Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 448 by Rob Williams TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 448 By Rob Williams CHAPTER 448 � “SETH RULES” IN THIS CHAPTER: Big tough Seth reinforces his status as the protector of both the young chef Danny and Danny’s boyfriend Tommy. He tops both young jocks in a three-way fuck. Then he proves himself equal to the toughest men in the tribe when he challenges his boss Zack. The muscular black stud, sprawled naked on the ground says, “OK, so you beat me … you won. What you gonna do to me now, man?” _____________________________________________________________________ ************ IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER *************** It was an unlikely match � the tough construction worker Seth and the shy, refined young chef Danny. “No one saw that one coming,” said Brian to his bosses Grady and Mario. After the big party at the Grady House the movie star Grady and his lover Mario pulled their boy Brian into bed with them to get the latest gossip and they soon got on to the subject of the budding relationship between Seth and Danny � after just one night of sex. Grady looked doubtful. “Yeah but can you see that really going anywhere, Brian? I mean Danny, the boy, would be the classy, confident one, while Seth, the master is, well, kinda primitive with not too much social smarts. Don’t get me wrong, that macho look and behavior is real sexy but do you really think that could work out? “Oh, I think it’ll work sir. Like you say, it might look kinda weird, but you can’t look at things from the outside, can you sir? It’s the inside what counts.” Brian blinked earnestly. “And guess what, sir. Danny asked Seth if he would take him to dinner at this fancy restaurant Danny knows. Seth wasn’t so sure about that `cos he said he wouldn’t know what fork to use, but Danny convinced him … so they’re going on a date!” Mario grinned, “Where Danny will teach Seth what fork to use and Seth will take care of Danny.” “That seems to be the plan,” Brian smiled. Despite first-night nerves the dinner went well as Danny gently led Seth through the menu � choice of aperitif, entree and the wine to go with it. It became a game as Seth seemed to gain his footing, only to be stumped by another question from a waiter and subtlely rescued by a smiling Danny. That made them laugh a lot and they were having fun, aware now of how perfectly they fit together despite the difference in their ages and backgrounds. But when the dinner was over something happened to shatter their cheerful mood. The restaurant owner wanted to show Seth the design of the kitchen so Danny went to get the car that they had parked a block away on a dead-end side street. There he was attacked by a street gang of three thugs who saw Danny as one of those `fancy boys’ responsible for the gentrification of their neighborhood. “You don’t belong here, faggot.” They attacked the terrified boy but fortunately Seth arrived before they could do any major damage. He launched into them and a vicious three-on-one fight ensued. Seth absorbed his share of blows from them but he was a tough mother-fucker, especially when defending his boy. Using all his strength and fighting skills he fought back like a raging stallion and the thugs ended up huddled on the ground in a sobbing, shattered heap. “Mother-fuckers,” Seth yelled, his words punctuated by vicious kicks into the mass of limbs. “You hurt my boy … you fucking attacked my boy. No asshole hurts my boy … I’ll fucking kill you.” And he might have if he not become aware of Danny groaning on the ground by the car. Seth helped him up and drove him back home to the Grady House. The other guys were away for the night so Seth carried Danny to his room and laid him gently on the bed. He checked him out to make sure he had suffered no more than bruises and smiled, “Feeling better now, kid?” “I feel safe with you here, sir. You will stay with me won’t you? I don’t wanna sleep in this big house all alone after … after …” His eyes brimmed with tears again as the full horror returned. “Hey, hey, I told you I’m in charge now, Danny, and I’m gonna stay here with you tonight and all day tomorrow. And when Grady and Mario get back tomorrow evening we’ll take it from there. Right now I want you to try and forget those thugs, the fight, everything.” Danny gulped down some water, then said hesitantly, “Sir, there is one other thing that would make forget all the bad stuff. Would you make love to me, sir?” Seth was surprised by the request but happy to oblige. As he eased his cock inside the boy’s ass Danny’s eyes opened wide and everything suddenly felt right. At first Seth played with his ass, teasing him gently. Danny reached up, ran his hands over Seth’s wiry chest hair and felt his pecs flex hard underneath. “Harder, sir. Please, I want to feel my master fucking me.” Seth’s eyes gleamed. “You asked for it, boy.” And he showed Danny what domination really meant. He fucked him, ploughed him, then pulled out, turned him over on his belly and fucked him from behind. Danny felt himself being enveloped in the strong arms and dragged off the bed onto the floor. Helpless against the strength of the rugged construction worker Danny was rolled over the floor then pinned beneath him, feeling the iron shaft piston inside him. He was in a daze of lust and love, feeling, smelling and tasting the essence of this wild savage. Seth was all over him, kissing, biting, whispering on his ear, totally enveloping him in his raw manhood. It seemed to go on forever … but eventually slowed to a gentle massage of Danny’s ass. Danny stared up at a pair of smiling blue eyes set in swarthy, stubbled features with a shock of tangled hair falling over his brow. When their eyes met it became as much an eye-fuck as a butt-fuck. Their bodies tensed, they inhaled sharply … and semen poured out of them � Seth’s filling Danny’s ass and Danny’s splashing down in a pool on his chest.” They smiled at each other and as their heavy breathing subsided they realized how exhausted they were. Seth pulled gently out of Danny and fell on his back beside him. He curled his arm round Danny’s neck and pulled him toward him, his face resting on Seth’s chest. After a long silence Danny said, “Sir, after you beat up those thugs you yelled at them, `You hurt my boy … nobody hurts my boy.’ Did you mean that, sir? I mean, am I your boy?” “How did it sound to you, kid?” It sounded wonderful, sir. Just right.” “Sounds good to me too, Danny,” Seth grinned. “So there you go then. That’s it.” Danny smiled, snuggled closer and was soon fast asleep on his master’s chest. *********************** CHAPTER 448 ************************ ON THE GRAPEVINE Next morning Danny stirred in his sleep, feeling something tickling his cheek. Half-awake he tried to swat it away but realized it wasn’t a fly but wiry chest hair. It was Seth’s � he was in bed with Seth who … Slowly it all came back. He had fragmented images of a fun dinner with Seth, but then the image dissolved into the terror of the attack by the street gang and the relief of Seth coming to the rescue. Danny recalled the macho construction worker’s brutal fight with the three thugs that left them begging for mercy on the ground, then Seth’s strong arms picking him up and putting him in the car. The drive home was a blur but what happened later here in the bedroom was very clear � they had made wild, passionate love. And just before he fell asleep in Seth arms, he thought he remembered hearing Seth’s voice telling him that he was in charge and that Danny was his boy. Or was that last part a dream? “Hey, kiddo. How’s my boy this morning?” No, it wasn’t a dream. `My boy’ � how great that sounded. He really was Seth’s boy! “You feeling OK? No delayed shock? Bruises not too painful?” “Here in bed with you sir I feel terrific,” he grinned. “No pain, no worries. No place I’d rather be.” “And that’s where you’re gonna stay right now, boy. You’re gonna take the day off.” “OK, sir, you’re the boss.” Danny’s phone rang and he looked at the screen. “Oh, I better take this, sir, it’s Brian. I’ll put it on speaker. Hey dude, what’s up?” “I’m here at Brandon’s place and about to head home. I wondered if there’s anything you want me to pick up for when Grady and Mario get home this evening.” “Not a thing, kiddo. Just bring yourself � we need you.” “Why? You sound different. What’s up, Danny? Is everything OK?” “It is now. In fact it totally hunky dory” � he grinned at Seth � “with the emphasis on the hunky. You got a minute dude `cos I wanna tell you a story. Put your phone on speaker so Brandon can hear � I want everyone to hear.” And did he have a story to tell! With everything fresh in his mind he went through the whole saga, every detail of the dinner, the fight, the wild love-making. “And guess what, guys? Seth wants me to be his boy. I’m Seth’s boy, dudes.” “Wow, congratulations, dude. But are you OK? Is Seth OK? Sound like a pretty brutal fight.” “Here, I’ll let my rescuer speak for himself.” Seth leaned toward the phone. “Hey, Brian. Yeah, we’re a bit battered and bruised but we survived. But I want Danny to rest up today and take it real easy. So when you get here d’you think you can manage things on your own in the house until the guys get home?” “Sure no problem. Danny mustn’t do a thing. But you gotta eat so I’ll ask the twins if Will can come up and take care of the kitchen. And sir,” Brian said to Seth, “I wanna thank you for taking care of Danny � you know, protecting him like you did. ‘Course, we could all see the master/boy thing coming a mile off and you’re gonna be a real hero, sir. I’ll be up there in twenty minutes.” Danny shut off the phone. “Now that Brian and Brandon know it’ll be all over the grapevine like a flash, sir. This is gonna go viral, so I better call Tommy before he hears it from anyone else.” “Sure, you must,” Seth said, then frowned. “But I don’t care much for that hero thing.” “Oh, you can’t avoid that, sir. You are definitely gonna be the man of the hour � and my man of the hour … and the day, weeks and years.” ************************************* THE TRIBE REACTS When Tommy answered the phone he said, “Yeah I just heard from Eddie � Brandon told him. Danny are you really OK � you’re not just putting on a brave face to stop me from worrying?” “No, Tommy, I’m great, here in bed with Seth. Dude, this thing about me being Seth’s boy � do you have any problems with that `cos …” “Are you kidding? I’m thrilled for you kiddo. It’s just what you needed, as last night proved. Thank god Seth was there to deal with those assholes. Imagine if it had been you and me. I’m not exactly the type to demolish three street thugs single handed � but your new man is. I’ve gotta think of some way to thank him for saving my boyfriend.” “No secret there, buddy. Just offer him that flawless ass next time you see him � and let me watch,” Danny chuckled. “In the meantime I’m staying put right here in bed. Brian’s taking care of the house and Will is coming to man the kitchen. Grady and Mario will be home this evening.” Tommy had his usual duties at Steve and Lloyd’s house but said he would come to the Grady House in the afternoon. After he hung up there was a flurry of other phone calls. First Seth called Zack. “Hey, boss, is it OK if I take the day off? Something came up that …” “Dammit, man,” Zack roared down the phone, “you can take the whole goddam week off if you want, after what you did for that boy. The news is all over the place and me and Randy are real proud of you, stud. As if there was any doubt before, you are definitely one of us, dude. Hell, three guys at once and you wasted them. Course, Randy wants to go over the fight with you � you know, tactics, techniques. We learn from each other. So we thought we’d drop by later.” The next call was from Bob. “Wow, Seth, you and Randy are cut from the same cloth. I’ve seen Randy take on three guys at once and it ain’t a pretty sight � for the three guys. Thank you for taking care of Danny, Seth, and congratulations for taking him on as your boy.” “Only thing is, Bob, that shirt and vest you gave me were pretty much shredded.” Bob roared with laughter. “A small price to pay for protection of our boys. But whatever you do don’t throw them away. They’ll be trophies to be displayed as one more triumph for the tribe. I’ve already sent Will up there to cook for you and the kid is thrilled to be at the center of the action. And if it’s OK I’ll come up later with Randy and Zack to thank you personally.” Seth looked at Danny and sighed. “I hope this don’t grow into a great