Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 411 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 411 By Rob Williams CHAPTER 411 � “FINN’S EXCELLENT TARZAN ADVENTURE” IN THIS CHAPTER: Miguel takes his boy Finn up to the Grady House, home of the handsome actor Grady, star of the blockbuster Tarzan movie, and his Italian lover Mario. Finn is stunned to meet the man he has jerked off to many times watching the movie. He gets a bigger surprise when the fun-loving Grady introduces him to a world of fantasy sex where Finn finds Tarzan lying naked on the ground waiting to get fucked. _____________________________________________________________________ ************ In the previous chapter ************* Miguel’s new boy Finn, after initial doubt and hesitancy, had now proved himself worthy of such a man as the handsome Hispanic. Totally secure in their relationship he now sought to find his place in the tribe, an effort that was thwarted when he met with the senior boys and confronted the hostility and physical attack of the head boy Pablo. Rejected and dejected Finn turned for solace to the small family unit of Miguel, Zack and Zack’s boy Darius. They all rallied to convince him that he truly belonged with them, doing so in a family ritual where Finn willingly submitted to an initiation where he was tied up and tag-teamed by the three rugged leathermen. He came through with flying colors. That clinched the deal and Finn was now safe and secure in his new family. But there still remained the question of where he fit into the tribe after the callous rejection by Pablo. Miguel had consulted the tribe’s leader Bob, and it had been agreed that Finn should get the job he wanted the most, as gardener in the tribe’s extensive but neglected garden But Bob added, “I think some distance would be good for a short while as we don’t want this trouble to flare up again while emotions are still running high. I don’t think Finn should work in the garden for a week or so, so we’ll find a way to keep him at arm’s length.” That was easier said than done, but the solution came from an unexpected quarter that evening when the family of four were having dinner and there was a knock at the door. It was Mario from the Grady House. Finn had never met him and was unaware that he was the lover of Grady, the big-screen star of the recent Tarzan movie and its upcoming sequel. “Buonasera signori, e scusa, I apologize for arriving unannounced and I see I am interrupting your dinner.” Finn’s jaw dropped at the sight of this good-looking man with the Italian accent, dark hair and chiseled Mediterranean looks, dressed smart-casually in beige linen pants, striped slider sandals and a loose white dress shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest. Miguel smiled, “Mario! Great to see you again, it’s been too long.” He introduced Finn and Mario surveyed him with a warm smile. “Ah si, molto bello. The rumors said you were a handsome boy, Finn, but the reality is even better than the rumors.” He shook Finn’s hand. “Nothing but the best for Miguel, I see, which is just as it should be.” “Hello, sir. Are you the Mario everyone talks about, the landscaping expert who planned the garden at the guys’ house?” “Ah, yes I am, amico, but I’m afraid I betrayed the garden I loved. You see, I found another love and deserted the first, which became a sad wilderness. However, I hear that the poor sad garden will soon have another lover � yourself.” “Well, sir, I do love gardens and was going to make a start on that one until …” “Yes, yes,” Mario said quickly, “I am familiar with that unhappy event � but we do not need to dwell on unpleasant things. It’s a time to celebrate your arrival in this family. And I came specifically for a word with you, Finn. “I have heard so much about you that I feel I know you well already, which emboldens me to offer a suggestion. I have been speaking on the phone with Bob, who told me you had been hired as the new gardener. Bob wondered if I could come by and help you, Finn, and pass on some of my gardening and landscaping knowledge.” “I would really need that, sir, if you could. See, I’m fairly new to gardening.” “Bene. I would be delighted to, amico. Unfortunately I will be tied up at the Grady House for the next week or so as I have started a new landscaping project there. But I will need help, and when I got Bob’s call, suddenly … how you say … the light bulb went on? “I was wondering, Finn, if you would consent to be my assistant for a week at the Grady House. That would help me enormously and give you the chance to learn skills you could later apply in your own garden. However, it will mean long hours, so here is the presumptuous part of my plan. I would be delighted to invite you and Miguel as guests of the Grady House for a week.” Mario’s words were couched in his careful English with his lilting Italian accent and European charm, but everyone at the table, except Finn, knew just what he was doing. Bob had told him of the need to distance Finn from the house for a while, and he had come up with this solution. Plus it would be a mini-vacation for the two of them. Miguel said, “Mario, that is a very generous offer � but what would Grady think about it?” “Oh he is thrilled with the idea,” Mario said merrily. Povero bambino, he spends so much time cooped up in that big house without the chance of meeting new people, and he loves to have fun, so you would both be … come si dice? … a breath of fresh air.” Finn was eager to go, so Miguel gratefully accepted Mario’s offer. Mario smiled, “Molto bene, that is settled. We shall expect you tomorrow before lunch and you can drop into the kitchen, Miguel, and talk gourmet talk with Danny. He ruffled Finn’s hair. Ciao, amico. A domani.” In all this no one had told Finn Grady’s true identity as the star of the recent blockbuster Tarzan movie. His private life was a closely guarded secret to shield him from the media and paparazzi, and his house was behind heavy security. The tribe was utterly discreet and Mario, as Grady’s watchdog, was careful of any newcomer. But later, when lying in bed with Miguel, Finn was curious. “Sir, every time I ask any of the boys about Grady they kind of clam up � like they don’t wanna talk about him. I don’t think I ever knew anyone called Grady. Only time I ever heard the name was that guy who plays Tarzan in the movie, though that’s probably not his real name. They always change them, don’t they?” Miguel smiled to himself and asked casually, “You ever see that movie?” Finn hesitated, then grinned shyly, “Three times, sir. I went by myself and, tell you the truth, I jerked off in the theater each time, especially that bit