’s ass. To make a reaction believable actors usually summon up past personal experiences or future fantasies � whatever it takes to get the scene right. Getting fucked in the ass was Grady’s private fantasy but the resulting agonized look on his face impressed the hell out of the director. It was just what he was looking for. So in take after take Grady was lost in the fantasy of getting his ass ploughed by these two big, muscular soldiers. And now, as he gazed up at Hassan, and Pete standing next to him, that fantasy had come true. Chained up naked he had been ferociously fucked in the ass by the crew-cut guy in military fatigues and was now getting hammered by his buddy, the rugged, bare-chested Marine. It was life imitating art, except that in this case life was better than art as his assailants were two of the hottest musclehunks he had ever seen … and the serial fuck was real. It was so real that his imagination took off. He saw Tarzan chained up at the mercy of the two soldiers and his ass was on fire as it got ploughed for the second time. As the long shaft pistoned into his already ravaged ass, his jaw clenched, his chiseled features contorted in pain, his head thrashed from side to side, his body tensed and he heard Tarzan howl, “I give up … you win … I can’t take any more … I submit .. aaagh! …” His cock erupted for a second time and splashed hot juice all over his naked, writhing body. Hassan always struck men as a tough, menacing soldier but he could be sensitive too (as his boy Eddie knew well). He now realized how badly Grady’s ass must be aching so he carefully withdrew his still-hard cock from his ass. “Thanks, man,” Grady groaned in relief. Hassan smiled at Pete and said, “Not often I fuck a man’s ass without unloading inside it. My nuts are bursting with jizz. You got any left Ranger?” “Sure do � after seeing you banging his ass I got another boner already, so let’s do it, soldier.” Again Grady’s fantasy kicked in as the two shirtless hunks in military fatigues stood over him. Tarzan had submitted to the warriors and was now staked out naked on the ground with the mocking soldiers towering over him, stroking their cocks, preparing his final humiliation. He gazed up at the two huge cocks dripping with pre-cum as the men pounded them in their fists “OK, buddy,” Pete grinned, “let’s finish him off. You ready? … Now!” Grady gripped the bar he was handcuffed to, flexed his body to withstand his final degradation and … aaagh!” As he howled in defeat his jaw dropped and two streams of hot juice slammed into his face. He was momentarily blinded, aware only of the smell and bitter-sweet taste of semen splashing down on him and filling his mouth. He swallowed hard, afraid he would drown in cum. But at last the downpour ceased and as he slumped in exhaustion his last mental image was of Tarzan chained to the ground in the jungle, drenched in the semen of the two soldiers sneering in triumph as they put their cocks back in their pants and walked away, leaving him broken and humiliated, a helpless captive in chains. **************************************** Which is more or less what happened now. When his vision started to clear Grady saw through a film of cum the Ranger and the Marine laughing as they stuffed their spent dicks in their pants and buttoned up. They took one last look at the exhausted man cuffed to the bench, semen running down his handsome face and solid muscles, and Hassan said, “He’s done, man … finished. Man I feel good. I could murder a beer.” “You’re talking my language, captain. Let’s go.” Pete threw his arm over Hassan’s shoulder and they walked out of the gym, leaving the cum-soaked muscle-jock handcuffed naked to the bench. As they left they heard a sound and saw Brandon and Eddie standing wide-eyed by the lattice wall of the gym, their cocks hanging out of their shorts, pools of cum on the ground at their feet. The looked up at their masters and blushed, tongue-tied. “So, boy,” Pete grinned, “you saw the whole thing, eh?” “Pretty much, sir. After what you said last night � that `hands off my boy’ thing � I knew you would, er, have a word with Grady as you put it, and you did say I could watch.” “That I did, kiddo. And I hope you learned a lesson. You’re my boy, kid, mine alone. You wanna fool around with Grady you ask my permission first.” “Yes, sir, but, like, would you give your permission, sir?” “Hell yes. I want the best for my boy and that jock chained up in there is the best. How could I deny my boy the pleasure of fucking Tarzan?” Eddie was impatiently hopping up and down and said to Hassan, “Does that go for me too, sir? When you said you were gonna look for Pete in the gym I had to come and watch with Brandon, I had too.” “Yeah, yeah,” Hassan said, trying to sound severe but stifling a smile. “What Pete said � goes for you too.” Just then there was a sneeze, a murmur of voices, and out from behind another lattice screen came Danny, Ben, and Tommy, all looking sheepish. “Holy shit,” Hassan said, “you three too? Hell, you should have sold tickets.” “I brought them, sir, it’s my fault,” Eddie gushed. “But you know I gotta share good stuff with my buddies. You taught me not to be selfish, sir, and you know I always obey you. Remember that time when I flipped off that dude who wanted a ride and you whopped me real good. Actually you fucked my ass … not that that’s any kind of punishment for me getting fucked by a big stud Marine who … “Enough!” Hassan shouted as grins spread around the group. “Another thing I taught you, boy, is to zip your lip, remember? Anyway, I thought you guys were supposed to be working. Instead of running off at