Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 522 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH � PART 522 By Rob Williams Chapter 522 � “LABORS OF A LIFEGUARD” IN THIS CHPTER Blond surfer-jock Jamie and the young rookie Eddie accompany their pal � the hot screen-idol Grady � to a promo shoot at the beach for his new lifeguard movie. But the real action is before the shoot when the macho lifeguard ends up on all-fours getting spit-roasted by his buddies. Later, the cop Mark and Marine Hassan face off in a fierce, alpha brawl, which turns out to be more about lust than fury. ___________________________________________________________________ IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER The turmoil in the tribe caused by Pablo’s appalling behavior was finally put to rest by the two leaders, boss Randy and his lover Bob. Randy had spent the night with Pablo, and Bob shared his bed with Pablo’s boy Tyler, and both boys emerged with restored pride in themselves. At breakfast the next morning Pablo said to Bob, “Funny how things work out. Last night Randy gave me back my self-confidence by reversing roles and letting me top him. And you proved to Tyler that underneath that shy exterior there was a confident young jock waiting to burst out.” Bob smiled. “That was the plan, Pablo, and it seemed to work. So now we can close the book on that unhappy chapter.” Bob turned his attention to Tyler and asked about Eddie, the young high-spirited house-manager at the compound. “Tyler, Eddie’s gonna join us for breakfast. You two are best buddies so do you have any idea why he wants to see me?” “I can guess, sir. It’s about him being involved in Jamie’s surfing lessons for Grady. He’s so excited � talks about nothing else ever since Grady took him to the movie studio.” Bob smiled, “And when motor-mouth Eddie talks � he talks.” Bob was right. When Eddie finally burst in he was already in mid-sentence. “… and so thanks for letting me come up, sir, and interrupt your … is this breakfast?” “Would you like to join us Eddie? Then you can tell us all about your new gig as a Hollywood studio cameraman.” “Oh, I’m not exactly that, sir, not yet anyway,” Eddie said, helping himself to scrambled eggs and bacon. “But Grady took Jamie and me to Warner Studios, which, you would not believe, is huge … huge … we were on Stage 21 or something … they’re called sound stages you know … and we met the director of Grady’s new movie where he plays this stud lifeguard who has all kinds of adventures at the beach. You would not believe how …” “Er, Eddie, Eddie,” Bob interrupted the flow. “Would you cut to the chase and tell me where I come into this?” “Oh, right, sorry sir. Well, here’s the deal. You know that Jamie has been at the beach helping Grady improve his surfing skills and I went with them to film it. Grady showed my videos to the director and he, like, went totally ape-shit over them, you would not believe … you know, the long shots, those long zooms in and out and … OK, OK, cut to the chase.” Eddie took a deep breath and soldiered on. “Anyway, so they are gonna go down to the beach for a few days to film a few shots of Grady riding the waves, for a promo. The director told me they put out short promos � `teasers’ he called them � real, real early � to get people excited. There’s gonna be a small film crew and Jamie’s cop Mark is going too to provide security `cos they always have a cop there for that. But here’s the deal. The director wants me to be there to get some casual shots, like Grady and Jamie laughing and stuff. I’m real good at that. I’ve done it around here with you guys …” “And you want a few days off work,” Bob said, cutting him off again. “Yeah, well I was coming to that, sir …” “We seem to be there already, Eddie, and of course I’m not going to stand in the way of your budding film career. So of course you can have the time off.” Bob frowned. “But, er, Eddie, when you’re with this director guy, do you talk nonstop like this?” “Sir,” Eddie protested, “I may be a motor-mouth to you guys, but I’m not stupid. He’s a hotshot director, Grady’s a big movie star, and I’m just a rookie so I know when to keep my mouth shut.” “You do, uh? News to me,” Bob smiled. Eddie took a deep breath, then giggled merrily. “It was news to me too, sir. So what do you think, guys? Me staying a couple of days at the beach with Grady and Jamie and Mark. My hunky Marine Hassan said he might show up too, keep an eye on his boy. Sounds like a whole new adventure, don’t you think?” And no one could argue with that. ========= CHAPTER 522 ========= THE SET-UP Eddie was so excited he could hardly stand it. To be involved, even in a junior role, with a Hollywood film crew, was thrilling enough, and to be accompanying two guys like