where the soldiers capture Tarzan and tie him up. That guy is way hot, sir.” “Yeah, he is. You know, I think we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun tomorrow, kiddo.” ********************* CHAPTER 411 *********************** When they woke next morning Miguel began what would be a morning ritual from now on. He made love to Finn who instinctively raised his arms above his head on the bed hoping that his muscular master would pin his wrists to the bed while he fucked him. And Finn was not disappointed. Miguel smiled down at him. “You get the hang of this real fast, kid. And you know what I want from you. I wanna see my boy spray his body with cum while I unload my jizz in his ass. You think you’re up for that, boy?” “Try me, sir,” Finn grinned playfully. “I’m your boy … I do whatever you tell me.” And so they climaxed together and spent the next few minutes hugging, kissing and, as Finn said, “making sure it’s all still real, sir.” Then he suddenly jumped out of bed. “Sir, I want you to relax while I go to the kitchen and get breakfast started. Darius showed me where everything is yesterday so I think I can do it.” He pulled on his boxers and went to the kitchen. He started the coffee, took juice, milk and eggs from the fridge and started to whisk the eggs for omelettes. He was well into it when Darius came in butt naked. “Hey there little brother,” he smiled, hugging him from behind while Finn bent over the counter. Darius’s cock pressed against his butt and he said, “Hey, dude, has your ass been serviced yet but your stud man? `Cos if not my tool is ready � all ten inches of it.” Finn giggled. “Too late, dude, I’ve already been pinned, prodded and penetrated and I loved it. But you can get in line if you want.” “You know what, kid? You’re becoming what I’ve been called in the bad old days � `uppity’. And around here an uppity boy better keep looking behind him `cos his ass is fair game. Hey, you looking forward to your week in the Grady House, kiddo?” “Yeah I am. I’ll be working for Mario and he seems like a real nice guy.” “Oh he is way cool and drop-dead gorgeous, with that classy European thing he’s got going. He’s just the right guy for Grady who’s nuts about him. You’ll love their place � it’s like a fucking fortress. Randy and Mark set up the security there and when those guys draw a line in the sand nobody crosses it, trust me.” “But why, Darius?” “Well … we’re not supposed to talk about the Grady House. It’s, er … well you’ll see. Part of the reason for Mario’s visit here yesterday was to check you out, kid, like he once did with all of us. He’s the gatekeeper up there and you obviously passed inspection. He likes you.” Finn had to be content with that. Darius tied an apron round his naked waist and Finn laughed, “Dude, what is it about you? You always look sexy even when you’re only wearing an apron.” “Especially then bro. And when I’m feeling horny all I have to do is flip up the apron and my pal here is all set to tango.” He raised the apron, twisted his hips and his monster cock swayed between his thighs, making Finn roar with laughter. Together they served breakfast and sat down with their men. “We’ll miss you two while you’re living the good life up there,” Zack said. “We’ll have to think of a fitting welcome home party for you … our version of the good life, eh Darius?” “Oh, I’ve got it all planned out, sir,” Darius grinned, tapping his temple. “It’s all up here.” After parting hugs Miguel and Finn went back to their room and packed their gear. “Won’t need much,” Miguel said, “it’s real casual up there. Grady and Mario keep it that way, though Mario always manages to keep up that cool Italian look. You’ll need some old clothes for the gardening, and one decent outfit for dinner and stuff. Don’t worry if you miss anything … those guys are real generous about handing out their own clothes.” They packed quickly and hit the road in Miguel’s SUV. As they drove up the hill Miguel said, “There’s just one thing I wanna say before we get there, kiddo. There’s a saying in the tribe that what happens in the Grady House stays in the Grady House. That’s why the boys have all been so tight-lipped on that subject. They had the need for discretion drummed into them, and we have to be the same. OK, kid?” “I’ll follow your lead, sir. Always,” he grinned. Soon they were driving up to the big, solid metal gates, and Finn shuddered with excitement. ************************************ They saw the security camera swivel to face them and a cheerful voice came from the intercom. “Hey, guys, welcome to the Grady House.” “That’s Danny,” Miguel said, “you met him briefly at Steve’s house. He’s the chef here and house manager. Great guy.” The gates swung slowly open, Miguel drove in, and the gates closed silently behind them like a hermetic seal. Finn was dazzled by the sight of the large two-story house and beautifully manicured grounds. Miguel drove to the parking area but there was nobody there to meet them. When they got out of the car a breathless Mario ran up to them, looking not at all like the elegant Italian they were used to. He was shirtless in jeans and boots with dirt on his bare chest and face. “Mille scuse, amici,” he panted. “There was nobody here to welcome you. Danny is in the kitchen preparing lunch and the two figures you see in the distance in the shade of that tree are Brian and Grady running lines. “Running lines?” Finn echoed with alarm. “Oh, sir, I don’t do drugs. The guys I used to know did coke, but I always said no …” Mario gave a bewildered frown � and then burst out laughing. “Ah no, bambino, not lines of cocaine. Running lines in this house means something else entirely different. You’ll find out. But I’m so glad you are here, Finn, as I need your help. I was trying to erect a trellis over there but it was too heavy for me and toppled over. It knocked me over in the dirt and it’s now balancing, about to crush a whole bed of flowers. Miguel, may I borrow Finn to help me?’ “That’s what he’s here for, Mario.” Miguel grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll go check on Danny in the kitchen and `talk gourmet talk’ as you put it yesterday. Off you go, kid.” Mario took Finn’s arm and pulled him over to the far side of the grounds, far away from the two indistinct figures under the tree. As they walked Finn said. “Sir, I’m sorry about that stupid mistake about drugs. It’s just that the guys I had to mix with were a scuzzy crowd who did weed and all kinds of other stuff.” “Non importante, amico. We are all conditioned by the company we keep � or used to keep as in your case. You have left all that behind and you will find the company in your new world to be not at all … come si dice? … `scuzzy’. And the only weed you are likely to come across will be the weeds that need pulling in this garden. “Now look here what mess I have Erzincan Escort made of this. You see the offending trellis leaning there? We have been in a big fight and the trellis won. And now I am afraid that if I try to shift it it will fall and crush those flowers.” “Oh, that’s no problem, sir,” Finn said. “You take one corner, I’ll take the other and we can pivot it into an upright position.” He was right. With two of them lifting the heavy trellis it was soon standing upright. “See those two posts, sir? That’s where it belongs. You stay there and hold it upright while I dig a shallow trench between the posts and it’ll slot right in. Finn was wearing cargo shorts, boots and an old T-shirt. He pulled off the shirt, grabbed a nearby spade and started digging. Mario smiled as he watched the young man work. The trellis had served its purpose of putting Finn to work the moment he set foot in the place. That way, Mario felt, he would feel less intimidated by his surroundings, and eventually by Grady, as he would already feel he belonged here. Mario watched Finn’s lithe young muscles ripple as he dug vigorously and the channel was soon completed. Together they dragged the trellis to the posts and tied it to them securely. “See?” Finn grinned. “Piece of cake, sir. What do you plan to plant here?” “I thought I would train a climbing rose up it as Grady loves roses. Climbing roses bloom repeatedly through the spring and summer so I prefer them to rambling roses which bloom only once. My favorite is the altissimo climbing rose as it is deep red and Grady loves vivid colors. Finn listened fascinated. “Sir, that’s exactly the kind of stuff I need to learn. Like I said, I’m new to gardening, I mean real gardening � not just the mow-blow-and-go I’m used to.” “Oh, you will learn many things during the next week, amico. Just stick we me and we will have a great time.” “OK, I’ll stay real close, sir.” “But not too close, I hope,” came a cheerful voice behind them. “Leave room for me.” Finn spun round to face the voice � and went weak at the knees. *********************************** Finn’s mouth opened and closed but no sound came out as he gazed in disbelief � at Tarzan, or the man who played him in the movies. Grady smiled his dazzling smile and said, “I’ve been hearing all about you Finn, and you’re as sexy as they all say, but nobody told me you couldn’t speak. Let’s see here, maybe I remember some of the remnants of sign language I once learned.” Maintaining his smile he raised his right hand and his fingers started to work. Rooted to the spot Finn gazed dumbstruck at the man who oozed masculinity, with his flawlessly muscular build, movie-star handsome face, tousled hair and green eyes that danced with amusement. He was barefoot in old shorts and an oversized tank top that hung loosely on his perfect torso. He was obviously having trouble with his signing efforts and Finn said in a squeaky voice, “No sir …” he cleared his throat. “No, sir, I can talk. But you’re … you’re …” “I’m Grady, and you are Finn, you sure are. Miguel definitely knows how to pick `em � you’re beautiful. Now, there is only one rule in the Grady house, Finn, which is that Grady gets to hug any new boy coming here for the first time. Call me the welcoming committee.” In an instant Finn found himself wrapped in the strong arms of Tarzan, whom he had jerked off to so many times in the movie theater. His heart beat like a cannon and his dick got rock hard as the muscular body pressed against him and their cheeks rubbed against each other. There,” Grady smiled, pulling away at last. “Consider yourself welcomed, Finn. You are officially one of us. And rumor has it that you are a gardener and you have come to help us with our landscaping.” Grady looked over Finn’s shoulder and frowned. “Ugh, and this grubby-looking fellow must be your assistant. A bit the worse for wear wouldn’t you say?” “Oh no, sir, this is Mario, he’s …” Finn blushed deeply. “Oh sorry, sir, you know who he is.” “Except I would hardly recognize him. The Mario I know and love is a refined, elegant Italian with flair for good clothes. This wretched hunk in filthy jeans with dirt streaked all over his face and bare chest is something quite different. Handsome in a rough-trade laborer sort of way, I suppose, but not the style I am used to. Definitely not our class, eh Finn?” Finally Mario spoke. “Don’t answer him, Finn. He’s just being silly and teasing us both. He does that all the time. Ignore him, we have work to do.” Finn grabbed his T-shirt and began to put it on but Grady said, “No, no, don’t you dare, Finn. You look perfect just as you are. I will stop `being silly’, as your assistant gardener calls it, I will …” he ran his fingertips across his lips … “shut my mouth, stand back and just enjoy the view.” Mario gave an exaggerated sigh. “Pay no attention to him, Finn. Let’s get back to work.” ********************************** Grady watched with amusement and increasing lust as the two shirtless gardeners piled earth against the trellis in preparation for planting. Finn was shoveling hard but `paying no attention’ to Grady was difficult as he caught glimpses of the stunning man staring at them. And not just any stunning man. This was the famous movie idol, the man he had masturbated to in dark theaters and later searched for all over the Internet. He had tried to find personal details about him but all he had come across was a vague mention that the actor lived in a house in the Hollywood Hills. And here Finn was in that very house, the movie-star’s home, the man who even now was standing only yards away leaning against a post, arms folded across his chest, wearing shorts and an old tank top. “Concentrate, amico,” Mario urged when he noticed Finn slacking off and knew exactly why. “He plays games all the time and we must not encourage him.” “Sorry, sir.” Finn was eager to show Mario (and by extension Miguel) what a hard-worker he was and he was resolutely digging when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Grady stretch, yawn, then slowly pulled off his tank top. He leaned against a post with his hands behind his back, muscles flexing in his flawless physique, reminding Finn of the scene in the movie where Tarzan had been tied to a tree. “Aaah!” Finn’s spade missed the ground, he stumbled forward and would have fallen had Mario not caught him. “I’m sorry, sir, it’s just that …” “I know, I know, Finn, it is not your fault.” He turned on Grady and said sternly, “You are behaving assolutamente terribilmente! We are working very hard