big thing, kid. I’d just as soon be left alone with you.” “Not much chance Diyarbakır Escort of that, sir. This tribe has a sense of the dramatic. The grapevine is probably shaking to its roots, and the more often the story is told the bigger it gets. They’ve probably got you charging in on a white horse already.” Shortly after that, as if to prove Danny’s point on the dramatic, Will burst breathlessly into the room followed by Brian in his wheelchair. They had arrived at the house together and now stared wide-eyed at the naked couple, Brian blinking excitedly behind his owl glasses. “Hope we didn’t interrupt anything sir,” Brian said, “but we had to make sure you’re both OK.” “Are you OK?” Will asked anxiously. “As you see,” Danny grinned, “bloodied but unbowed’. Not even bloodied actually, just bruised.” “No but you made those gang guys bow to you,” Brian said. “The story on the grapevine is that they were on their knees begging for mercy.” “Not exactly on their knees, kiddo,” Seth grinned. “Slumped in a heap on the ground.” “Anyway, we’re here to take care of you now, sir,” Will said. “As you see, I come prepared.” He was wearing his dark green apron and grinned as he pulled his chef’s hat from his pocket. You must be hungry after all that action yesterday so what would you like for breakfast, sir?” Will and Brian insisted they should have breakfast in bed, a full cooked breakfast � sausage, eggs and all the trimmings. Brian said, “And you mustn’t do a thing, Danny. It’ll be our way of honoring the newest master and boy in the tribe.” ****************************** THE GOSSIP BEGINS And so Seth and Danny had the rare luxury of breakfast in bed. “Actually,” Seth said,” there’s absolutely no reason for me to still be in bed. It’s not as if I’m recovering from a fight. Hell I bounce back from a fight as quick as Randy does. No, the only reason I’m here is you, kiddo. Just can’t tear myself away from my brand new boy.” “That’s fine with me, sir,” Danny grinned. “Same goes for me � I could easily be in the kitchen but I’d much rather be here with you. Besides, I’ve got to stay here if you order me to `cos you’re the boss. Anyway, Brian and Will like the idea of taking care of us � they love us, plus it makes them part of the story. So it’s a win-win all round. He was certainly right about Brian and Will. While they worked together in the kitchen they chattered non-stop about the latest big event in the tribe and how everyone would react. “I spoke to the twins before coming up here,” Will said, “and they’re sure Randy and Bob will swing by to see Seth and Danny. As a leader of the tribe Bob wants to thank Seth and congratulate them on the master/boy thing. Randy will be more interested in the actual fight. He’ll wanna know exactly how Seth thrashed those assholes in a three-on-one fight.” Brian said, “I already spoke to Mario and Grady on the phone and told them the news. They’ve been at the studio’s big bash at the Toronto Film Festival. Grady hates those things, smiling for hours on end as everyone ogles him. “Usually he’s tired when he gets home and him and Mario go straight to bed and make love. But he was blown away by the story of Seth and Danny and � you know how Grady is for gossip � he’ll want to hear everyone’s reaction. They’re coming home on the studio’s corporate jet so they’ll be able to sleep. It lands at around five-thirty and a limo will bring them home.” Suddenly the gate buzzer sounded and Brian looked at the monitor. “It’s Tommy …” “Hey Brian,” he said on the intercom. “Steve let me off early `cos I was so eager to see Danny.” “Come on in dude. Him and Seth are still in bed so go right on up.” ******************************* TOMMY GIVES THANKS TO SETH Seth and Danny were still naked in bed, kissing, making out, ready to go again with another master/boy fuck when there was a knock at the door. “Hey, it’s me � Tommy.” He came in and paused. “Oh sorry, sir, did I interrupt? Were you about to fuck Danny again?” Seth grinned. “What’s with the `again’? What makes you think I’ve been fucking your boyfriend?” “Duh! Sir, if you don’t mind me saying so, that tent pole under the sheet kinda gives the game away. But before I leave you to get on with it, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the way you protected Danny, sir, and I hope you’ll always be around to protect him. If there’s any other way I can express my gratitude, please let me know, sir.” Tommy turned to leave but Seth said, “Hey, hold it right there.” Tommy stopped and turned to face Seth. “Who said anything about you leaving? You’re part of this, dude. Danny is now my boy and you’re his lover, so the way I do the math is: Boy plus lover equals boy. If I can give orders to Danny I can do the same with his boyfriend. And my order is for you to stick around here.” He grinned. “And turn round again.” Tommy turned his back to Seth, shoved his hands in his pockets and pushed his pants forward, stretching them tight over his bubble butt. “Oh shit,” Seth sighed. “You see that, Danny? And the boy asks if there’s any way he can thank me for rescuing you. You got any ideas?” Danny stroked his chin. “Hmm, hard to say, sir. Almost as hard as your cock is under the sheets.” Danny shrugged and said offhandedly, “I guess you could always fuck him, sir.” Seth frowned. “Nah, I don’t think so, kid. This boner was for you. Besides, I’d never fuck a boy just because he wants to thank me. That’s kinda like a mercy fuck. And you know the rule � I’d never fuck a guy unless he wants it.” “Maybe he does, sir.” “You think so? One way to find out. Hey, Tommy, turn round again and face me.” Tommy obeyed. He was blushing and his cock was raging in his pants, turned on by Seth’s teasing and his rampant desire to feel Seth’s huge cock in his ass. The shape of his rod was evident, pushing against his tight pants and stretching almost up to the waistband. He clasped his hands behind his back and hung his head forward in a subservient stance. That submissive pose and the huge bulge in his pants almost made Seth lose his load, but he still managed to fake reluctance. “I dunno, Danny. It’s natural he’s got a hard-on looking at his naked lover, handsome kid like you. Still, better check it out. OK, boy, lower your pants.” Tommy unzipped his pants and pushed them down to the top