Grady and Jamie was mind-blowing. Eddie was the irrepressible, talkative young house manager of the tribe’s compound, the much-loved boy of the handsome Marine Hassan. Some years ago Hassan had bought him a film camera, with which Eddie filmed the goings-on of the men and boys of the tribe. Over time he had become very accomplished and his videos were hugely popular with the guys. Jamie was a classic blond California surfer. A long time ago the macho cop Mark had taken Jamie under his wing � and into his bed � as his boy, and the influence of the authoritative police officer had molded Jamie into a much respected senior boy of the tribe. Grady was something of a reluctant phenomenon. With his handsome, chiseled features and ripped, muscular physique he had first been an underwear model on billboards all over town that had drivers pulling over to jerk off, gazing up at the gorgeous man in black briefs. His life changed when he was cast as the lead in a Tarzan movie that was hugely popular and led to a franchise of three more Tarzan movies � and made Grady rich and famous worldwide. Grady had fallen in love with an elegant young Italian Mario and they now lived in a major house the tribe called the Grady House, not far from the tribe’s compound. They were considered part of the tribe, which went to great lengths to guard Grady’s privacy. For all his celebrity Grady wanted nothing more than to be accepted as just one of the guys, away from the glitter and stress of Hollywood. And one other thing that would have astonished his adoring public. Grady loved to get fucked in the butt, a pleasure he had enjoyed with many of the men and boys of the tribe � including the cop Mark and his boy Jamie. “I can’t believe all this is happening, guys,” Eddie gushed as he sat between Jamie and Grady in Jaimie’s truck, with several surfboards loaded in the back. Grady laughed. “Believe it, kiddo. It’s for real. When the studio told me they were giving the Tarzan movies a rest for a while, I thought I would get a rest too. But right away they created this lifeguard movie for me � Hunter’s Point is the working title. It’s gonna be a franchise � you know, followed by Hunter’s Challenge, Hunter’s Triumph. That sort of stuff. “But of course, being a lifeguard captain I have to be a real good surfer. I’m not bad, but when they said I needed a coach, hey, my buddy Jamie here was the obvious choice. The studio agreed and we’ve been coming down here often and Jamie has put me through my paces.” “And, ta-da, I got to film you!” Eddie grinned. “Which is why you’re here now, dude,” Grady said. “That director sure recognizes talent when he sees it. They decided to shoot a promo for the movie even before principal photography starts � a teaser to grab people’s interest. We’ll have a small crew here to get surfing shots but the director wants you to get more intimate shots of interactions between Jamie and me.” “Intimate interactions.” Eddie grinned � “my specialty.” “Hey, cool it, kid,” Jamie laughed. “Not that kind of intimate.” “So anyway, why are we coming to the beach now if the shoot don’t start till tomorrow?” Jamie sighed. “Dude, we already explained that but I guess it went in one ear and out the other � too busy talking. They’ve chosen a beach north of Malibu for the movie’s location scenes, the beach scenes, and that’s where we’re headed. But like most movies the day starts real early. They want to get dawn shots, then all through the day till sunset.” “Yeah,” Grady added, “and it’s a two-day shoot. It’s an hour’s drive from home to that beach location and we didn’t wanna have to do it twice in the dark early hours of the morning. The studio wanted to rent a hotel and send me there in a limo as they are real protective of their investment � me. “But you know me, kiddo. What I want most is privacy and if the studio booked a place, with a limo and all, it would be a beacon for the paparazzi. So I persuaded them to let me take care of that on my own. I told them it was the only way I would be sure to make it to the set on time � a kind of subtle threat,” Grady grinned. “I know by now how to manipulate those guys, and they wanna keep me happy. “So they left it in the hands of my personal manager Mario � `course, they don’t know he’s also my lover. Though come to think of it, if they did know they would approve, `cos when I arrive on set after getting butt-fucked by Mario I’ve got a ton more energy and perform better. That’s all they care about. I also nixed the limo and said Jamie would drive me down there. “Anyway, Mario knew of this real classy hotel in the hills above Malibu that’s very discreet and has private bungalows. Mario booked a really cool one with a living room, two bedrooms and a view of the ocean. It’s booked in