Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 374 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 374 By Rob Williams CHAPTER 374 � “TOP MAN MIGUEL GOES DOWN” IN THIS CHAPTER: The rugged Hispanic top-man Miguel pays a heavy price for fucking with Bob’s lover Randy. He is helpless before the muscular superman Bob who warns, “When I fuck an alpha-male top like you, stud, I’m the one in charge. You don’t tell me how to fuck … you take what I dish out.” Later, the handsome, macho top-man is bound and spit-roasted by the black leather-master Zack and his boy Darius. _____________________________________________________________________ ************ In the previous chapter ************* Zack’s new man, the hunky, ruggedly handsome Hispanic Miguel, had rocked the tribe when he and the tribe’s leader Randy had ignited a lust-filled obsessive bromance. The principal damage was to Randy’s lover, the much loved co-founder of the tribe, Bob, who had been implicitly insulted before the whole tribe. Randy had fucked other men in the tribe before of course, as most of the men had, but this was the first time that Randy was so sexually intoxicated by another man that he seemed ready to transfer his love from Bob to Miguel. The other injured party was Zack, who had previously fallen in love with Miguel and invited him up to L.A. But Zack, Miguel, and Zack’s boy Darius had made their peace with each other and had been invited to spend the week at the house in the hills of Doctor Steve and his lover Lloyd. After a wild and unorthodox therapy session with Doctor Steve, Miguel had been embraced and welcomed as a new master in the tribe by all the men there, including the Marine Hassan and his boy Eddie. Miguel had demonstrated his sexual dominance when the houseboy, the sculpted jock athlete Tommy, tried to seduce Miguel by performing his gymnastic routine. But the rugged Latino top-man had reacted with, “Boy, I know just how to handle a narcissistic cock-teaser like you.” With Zack, Darius and Eddie as spectators Miguel had tied the young athlete to the gymnastic rings, worn him down sexually and mentally until he was begging for Miguel to fuck his spectacular ass. When, at last, Miguel came inside him, Tommy’s cock exploded in an act of total submission by the handsome gymnast to the dominant Hispanic top-man. When they joined the other men by the pool Tommy’s glowing smile was all they needed to know. Their earlier lively conversation resumed as they lounged round the pool, but Zack noticed that Miguel was not joining in as much as before. He seemed pensive and Zack said, “Hey buddy, you’re the star of the show, so why the brooding look? Something worrying you?” “Yeah, Zack. I gotta go out for a while and do something I should have taken care of some time ago. Er, Darius, do you know if Randy is at the house or at work?” Darius said that Randy and his boy Pablo were both working together at the construction site, probably until dark. “Good, then I’m off. Don’t worry, guys, I won’t be gone long. No problems, no fights, just a little cleaning up to do. Love you guys.” Twenty minutes later at the tribe’s house the twins were working in their kitchen as usual when they were surprised to see Miguel come through the gate and look around apprehensively. They went out to meet him and Miguel brightened when he saw their smiling faces. “Oh, hi guys. I, er, didn’t want to interrupt your afternoon but I was wondering if, er, if Bob was around. I know I’m pretty much the black sheep around here and I’ll quite understand if he refuses to see me. But I would like to talk to him if possible.” “I’ll check, sir,” Kevin smiled. He went a short distance away, had a quick conversation on his cell phone and came back smiling. “It’s fine, sir. Bob’s in his office and asked us to bring you up there.” Nervously Miguel followed them up to the master suite, Kyle knocked on the door and they all went in. Bob looked up from his desk with a smile. He was barefoot, as always, in his usual blue jeans and V-neck white T-shirt over his muscular torso. Miguel’s cock stiffened in his shorts, which was the last thing he wanted. “Miguel,” Bob said. “Surprised to see you here.” He grinned mischievously. “What, did Steve throw you out already?” “No,” Miguel chuckled awkwardly, “nothing like that. Things are going great up at his place. But I … I wanted to talk to you, Bob. Thanks for agreeing to see me.” Bob turned to the twins. “Guys, would you mind bringing up tea and some sandwiches … or would you like something stronger, Miguel?” “No, no, tea would be fine, Bob.” “Actually,” Kevin said, “We were just putting a tray together … anticipating your needs as always, sir,” he smiled playfully. “So tea for two it is, sir. Five minutes.” They left and Miguel shifted uneasily. “Bob, I feel guilty because I should have come to see you much earlier. See, I want to apologize to you for what I did with Randy and for all the trouble I’ve caused you. I behaved so thoughtlessly that I know you’ll find it hard to forgive me, but I just wanted you to know you are the last man in the world I would want to hurt.” Bob smiled warmly. “Thank you for saying that, Miguel. I appreciate it a lot and I’m glad for this opportunity to talk as I think we have quite a lot to discuss. Randy and I are still keeping our distance, but I have plans for that situation too. So sit down, Miguel, and make yourself comfortable. Tea will be here shortly.” Miguel did as directed and as he sat next to Bob on the couch he felt his body warmth, felt his dark brown eyes on him and saw the contours of his torso under his T-shirt. Again he felt his cock get hard in his shorts and thought to himself, `Damn, that mustn’t happen. Absolutely not’. ********************** CHAPTER 374 ************************ At last the two men at the center of the recent upheaval, Bob and Miguel, were face to face and alone. And the normally dominant Hispanic alpha male was nervous. Miguel naturally assumed that Bob would feel animosity toward him for having caused the rupture between Bob and his lover Randy. But it was more than that � the tension he felt was heightened by the sexual attraction he felt so close to this beautiful man. But he was here to apologize for past sexual misdeeds and not, god forbid, commit new ones, so he tried to ignore the growing erection in his shorts. Bob, with his sensitive antennae for other’s people’s feelings, sensed all of this. But, contrary to Miguel’s fears, Bob’s initial anger at the gorgeous man who had been the object of Randy’s lust and admiration had quickly faded. Above all else Bob knew Randy � he knew the sexual effect he could have on a man � how easy it was for a man to become ensnared in the force-field of his rugged gypsy sexuality. To some extent he considered Miguel to be not so much a culprit as an unwitting victim in all this. However, Bob was a strong alpha male in his own right and did not intend to just roll over and submit to humiliation. He intended to deal with both Miguel and Randy in different ways. One of the tribe’s beliefs was that the punishment should fit the crime, if crime there was. Miguel