of his thighs. His cock sprang out, rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Seth smiled, “I’m beginning to think you’re right, Danny,” stating the obvious. “Guess he does want it. Turn round, dude.” Again Tommy turned and Seth said, “Holy fucking shit,” gazing at the perfect white globes of the gymnast’s bare ass, rising from his waist and curving under to the tan line at the top of his legs. “Danny, what do you do whenever you see that? No, don’t tell me � show me.” Danny disentangled himself from Seth’s arm draped over him, got off the bed and dropped to his knees on the floor behind Tommy. He buried his face in his lover’s ass as he had done so often before. As he watched the handsome blond on his knees making love to the young jock’s ass Seth stroked his cock, but slowly to avoid cumming too soon. Danny turned Tommy round, licked his cock, then swallowed it. Mesmerized by the sight of his own boy on his knees sucking his lover’s cock Seth burned with lust for the two young jocks. He pulled his hand off his cock and jumped up off the bed. “OK, that’s it you two. Danny, on the bed … now!” Danny obeyed and lay on his back on the bed. Seth stood naked in front of Tommy, his arms folded across his chest. “Strip naked, boy.” Tommy gazed in awe at the brawny construction worker, buck naked, his stubbled jaw clenched, piercing him with his pale eyes set in dark chiseled features. This was the man who had single-handedly fought off three thugs, saved Danny and made him his boy. Tense with desire Tommy wanted desperately to please the man. He locked eyes with Seth and began a slow striptease, pulling his T-shirt off over his head and tossing it casually aside. He kicked off his shoes and slowly pushed his pants further down his legs. He turned round and bent forward, pulling them off over one foot then the other, his bare ass pointing up and flexing as he moved. Butt naked the ripped athlete stood erect before the master. His eyes glinted with a hint of arrogance, then his head hung down as before, hands clasped behind his back. Seth stepped forward grabbed Tommy’s blond hair, yanked his head back and kissed him ravenously. “You arrogant young stud, you know how fucking gorgeous you are don’t you. You are gonna get so damn fucked, boy � you and your boyfriend. On the bed.” Tommy obediently lay on the bed beside Danny. Seth stood at the foot of the bed and smiled down at them. “Danny, seems your boyfriend wants to thank me for rescuing you … actually he wants his ass to do the thanking for him. You OK with that?” “Absolutely, sir.” Danny smiled mischievously. “But only if you want it, sir.” “You kidding? That flawless ass and my cock? A perfect match. And you’re not off the hook either, boy. You’re getting it too � after your boyfriend.” The boys lay shoulder to shoulder and both pulled their legs back on the bed displaying their asses. Seth knelt behind Tommy, leaned forward and pressed his cock against his ass. “Say thank you, boy.” “Thank you, sir … my ass is yours … aaahh.” He sighed deeply as the long, thick shaft drove into his ass and came to rest deep inside him. “Remember that, Tommy?” “Hard to forget, sir,” Tommy smiled. “Only difference is, this time your lover’s right beside. So don’t show me how good it feels � show him.” Tommy’s head turned to face Danny who smiled at him. “You heard what the man said � show me, dude.” Their mouths came together in a passionate kiss. It was just what Seth wanted and he proceeded to fuck Tommy while watching them make love. It was as if he had two boys, both of them eager to please, both of them wanting him inside them. The harder he fucked Tommy, the harder Tommy kissed Danny and the louder his muffled moans. “Dammit, kid, you have a beautiful ass � warm, smooth as velvet,” Seth said, his muscles flexing as he rose and fell above the boy’s ass.” The boys broke apart and Tommy gazed up at Seth again. “You are so hot, sir. I love your cock inside me. Fuck me harder, sir, please.” Seth grinned and ramrodded his ass. Tommy howled and gripped Danny’s arm tight as he stared up at the macho savage pounding him. But when Seth saw Tommy wince in pain he slowed down. He pushed one of Tommy’s leg high and swung it over to the side, turning Tommy face down on top of Danny, chest to chest. Seth stared down at the mounds of the gymnast’s ass, white against the sharp tan lines. He slapped them from and grinned with satisfaction as faint handprints appeared on the flexing cheeks. He plunged into the ass again and his body weight and the thrust of his cock pressed Tommy down harder on top of Danny, crushing him beneath him. Seth grabbed the back of Tommy’s head and pushed his face down on Danny’s, forcing their mouths into another grinding kiss. “It was a new experience for both boys. Tommy had been on top of Danny many times before kissing him, their cocks rubbing against each other, but never like this with the construction worker’s cock pounding his ass. It was a first for Seth too. He had fucked both boys before but now it was as if he were fucking them both together, one atop the other. Over Tommy’s shoulder he caught Danny’s eye gleaming with excitement. He felt his own climax approaching and knew the boys were close too … so he abruptly pulled out. Quickly, almost before they knew what was happening, Seth flipped them over so Danny was lying on top of Tommy. “I told you your turn would come, boy.” Seth plunged his cock in his ass, and Danny’s gasp was immediately muffled by Tommy’s mouth closing over his. Their positions were reversed and Danny’s mind was spinning as he felt his cock rubbing against Tommy’s, felt Tommy’s lips grinding against his and Seth’s relentless shaft piston inside him. Danny wrenched his mouth off Tommy and shouted, “Sir, I’m so close … I think I’m gonna cum.” Seth’s reaction was instant. He pulled his cock out and got to his feet, leaving Danny on top of Tommy. “OK, guys, time for the big finish. Danny, on your knees.” Danny eased himself up on his knees where Seth had been, looking down at Tommy. “Right, now fuck him. Let me see you fuck your lover, boy.” Surprised Danny stared at Tommy who grinned, “Better do what the man says, dude. He’s your master … and he’s already lubed me up real good.” So Danny took Seth’s place � on the bed and inside Tommy’s