Jamie’s name so no one knows it’s me coming � and that’s the way I want to keep it.” Eddie mostly saw Grady in the heavily secured Grady House and he was beginning to learn that when he went out in public his privacy became more difficult. Right now he was wearing dark sunglasses and a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes to avoid anyone recognizing him. “Of course,” Grady continued, “there’s also plenty of room in the bungalow for Mark if he wants to stay overnight with us. I’m real glad he agreed to do security. Every movie location has an active off-duty police officer to provide uniformed security � keep off intruders and do crowd control, although we hope there won’t be a crowd watching us as it’s a real secluded beach and only a small crew. Mark will be driving down early tomorrow morning but I hope he’ll stay with us tomorrow night.” “What about Hassan, Grady?” Eddie asked. “He said he might show up to watch me work � real discreetly of course. He’s real proud of me, me being his boy and all. Er, do you think there’ll be room in this bungalow for him to stay the night if he wants too?” Grady laughed. “Dude, you think I would ever say no to that gorgeous hunk of soldier? Of course he should stay � persuade him he has to. Yeah,” he grinned roguishly, “that’ll make us a real cool group � us three, the cop Mark and the Marine Hassan. Hey, I’m starting to enjoy this shoot already. JAMIE TAKES CHARGE Jamie got lost at first trying to find the hotel in the canyons above Malibu. It was so discreet there weren’t even any signs to it, and they found it almost by accident, a sprawling property on the cliffs above the canyon surrounded by trees, with a stunning view of the ocean below. When they pulled up, the doorman did a double-take seeing three guys in a truck with surfboards in the back � not the usual sleek cars delivering guests. Grady slid down further in his seat and pulled his cap lower while Jamie got out to go and check in. He was wearing his usual old board shorts, sneakers and a loose faded Hawaiian shirt, but he had the bearing and confidence that Mark had instilled in him over the years. He flashed a smile at the doorman and as he strode across the lobby many eyes turned to look at him, not with disdain but in awe, assuming the handsome self-assured young blond must be the son of a wealthy family, in an expensive hotel such as this. In California, the fact that a man is scruffily dressed does not mean he is without wealth and status … often quite the reverse. In Jamie’s case they would have been surprised to learn the truth � he was brimming with self-confidence because he was a cop’s boy. The male receptionist certainly treated him with deference and an admiring look that Jamie recognized as suppressed desire. When Jamie gave his name the man said, “Oh yes, sir, that’s right, our best bungalow, and everything is already taken care of � two nights including room service and anything you and your party need. It’s all on account, so feel free to enjoy your stay with us. I’ll give you directions to your bungalow.” Good old Mario, Jamie thought, he must have done quite a number in his seductive Italian way when he set this up. Jamie said as much when he got back in the truck and Grady smiled, “He always takes such good care of me � and he didn’t use my name. I miss him already but Didim Escort he rarely comes on the set or on location with me. Too much waiting around, and unable to hug me or, god forbid, make love to me. That would set the tongues wagging,” he laughed. Following the receptionist’s directions Jamie drove round a winding road to their bungalow that sat at a distance from the other buildings on the edge of a cliff. “Good, nice and private,” Grady said. “Like a castle, we can see the enemy approaching from miles off.” Once again Eddie realized how concerns for their privacy consumed Grady � calling the paparazzi the enemy. When they entered the bungalow Eddie’s eyes opened wide. “Dudes, this place is spectacular. Must have cost beaucoup bucks. Is the studio paying for all this?” “They would have, of course,” Grady said, “but I like to keep them out of my life as much as I can. It’s hard to feel independent when you’ve got a major studio coddling you. Hey, we can really have fun here.” “No late partying, though,” Jamie said, using Mark’s stern cop’s voice. “You have to be on location at crack of dawn tomorrow, so a room-service dinner and early to bed.” Jamie’s commanding voice reminded Grady of Mark, and his mind went back to the times the uniformed cop had butt-fucked him. Authoritarian guys always turned him on, and now here was the blond surfer jock assuming the role of strict coach � not only in the surf but in all aspects of this trip. Grady willingly submitted to