here and you are using all your tricks to distract us. What is it you want?” “Oh, come on dude. Here I am, horny as hell, as usual, and I come across two hot gardeners at work, stripped to the waist, digging away, muscles flexing, sweat running down their faces. It’s a total fantasy. Any red-blooded male would be turned on by that. It sure makes my dick hard.” “Sir,” Finn said, “I know what he means. Miguel and me already acted out that fantasy yesterday. I was working in the garden and Miguel saw me and pretended to be the master of the house. He pushed me on the ground, held me down and fucked me. It was great.” “I’ll say,” Grady grinned. “Sounds good to me. Can I be master of the house?” “See, sir, he wants sex.” Mario sighed. “I believe you’re right, amico.” “He wants to fuck you like Miguel fucked me.” “Well …” Mario shrugged, “Not exactly. I think he has a slightly different fantasy in mind.” “Damn right I do. Look at you, stud, the gorgeous Italian gardener, rough, bare-chested, covered in dirt, just like Mellors.” Finn frowned and Mario said quietly, “The gamekeeper in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, amico. Grady always does fantasy with a literary flair.” Grady was off and running. “Lady C., the lady of the house, can’t get enough of the big stud and regularly comes to him in the woods to get ploughed. Same here, only this time it’s the lord of the manor who comes across the gardener. Like right now.” “That’s my cue, Finn. Don’t run away … won’t take long.” Mario got into character, stood tall and stared arrogantly at Grady. “So, padrone, you are here again,” he said in a gravelly, Italian accent, playing his part. “What do you desire of me this time?” “What I always desire from you, stud.” He ran his hand through Mario’s tousled hair and over his grimy face, then both hands over his shoulders, his sweaty chest, and down over his abs to the jeans at his slim waist. “So fucking gorgeous. I’ve gotta have it, man. I need it so bad.” Finn watched mesmerized waiting for Grady, the master, to push the gardener on the ground and fuck him as Miguel had. But his jaw dropped as Grady pulled open his shorts, let them drop and he lay on the ground on his back, butt naked. Mario stood astride him, slowly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his long, hard cock. Is this was the padrone wants?” No! Finn thought. It can’t be. He had watched this macho Tarzan dominate his jungle world and now the same man was lying naked on the ground offering his ass? It was so shocking he thought he shouldn’t watch, he should leave. But he remembered the scene where Tarzan was tied up and beaten by the soldiers, the scene that had made him cum every time he saw it, and that’s what kept him rooted to the spot. Suddenly he felt an arm slide across his shoulder and Miguel’s low voice whispered in his ear, “So what’s going on here, kiddo?” Speechless, Finn jabbed a finger at the scene on the ground. “Ah yeah,” Miguel said softly. “Happens a lot around here. First time I saw it I couldn’t believe it, but it turns out Tarzan loves to get fucked.” A thought occurred to Finn. “Have … have you ever fucked him, sir?” “Oh yeah, and he’s a terrific fuck. He loves to fantasize. Well, he’s an actor, enjoys playing a part. Looks like this time he’s the young master getting fucked by his rugged Italian gardener, a bit like we did, kiddo, only in reverse. You can play with your cock while you watch � it’s kind of expected. Just don’t cum yet. Save it.” In a trance Finn pulled out his rigid cock and stroked it as he watched the incredible scene. Mario spit on his cock while Grady hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back, offering up his ass. Mario knelt on the ground and in one effortless move slid his cock inside the naked muscle-jock. “Is that what the signore came here for?” Mario said teasingly. “What he always comes for?” “You know it is, man. Oh yeah, fuck my ass. I fucking love it, man.” Finn’s eyes grew wide as he watched the dark, handsome gardener in jeans and boots penetrate the master with increasing speed and force until his cock was pile-driving in his ass. He leaned forward and pinned the man’s arms to the ground while the magnificent body writhed beneath him, his beautiful face thrashing from side to side in ecstasy. Finn pulled his hand away from his cock several times as he was close to his climax and Miguel had told him not to cum yet. So he watched mesmerized and wondered until it was clear from the way Grady was gazing in rapture at Mario that he was being driven to orgasm. Mario smiled, “Is the master ready for me to fill his ass with sperm?” “Fuck yeah. Do it, man.” Mario grabbed Grady’s cock and pounded it in his fist. Grady howled as he pumped jizz all over his spectacular body and felt Mario flooding his ass with cum. ******************************** Mario gazed down at Grady’s sparkling green eyes as he gently pulled out of his ass and stood up. He turned and ruffed Finn’s hair. “You look dazed, amico, but I think you enjoyed our little charade judging by that pole sticking out of your shorts.” Finn blushed and started to stuff his cock back in, but Mario said, “No, not yet, Finn. You see we have not yet finished with the man lying naked on the grass, smothered in cum. You have a part to play in our little drama.” Mario smiled at Miguel. “That is if your master will permit it.” “Hey, Mario, he’s your assistant while he’s here so I expect him to do pretty much whatever you tell him to.” “Grazie tanti, amico. Molto bene, Finn. Look at Grady still sprawled naked on the grass. A stunning sight, no? The stuff of fantasy I think. But I have something here that I often carry which will … how you say? … add a little spice to the drama.” Mario pulled from his pocket a ragged triangle of old brown cloth. He knelt down beside Grady, placed the cloth over his cock and tied the loose ends round his waist. Mario stood up and Grady, ever the actor, played his part by lying spread eagled, legs splayed apart and his arms stretched out, elbows bent. His head fell to one side, eyes closed. Finn gasped, looked back at Miguel, then stared again at the ground. “What do you see, amico?” “It … it’s just like in the movie, sir � when the soldiers capture Tarzan and leave him unconscious on the ground in just his loincloth while they decide what to do with him. He looks exactly like that.” “But do you know what Grady is thinking right now, amico? I do, because I know him so well.” “He wants to get fucked again, sir?” “Eccellente � you learn fast, young man. But not that old gardener thing again � we don’t want to wear out an old fantasy. No, he wants something new. He wants the