ass. It was an erotic sensation, Diyarbakır Escort Bayan knowing that Seth had just hammered the ass he was now fucking, and he knew he couldn’t hold back for long. He didn’t have to worry because as he fucked his lover’s hot ass he felt something long and hard penetrate his own. “Yeah,” Seth yelled from behind him, “I’m fucking you both and you’re both gonna cum for me.” It was the ultimate union of three men, a rough, wild top man and two gorgeous young lovers. Tommy grabbed his own cock and pounded it in his fist. Danny was overwhelmed with lust as he fucked his lover and got fucked by his master. Tommy grinned up at him. “It don’t get any better than this dude. Damn, I’m gonna cum.” Seth yelled, “Yeah, do it, boy … both of you … do it for me.” He leaned down and kissed the back of Danny’s neck. “I love you, boy. Cum inside that gorgeous ass. Fill it up, kiddo.” Tommy came first. His pointed his cock straight up and spurted jizz all over Danny’s chest. Danny drove in harder and his cock erupted deep inside the gymnast’s ass as their howls of joy bounced off the walls. A triumphant Seth pulled out of Danny and pushed him down on his back beside Tommy. He jumped on the bed and stood towering over them, stroking his cock. “This is for both of you, guys. `Cos I love you both.” They stared up at the naked hunk, at his hairy, muscled chest, swarthy face, stubbled jaw and wild shaggy hair, one fist pumped in the air the other curled round his cock. He tensed for a second, then his cock let loose a shower of jizz that splashed down on their faces. They laughed with joy as Seth dropped down beside them and licked his own cum off their faces � eyes, cheeks and mouths. Finally the master and the two young lovers collapsed together in a tangle of limbs. “Damn,” Seth panted, “you guys are exhausting.” Then he grinned. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.” ******************************* “I’LL TAKE GOSSIP” After work at around five-pm the bosses, Randy, Bob and Zack, dropped by to offer their thanks and admiration to Seth. Brian buzzed them in the gate and wheeled himself out to greet them. “Hey Brian,” Bob said. “What’s up? Everything under control at the Grady House?” “Yes thank you, sir. Actually it’s been fairly quiet. Seth and Danny have been recovering in Danny’s room all day. Well, sir, when I say recovering, I …” “… you use the term loosely,” Bob smiled. “Well, yes sir,” Brian blushed. “They’ve probably been …” “They’ve been fucking,” Randy laughed, ruffling Brian’s hair. “Nothing wrong with that, kiddo. Hell, fucking’s one of the best ways to recover.” “That’s what Grady always says, sir.” “Well he should know. Every time I put him through a gym workout the quickest way to help him recover is to fuck him. `Course, then he has to recover from the fuck before he reports to the studio. Not good to show up with jizz all over him. The paparazzi would make a meal of that.” “Oh here comes Tommy now, sirs. He’s been upstairs with the guys, helping them, er, recover.” “Damn,” Zack said, “Tommy’s ass could jerk any man back to health, boner and all.” Bob said, “Hello, Tommy. How are they doing? Feeling better?” Tommy grinned. “You mean after the fight or after the fuck, sir? That would be yes to the first, no to the second. Still a bit sore there.” Amid the laughter Bob said, “Well, we don’t want to interrupt them. Please tell them we dropped by and we’ll just get out of your way.” “Oh no, you can’t do that, sir,” Brian blurted out. “Oh we can’t?” Randy asked, with a sparkle in his eye. “You mean we’re prisoners of the Grady House?” Brian blushed again and blinked fast behind is glasses. “Yes, sir … I mean no, sir. No you’re not prisoners and yes you can leave of course, sir. But Mario called me from the plane and I told him you were coming by and he said please ask everyone who’s here to stay for dinner.” “Won’t they be too tired after all those strenuous P.R. events in Toronto Grady hates so much? Won’t Grady want to get some sleep?” “Oh no, sir.” Brian frowned. Er, let me get this right … Grady said that given a choice of getting sleep or getting gossip he’d go for the gossip. And the more guys there are the more gossip he gets. And anyway, he’s got plenty of sleep on the plane as they’re flying … corpolate?” “Corporate, Brian,” Bob smiled. “Flying corporate � private jet.” “Yeah, that’s the one, sir. They should be landing about now and the limo will be here soon after that. So will you stay, sirs … please?” His wide eyes blinked up at them. Randy laughed. “You know, kid, you should have been a car salesman. It’s impossible to say no to you. So how about it, Zack. You in?” “Sure, bro. I wanna hear all about the fight.” “In that case,” Bob said, “I’ll ask the twins to come up and help Will. He can’t cope all on his own with dinner for, what, a dozen or so?” “Thank you, sir. And Pete’s bringing Brandon up too so he’ll help as he always does.” “So, gentlemen,” said Tommy, back in formal house manager mode, “as that’s settled, may I offer you all drinks? Will has made appetizers so please take a seat at the table by the pool and we’ll bring it all out to you. And with that the well-oiled Grady House machine swung into action again. ***************************** HERO’S WELCOME They were all relaxing outdoors over drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Forest Ranger Pete and his boy Brandon had just arrived, but Danny and Seth had yet to put in an appearance after Brian had reassured Danny that they had plenty of help and everything was under control. In the kitchen Will was having a grand time with the twins who insisted that he was head chef here in Danny’s absence. Preparing dinner for twelve at short notice brought out the best in them and they eagerly rose to the challenge. Brandon rolled in and out ferrying drinks and Brian was keeping an eye on the gate monitor. Suddenly he saw a limo pull up and shouted, “They’re here!” He wheeled himself quickly out to the gate followed by Brandon and Tommy. Brian pointed his remote at the gate, it swung open and they saw Grady and Mario climbing out of the limo. The men by the pool heard the excited greetings and watched the small procession coming through the gate � Grady in his usual loose shorts and T-shirt with a shoulder bag; Mario more smartly dressed carrying