Jamie’s orders. “OK, room-service,” Jamie said. “Apparently Mario has pre-paid everything so just order anything you want.” “Anything, dude? Eddie said, his eyes open wide as he stared at the menu � and the prices. “Sure, Eddie, but don’t forget you’re part of this shoot tomorrow so we don’t want you sluggish from too much food and drink. The director is gonna want you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed � and not rattling on like a machine-gun as you usually do.” “I know that,” said a peeved Eddie. “I can be a real pro. And who made you boss of this outfit anyway?” “I did,” Grady grinned. “Somebody has to be in charge and it won’t hurt either one of us to be bossed around a bit.” Eddie chuckled, “Yeah well we all know the way you like to be `bossed around’, dude. Up the butt.” Grady threw his arms round Eddie. “I love you Eddie.” It made Grady feel even more like just one of the guys when Eddie talked back to him like that � movie-star be damned. What was even better, he knew that Jamie and Eddie had completely lost sight of his celebrity � he really was just their buddy. They ordered dinner with all the trimmings and, when it arrived, Grady went outside to the private garden that was nicely secluded with a wall round it. He knew that if the waiter recognized him it would be all over the hotel � and beyond. “OK, dude, you can come in now, he’s gone,” Jamie called out. When Grady came in Eddie said, “The waiter was a total hunk, dude, you would not believe � a real stud and hung like a horse under that tight uniform.” “Really?” Grady’s eyes sparkled. “Damn, I wished I’d seen him. Maybe we could get him back � say he forgot the salt or something.” “Down, boy,” Jamie chuckled. “That’s all we need � a room-service waiter boasting he butt-fucked Tarzan, or Hunter or whatever you’re name’s gonna be in this movie. If you’re horny, which you always are, you’ll have to make do with us.” “Aye-aye, sir. Sounds like a plan.” This buddy banter kept up through the meal, with Eddie throwing his fair share of taunting wisecracks in Grady’s direction. The fun and laughter relieved any tension they might be feeling about how tomorrow would go. They had almost finished dinner when the phone rang. Of course the film’s director knew where they were staying � under Jamie’s name � and it was Jamie the director wanted. Jamie realized he was filling the role of personal assistant that Mario played when he and Grady traveled. “Yes, sir, I got the surf-conditions forecast from the lifeguard and the prediction is for higher surf than I would like. But I’m confident that Grady can do it, we’ve been training a lot.” Jamie listened and chuckled, “I know, sir, safety first. But tumbling off a surfboard is nowhere near as bad as Tarzan falling from a tree vine. Yes sir, I’m taking good care of him. See you at six-am.” Grady pouted, “Well that last part wasn’t quite true, was it, Jamie? The bit about taking good care of me. I mean, I’m kinda tense, and now you say there’s gonna be big scary waves.” Eddie said solemnly, “I think what he means, Jamie, is that the thing that’ll take care of him and calm him down is a dick up his butt.” “I’m well aware of what he means, Eddie. Question is, should he get what he wants? What do ya think kiddo?” TAKING CARE OF GRADY Eddie said, “All I know, Jamie, is that bed in the main bedroom is huge … yuge! You could have a major orgy on that thing and not fall off.” “I noticed. Let’s all go in and take a look.” The luxurious bedroom had French windows that gave an expansive view of the ocean far below. But the focus of the room, at least for these three guys, was the massive bed � larger even than a California King. “Hmm,” Jamie mused, we have to do justice to this monster. Any ideas?” Grady, as usual, was already deep in fantasyland. “Guys, I got an advanced look at the rough script they have for my movie. It still has to go through re-writes, but some of the plotlines are there. Seems this Hunter � me � has a rival in the lifeguard squad. You know, classic good-guy, bad-guy stuff. He resents Hunter `cos he’s so popular and, well, long story short, they end up in a knockdown drag-out fight on the beach and in the surf.” “And …?” Eddie asked eagerly. “Well, that’s as far as I read, and my imagination took over from there. Maybe I’ll suggest it to the writers � then again, maybe not.” “Why not?” Jamie grinned. “‘Cos it involves Hunter getting fucked up the ass by the bad guy? ” “How did you guess?” Grady asked innocently Jamie and Eddie burst out laughing. “And, er, let me see,” Jamie said, furrowing his brow. “The bad guy recruits a young beach-bum with a grudge to help him punish the hero by fucking him.” “Hey, you’re good at this, Jamie. You should join our writing team.” “Then again, maybe