was easy. Randy would be more complicated and require all of Bob’s considerable skills in dealing with men � especially one as obstinate and conflicted as Randy. But first things first. His job now was to put Miguel at his ease � one reason he had ordered tea, one of society’s more civilized activities. And Bob knew that one way to put a man at ease was to encourage him to talk about himself. “So, Miguel,” he smiled encouragingly, “tell me what’s been going on up at Steve’s house. And don’t worry about betraying confidences. The tribe’s grapevine is so efficient that the twins probably know all the details already, from Darius and, especially, Eddie. The only time that young man isn’t talking is when his mouth is full of dick � which is a lot of the time.” “Tell me about it,” Miguel laughed. “But that’s one thing I love about him. He is so open and honest … he has no secrets `cos he blurts everything out. Earlier this afternoon when Hassan came home straight from the Marine base in his combat gear he took Eddie down to their house and you can bet that Eddie gave the soldier a spectacular welcome-home blowjob. When they came back to join us I’ve never seen a boy so over the moon with glee.” “He’s a sweetheart,” Bob agreed, “and Hassan is crazy about him. They’re a mismatched pair but it works beautifully. And I guess you gave the Golden Boy something to think about too.” “Yeah, well Tommy is a real prick-tease, which I suppose goes along with being so fucking drop-dead gorgeous. But I soon knocked that out of the narcissistic young jock and in the end he was begging for it.” “Hmm, yeah Tommy goes too far with that vanity thing,” Bob said. “In some men, though, it can be real sexy, like our calendar-hunk fireman Jason. Stunning as he is, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he has a lot of fun with his narcissism. And let me tell you, watching him working out then jacking off in front of a mirror and cumming all over his own refection is guaranteed to give any man a stiff dick. Ah, here’s tea.” The twins wheeled in a trolley bearing an assortment of sandwiches and all the paraphernalia for tea. As they set it all on the table Kyle said, “Yesterday Danny sent down a specialty of his from the Grady House, this wonderful fruit flan, and he just called and asked us to serve it now in your honor, Miguel.” “That’s nice of him … but how did he even know I was here?” “Don’t ask,” Bob chuckled. “I long ago gave up trying to work out how the tribe’s jungle drums could be so efficient. Those boys know when we’ve taken a leak even before we’ve zipped up our pants.” The twins left, Bob poured the tea and the atmosphere grew much more relaxed, as Bob had intended. But Miguel still couldn’t rid his mind of his lingering guilt toward Bob. “Bob, you’re being really kind to me, much kinder than I deserve. What I did with Randy … it was unforgiveable and, well, I don’t want us to sweep it under the rug and behave like it never happened. And you can’t just blame Randy and let me off the hook. I’m even more to blame than he is.” Bob took a sip of tea. “Miguel, I want you to stop beating yourself up about this. Let me tell you a story. “I don’t think you’ve ever heard about how Randy and I met. Actually, it wasn’t so different from your first meeting with Zack. Like you two, we were both splitting up from our wives. On my long drive down from San Francisco to Mexico, I stopped off in L.A. for a drink and found myself in a seedy Hollywood bar sitting next to a big, sweaty construction worker who looked like an itinerant gypsy, which in many ways he was. “Anyway, like you and Zack we drowned our sorrows in beer and got so shitfaced Randy said I could sleep it off in his shabby motel room. While we were asleep I guess I was dreaming about the barmaid at the bar we had been in. I got a hard-on and ended up with my arm and leg draped over Randy. “He woke up and went totally apeshit � I’ve never seen a guy in such a rage. He accused me of coming on to him, which wasn’t true, and reacted in true Randy fashion. He beat me up, tied me up and kept me prisoner in that room overnight, degrading and humiliating me. “His rage was out of all proportion with what I had done in my sleep. But looking back on it I’m sure his reaction was not only because of what I had done … but what he felt. He must have felt a visceral sexual attraction to me even then, which scared him to death. He was a big stud ladies’ man who had never felt a trace of sexual attraction to a guy � neither had I for that matter. So he took it all out on me physically. “Anyway, next day he went to work and left the door unlocked. With a huge sigh of relief I left and checked into a good hotel to recover and be pampered by the staff. I should have continued my drive to Mexico but I felt restless without knowing why. I drove around the city aimlessly and, to my surprise, found myself back in the parking lot of the motel. “And here’s the point of my story, Miguel. I had no idea why I was there at the time. It was as if I had been drawn back there by some inexplicable force. I mentioned to you earlier that force-field Randy has that men can’t escape. Well I guess I couldn’t escape either. “Anyway, I knocked on the door, he opened it and I went in. And for the next few days we stayed there together. He was still good and mad � mostly at himself I think for not throwing me out � so he still treated me bad � tying me up, working me over. But I think that deep down we knew that we had both crossed a threshold into a new world and that our lives would never be the same again. And we’ve been together ever since, bound together body and soul.” “So that, Miguel, is why I understand better than anyone why you were attracted to Randy with such force that you forgot everything else, including the feelings of others. End of story.” ********************************** There was a long silence as Miguel took all this in and watched Bob pour more tea. “OK,” he said at last, “I get it, but that still don’t excuse what I did and the pain I’ve caused you. Hell, you and this man who’s the love of your life are not even talking to each other � because of me.” Bob leaned back in the corner of the couch and spread his arms out along the back. Miguel saw his muscles ripple under the white T-shirt � the broad shoulders, the bulging biceps pushing back the short sleeves, the shape of his eight-pack abs under the shirt at his long, slim waist. Miguel could see damp sweat patches under the pits of his outstretched arms. And then Bob smiled � that warm, brown-eyed smile that lit up his strikingly handsome face. “Miguel, what I was trying to tell you in that long-winded story was that I understand the passion you felt for Randy and his magnetic sexuality. So, if there is any forgiveness needed, I do forgive you, Miguel, and I hope we can be friends.” Miguel was overwhelmed by this extraordinary man’s beauty, his compassion and his deep, soothing voice. It was the first time he had ever felt kindness to be sexy but he did now � along with the chiseled features and perfect physique. Miguel’s cock was dripping pre-cum in his shorts and