a messenger bag; Brian and Brandon each with a small suitcase on their lap; and Tommy carrying two larger bags. The men ran over to help them with the bags, which were unceremoniously dropped just inside the house, and there followed a rowdy scrum of hugs, greetings, questions and laughter. Bob pulled Mario aside and said, “Mario, are you sure you and Grady are up to this? You must be exhausted after the trip. We can cool it if you want and just leave quietly.” “Assolutamente no, amico, this is exactly what we want. Grady has been talking about it all the way home, when he wasn’t asleep. He has been … come si dice … agob …?” “Agog.” “Si, agog with the news and he is dying to hear all the gossip.” The boys came out of the kitchen to add their greetings and everyone sat for a few minutes with a beaming Grady and Mario. “Guys,” Grady laughed, “it is so good to get back to the real world after where we’ve been. I tell you, there’s more exciting stuff goes on here than out in the fancy phony world of flashbulbs and fans.” He stopped and grinned, “Wow that sounded good. I should remember that for my next interview.” “Talking of exciting stuff,” Mario said, “where are the men who caused it all? Ah, eccoli,” here they are at last � our heroes.” Mario stood up and clapped his hands as Seth and Danny finally emerged from the house. The rest of the crowd joined Mario in a standing ovation. Mario swept Danny into a tight hug and Grady wrapped both his hands round Seth’s and shook it warmly. “We’re so grateful for what you did for Danny, Seth. He’s real precious to us”. Grady stepped back and appraised Seth with a grin. “Rumor has it that after the fight your shirt and vest hung in shreds over that hunky body. I wish I’d seen that. You should have kept them.” Seth chuckled, “Don’t worry, dude, I did. Bob had lent the clothes to me and he told me to keep them as a trophy.” “Damn straight, man.” That was Zack who came up and gave Seth a hearty handshake. “Buddy, when I hired you I knew you were the right man for the job � I just didn’t realize the job would involve protecting our boys. You are one helluva stud.” They were joined by Bob and Randy. Randy grinned at Seth and when their matching blue eyes met that pretty much said it all. Bob was more vocal. “Seth, on behalf of the whole tribe I want to express my admiration and thanks for the way you rescued Danny. I see you recovered as quickly as Randy does after a fight. And you clean up well too.” “Thanks, Bob. Brian washed my jeans and found me this T-shirt, one of Grady’s. Two things that didn’t get washed were the shirt and brown vest you lent me. You told me to keep them so they’re still upstairs, ripped and filthy from the fight.” Seth glanced over Bob’s shoulder. “Excuse me a minute, Bob, there’s another guy I have to speak to.” Seth had spotted his son Will standing shyly at the back of the crowd staring at him with shining eyes. He pushed through the group to him. “Hey, kiddo, you got a hug for your old man?” Will threw his arms round him and said softly, “I’m so proud of you, dad. When I first heard I was afraid you might be hurt but when Brian explained how you demolished those three guys at once I was so excited. Thanks for saving Danny, he’s a real good friend to me. I love you, sir.” “I love you too, son, and that ain’t ever gonna change. I … I guess you heard that I asked Danny to be my boy. I hope you’re OK with that … it don’t change my feelings for you at all.” Will gave him a beaming smile. “I was thrilled, sir. We could all see it coming and I was hoping for it. Like I said, me and Danny are real close, two chefs who work together real well. Now we’ll be even closer � almost like brothers. And you’ll have a son and a boy. It’s all perfect. But talking of being a chef, sir, I gotta get back to the kitchen. Got a dinner to serve up.” After a last tight hug Seth watched Will run happily back to the kitchen, jamming his chef’s hat down over his unruly red hair. “Hey, soldier, get your ass over here.” Randy’s voice boomed from the table by the pool where he was sitting drinking with the other men. Seth joined them while the boys crowded round Danny, clamoring for a first-hand re-telling of his adventure. But most of them had work to do in the kitchen so Danny asked Seth, “Sir, is it OK if I go back to the kitchen with the guys?” “Feel free, kid. Just because you’re my boy you don’t have to ask me every time you wanna make a move.” “I know,” Danny grinned. “But I like asking and getting your permission, sir.” “OK, then,” Seth growled. “Get your ass back to the damn kitchen, boy. That’s an order.” “Aye-aye, sir,” Danny beamed and walked off happily with the other boys. “Seems you already got that master-to-boy tone down just right,” Randy grinned. “OK, now me and Zack want to hear a blow-by-blow replay of the fight. The three men huddled together at one end of the table and rehashed Seth’s three-on-one fight. At the other end Bob and Pete, Grady and Mario caught snippets of their conversation. “Yeah, that’s classic, dude,” Zack was saying. “Best way out of a chokehold from behind is a quick elbow to the gut.” “But hell, dude,” Randy said, “you were in a real tight spot when one of them had you in a full-nelson and other guy’s charging at you. But I like that karate kick, Seth. I’m usually a boot to the balls kinda guy but that risks crushing the guy’s nuts and it’s goodnight sex-life. What you did sent him sprawling and gave you the chance to toss the guy behind clear over your head. That takes a lot of strength, so I gotta hand it to you, buddy. We should get together soon and you can show me some of that karate stuff.” As the conversation floated down the table Mario grinned. “Don’t you love it when the big boys talk fighting talk, amici? “Sure turns me on just to think of it,” Grady smiled. “Only in my version when Seth’s beaten them to the ground he butt-fucks them all. Now that would be something to watch.” Pete laughed, “Man, I love spending time with you guys. Never a dull moment.” Just then Pete’s boy Brandon wheeled himself up to them. “Sirs, dinner is ready. It’s fairly informal tonight, so if you would spread out around the table we’ll bring it right out.” Mario laughed, “And if the warriors can stop all their war talk Seth and Escort Diyarbakır Danny should sit