not,” Jamie chuckled. “They’re not writing a porn movie.” “But we are, aren’t we?” Eddie asked eagerly. “Sure looks like it, dude. We could see how a scene like that would play out.” “You mean rehearse it, Jamie?” “I second that,” Grady said, and sprang into action. He was barefoot in red board-shorts and a white T-shirt, similar to what a California lifeguard would wear. He quickly pulled off the T-shirt and suddenly, as if a director had yelled “action!”, his eager smile faded and he frowned, “Fuck, what are you guys gonna do to me?” “Right first time, big guy � fuck.” Jamie shoved Grady hard in the chest sending him sprawling on his back on the bed. “Grab his arms, Eddie, so he can’t fight back.” Swinging effortlessly into the fantasy Eddie knelt on the bed behind Grady’s head, pulled his arms up and pinned his wrists to the bed. Grady gazed up at Jamie who shrugged off his shirt and towered over him in just his faded red board-shorts � a tanned, muscular blond jock with the fierce expression he had learned from Mark. Jamie looked down at the trapped lifeguard, his body writhing, straining to free himself. With his classically sculpted features and flawless physique he was a homoerotic fantasy and Jamie understood why Grady had become such a screen idol � a sexual turn on for Jamie, Eddie and anyone looking up at the screen in a movie theater. And now, in this room, it was easy to imagine two rival young lifeguards facing off. “Fuck you, dude,” Grady sneered. “Cowards � two against one.” “Fuck me?” Jamie growled. “I don’t think so, man. Other way round.” He reached down and with one tug yanked Grady’s shorts down and off and flung them contemptuously aside. “No, man, not my ass,” Grady pleaded. Actually, Jamie and Eddie were gazing at his cock that had sprung up like a flagpole. Nah, Jamie thought, better stick to the script. He dropped his shorts, spat on his own cock and stroked it. “What the fuck?” Grady again struggled to get free, though not too convincingly as he loved the sensation of being held captive at the mercy of this gorgeous lifeguard. But he too stuck to the script as fantasy and reality intertwined. Jamie knelt on the bed, pushed Grady’s legs back and eased his cock between his ass cheeks. Grady’s eyes opened wide in panic. “No, man, not my ass. I don’t do this shit … please, I … aaagh!” He yelled as Jamie plunged his rod deep in his ass, though the shout sounded more like euphoria than pain to both Jamie and Eddie, knowing Grady as well as they did. As Jamie drove his cock in and out, deeper and deeper, Grady tried, but failed, to portray anguish and in the end gave up the effort. His head fell back and he stared up at Jamie, at the tanned face and body working his ass. He flashed on his dark-haired lover Mario who did this to him daily, then focused again on the blond surfer and the erotic sensation spreading from his ass throughout his writhing body. He could no longer pretend to hate this � there was only one way to play it. The lifeguard had to be seduced by his rival and surrender to the delirious sensation of a piston pounding his ass. “OK,” he groaned. “You win man … I submit … fuck me … fuck my ass … faster, dude, harder.” Jamie obliged and was treated to the pornographic sight of the lifeguard’s face thrashing from side to side � his ripped body impaled on his rival’s cock. Eddie was in a bliss of his own, wallowing in the fantasy of two hot lifeguards fucking. He only wished his buddies were here to see it, or at least being able to film it. Instead, he said, “Dude, can I get a piece of the action, or am I just the arm-pinner here?” “Sure you can, kid. We’ve pretty much broken this guy so he’ll do anything I order him to.” He pulled out his cock and said in his mock-cop voice, “OK, stud, on your knees.” Grady was quick to obey. The naked lifeguard knelt on the bed on all fours. “OK, kid,” Jamie said to Eddie. “You know the drill.” Sure he did. Eddie enthusiastically knelt in front of Grady’s face while Jamie knelt behind him. Grady looked sideways at the floor-length wall mirror and saw the formerly proud Tarzan, now the proud lifeguard captain, naked on hands and knees at the mercy of his rivals. Jamie reached forward over Grady, grabbed his dark hair and pulled his head back as he plunged his cock in his ass. Grady opened his mouth to yell but the shout never came, muffled by Eddie’s cock filling his mouth. The naked action-hero was being spit-roasted by a cop’s boy and a soldier’s boy � and loving every fantasy minute of it. For a man who was idolized by fans all over the world and treated with deference by a major film studio, the degradation of being butt-fucked and face-fucked was exactly the antidote he needed and longed for. Again he glanced in the mirror and