new boy. He wants to feel the new boy inside him. And you may have noticed, at the Grady House we try to give Grady what he wants � like the red climbing roses? And this time he wants you, Finn.” Feeling a stab of panic Finn Erzincan Escort Bayan looked back anxiously at Miguel. “Sir, I don’t think … I can’t, sir. Not the guy in the movie, not Tarzan … it’s too … I’m too …” “Finn,” Miguel said gently. “You know I would never ask you to do anything you don’t want to. But I would like to give pleasure to our hosts and I know it would give pleasure to you too. After all, my boy can do anything.” “Yes, sir. And I really want to, but …” He looked down at Tarzan, naked but for his loincloth, lying sprawled on the ground, and his cock stood out of his shorts rock hard. He undid the shorts and let them drop round his ankles over his boots. His heart thumping he knelt on the grass between Grady’s legs and gazed in awe at the muscular Tarzan lying helpless before him. Clumsily he pushed his legs back, pressed his cock against his ass … and lost his hard-on. “Ah,” he groaned in a half sob. “No … I … I don’t know why I … I can’t …” Grady opened his eyes slowly as if regaining consciousness and looked up at the desperate boy. “Hello, Finn,” he smiled. “Don’t beat yourself up, kiddo. Just relax and listen to a story I want to tell you. “That scene you like so much in the movie, where Tarzan is overpowered by the soldiers and beaten by them to make him talk. I couldn’t get it right at first because I didn’t know how it would feel, so I couldn’t act it. We did take after take and the director was getting frustrated � and then I had an inspiration. I knew how it would feel if the soldiers did something else. “You remember that there were two older soldiers and a young rookie they ordered about. Well, I imagined that instead of hauling Tarzan off the ground and tying him up they left him there. The two older soldiers pinned his arms to the ground and they ordered the rookie to shove his cock in Tarzan’s ass. He was scared, as he had never done anything like that before, and he didn’t want to hurt the handsome jungle man. “But as Tarzan came to he felt himself pinned and struggled to get free. Then he opened his eyes and saw the handsome young soldier kneeling between his legs. He gasped as he became aware what was going to happen to him. The rookie looked down at him, at that handsome face, at the writhing, muscular body, and heard the order from his superior …” As he listened to the erotic story Finn’s cock stirred and grew harder. But Grady fell silent, closed his eyes and his head fell to one side as before. Above them Mario grinned and nodded at Miguel. Finn became aware of them, one on each side of the unconscious man. They dropped to their knees and each grabbed a wrist and pressed it into the ground with both hands. Tarzan moaned, tried to touch his face but frowned when he was unable to move. His eyes opened, he realized his predicament and he struggled mightily, the muscles of his powerful body flexing and straining. When he realized it was hopeless he became still, gazed up at the boy kneeling between his legs � and their eyes met. At that moment Finn heard Miguel’s voice. “You know what to do, boy.” He looked up at Miguel’s stern gaze. “You gotta shove your dick in Tarzan’s ass, while we pin him down. Make him suffer, boy. That’s an order.” Finn was so lost in the fantasy that he had no time for doubt or reflection. It was real � the magnificent Tarzan was helpless before him, his master had given his orders � and his cock was rock hard. He grabbed one of the captive’s legs and pushed it up high. He looked down at his ass, jerked his hips forward � and drove his dry dick deep inside. He was so immersed in the drama that he hadn’t stopped to think about lube. Grady’s ass was already slick with Mario’s cum but, even so, the first thrust hurt and he threw his head back and howled. “That’s it boy,” Miguel growled. “Now fuck that ass … fuck that ass. Hurt him, humiliate the jungle man. He’s tough but we want him to submit and tell us what we want.” The scene felt so real that any pity he would ordinarily have felt for the captive was lost. It was his real master giving orders, the man he had sworn to obey. And overriding all that was the feeling in his cock and the homoerotic sight of the struggling Tarzan impaled on his rod. This was different from anything he had felt before. His orders were to fuck hard, so he did. He let the leg fall over his shoulder and leaned forward. He cupped his hands over the man’s rock hard pecs and pressed down, pinning his body as the other men pinned his wrist. He had him totally helpless and he hammered his ass, gazing down at the handsome face with its chiseled features and tortured green eyes, grimacing and thrashing from side to side as his ass got reamed by the rookie’s pile-driving cock. Finn was not sure how long he could hold back his own climax, and then he heard his master’s voice again. “That’s it boy, break him. The big man can’t take much more � even he has his breaking point.” Miguel reached down and pulled the loincloth back so the cock sprang up hard, with pre-cum oozing from it. “See that? He’s close to the end. Make him bust his load, boy, the sign of submission. Fuck him, boy. Pound Tarzan’s ass.” Finn took his hands off his chest, held his leg up high and gazed down at his own cock pounding in and out of the hot ass, harder and deeper than he ever had before. The naked body convulsed, the head flew back and the broken man yelled, “No … enough … I can’t take anymore. I give up, I’ll do what you want … I submit … aaagh … aaagh … !” Finn saw the captive’s cock erupt in a stream of white juice that splashed down on his heaving body. Tarzan had been broken, he lay defeated, smothered in his own semen. Finn stared down at the erotic sight of the groaning musclehunk lying beaten beneath him. He had fucked him into submission and now, the final humiliation, he was gonna fill his ass with cum. “Aah … I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum … oh fuck … fuck … yeaahh!” *********************************** Finn couldn’t believe it … this was the gorgeous man he had watched on the big screen … Tarzan … the man he had jerked off to. And here was Finn pouring jizz in his ass. Grady closed his eyes and his head fell to one side. Miguel and Mario released his arms, stood up and gently pulled Finn up, his cock sliding out of his ass. The three of them stared down at the ground, at the beaten Tarzan, broken and humiliated, sprawled unconscious on the ground in his torn loincloth. “Fucking pornographic,” Miguel said. “And you did that, Finn. You fucked