here in the middle � as we say in Italy, ospiti d’onore, guests of honor!” ******************************* MATCH REPLAY And that’s how the dinner proceeded � informal and celebratory with the focus on Seth and his new boy Danny. The `warriors’ did not entirely abandon their war talk and the boys still peppered Danny with questions, trying to picture the scene of the fight and rescue. As the meal wore on and the wine flowed the talk became even more animated (and somewhat more slurred). Grady gave voice to his fantasy about the fight where a triumphant Seth demolishes the thugs … and then fucks them. “We’ve all talked endlessly about the fight, but I for one am sorry I missed it. How about a re-enactment?” There were whoops of encouragement for the idea with hands pounding the table. Cutting through the din Bob laughed, “Grady, you have an over-developed sense of the dramatic. Fights may be OK on a sound stage at your studio, but this is a garden.” Grady was hitting his stride. “Excuse me … where did the actual fight take place? On a patch of earth. Well, from where I sit I see patches of earth, I see the hero of the fight, and we even have costumes. Danny, you see where I’m going with this?” “Right there with you, sir.” Danny jumped up and ran into the house. A minute later he reappeared and held up the ragged remains of Seth’s shirt and vest. “Ta-da!” “Almost there,” Grady shouted merrily. “So, we’ve got a script, the location, the hero, the costume, and heaven knows we have an audience.” More raucous cheers. “We have the fuck-er and all we lack now is the fuck-ee.” Sudden silence as everyone looked round the table. Slowly one man stood up. “Gentlemen, I have been trying to think of a way of rewarding Seth for his strength and courage in saving a boy we all love. It was a dramatic feat and deserves a dramatic act of recognition. I am Seth’s boss at work, but I am humbled by what he did so I’m ready to reverse our roles.” There was a collective gasp round the table as they all grasped what Zack meant. Only Mario was troubled. “But Grady, we can’t have a fight here.” “I don’t mean a fight, dude. I mean the last act of the drama, the one that never took place. Picture it, guys …” Grady held up both hands movie-director-style to form a frame. “A big black muscle god lies beaten on the ground after a savage fight. The victor, a hot macho construction worker stands over him, his shirt and vest hanging shredded over his hairy chest. This, gentlemen, is the final act. Who’s gonna call `Action!’?” “That would prob’ly be me, sir,” Brian said unexpectedly. He pulled a small film camera from his wheelchair saddlebag. “Darius gave me this and I’m supposed to get on film anything I think might be good for the archives.’ “And damn,” Grady grinned, “this’ll sure be a keeper � a major jerk-off hit for the archives.” Seth came up to Zack and their eyes met. “I don’t know about no final act fantasy, but one thing I do know, Zack. I sure as hell wanna fuck your ass. Every day at work I see you striding around shirtless giving your orders and my dick gets hard. I’ve even jerked off thinking about fucking the big stud boss.” Zack grinned. “Remember the time you first came to visit my group � me, my lover Miguel and our boys. I said then you could have anyone you wanted � take your pick. You chose Miguel and as I watched you plough that beautiful man’s ass I creamed my shorts. I was envious not of you but of Miguel, with your dick pounding his ass. I wanted to know how it felt.” “Well now you’re gonna find out, boss. Seth grabbed the neck of Zack’s T-shirt and ripped it clear down the front so it hung in rags over his gleaming ebony chest. Seth gave him a shove, Zack stumbled backward and fell on his back on the ground, splayed out like a guy who had just been beaten in a fight. “Wardrobe,” Grady shouted. Danny came up to Seth, pulled off his T-shirt and replaced it with the ragged remains of the shirt from the fight, then the torn brown vest over that. “Like I said last night, sir, you’ve never looked sexier than you do now.” “You wanna see me fuck the big boss top man, boy? Knowing that tonight you’re next?” “Hell yes … sir.” Danny stepped back and joined the men and boys gathered round in a circle. Seth looked at his son Will. “You wanna see it too, kid?” “Yes please, sir.” Zack stared up at Seth, looking just the way he had at the end of the fight. “Damn,” he breathed in awe. “OK, so you beat me … you won. What you gonna do to me now, man?” He stretched his arms up and grabbed the legs of the table behind him. “Holy shit.” Seth gazed down at the black musclehunk, stripped to the waist, his ripped T-shirt hanging from his shoulders. “He leaned down and yanked off Zack’s boots, then ripped open his jeans and pulled them off. Zack’s cock sprang up hard as a rock. That’s what I should a’ done to that asshole who gut punched me � stripped him naked when he lay beaten on the ground. Then this.” He dropped to his knees between Zack’s splayed legs and grinned down at the naked top man, at his muscular black body, his strong square cut features and shaved head. “Magnificent,” Seth grinned. He leaned forward and twisted his fingers hard on Zack’s tits. “Aaagh!” The handsome face grimaced and thrashed from side to side under the fierce tit torture and Seth said, “Yeah … nothing beats watching an alpha top man suffer. But this ain’t nothing. He released Zack’s tits, ripped open his own jeans and pulled out his massive rod. “See this, big guy? Bone dry. That’s the way you’re gonna get it.” He pressed his shoulders against Zack’s raised legs. “From the winner to the loser, big guy.” Seth plunged his thick dry shaft deep in his ass and Zack’s yell echoed round the garden. His head flew back in pain, but as Seth’s cock continued to pound his ass, and Zack’s handsome features grimaced in pain he growled, “That all you got, stud?” “Fuck you, man,” Seth yelled. “No, asshole, I got more. Try this …” The spectators gazed down in awed silence at the two macho construction workers, the new hire fucking his boss in a savage man-on-man trial of strength. Their ragged shirts hung on their muscular torsos as if ripped in a fight, the winner now pounding the loser’s ass. Seth reached down and curled his big hands over Zack’s biceps, pinning him to the ground. Zack tried