saw the ripped, tanned surfer and the energetic young kid working him over. And the sensation of their dicks invading his mouth and ass pushed him to the edge of orgasm. Jamie heard his muffled screams and said to Eddie, “Reckon he’s good and ready, eh kid? Shall we finish him off?” “We better, dude, before he finishes me off � I’m fit to burst.” “OK, let’s go � turn the big stud lifeguard into a spit-roasted fuck slave.” Riding his ass and pulling his head back by the hair Jamie yelled, “Here it comes … you ready, dude? I’m gonna shoot … fuuuck!” Their victim’s muscled body bucked and flexed as semen filled his ass and mouth. He swallowed deep as he caught sight of himself impaled on their cocks at both ends. Jamie grinned, “You done, kiddo?” Eddie nodded, wild-eyed, and pulled out of Grady’s mouth. Jamie pulled Grady upright on his knees and wrapped his arm round his throat as the submissive lifeguard grabbed his own cock and pumped it hard. Eddie quickly lay on his back just as jizz splashed on his face and into his open mouth. There was a long silence … and suddenly Grady was laughing. “Un-fucking-believable, guys. Boy, am I gonna sleep well tonight, and I’ll be at that location bright and early, ready to give them the performance they want. And no one but us will know that the macho lifeguard they’re watching was on all fours the night before getting spit-roasted by his buddies. LUST & LAUGHTER In the morning Jamie and Eddie focused all their attention on Grady as he had to turn on the charm and athleticism for the cameras. It was only a short two-day shoot but it was important as the promo would be the first time the public would see Grady in his new role as the action-hero lifeguard. It had to whet their appetite for the movie, which hadn’t yet Didim Escort Bayan even started to shoot. It was before five-am and Grady was slow to wake so Jamie suggested breakfast. “No thanks, buddy. I don’t usually eat breakfast when I have an early call � makes me sluggish. Just coffee.” Jamie ordered room service and asked, anything else you need?” Grady grinned. “You’re gonna think I’m crazy but there is one thing always gets my motor running � a butt-fuck from Mario before the limo comes to take me to the studio. Today’s shoot is gonna be lighthearted and fun, lots of laughter to get the public in the mood for a fun movie. OK, so Mario’s not here and I need someone who laughs a lot � jokes a lot � talks a lot. His sparkling eyes focused on Eddie. When the penny dropped a startled Eddie said, “You mean you want me to be like a fluffer on a porn set?” Grady burst out laughing. “See what I mean?” he said to Jamie. “You can’t beat that for making you laugh. Well, not exactly, Eddie, but kind of. A fluffer gets an actor’s dick hard but I need no help in that department � I’ve already got my usual morning hard-on. I want a bit more than that. So, Eddie, you think you could get it up to fuck me?” “Could I? Dumb question, dude. I could fuck you if I was in a coma. Is it OK, Jamie?” “Well,” Jamie grinned, “the director did say we were to take good care of their star. I doubt he had this in mind but … whatever it takes. Go for it kiddo.” They were all still naked so Grady turned over on his back while Eddie scrambled up on his knees and pushed one of Grady’s legs back to get a clear shot at his ass. He spat on his already rigid cock and eased it into the waiting ass. “That’s it dude,” Grady smiled, “but I’m not fragile, ya know, you can pump as hard as you like.” Eddie did as instructed and his eyes sparkled as he looked down at the handsome face. “Wow, if my pals could see me now,” he said, fucking deeper and faster. “You know, I always wanted to be a fluffer, helping all those gorgeous porn-stars get hard. I’d be a natural, what with my talent as a master cocksucker. If they shot their load and the director wanted them to go again I could get them hard again in seconds.” He frowned as he fucked, but didn’t pause for breath. “You thing a fluffer gets paid a lot? Maybe the good ones do, like me. Takes a special skill � and I got the skill. I could do it in my spare time, maybe … except Hassan prob’ly wouldn’t go for that. He’d think I wouldn’t have any strength left for him, but that’s dumb `cos I could go on sucking that hunky Marine’s dick till the cows come home. It’s yuge, yuge. Have you seen it? Yeah, `course you have, he’s fucked you. Do you think it’s as big as Randy’s? Close, I’d say …” By this time Grady eyes were sparkling as he listened to this non-stop stream of consciousness while the boy pounded his ass. He gazed up at the eager face and the young ripped body rising and falling above him, and choked back his laughter. “Eddie, do you always talk a lot when you fuck?” “Well that depends, dude. In my opinion