him, you fucking pounded Tarzan’s ass, dude. Shit damn I can’t let that go to waste.” Mario put his arm over Finn’s shoulder and they watched Miguel stand beside Grady and pull out his cock. “Fucking beautiful,” he groaned while he pounded his cock on his fist. Soon Miguel’s body tensed and he blasted a stream of jizz that rose up high, then splashed down on the already cum-soaked body of the naked muscle-god lying beaten on the ground. Miguel opened his arms wide and Finn ran forward and fell into them. “You were awesome, kiddo, what a fuck! You were fucking great. I’m so proud of you, boy.” “But it was mostly Grady, sir, that scene he played out � I was totally into it.” Mario smiled, “And you are just the kind of boy Grady likes, one whose imagination can match his. You see, Finn, Grady is quite a simple, upfront kind of guy � what you see is what you get. His greatest wish is to be `just one of the guys’. Except when he’s on a film set or having sex, and then his imagination let’s fly. He is the king of fantasy. Look at him down there now. He is still living the dream.” Grady’s eyes were closed but his mouth suddenly opened in a gleaming smile. “I’m not dreaming, guys.” He opened his sparkling eyes. “I’m back to being me. Just one last word from Tarzan.” He jumped to his feet, adjusted his loincloth, pumped his fists in the air … and gave the famous Tarzan yell that echoed round the grounds. He grinned, “You didn’t really think Tarzan was defeated did you? Tarzan always wins. Finn, you were tremendous. Hell, they should write you a part in the movie. I hope Miguel will let you play some more while you’re here.” Suddenly there was another voice. “Sir, we assume from the yell that Tarzan has triumphed again and is now ready for lunch.” Finn looked round and there was a smiling young man in a wheelchair. Grady said, “Ah, Finn, I want you to meet Brian. He is my boy, my caretaker, my script coach and, most important, my fount of all gossip. I live on fantasy and gossip � to me they are the absolute truth. Brian, this is Finn, recently starring brilliantly in The Downfall of Tarzan as the young soldier who fucks the jungle man into submission.” Brian chuckled and shook Finn’s hand. “Glad to meet you at last, Finn. I see you have already been press-ganged into performing in Grady’s latest production.” “And you missed a great performance, kiddo,” Grady laughed. “A star is born.” Brian said, “Sorry I wasn’t here to meet you, Finn, I was running lines with Grady. Talking of which, sir, I have your script here. You still have a lot of work to do for tomorrow’s scene. You were stumbling over your lines horribly.” “Yessir, coach. See, Finn, we’re currently shooting a sequel to the movie you saw. The working title is Tarzan Two but they’ll come up with something better than that. Usually work on the set involves a lot of action, but tomorrow it’s a talky scene and I hate those.” “But you cannot work on an empty stomach,” Mario said, “especially as you have just spilled so much protein. So lunch is served, amici. Buon appetito.” ********************************** As they dispersed, Mario pulled Miguel and Finn aside. “My friends, I want to thank you for indulging Grady in all his fantasies as you did. I know he jokes a lot and seems carefree, but he is always under a great deal of stress because of his work. “You cannot imagine the burden of carrying a big-budget movie on your shoulders as he does. Millions of dollars and the jobs of hundreds of people depend on him turning in a good performance and keeping up that charisma, not to mention the pressure of all the attention, the PR and public appearances. He is more or less confined to this house and I often see the exhaustion and even fear in his eyes when he comes home. “So I do everything I can to make his life here pleasurable. And he loves to have visitors such as yourselves. For him sex is a great way of relieving stress, especially the silly fantasies he subjected you to.” “Mario, we are so happy to be here,” Miguel said, “and it’s a pleasure to do what we can.” “And as for the fantasies, sir,” Finn added wide-eyed, “I love them. I say bring `em on.” As they approached the table under an awning they saw Brian pulling a towel out of the wheelchair’s saddle bag and saying, “Bend down, sir.” Grady obeyed and Brian wiped the cum off his chest. “You can’t eat lunch looking like that, sir. What would our guests think?” Miguel laughed, “We’d think that there’s a whole lotta sex going on in this house, Brian, but you don’t hear me or my boy complaining, eh kiddo?” “Definitely not sir,” Finn grinned. Mario told them quietly, “Brian is the light of Grady’s life. He loves his simplicity and wide-eyed wonder, and the other boys too. When he his surrounded by all of them he is … how do you say … as happy as a clam at high tide? Is that right?” Danny appeared from the kitchen and smiled at Finn. “Hey Finn, we met briefly up at Steve’s house but we’ll get to know each other better this week. Gentlemen, you’re in for a treat as Miguel helped me in the kitchen with lunch while you were all playing at gardeners-and-lords-of-the-manor. But right now, Finn, I could use your help serving it out here. Finn was happy to be routinely included in the group and soon lunch was served at a round table under the big blue awning. While they ate Mario touched on a somewhat delicate subject. “By the way, Grady and I have invited all the other junior boys to spend the day up here tomorrow.” He frowned. “Actually there is another reason for that and it has to do with Pablo’s behavior toward Finn at that meeting. It’s a senior boy thing, something to do with their code of honor. They pride themselves on their maturity into manhood, and they feel that when Pablo lost his temper and attacked Finn instead of welcoming him he brought dishonor to the senior boys. “Bob tells me that the boys have their own way of dealing with that, but he felt it best for the junior boys not to be around when it happens � especially Pablo’s boy Tyler who idolizes Pablo and would be distressed to see him punished.” Miguel added, “Yeah, and it’s especially tough on Darius. As Zack’s boy, he lives with Finn and me and we’re a close-knit family. But he is also Pablo’s lover from way back. So he’s gonna have to deal with Pablo’s hostility to Finn, who he calls his `little brother’. Tough balancing act.” Finn was noticeably quiet and Miguel asked, “What’s up kiddo?” Finn frowned. “All this bad stuff going on � it’s all my fault. If I had just kept my mouth shut when Pablo went off on me none of this would have …” “No,” said Danny with surprising heat. “And let the great god Pablo trample all over you? We’ve all