he suddenly jumped to his feet. “Thanks for saying that, Bob, it’s more than I deserve. But I gotta go now … thanks for the tea and all, but I gotta go.” “So soon?” Bob smiled. “You Erzurum Escort haven’t even tasted Danny’s fruit flan yet. He would be offended � he meant it specially for you.” Bewildered, Miguel sat down again and Bob cut a slice of flan and poured another cup of tea. Averting his eyes from Bob Miguel concentrated on eating while Bob looked at him with an affectionate smile. There was something quite sexy about a dominant alpha male when he is looking nervous and vulnerable � like Randy’s little-boy look when he misbehaved � and Bob’s heart went out to him. He stretched lazily. “You know, this room faces west and really gets hot in the late afternoon. I’ll put the air-conditioning on.” He got up, strode to the other side of the room and flipped a wall switch. “I’ve been wearing this shirt all day and it’s wet with sweat, he said as he walked back. He pulled it off casually before sitting back down on the couch, his arms spread along the back as before. Miguel nearly choked on his tea. He had always thought that one of the sexiest looks for a man was barefoot and shirtless in blue-jeans, especially a muscle-god like Bob, and especially when that man was sprawled stripped to the waist a few feet away. Bob flung the T-shirt over the back of the chair between them and Miguel smelt the strong odor of Bob’s sweat. That did it. Miguel leapt to his feet and said, “Fuck you, man! Fuck you. You know just what you’re doing � exactly what Randy did � seducing me. Except that he did it with arm wrestling and a meal of barbecued trout on the beach. You are more `civilized’ with your tea party, fruit flan and sweet talk of forgiveness. But the result is the same. Man, you must know that just looking at you I’m this close to creaming my shorts. Well I am not, repeat not, getting involved in another sexual soap opera between you two guys.” Bob stood up and said, “Miguel, I’ve made you angry, and you’ve every right to be. Sit down again and let me explain. He pulled Miguel back down beside him on the couch. “What you say is absolutely correct. I was trying to seduce you … but it obviously didn’t work. I’ll tell you a secret. When you and Randy did what you did I was upset with Randy of course, but there was something else. I was jealous of him. “You see, Randy has always had this power over men � the ability to seduce. He can have whoever he wants. And this time it was you � the hottest, sexiest catch to come our way in a long time. So I was not only mad, I was envious. I looked for some way to punish Randy, and this was the first step. I thought if I could seduce the same man he had, it would be a way of getting even � showing him that I was as sexually irresistible as he is. But that was beneath me, a cheap shot, and I’m glad it didn’t work. I’m sorry Miguel.” Miguel ran his hands through his hair in frustration. “Dammit, man, stop saying it didn’t work. Of course I wanted you � you are irresistible. You are fucking drop-dead gorgeous and that cool, handsome business executive thing you got going is at least as sexy as the big tough gypsy. But man, I’m not gonna leap into that lion’s den again. Randy’s already unpredictable, and this would just be adding fuel to the fire. Imagine how he’d react if he heard that I had fucked his lover, had ploughed his lover’s ass. He’d go fucking ape-shit.” “You’re right, Miguel. And I feel ashamed for acting so selfishly, using you to satisfy my stupid desire to get even with Randy.” There was an uncomfortable silence. “‘Course,” Bob shrugged, “I wasn’t exactly thinking about you fucking me. Randy has this thing about owning my ass and you’re right, he goes crazy at the mere thought of another guy fucking it. No, I was thinking all along about shoving my dick in the macho Hispanic I had lusted after for so long. Yeah, that’s another thing you should know. I wasn’t just toying with you, Miguel. I wanted you bad. You’re not the only guy who’s had a roaring hard-on ever since you came into the room. “You remember that first day we met at the hotel and we ended up sharing a bed? You were new to sex with men, but when you wanted to get your rocks off you sat astride me as I lay in bed and rubbed your ass along the length of my dick until you shot all over me and I came underneath you. I held back because you’d never had anal sex and weren’t ready, but man I really wanted to push my dick in your ass and I’ve often thought of it since.” Bob stood up. “Anyway, I don’t know why I’m saying all this as it’s all moot anyway now we know nothing’s gonna happen. But I like talking to you, Miguel, so there’s no hurry for you to leave. Help yourself to more tea and Danny’s flan while I take a quick shower.” Bob pulled open his jeans and let them drop, and Miguel saw the outline of his long cock under his white boxers. Bob went into the bathroom and came back naked under a white bathrobe that hung open, displaying the slabs of his pecs, his washboard abs and his long, thick cock swinging between his muscled thighs. Miguel stood up, gazed at Bob and murmured, “Fuck … dammit, man.” He yanked off his T-shirt, walked toward him ran his hands feverishly inside the bathrobe and over the muscles of his back and torso. Then their mouths were together, lips grinding against each other in a frenzied, passionate kiss. Miguel pulled back and looked directly into Bob’s eyes. “You said you tried to seduce me and it obviously didn’t work. Man, you know that’s not true. You know damn well I’ve been lusting for you since I came in here, though I tried suppressing it. Fat chance … I could have cum so many times just looking at you. And yeah I wanted to fuck you but I’ll take your dick in my ass whenever you want, stud. Like right now.” He dropped his shorts, kicked off his shoes and lay naked on his back on the bed. Bob looked down at him, shrugged his bathrobe off his shoulders, let it fall to the floor and stood at the foot of the bed buck naked. “One thing I wanna know, buddy. How will Zack feel about this?” “No problem there, Bob. Zack has made it clear I can fuck with anyone in the tribe. In fact he’d probably be tickled to death about the thought of you fucking me.” Well,” Bob smiled, “if Zack’s OK with it, you’re OK with it and I sure am … what the hell are we waiting for?” Bob knelt on the bed between Miguel’s legs and reached over to the nightstand to dip his fingers in the ever-present jar if lube. He pushed them gently into Miguel’s ass and massaged the tender inner membrane. Miguel said, “I took a dry fuck from Randy.” Bob smiled. “One thing you gotta get used to, buddy � this is not Randy, it’s me. We may be long-time lovers but we are completely different from each other � especially when it comes to fucking ass. That crazy gypsy is more `slam-bam-thank-you-man’ … I’m a `lie-back-and-enjoy’ kinda guy.” As he continued to gently probe the Latino’s ass and massage his prostate Miguel groaned, “Fuck that feels good, man. Now shove your dick inside me … I need it so bad. Pound my ass with that big shaft, stud … do it hard … make me feel