it’s not how much you say, it’s what you say. I mean some guys want me to talk dirty and I can do that. Some like trash talk, you know, humiliation, so I have a whole collection of words like asshole, douchebag, scuzz-bag, slime-bag, shit-for-brains, stuff like that, take your pick dude. You want it I got it.” That did it and Grady roared with laughter. “Eddie, you’re adorable, and a terrific fuck and I’m gonna cum. Can you cum in my ass?” “Can I? Dude the last guy who asked me that didn’t know what hit him when I …” Grady’s howls of laughter drowned out whatever came next and his cock erupted all over his own heaving body while Eddie emptied his load in his ass. Jamie and Eddie joined in the laughter that ended only when the doorbell rang. “Sshh, room-service.” Jamie said. He pulled on his board-shorts left the bedroom, closed the door behind him and let the waiter in, pushing the breakfast trolley. “OK, guys, coast’s clear,” he said coming back to the bedroom.” “Was that the same hunky waiter, Jamie? What was he wearing?” “Grady, you are definitely the most sex-crazed movie-star I have ever met. Actually, the only movie-star I’ve ever met. As they sat down for a quick breakfast � only coffee for Grady � Jamie noticed Grady’s relaxed body language and the merriment dancing in his eyes, and understood why Eddie was exactly what Grady had needed at the start of a long day. The phone rang and Jamie answered. It was the first assistant director. “Oh yeah, don’t worry he’s awake alright. Six- am? No problem, we’ll be there.” Jamie chuckled. “Sure, we’ve been taking real good care of him. He’s raring to go.” AND … ACTION! As they drove down the canyon to the beach location Jamie and Eddie noticed a change come over Grady. He still had a sparkle in his eye but he was now more sharply focused. He was priming himself for work. His intensity was infectious and, after all the ribaldry and fun in the bedroom, Jamie and Eddie now concentrated on the task ahead. Except that playtime was not entirely over. The high spirits of last night’s spit-roast and this morning’s laugh-fest with Eddie sill lightened the atmosphere now, and Jamie realized that, in one sense, it had all been preparation for this moment. The weight on Grady’s shoulders, carrying a whole movie, could have overwhelmed a lesser man but Grady had long since trained himself to keep it light. One reason he was such a huge success, Jamie thought. When they arrived at the beach and the truck bumped down the sandy path to the location Jamie and Eddie got more firsthand proof of Grady’s importance. As he got out of the truck, wearing board-shorts, white T-shirt and flip-flops, he was greeted enthusiastically by the small crew that swarmed round him. Right away he started wise-cracking about still wanting to sleep, about the squawking seagulls keeping him awake and could someone please shoot them. “Tarzan never had to put up with seagulls,” he pouted, only to be shouted down by his teasing buddies on the crew. Someone threw a bathrobe over his shoulders and took him off to hair and makeup. Mark was already there in his role as security guard for the shoot, a role always filled by an off-duty uniformed police officer. Mark didn’t usually offer his services for movie shoots as he found all the waiting around boring. But he had wanted to see his boy in action and Jamie greeted him formally. “Hello, sir,” he beamed. “No hugs today, I guess.” “Not with this crowd watching, dude,” Mark grinned. “But we’ll make up for that later. How’s the hotel Mario booked?” “Incredible, sir,” Eddie gushed. “It’s a bungalow and you would not believe …” But he checked himself and slapped the back of his hand. “My bad,” he said. “Keep it professional, Eddie. No more motor-mouth. I gotta go and report to the Director of Photography.” “And I gotta talk to the director about surf conditions,” Jamie said to Mark. “So,” Mark grinned, “I guess I gotta let you two onto the location as you’re part of the team. Damn those red shorts look good on you, Jamie. I’ll watch as you walk across the beach and salivate over that ass.” He watched them go and thought that this shoot was not gonna be boring at all. Jamie reported to the director and they talked about the surf. “Like they forecast, sir, the swell is higher than I would like and irregular. The waves are not ideal for our purpose, though surfers would love their power. The important thing is timing, and waiting for the ideal wave.” “Well you’ll be out there alone with Grady � except for the camera boat,” the director grinned. “So we’ll take our cue from you.” Jamie joined Grady in the makeup tent. They both had tans from all their days out practicing, but the makeup girl wanted to apply more body makeup to ensure the tans were even. Grady grinned