the mouth why don’t you go and get Pete and me a couple of beers. We gotta go find Mario.” “Aye-aye, sir,” Eddie said with a sloppy salute and the boys all went off to get back to work. Hassan followed Pete out to the garden where Mario was still working hard on his landscaping project in an overgrown flowerbed. He looked up at Pete and Hassan and stood up from his labors. “Signori,” he smiled. “Did you find Grady in the gym and Escort Giresun have a word with him?” Pete grinned, “Oh we found him alright and, er … well, had quite a bit more than a word. I just wanted to make the situation clear to him about me and my boy. Then the captain here had a … er … similar mission. Actually, I think I may have overdone it a bit so it might me a good idea if you went and checked on him.” “Mario smiled affably. He had a good idea what Pete was talking about and he trusted these men to have done nothing that Grady didn’t enjoy, painful as it may have been. Seeing his world through the lens of old-world Tuscan serenity Mario felt safe and confident in that world, especially now that it was defined by the love he shared with Grady. “Oh, by the way,” Pete grinned, “you’re probably gonna need this.” He handed him the key to the handcuffs. “Ah, capisco!” Mario smiled “Now I understand. I suspected something of the kind. You are right, amico. I should probably go to the rescue of Tarzan and soothe the savage breast. Don’t worry. He often comes home fuming about the studio but I have ways of calming him down.” “We have no doubt about that, Mario,” Hassan chuckled. “No doubt at all.” *************************************** Grady’s arms were starting to ache. Other than that he was feeling just fine … more than fine … elated. He had just been tied up and butt-fucked by two gorgeous alpha males and had indulged one his most homoerotic Tarzan fantasies into the bargain. Sure there had been some pain, and his ass was real sore, but what was a major fuck without a little discomfort? Rugged, macho muscle-jock though he was, Grady sure loved to take it up the ass. If only he could lower his arms! He pulled at the handcuffs and was trying to devise a way of maybe lifting the bar and sliding the cuffs off the end when he suddenly heard heavy footsteps approaching. Pete must be coming to free him, he thought with relief, and he was surprised when Mario appeared. Mario stared down at his lover chained naked to the bench-press and smothered in semen. “Well, well, well, here’s another fine mess you’ve got yourself into,” he grinned. Grady’s embarrassment took second place to his awe as he gazed up at his lover � not the stylishly dressed sophisticate this time but the hot Italian gardener. Still shirtless in old jeans and work boots he was now more sweaty and dirty than ever, his muscular mud-covered torso pumped from hard work, his tousled black hair falling over his handsome, dirt-streaked face. Exhausted and sexually drained as he was, Grady’s cock jerked back to life and he moaned, “Jesus, man, you look fucking gorgeous. Hey, go get Pete to take these cuffs off and we’ll take a shower.” “No need of Pete, amico,” Mario said holding up the handcuff key. “I can set you free whenever I want.” “So do it, buddy.” “I said, whenever I want … and right now I don’t want. Grady, do you have any idea how beautiful you look like that … how gloriously pornographic? Spettacolare! � the hottest jock on the planet handcuffed naked in his own gym. A rugged muscle-god Tarzan, semen dripping from his naked, helpless body.” Mario stroked the bulge in his jeans. “There is only one thing I can do to you.” “Oh no … not that. My ass has just been worked over good by those two guys and it’s shattered � real sore. No way I can take another dick right now. I gotta sit in a hot bath.” Mario frowned and faked a hurt look. “Can this be true, amico? I am asking to fuck my lover’s ass and he is refusing me? Are you saying no to me?” “No … I mean, yes … no, I’m just saying … dude, help me out … give me a break here.” Mario’s brown eyes danced with mischief as he sat astride the foot of the bench. “Amico, how many times have you come home from the studio madder than hell after a bad day? And how many times have I taken you to bed, slid my cock in your ass and made you feel better instantly? All I ask it that you allow me to do that now? Will you, amico?” Totally seduced by the glorious man he was in love with Grady relented. “Of course, buddy. Of course I want you to fuck me. Please … make love to me, amico.” From then on it was magic. Mario knelt beside the bench and licked the cum from his abs, his chest, neck and face. He unlocked the handcuffs, rubbed Grady’s aching arms, then gently helped him down on the floor on his back. He knelt at his feet and Grady put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back, exposing his ass. “Take it, buddy. It’s yours.” Mario leaned forward, his hands on Grady’s chest and lovingly, tenderly eased his cock ever so slowly inside him. Grady’s eyes opened wide and he sighed, “Ah, ah � oh man, yeah, oh yeah.” Grady had tensed for pain in his ravaged ass but as he felt his lover’s cock slide against the fiery membrane it was an ecstasy he had never felt before. All traces of pain vanished, replaced by an erotic sensation that sent convulsions of pure ecstasy through his entire body. “Man, he groaned, “oh shit that feels so … so incredible, the best it’s ever been. Man, I love you so much … your cock feels, wow … My ass was so sore and I’m glad, `cos it’s never felt like this. Oh, man, fuck me … fuck my ass, buddy. Make love to my ass.” Mario smiled and massaged his lover’s ass tenderly, hovering