it.” “Two other things you’ll learn, my friend. First, I don’t do `pounding hard’. Second, when I fuck a man, especially an alpha male top like you, I am the one in charge. I don’t take instructions on how to fuck … you take what I give. But don’t worry about that `make me feel it’ thing. You’ll feel it alright, I guarantee. Now like I said, lie back and enjoy.” Miguel stared up at the handsome face and, behind the smiling eyes, saw a look he hadn’t noticed before � a glimpse of steel. And he suddenly realized that, despite his gentle manner, Bob was every bit as dominant and macho as his wild gypsy lover. Randy controlled men with physical strength, often brute force. Bob captivated men through charisma, his beauty, and the power of his overwhelming sexuality. Mesmerized, Miguel submitted to that power as completely as he had submitted to Randy’s machismo. He gazed up at the square-cut Superman features � the square, lightly stubbled jaw; strong cheek bones; the tousled dark hair falling over his brow; and the gently smiling eyes. Completely under Bob’s spell he pulled his legs back and surrendered his ass. “All in good time, Miguel,” Bob smiled. “I want you good and ready.” With his left hand he continued fingering his ass, touching all the sensitive hot spots, and he folded his other hand round Miguel’s rigid cock, stroking it gently, carefully. “Oh shit, Bob,” Miguel said. “Man you look so fucking hot.” He reached up and traced the contours of Bob’s body, running his fingers down the clef between his pecs, then under the curve of the mounds, down over the razor-sharps ridges of his abs, and touched Bob’s hard dick. He watched Bob’s biceps and shoulders flex above him as he fingered Miguel’s ass and stroked his cock. In a wave of euphoria Miguel lay back and raised his arms high on the bed, a gesture of submission as he gave in to the erotic craving in his groin. “Man, if you keep teasing my ass like that and stroking my cock you’re gonna make me cum.” “Good,” Bob said, squeezing and stroking harder. “No, man, stop or I’m gonna cum … oh fuck it feels so good … shit, I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum …” But at the point of climax Bob took his hands off Miguel and denied him release as he howled in frustration, “No … fuck you, man. Let me cum … I gotta cum.” “I thought you wanted me to fuck you, buddy.” “I do … I … dammit, you’re driving me crazy, man.” “Just teasing you a little, dude. But if you really wanna feel my dick in your ass you have to do just what I order you to. Your arms look good stretched up like that. `Course, Randy would tie your wrists to the bed posts but, like I said, I’m not Randy and I don’t have to tie you. But you will grab hold of the posts and not let go until I say you can. Is that clear?” “Yes, sir.” The word slipped out naturally and surprised Miguel, but it felt good to say it. Yes, he wanted to obey this Superman, wanted to please him. So he reached up and grabbed the posts tight, watching Bob spread more lube on his cock. “OK,” Bob smiled, “I’ll put you out of your misery. This is something I’ve wanted to do since that first night in the hotel. Here it comes, top-man.” He eased his cock between the ass cheeks and slowly, gently pushed the long shaft in deeper and deeper until Miguel felt it filling his ass. “There,” Bob said, “after all that teasing foreplay how does it finally feel, buddy?” Miguel gazed up at the Superman face and moaned, “Oh Jesus, I can’t believe it. Man, it feels so good. Fuck me, Bob. Plough that ass � fuck me hard.” Bob smiled, “Not my style, dude. Like I said, I don’t do `slam-bam’. I have my own way of driving a man wild.” And Miguel was about to find that out. Bob pulled back slowly, almost all the way out, and massaged his sphincter with the head of his cock before sliding the whole length in again and pressing deep inside against the inner sphincter. “This is what gets `em,” Bob grinned. “But don’t you dare cum � that’s an order.” Locking eyes with Miguel Bob pushed the head of his cock over the inner sphincter and let it come to rest in the most sensitive inner chamber. Miguel’s eyes opened wide, his body shuddered and he pleaded, “Oh, man, that’s gonna make me cum. Fuck it feels incredible. I gotta touch my cock, man … I gotta cum.” “No!” Bob’s voice matched the steel in his eyes. “Stay as you are. Listen to me, you have a choice. You can touch your cock and shoot your load and I’ll pull out, fuck’s over. Or, you can look at me while I take my time making love to your ass. It’ll take a while `cos I wanna work you over good � I wanna feel you, I wanna look down at the handsome Hispanic face with its strong stubbled jaw, I wanna watch that magnificent body writhe under me while you surrender your ass to me. So what’s it to be, Miguel? You want me to stop now so you can jerk off and cum?” “No … don’t stop … please, Bob. Dammit, I don’t want it to end. I want you to make love to me endlessly. I won’t cum until you say I can. Please … Randy made me beg, is that what you want? OK, I’m begging you, sir. Please fuck my ass.” Bob grinned, “You don’t have to beg, dude. So let’s just cut all the crap and make love, uh? Simple as that.” And so they did. Bob knew exactly how to work a man’s ass gently and lovingly, the very opposite of Randy’s savage assaults. He reached down and stroked Miguel’s chest, tweaked his nipples, then leaned down and kissed him, all the while easing his iron-hard cock gently in and out of his ass. Totally captivated by Bob’s beauty and sexual charisma Miguel stared up at the sculpted muscle-god and drifted into a parallel world where only they existed, a world where discord and anxiety gave way to love and euphoria as Bob caressed his ass. Time seemed suspended and the rapture endless as Miguel surrendered himself body and soul to this extraordinary man. Eventually they were rolling on the bed in a tangled of muscular limbs, kissing, licking, stroking each other’s flesh, with Bob’s cock endlessly caressing Miguel’s ass. They changed position constantly until Bob finally had just what he wanted. He was lying on his back and Miguel was kneeling astride him, riding his cock. Bob smiled up at him. “I guess a real top-man always ends up on top, eh, even when his ass is getting ploughed? Man, you look so fucking gorgeous riding my dick, buddy. I think it’s time I let you bust that load that’s been building for so long. OK, touch your cock, man. Let me see those muscles flex as that glorious body rises and falls over me. Fuck my dick, buddy. Make it shoot inside you while your jerk off all over me.” All this time Miguel had been on the bottom, submitting to Bob, but now the alpha male reasserted himself and said, “OK, man, this time I gave you my ass, but one day soon I’m gonna fuck your hot ass. For now, this is the next best thing, `cos I’m on top where I belong. Now I’m in charge and it’s Superman who’s gonna beg.” Miguel gave Bob’s cock the same treatment as Bob had given his ass � riding it, bringing it close to orgasm, then pausing, teasing him into a pitch of desire. “Man, I gotta cum,” Bob pleaded. “Come on, ride that cock … let me cum in your