experienced that and you were right to stand up for yourself, Finn. Believe me, when it’s all over Pablo will respect you all the more for it.” Grady lightened the mood. “And while the senior boys are getting Escort Erzincan their act together down there, we and the junior boys will all be having fun up here, far away from it all, hidden behind this crazy wall of security. It’ll be anything goes � a boys’ day out.” “And you, amico,” Mario smiled, “will be one of the boys � your favorite thing.” The rest of the meal passed in a much more festive atmosphere and when it was over Finn helped Brian and Danny clear it away and clean up the kitchen. Danny told them, with obvious delight, that his lover Tommy was coming by later to help with dinner and then spend the night. Brian went out and bullied Grady into going over his script again and, while they sat under Grady’s favorite tree, Miguel said to Finn, “OK, kid, let’s take a walk round this garden and see where you’re gonna be working with Mario.” There was a tranquility in their relationship now, after Finn had proved himself in so many ways and made Miguel proud of him. After they had strolled for a while, with Finn naming some of the plants they saw � those he knew anyway � Miguel pulled him down on a bench. He took Finn’s face in his hands and kissed him long and passionately. “Finn, I think we’ve done it. We’ve crossed all the bridges and knocked down all the walls. I’m so proud of you, and our love is rock solid. You’re certainly a hit with Grady and you’ll no doubt be recruited for more of his little scenes. So now that you have banished all those insecurities you started out with when we first met, I think you are ready to try and help someone else who feels insecure. You will find it very rewarding. I’m speaking of Pablo’s boy Tyler.” Finn looked at him in surprise as Miguel continued. “I spoke to Bob who says Pablo is anxious to try and heal the breach with Darius tonight and then face the senior boys tomorrow. But he is very protective of his boy and does not want him hurt by witnessing his punishment. So he wants Tyler to come up here right away, before the others get here tomorrow. “Bob thinks Pablo has other reasons too for wanting him to come here. He asked Bob if Tyler could assist you in the garden. Personally I think Pablo considers work as houseboy to be demeaning and he likes the idea of his boy working at something skilled, where he gets his hands dirty, as Pablo does as a mechanic. “And finally there is another reason too � I feel sure that Pablo wants to make amends to you. Tyler is precious to him and entrusting him to your care is his way of showing you respect.” Finn was quiet as he pondered all this. “Sir, I don’t know Tyler well as I’ve never spent time alone with him, but I did get two things. First, he is shy and sometimes not too self-confident. Second, he worships the ground Pablo walks on. Eddy told me he led a quiet, sheltered life in the desert before he literally fell into the tribe � the very opposite of my life as a hustler.” “Yeah, but mind you,” Miguel said, “Pablo has given Tyler quite an education since he became his boy, including lots of sex with the other guys. He’s been up here too and Grady welcomed him in much the same way as he did you � though probably with a different fantasy,” he smiled. “But you’re right, Tyler can still be shy and nervous when he’s away from Pablo and out of his comfort zone. “Which is where you come in. I think you could be a good friend to him, Finn. You are tough and assertive � look at the way you stood up to Pablo � so I think Tyler might look up to you and enjoy working with you in the garden. Anyway, he’ll be here soon, so we’ll see if I’m right.” ********************************* Soon after that there was a buzz at the gate, it swung open and in came the small yellow pickup truck that Pablo had bought for Tyler. Mario ran up to it and took Tyler in his arms as soon as he stepped out. “Welcome back to the Grady house, Tyler,” he smiled. “We have missed you. All your friends will be here tomorrow but Finn is already here, so come and meet him.” As they approached, Miguel said quietly to Finn, “See what I mean? With those wide eyes Tyler looks like a deer in headlights.” Mario said, “You all know each other already of course. “Tyler, Finn is here for a week to help me with the landscaping and learn techniques that will help him as gardener at the tribe’s house. I hear there is a possibility that you may work with him, so I suggest that you and Finn go and explore our grounds here so you get some idea of what it all involves?” Finn glanced quickly at Miguel who nodded to him. “Good idea, sir,” Finn said. “Come on dude. Let’s check the place out.” “OK, sir,” said Tyler shyly. As they walked away, Finn said, “Tyler, you don’t have to call me sir. I’m a junior boy just like you … in fact you outrank me as you joined the tribe before I did.” That made Tyler chuckle and gave him a little more confidence. They walked on in silence for a while, then Tyler plucked up the courage to ask, “Finn, is it true that before you met Miguel you were … I mean you worked as …” “As a hustler?” Finn laughed. “Yeah, I sure did, but it’s not a life I would recommend, kiddo, so don’t try it.” Tyler blushed. “Oh, I wasn’t thinking of that, sir … I mean, dude … but I bet you’ve seen a lot more of life than I have.” “Hey,” Finn said as they approached the bench he and Miguel had sat on. “Let’s sit down and get acquainted, eh?” So they sat and talked … and talked. And they got along well surprisingly quickly. They were a good fit, the tough young ex-hustler and the shy kid from the desert who listened wide-eyed to Finn’s stories of his life on the streets. Then Finn asked Tyler about his adventures with Pablo, and they swapped stories of their introduction to Grady, laughing about the different scenes they had acted out. But then Tyler frowned. “Finn, there’s something I wanna say. Pablo told me about you and the senior boys and how he, you know …” “Dude, we don’t have to get into that … it’s water under the bridge.” “No, I do have to, `cos I know Pablo feels bad about it, but he don’t … you know … he’s so tough and proud that he wouldn’t, like, say anything.” “Dude, you don’t have to apologize for Pablo.” “Oh, I’m not, I would never do that. But I’m his boy and I want everything to be right between you and Pablo, `cos I love him so much. And he kind of told me that he wanted you and me to be friends and when I’m with you I can … like … do anything I want.” Finn smiled, “You’re sorta beating around the bush, kid. I know a master and boy have a way of understanding stuff without actually saying it, but