over the spots that excited Grady the most. And this was the best fantasy of all. Grady was getting fucked by the Italian stud gardener naked to the waist in jeans and boots, mud smeared over his muscled torso his curly black hair falling over his handsome face. He had watched the hot gardener at work often, and now the young stud had come into the gym and was fucking his ass. The gentle fuck could have gone on and on, but at last Mario said, “Grady, your ass is really tender and I think you cannot take much more. Besides, you excite me so much I have to cum inside you. Can you cum with me?” “Man, I would do anything for you … anything in the world. Kiss me, buddy.” Mario smiled, leaned forward and pressed his lips against Grady’s in a passionate open mouthed kiss where they shared their breath as they shared their lives. Their bodies pressed together, shuddered together … and they came together. Grady pumped semen between them while Mario poured his juice inside the fragile ass, the healing balm of love, pure and simple. For a long time they lay together entwined in each other’s arms and Grady moaned, “Buddy, I want to stay here all day.” Mario pulled away and laughed. “Me too, amico. But you forget we are hosting a party for the whole clan, and our guests will soon be arriving. Now is the time for the shower you spoke of. He stood up, helped Grady unsteadily to his feet and as they left the gym together, Grady looked back and smiled, “We gotta do that again, dude.” ********************************* ********************************* Whenever the whole tribe gathered together it was a high-spirited, raucous, sexy celebration of their lives together, based on the unique relationships between men and boys. It was a large private club where they all took care of each other, protected and loved each other. As their leader Randy always said, whatever happens in the group stays in the group, and interference from outsiders would be fiercely repulsed. Sure, ups and downs were inevitable given the lusty egos and friendly rivalries between so many alpha males, but there was never any doubt that the flying dust would settle, and love and respect would prevail. As it did on this day at the Grady House. Up `til now all the gatherings had taken place at the tribe’s compound. This was the first time a party had been held at the new Grady House, with lovers Grady and Mario as the hosts. It was a housewarming and a rehearsal for more formal parties to come, where Grady would host the cast and crew of his movie and production executives. But this one was casual � the tribe didn’t do formal well, if at all � and it was a noisy group that gathered in the freshly manicured grounds by the pool awaiting the appearance of their hosts. “They’ve been delayed, sirs,” Danny announced, greeted by whoops and catcalls as everyone knew why. The exploits in the gym were common knowledge almost as soon as they had ended, thanks to the efficient grapevine fed and watered by the boys who had witnessed them. So when Grady and Mario appeared at last, freshly showered and still shining in a bright afterglow, a great cheer went up and the two blushed with embarrassment and pleasure. They made sure that everyone had a drink in their hand, then Grady gave a short speech of welcome, ending with a toast to “The Tribe!” Before they dived into the feast Mark stood up and took the floor. As one of the most senior men, the cop commanded huge respect in the tribe, not only for his natural authority as a police officer but also for his stunning Greek-God looks. “I’m not gonna interrupt the festivities with a long speech,” Mark smiled, “but on a special occasion like this I have to pay tribute to the founders of this tribe, Randy and Bob. Over time they have created an extraordinary group of men and boys and, like most of you, I personally am in love with them both.” After a burst of enthusiastic cheers Mark resumed. “I also happen to know that this is the anniversary of the day they first met on a scorching hot day in a small, shabby bar at the scruffy end of Hollywood Boulevard. And all this time later, here they are still together, and here we are too thanks to them.” Through more cheers Mark continued, “Also, rumor has it that later this afternoon they plan to slip away for their own private celebration. Not sure where they’re going, but I have a fair idea of what they’ll be doing, and all I can say is, I wish to hell I was a fly on the wall watching it.” Mark sat down amid wild cheers and applause, and a slightly overwhelmed Bob and Randy saluted their thanks. As the party finally got under way Randy grinned at Bob and quietly slipped him a scrap of paper. “This is the surprise, buddy. The address is here. It’s all set, all arranged. All you have to do is dress appropriately. I think you’ll know what I mean.” Bob glanced at the paper and smiled. “Son of a bitch, I should have known. You know, you scare me Randy. You always have.” “That’s why you love me, big guy. It’s why we fell in love right from the start. And it’s why you’ve got a boner in your pants right now.” Bob grinned, “Fuck you, man.” **************************************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” � Chapter 308 Hey guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. ALSO, I invite you to visit my Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, including pictures and biographies of all the characters and some other great artwork. Click on the `Our Story’ tab to read the current chapter, or click on the green button to browse all the chapter synopses. Enjoy

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