ass … aaah … don’t do this to me, man. Please, I wanna shoot. I’m begging you … make me cum.” “That’s what I wanted to hear. OK, buddy, I’ll have mercy on you.” Miguel grabbed his own dick and pounded it in Erzurum Escort Bayan his fist, pointing it straight down at Bob while he rode his ass like a rodeo cowboy, his free arm raised in the air. Bob stared up at the amazing sight of the naked stud Latino riding him, his black hair flying, rippling muscles gleaming with sweat as his swarthy face smiled down at him in triumph. “I’m gonna cum, man,” Miguel shouted. “Yeah … fuck … fuck … here it comes!” He rose up, then sat down hard on the cock piercing his ass. As he felt it explode in his ass and heard Bob’s screams he pointed his cock down and watched it blast ribbons of semen over the Superman face, neck and heaving chest, drenching him in his cum. They stared at each other in disbelief, then Miguel at long last rose up off Bob’s rod and fell forward on him. They kissed passionately, then lay in each other’s arms. “Man, that was out of this fucking world,” Miguel panted. “A great revenge fuck.” “You can call it revenge if you like, buddy,” Bob smiled. “I think of it as a forgiveness fuck.” “Whatever you call it, it was so fucking incredible it was scary. I mean, it scares me, Bob.” ******************************* Side by side they turned on their backs and stared up at the ceiling regaining their breath. “What scares you about it, Miguel?” Miguel turned and faced Bob. “What scares me? This feeling I have right now scares me. Like the feeling I previously had for Randy. Bob, I can’t trust myself. Like Steve said, I feel like a kid in a candy store and I’m overdosing on sugar.” He paused and frowned. “Bob, there’s something else. This Wednesday I have an appointment at the Ritz Carlton in Downtown L.A. They’re looking for a new head executive chef and they suggested I apply. As the executive sous-chef at their major property down the coast I am ideally positioned for a promotion to head chef up here. It’s a tremendous opportunity and I’ve heard through the grapevine that if I go to the interview I’m right at the top of their list.” “Miguel. That’s terrific news! But what do you mean, if you go to the interview?” Miguel sighed deeply. “It’s like this, Bob. Zack wants me to apply so we can be together. He’s already talking about expanding his house and he, Darius and I will all live there together. He’s a great guy, Bob, and I’ve lusted for him all those years we were apart. And when we met again at the hotel we found we had so much in common and, well, something just clicked, there was a spark, and it didn’t take long for us realize we were in love. “But what about now? Fuck, I did that crazy thing with Randy and fell in love with him too. And now, with you, hell I’m this close to believing I’m in love with you. It’s crazy and I’m scared that if I move up here I’ll let Zack down � betray him. Bob, I’m totally out of my depth … I have no idea what to do.” Bob looked pensive as he gathered his thoughts. Then, “Miguel, I remember something Darius once told me. He said that when he first started having sex with men he fell in love with everyone he slept with. It took a long time before he could distinguish between infatuation and love. Like you, he thought he was in love with Randy, which is why he came here. But then he met Zack who eventually asked him to be his boy and well … he knew then that he was in lust with Randy and in love with Zack. “Now, this kid in the candy store thing � let’s take candy inventory. When you first came up to town Brandon took you to the Grady House and you fucked the man himself, the new Tarzan � a fantasy I might say of many people all over the world right now. Then after hot sex with Zack and Darius, you went off to the lake and `fell in love’ with Randy. “Later you went to Steve’s house and got fucked by the good doctor over his desk. Next you worked the young gymnast Tommy over real good by all accounts, then you come here and we … well, did what we just did. That’s not a bad tally for a guy who’s been in town just a couple of days. So with all that candy consumption you’re wondering if you can ever kick the sugar habit, settle down and be loyal to Zack. Coming to work in L.A. would be a big leap. Am I right?” “Right on the money, as usual, Bob. Any advice?” “Yes, as a matter of fact. Forget your sexual exploits so far. No one would be surprised if you fucked your way through the rest of the tribe and, anyway, you say Zack has given you the green light for that. Hell it’s what Zack himself did, as I recall personally. “No, what really matters is your real feelings for Zack, and his for you. So when you go back up to Steve’s house now you should say to Zack exactly what you’ve said to me. And tonight, when you sleep together I have a feeling you’ll find out exactly where things stand between you. Big decisions like this have a way of working themselves out. Sometimes a lightbulb goes on and bingo … you know exactly what to do.” Their conversation was halted by a knock on the door. Darius came in with his usual grin, saw the two naked men and the detritus on the bed and grinned wider. “Sorry, guys, looks like I’m interrupting. I just came down to get some clothes and take them back up to Steve’s house. The twins told me you were here so � you know me � I barged in like a rhinoceros. Sorry.” “No, no, Darius, it’s fine, we’re, er, just about done here,” Bob said, pulling on his jeans. “As a matter of fact, there’s something I wanted to discuss with you.” “And I gotta get back to Zack,” Miguel said. He took Bob into his arms and said, “thanks for everything, buddy � the advice and,” he grinned, “everything else. And please, Bob … please get back together with Randy soon.” “Don’t worry, dude. It’s already in the works. That’s why I want to speak to Darius.” Miguel quickly got dressed, said to Bob, “I love you man,” then to Darius, “See you up at Steve’s, kiddo,” and hurried out the door. Darius’s grin was back. “Well, sir, looks like you two have made your peace in a big way. But Miguel seemed in an all-fire hurry to get back to Zack.” “Yeah, well you’ll find out all about that from Zack. But there’s something else I wanted to ask you Darius. When did you last spend the night with your lover Pablo?” “Well, not for a while, sir. See with Randy bunking in with him in our place I’ve been spending all my time with Zack. I kinda miss Pablo.” “Yeah well that’s the point, and I think we’re all being a bit stupid. This master suite is Randy’s home every bit as much as mine. So he’s gotta get out of Pablo’s hair and come back up here.” Darius brightened, “You mean you and Randy are gonna get back together, sir?” “Not exactly, kid. I’m still angry and I’m not the kinda guy to roll over and play dead. But you can help me with something. Mario’s old room is still empty except for that big bed of his, so do you think you could help me bring it in here?” Darius frowned. “In here, sir?” “Yeah � no questions asked, Darius.” “Got it, sir.” His grin was back. “Two muscle guys like us should have no trouble with a king-size bed, eh?” He was