helplessly to writhe free but he was surprised by Seth’s strength � he was at his mercy. “You had enough yet, man?” Seth grinned maliciously. “How about this …?” In a series of quick moves Seth released Zack’s arms, pulled out of his ass, flipped him over on his stomach and pinned him again, this time with his hands pressed down on the small of his back. He spat on his ass and drove his cock in again, to more howls of pain. As his cock pistoned in his ass Zack tried desperately to claw his way forward, digging his fingers in the earth. But Seth’s shaft was relentless, pile-driving deep inside him. But Zack was strong � he wasn’t the boss for nothing. He braced his hands on the ground pushed his arms up straight, arched his back shoved Seth off him. For a brief few minutes they rolled over in the dirt but Seth was not about to lose this one. He forced Zack on his back and knelt on one of his forearms, his wrist against the table leg. He ripped part of his own ragged shirt off and used it to tie Zack’s wrist to the chair, even while Zack clawed at him with his free hand. Seth grabbed that hand too and used the rest of his shirt to tie it to the other table leg. Zack struggled hopelessly and yelled, “Fuck you, man. Fuck you!” “I don’t think so, boss.” He pushed Zack’s legs up and slammed his cock in his ass again. “Time to finish you off, stud. I wanna hear you submit.” Seth yanked off the shredded remains of Zack’s shirt and pulled it round the back of his neck. He grabbed both ends in front with one hand and used it to pull Zack’s head forward off the ground. The other hand he pumped triumphantly in the air like a rodeo cowboy riding a stallion. “Yeah, how’s that feel, man? You know you’ve gotta give up. Let me hear it, big guy. Let me hear the big boss submit.” His cock became a pile-driver, pounding the bound man’s ass mercilessly until he screamed. “OK, I give up. I can’t take any more. You win, I’m beaten. I’m gonna cum, I submit … aaagh!” His cock erupted and poured white semen all over his gleaming black body while Seth drove in deep one last time and howled in triumph as his cock exploded in the beaten man’s ass. At the same time they felt a shower of jizz hit them as men and boys jerked off over them, staring down awestruck at the spectacle of the two exhausted, cum-soaked men. Seth leaned forward, quickly released Zack’s wrists and fell on him in a tight embrace. They rolled over on the ground in each other’s arms, mouths pressed together in a ravenous kiss. Randy stepped forward in his traditional role as leader of the tribe. He helped both men to their feet, then stood between them, grabbed their wrists and raised their arms up high. “Gentlemen … Zack and Seth.” When the cheers and applause died down Grady said to Brian. Did you get that, kiddo?” Brian lowered the camera and smiled. “Every last frame, sir.” “Great. Then that, gentlemen, is a wrap.” Grady put his arm round Mario and laughed, “Oh, guys, it feels so good to be home.” ******************************** “WHAT’S NEXT KIDDO?” It was hard to top that so the party soon began to wind down. Tommy had to go home to Steve and Lloyd, and Pete was all set to take his boy Brandon home. As they drained their drinks Bob said, “Pete, we don’t see enough of you. That Chief Ranger stuff keeps you so busy. But Mark tells me you’re gonna get together for one of your � what do you call it � uniform nights?” “Sure. Odd name I know but it’s when us guys in emergency response jobs get together � Mark the cop, Jason the firefighter, and me the Forest Ranger to talk about work. Adam’s gonna join us this time too. He gives his airline crews training to emergency response so he wants to pick our brains. We’ve asked Will to cook a meal for us along with his pal Ben, Jason’s boy.” Randy chuckled. “Huh, somehow I don’t think work talk is the only thing you guys’ll get up to. Four hot guys in uniform? You do the math.” After a round of hugs and handshakes Pete took his boy Brandon home, and Bob, Randy and Zack took off home to the compound, followed by the twins and Will. That left the men of the Grady House. Danny had asked Seth to stay with him another night and the big guy didn’t need any persuading. Before they went in Seth said to Grady and Mario, “Guys, I wanted to make sure that you’re OK with your house manager Danny becoming my boy. I don’t want to muscle my way in here. Mario smiled, “Oh, Seth, we are thrilled for you both. Brian is our boy as you know and Danny has is boyfriend Tommy, but we have always wanted him to have a man who could protect and love him. You are obviously that man and you are welcome in the Grady House all the time. “Which leaves you, kiddo,” Grady grinned at Brian. “And you, young man, are gonna spend the night with Mario and me and you’re gonna give us the real goods about what went on while we were out of town. Soon Brain found himself in his favorite place, sitting in bed between Grady and Mario answering the questions Grady fired at him. “Kiddo,” Grady grinned with his arm round the boy, “I knew I could depend on you give us the real dirt. You sure know where the bodies are buried. So what’s coming up next?” “Oh lots of stuff, sir. On Friday there’s gonna be a big meeting of all the boys to confirm Eddie and Brandon as senior boys. Some kind of initiation, I think, with Pablo and Darius in charge. “Dammit it, kid, you’ve got my mind racing again. I’ll be dreaming about it all night.” “Not if you don’t sleep,” Mario said. “Tell him, Brian. Tell him to go to sleep � dormi bene.” “You heard what the man said, sir. Dormi bene.” “Well, if you put it like that, kiddo …” ***************************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” � Chapter 449 Hey guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at aol. ALSO, I invite you to visit my own Web-site www.atrialofstrength. You can read the whole story, with extras including pictures and biographies of all the characters. AND DON’T FORGET � IF YOU ENJOY THESE STORIES, PLEASE DONATE to this site. Nifty needs your donations to provide these thousands of wonderful stories. So please go to fty/donate.html and donate what you can. All the other writers and I thank you. Hey guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at aol.

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