you gotta be a bit clearer for me, dude?” Tyler took a deep breath. “Dude, when I first saw you the day you arrived I … I thought you were real hot, but of course I never said anything, even to Pablo. Then when he asked me if I wanted to work with you, I …” Tyler blushed and folded his hands over his shorts to hide his growing bulge. “Tyler, if you and me are gonna be buddies we gotta trust each other to say what we mean. So tell me what you want.” “I wanna suck your cock, sir … dude.” It came out in a rush and he blushed at his own boldness. “Because … it’ll my way of helping patch things up between you and Pablo and … and because … because I really want to.” “And you’re sure Pablo would be alright with this?” “Oh sure. I know he would.” Finn smiled a roguish smile and stretched his arms along the back of the bench. “In that case, dude, I just got one thing to say … go for it.” “You mean it, Finn?” “Dude, when I tell a man to suck my dick I’m not kidding around. I mean it.” Tyler stood up, looked down at Finn sprawled on the bench, legs parted in a wide manspread, and he managed a shy smile. He knelt down between the manspread, reached forward and unbuttoned Finn’s shorts. He reached inside and pulled out his already-hard cock. “I took lessons from Eddie, sir, and Pablo says I’m pretty good at it.” “Like I said, kiddo, just go for it.” Tyler bent down and licked the head of his cock. He lowered his mouth over it but clumsily so his teeth scraped it and he pulled back. “Sorry, dude, he blushed.” “First rule of eating dick, kid � no teeth.” The next time all went well, despite a few gags and chokes, and Tyler was soon happily taking Finn’s cock deep in his throat. He remembered Eddie’s rules � long strokes, then short ones to bring the man close to his climax, then pause, leave him wanting more � and give him more. As Finn looked down at the tousled brown hair and eager face his heart went out to the boy. Miguel had been right. Now that he was secure in Miguel’s love he was ready to help this young guy who was still feeling his way. Finn’s tough life had equipped him with street smarts and a sense of what other guys need, while Tyler was, in some ways, still coming out of his shell, despite being the boss’s boy’s boy. Finn had had to soften his attitude … Tyler still had to toughen his, and that was harder to do. As Tyler energetically went down on his cock Finn moaned, “Mmm, you’re real good at that. Ooh yeah, eat that hustler’s dick, boy. Make him feel good.” That image spurred Tyler on and he used every trick in the book Eddie had shown him. The minutes went by, he grew more confident and he sucked harder and deeper, without gagging once. He licked, teased and sucked with increasing eagerness until he eventually felt his new friend’s cock shudder in his mouth. He knew Finn was close, so he opened wide and breathed hot breath on the cock, then pursed his lips at the base and drew back slowly along the whole length as if drawing the juice out of him. At the same time he wrapped one hand round his balls and squeezed gently. “Oh, shit,” Finn groaned, “that’s gonna do it, man. Damn that feels good. You wanna drink your buddy’s jizz? Do it, kid. You’re gonna make me cum … yeah, oh fuck … here it comes … swallow it, dude.” His cum flowed into Tyler’s mouth and the boy gulped hard. When the flow finally stopped Tyler pulled back and smiled up at Finn, cum dribbling down his chin. “Epic, dude,” Finn grinned, “you’re a pro. Damn, Pablo must love getting sucked off by you. And now, just to prove there are no more hard feelings between your master and me … sit on the bench, dude.” They switched places and Tyler sat uncertainly on the bench watching Finn drop to his knees and open Finn’s shorts. Tyler’s cock was rock hard, of course, and Finn went to work. As soon as his mouth clamped over his cock Tyler knew he couldn’t hold back as Finn had done. Finn had learned how to control is orgasm by servicing so many men in the past, but Tyler was still too eager and impulsive to hold back. Tyler panted, “Dude, you look so hot sucking my dick … is it OK if I cum?” Finn pulled back and his eyes sparkled. “How many times do I have to say this, kid? Just go for it. I’m dying of thirst here.” Tyler laughed and he was still laughing as he climaxed, and it was Finn’s turn to swallow. A few minutes later they sat side by side on the bench with Finn’s arm stretched over Tyler’s shoulder. “Well, dude, I guess that officially makes us buddies � and I don’t just mean fuck buddies. You feel OK?” “Yeah … yeah I do … except …” His eyes brimmed with tears. “Finn I’m so worried about Pablo. What are those guys gonna do to him? I’m scared. I don’t want him hurt.” Finn turned to face him. “Now listen, bro. They are not gonna hurt him. Those guys are all good, responsible guys � Jamie, the twins, Nate, and Pablo’s own lover Darius. You don’t think Darius would let anything really bad happen, do you? See, Miguel explained it to me � it’s kind of a rule of the tribe. A guy fucks up and he gets punished. It’s expected, and you know what? The guy wants it. It kind of purges him and shows his buddies how tough he can be. “Especially Pablo � you know how he enjoys proving his toughness � he learned from the best, from Randy. So when you get back to him tomorrow evening he’ll be just fine … all hyped up and ready to wrap his arms round his boy. Now that’s something to look forward to, ain’t it?” Tyler smiled and squeezed Finn’s hand drooping over his shoulder. Finn frowned, “But listen, dude, about tonight. Brian and Mario have probably assigned you a real nice room, but I don’t think you should be sleeping alone. Why don’t you bunk in with Miguel and me? I’ll have to check with Miguel, of course, but I’m sure he’ll be all for it. Would you like that?” “I’d like it a lot, Finn. Thank you.” Good. In a minute we’ll go find Mario and have him show us what he wants us to do in the garden. But right now we’ll just sit here in the sun and enjoy being new buddies.” They leaned back, closed their eyes and Tyler felt a wave of relief and contentment sweep over him. As for Finn � he was a new man. Under Miguel’s guidance he had come a long way in a short time. From being a bitter hustler, to accepting the love of a kind man, to earning his place in the tribe, Finn had now turned outward and taken a boy under his wing � another decisive step into manhood. Just as Miguel had intended ******************************* TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” � Chapter 412 Hey guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. ALSO, I invite you to visit my own Web-site gth. 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