right. They went down the corridor to Mario’s old room and manhandled the bed into the master suite. “Touching your bed, sir?” “No Darius. Side by side but several feet away. Yeah, like that.” “OK, sir, I’m sure you know what you’re doing.” “Oh I do, kiddo, believe me. Now why don’t you skedaddle back up to Zack and Miguel? And don’t worry about me. I know just what I’m doing.” ***************************** The twins, who had been watching the comings and goings from their see-all kitchen window now came in and helped Bob tidy the room, taking in stride the mess, rumpled sheets, the strong smell of semen and the sudden appearance of a second bed. They regarded it all as Bob’s business, glad only that their master was happy and had clearly made peace with Miguel. They made up the second bed and as they left with the tea trolley Bob said, “Thanks, guys. Er can you keep an eye open and call me as soon as you see Randy come through the gate?” “Of course, sir,” they said in unison and left. Bob took his much-delayed shower, pulled on his jeans and a clean T-shirt (a white V-neck as usual), turned on his laptop and went back to the work he had been doing before Miguel had come in. He became fully engrossed in it and it was getting on for early evening when his cell phone rang. It was the twins � Randy and Pablo had just come through the gate. And the twins added that dinner would be in half an hour. Bob opened the window overlooking the garden and shouted down to Randy as he crossed the lawn, “Randy, would you come up here please.” Then he went back to his laptop. A minute later the door opened, Randy came in and stood waiting. When Bob finally looked up he was stuck by the incongruous look of the powerful gypsy in old cargo pants, boots and his usual dirt-streaked tank top stretched over his muscular torso. What made the look so strange was Randy’s expression. He looked like a guilty young boy who had been summoned to the principal’s office, waiting anxiously for his fate. “Ah, Randy,” Bob said, his voice not exactly cold but not warm either. Bob did opaque very well. “Listen, I was thinking, there’s no reason you should be sleeping downstairs with Pablo. This master suite is yours just as much as mine � hell, you built it � so you have every right to use it.” He saw the light of hope in Randy’s eyes and quashed it right away. “No, Randy, that does not mean things are back to normal between us. At this point I’m not sure they ever will be. But we can still be civilized about this, even though I am still angry, too angry to even share a bed with you � hence the second bed you see there. “We can be polite and keep up a front for the other guys. I don’t want our rift to infect the rest of the tribe, so after you’ve showered we should both make an appearance at dinner. Oh, and full disclosure, since there’s no reason to be coy about it, this afternoon I made my peace with Miguel by having sex with him. Seeing that familiar spark of resentment in Randy’s eye he added, “No, he didn’t fuck me, though there’s no reason any more why he shouldn’t. But this time I fucked him … and it felt great.” Randy shifted uneasily, then stammered, “But, er, you … are you … OK?” “I’m fine, Randy. Mark has been a great support, the twins too. Like I said, I’m still angry and disappointed about the way you … well, the things you did … and I’m sorry for the rift between us. But it’s different from the other times, Randy. This time you met another man and … fell in love, became infatuated, whatever … and ignored and humiliated me. It looked to the whole tribe as if I had been kicked to the curb like yesterday’s trash. “But I don’t want to rehash all that now. I want us to paper over the cracks so we can share the same space without fighting, and hide our hostilities from the other guys. Now why don’t you take a shower and then we’ll go down to dinner. I still have to finish off my work here.” Bob went back to his computer and Randy stood bewildered. He wasn’t sure what he had expected � maybe a tongue lashing from Bob, a verbal dressing down before they made up and slept together and Randy would make love to Bob … something he longed to do now. His dick was hard just being in the same room with him. But Randy was still overwhelmed with guilt, fully conscious of the hurt he had inflicted on the man he loved, and knew he was walking on eggshells. Above all he didn’t want to make any move that would rock the fragile boat, so all he could do now was to conform to Bob’s wishes, do as he said … and take a shower. As Randy went into the bathroom Bob tried to concentrate on his work but the boner raging in his jeans didn’t help. The sight of the rugged gypsy, dirty and sweaty in his work gear always had that effect on him. But he was still hurt and resentful at the degrading way Randy had treated him, so he stifled his sexual desires. Boy, he thought, this punishment thing is tough. ********************************* Dinner that evening was a strained affair. Besides Bob and the twins, Randy and Pablo, there were Mark and Jamie, of course, and Adam and Nate from next door. They all somehow kept up a stream of superficial conversation but the frigid politeness between Bob and Randy created an awkwardness that even the most genial group could not overcome. The Aussies, Adam and Nate, looked at each other with that visual shorthand that lovers develop and Adam muttered, “We gotta do something about this, Nate.” Right after dessert (Danny’s flan again) it was a secret relief all round when Bob announced to the twins, “No coffee for me, thanks guys … It’ll keep me awake and I got an early start tomorrow � business meeting.” Yeah, same goes for me,” Randy grunted. “Early start … `night guys.” He stood up and abruptly left, followed soon after by Bob. “Brrr,” Adam said with a mock shiver. “Was it just me or did any of you guys feel hell freezing over tonight? Pablo, have you any idea how things stand with those two, mate?” “Not a clue.” Pablo said. “All Randy and me talk about is work. He don’t wanna get into that other subject.” “Me neither,” said Mark. “Bob and I are real close and he turned to me for support. But lately he avoids the subject � it’s the elephant in the room. So I respect his privacy.” In his forthright, Aussie way, Adam said, “Well I think it’s about time some of us nudged things along a bit. Mark, you and Zack are too close to this, but some of us kept our heads down when the bullets were flying. Me and Nate, Jason, Pete and their boys, we all kept our distance. So we weren’t seen as taking sides, which makes it easier for us to do something now, with no worries. I’ll have a chat with Jason and Pete and see if we can come up with something.” “Can’t do any harm,” Mark said. He grinned, “Hell, an Aussie, a fireman and a forest ranger will make a pretty tough group � not to mention knock-em-dead gorgeous. So go for it, guys.” And on those words the party broke up. Mark and Jamie went to their apartment and the twins to theirs, while Adam and Nate invited Pablo to spend the night with them. Pablo accepted eagerly, not wanting to be alone, as Darius was up at Steve’s house and Randy was suddenly back upstairs with Bob � kind of. Actually, the same kind of frigid politeness continued upstairs as it had at dinner. Bob made casual conversation and Randy grunted replies, but soon Bob said, “Hell, I’m Escort Erzurum bushed � it’s been quite a day. I’m gonna hit the sack.” He sounded casual but he had a strategy that was similar to the seductive strategy he had used earlier on Miguel. Basically it just meant taking his clothes off. As Randy grabbed a beer and pretended to ignore him, Bob went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, then came back, turned down his bed and pulled his T-shirt off over his head. He puttered around the room, switched on his laptop to check his emails, then tidied the papers he had been working on and put them in a drawer. Randy watched with feigned indifference as Bob walked around shirtless in jeans, but inside he was churning with desire. Just as Miguel had been hugely turned on by Bob stripped to the waist in blue jeans, the same went for Randy. Most nights he watched this show and ended up falling into bed with the sexy muscle-god and making love. But now Bob took off his loafers, dropped his jeans and shorts and went to the bathroom to pee. He emerged butt naked, his cock swinging between his legs, then yawned and stretched, his muscles rippling under the room’s spotlights. He got into bed, pulled the sheets up to his waist, switched off the bedside lamp and murmured, “‘Night Randy.” Randy was tense with frustration. Throughout the agonizing dinner he had come close to just reaching over to Bob and kissing him as he so often did spontaneously. And now it was ten times worse. He gazed down at his gorgeous lover, his muscular torso and eight back abs exposed, the sheet pulled up just over his cock, a glimpse of his pubic hair poking over the sheet. Randy had to physically stop himself from launching over and making savage love to him. But he knew that would ruin everything, maybe forever, so he had no choice but to strip naked and get into the other bed. He knew Bob was calling the shots and he was completely in his power. Bob kept his eyes closed and heard Randy tossing and turning in his bed. Then he heard a different sound coming from his bed, a kind of rustling, accompanied by muffled groans. The rustling got more intense until finally he heard a long moan and a deep sigh. Bob knew, of course, that Randy had just jerked off and he smiled to himself in the absolute certainty that when Randy shot his load it was Bob’s image he saw in his mind. ******************************* It was about that time that the final act of Miguel’s long and convoluted introduction to the tribe was playing out at Steve’s house. As soon as Miguel had got back to Zack he had followed up on Bob’s suggestion and relayed to Zack everything he had told Bob � how he didn’t feel he could trust himself surrounded by so many hot, sexy men. “I’m still in love with you, Zack, but I’m scared of hurting you, being disloyal by fucking my way through the tribe � eating all the candy in the store, as Steve would say.” Zack sighed. “I’ve told you before, buddy, that my love for you goes real deep and if you fuck other men of the tribe it won’t affect our relationship. Hell, Darius and me have done the same thing and we’re as tight as ever.” Zack grinned. “Man, I’d love to watch you fuck sometimes and even join in. You and me would make a great team � like double fucking that stud Marine Hassan, for example.” But tempting as that thought was, this was all so new to Miguel that he was still unconvinced and confused, so when later they got ready for bed Zack decided to take a firm hand. While Miguel was in the bathroom showering Zack hatched a plot with Darius. They dug into the clothes they had brought with them and pulled out the gear they needed. A few minutes later Miguel emerged naked from the bathroom drying his hair � and stood rooted to the spot. “What the fuck? What’s going on, guys? I thought we were going to bed.” Zack and Darius had put on their leather outfits � boots and leather pants, a studded harness crossing Darius’s chest, and a black leather vest hanging loose over Zack’s. Zack said, “OK, big guy, you were wondering earlier if you should stay hooked up with us as a threesome, so we thought we’d help you make up your mind by showing you what you’d be getting into. On the bed, stud … on your knees.” Miguel’s cock rose to rock hardness as he stared at the muscular black leather master and his handsome boy. It was exactly the kind of scene that turned him on most and with no hesitation he complied with Zack’s order and knelt on the bed. “Shit damn,” Zack growled, “You are one hot damn mother fucker. Hands behind you back, stud.” Miguel reacted instinctively and Zack said to Darius, “OK, boy, do your thing.” Darius walked behind Miguel, rummaged again in the bag and pulled out leather restraints that he buckled round the Latino’s wrists behind his back. Then he pulled out a black leather collar that he buckled round Miguel’s neck. The final touch was to attach a short length of rope to the wrists and the collar which pulled Miguel’s wrists up behind his back in a wrestler’s double hammerlock that strained the arms upward and applied pressure to the shoulders, which bulged, along with his pecs and abs. The macho Hispanic struggled briefly against his restraints, and Zack said, “Fucking beautiful, man. Damn that’s hot, don’t ya think boy?” “Awesome, sir … what a hunk! Are we gonna work him over?” “Well, see, there’s the problem. This big muscle-stud says he don’t wanna play with me … thinks he might hurt me somehow later on. So I, er, I was thinking of giving him to my boy. He would live with you and you could do what you like to him. What d’ya think?” Darius stroked his chin. “Hm, I dunno, sir. That’s a big step, sir � like making a major purchase. I remember buying a car, sir, and some of them looked gorgeous on the outside, like this guy, but when I got inside for a test drive turned out my legs were too long. It was such a tight fit `cos the car was too small for my long legs.” “Well, hey, you wanna take this one for a test drive? Try it out? Let’s see what you got.” Miguel knew they were playing with him, but being bound like this, being discussed like he was a slave for sale, was a big turn on. And when Darius unzipped his leather pants …” Darius pulled out his huge, ten-inch schlong, spat on it and stroked it slowly. “Yeah, maybe I could try it on for size, sir. You wanna give me a hand?” He knelt on the bed behind Miguel while Zack stood in front grabbed the collar and pulled Miguel forward a bit so his ass was exposed to Darius. Zack looked down at the handsome, stubbled face. “Pity you’re scared of me, stud. We could’ve had a great life. But my loss is my boy’s gain. OK, kid, see if it’s a good fit.” Miguel gazed up into Zack’s sculpted face, his square jaw, high cheek bones, shaved head, and penetrating gray eyes. He moaned as he felt the head of the thick shaft enter him and push in deeper and deeper, endlessly. He panicked and clenched his ass tight, moaning, “Fuck, it’s so fucking huge.” “OK stop, boy,” Zack said. “Seems you’re too big � fit’s too tight � like that car.” “No, no, don’t stop” Miguel gasped desperately. “I can take it … I want it. I want it, man.” As Darius continued to ease in deeper, Zack smiled down at the tortured Hispanic, his shoulders bulging, muscles straining against his restraints. “Now you know what life with us would be like, buddy. But if you can’t take it � if it’s not a fit, well, that’s life.” “Zack, I do want it. I want it so bad … I’ve been a damn fool … I … aaagh!” Suddenly Darius drove his cock hard, all the way in. Miguel opened his mouth, screamed, and Zack gagged him with his cock, pushing it down his throat. “OK, kid, let’s show him what life’s gonna be like with two leather-hunks. Let’s spit-roast the macho top man.” Darius flashed a roguish grin at his master across the back of the bound Latino and they pounded him at both ends, Darius reaming his ass and Zack filling his mouth with his massive club. Darius looked sideways at the wall mirror and said, “Now that, sir, is epic.” Zack followed his gaze to the spectacular reflection of the rugged Latino muscle-god on his knees, arms pulled up behind his back, wrists tied to the black slave collar round his neck. His stretched muscles rippled and strained as he was spit roasted by two black leathermen, pounded at both ends by two massive cocks. “Now that is pornographic, boy,” Zack said. “This one’s a keeper � even if we have to drag him down to our house, chain him to the wall in the basement like a fuck slave and take turns working him over � fucking him, flogging him until he begs for more.” “Dammit, sir, that’s gonna make me cum. I can’t hold back much longer.” “Me neither, kid. But I want him to see what he’s getting into with us. Pull out.” They both pulled out, Zack dragged the dazed man by the collar and threw him on his back on the bed. His arms still stretched up behind his back Miguel’s shoulders and chest were bulging as he struggled against his restraints, his swarthy face thrashing from side to side, black hair tossing wildly, his body bucking and writhing on the bed. “I wanna cum,” he groaned desperately. “Please, guys, untie me so I can touch my cock.” “Not a chance, big guy,” Zack grinned. “This here is gonna make you bust your load. You ready, Darius?” They stood on either side of the bed, beating their cocks, looking down at the struggling muscle-god. “Damn that’s driving me crazy,” Zack yelled, “straight out of porn. OK, boy this is it … let him have it.” They pounded their cocks harder, Miguel stared up at the two massive cocks, saw them pause, shudder … and then erupt in sperm that poured down on him � in his hair, on his face and neck on his heaving chest and flexed abs until he was drowning in the cum of the two black men. As semen splashed down on him his body jerked and his cock erupted in a plume of cum that rose up, then fell on his own chest, mixing with the semen of the men he now knew he wanted to spend his life with. They stared at each other, hearts beating wildly, then Darius untied Miguel’s arms and soon the three men were lying on the bed, regaining their breath. Zack smiled, “Can we take that as a yes, buddy, that you’re gonna stay with us?” “Damn straight,” Miguel grinned. “I’ve been a damn fool. Of course I wanna be with you guys. And if you ever see me have doubts again, you can …” “Chain you to the wall as our fuck slave, sir?” Darius grinned. Miguel smiled, “Damn we’re gonna have a good time. But you know, guys, it seems that ever since I came up to L.A. I’ve been the center of attention in the tribe, and I guess that’s been part of my problem. Maybe we can just live our lives quietly together, the three of us, kind of more in the background � let the other guys bask in the spotlight for a change.” “OK by me,” Zack said. “But er, that thing I mentioned about us ganging up on Hassan. Wouldn’t you like to see that tough Marine captain worked over by us three leathermen?” Miguel’s eyes gleamed. “Yeah, dude, well there is that.” ******************************* Early next morning in the master suite Bob was starting to wake from a deep sleep. As he stirred he became aware of a pungent smell. He touched his chest and found it was covered in semen. He looked over at Randy’s bed and it was empty. Bob grinned. Randy must have got up early, stood over him while he slept and jerked off over him before going to work. Smiling to himself Bob’s cock got hard at the thought of the big naked gypsy spilling his load all over him. He lay back and was stroking his cock slowly when the phone rang. He was surprised that it was Adam from next door, the Aussie airline crewman. “Hey, Bob, sorry to wake you so early but I’m about to work a flight and I wanted to catch you before I left. I was talking to Jason, saying that we haven’t spent much time with you lately. A bunch of us guys � Jason, Pete and me and our boys � are getting together on Wednesday to work out at Jason’s place, then hang out and have dinner. Seeing as how you’re spending a lot of time alone these days, we’d really like for you to be there.” After a moment’s hesitation Bob said, “Well yeah, Adam, that would make a nice change after everything that’s been going on here. So sure, thanks.” Adam added, “Oh, er, probably better you don’t mention it to Randy, seeing the way things are between you two. Don’t wanna stir up any more animosity, eh mate?” Bob found that suggestion a bit odd but agreed. He probably wouldn’t have mentioned it to Randy anyway. Next door Adam put the phone down and grinned at Jason who was standing next to him. “It’s in the bag … your turn now, fireman.” Jason dialed Randy’s cell phone and delivered an almost identical request to him. Randy was a bit taken aback but said, “Hell, god knows I’ve got nothing else going on these days, Jason, so sure, thanks, I’ll be there. It’s always kinda hot working out with our musclehunk fireman, watching you flaunt those muscles in the mirror.” “Oh, and Randy,” Jason added, “probably best not to mention it to Bob, seeing the way things are between you two. Don’t wanna stir up any more animosity, eh?” “Shit,” Randy said with a note of bitterness, “why would I tell him? We ain’t exactly on speaking terms these days � not so you’d notice. So good, see you Wednesday.” Jason put down the phone and they high-fived each other. “I hope you know what you’re doing, stud,” Jason chuckled. “When they see each other there it could lead to the mother of all fights.” “Ah, no worries there, mate,” Adam drawled. “I know those blokes real well and I can see that iciness between them is beginning to thaw. We just need to turn up the temperature a bit is all.” “Well,” Jason chuckled, “turning up the heat should be no problem for three hot guys like us, eh? Hell, an Aussie, a fireman and that that hunky ranger Pete? We’ll be more than a match for them. Should be quite an event.” ********************************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” � Chapter 375 Hey guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. ALSO, I invite you to visit my Web-site gth. 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