at Jamie and said quietly. “Real glad you’re here, buddy. You’ll take care of me?” “Don’t I always?” he smiled, and both their minds flew back to last night � but only for a moment. “Did you see Eddie?” Grady asked. “He’s already in thick with the DP.” He nodded across the sand to where Eddie was deep in conversation � and letting the DP do all the talking. “What I need you to do, Eddie, is try to get those candid shots that our hand-held cameras might miss while they concentrate on the big action. I know from the video you showed me that you’re good at that, and being a pal of Jamie’s helps. What I’m going for is a natural look � you know, fresh air and fun. I don’t plan on using much CGI on this one. You know what that is? “Computer-Generated Imagery, sir? The fake stuff?” “You really know your stuff, kid. And you’re right about it being fake. Don’t get me wrong, special effects can be real helpful, transform the look of a whole scene. But what I want here is real sky, surf, and real action. Remember those corny old beach movies with their close-ups of guys on a surfboard, and it was obvious they were on a wobble board in the studio in front of a green screen?” That made Eddie laugh � he remembered them well. “Hey, kid, when we take the boat out do you wanna come? There’ll be room. We use it for shots of the guys riding the swell, then the dramatic moment when they jump up on the boards and take off. You can get your own shots, see if there’s anything we can use to complement ours. And we’re gonna need candid shots of the setup for the DVD special features, so wander round and see what you can get. Just don’t get in the way.”” And so Eddie entered the enchanted other-world of movie-making. A far cry from early this morning where he had fucked and talked up a storm. Now he listened carefully � and learned. He was mesmerized, watching the setup of lights and equipment and his pulse quickened when they were finally ready for the first take. With the rising sun still low in the sky the director wanted a tracking shot of Grady’s first appearance as Hunter. Barefoot in red board-shorts and carrying the customary red rescue can, he started in the distance and jogged along the beach coming closer and closer to the camera that tracked back until it had a full-screen shot of the lifeguard, then swiveled to film him disappearing into the distance. The DP explained to Eddie, “That’ll be the public’s first sight of Hunter � the new Grady. Just fucking beautiful.” Then he called for the next setup which would be Grady and Jamie launching their boards into the surf, throwing themselves on them and paddling out to the waves. The long day had begun. DISPUTED TERRITORY The morning proceeded at the usual uneven pace of most film shoots that Mark was familiar with. There were delays waiting for the right light between clouds to match different takes, or interruptions from the sounds of aircraft. Then the burst of energy when at last the director called “action!” Of course, many takes didn’t work, but when Grady tumbled off his board Eddie was right there to capture his laughter when he surfaced, looking wet and wonderful. The director said, “Did you get that Eddie? Great shot, priceless, a whole new Grady. Tarzan almost never smiled.” Normally Mark would have tired quickly of all this, though he had to stay on the alert for possible intrusions from cars coming too close, or curious beach-goers, whom he politely but firmly turned away. The director had said he wanted absolute privacy to avoid unauthorized photos leaking out before the promo appeared. But Mark was glad he had accepted this side-job as it gave him a chance to watch Jamie in action, albeit from a distance. He was so proud of his boy who obviously was key to the shoot with all his experience of surf conditions and timing of waves. And he had previously told Mark how he had taught Grady some showy moves on the surfboard, which was obviously just what the director was looking for. The better the star looked, the better the promo. When they called lunch Mark went down to join them in the craft services tent and had quiet words with Jamie shoes eyes were shining. “I’m having a terrific time, sir, especially as I know you’re there watching. I guess I’m showing off for you … and I love that.” Jamie was absolutely in his prime, tousled hair, body pumped from so much action and Mark had to fight the impulse to take him in his arms. “Later, man,” he said quietly. The afternoon turned into a race against the time, as the fading light after sunset would force them to call it quits for the day. It was in mid-afternoon when Mark got a surprise. He was concentrating on Jamie and Grady paddling out for the umpteenth time when a voice over his shoulder said, “Hey, officer, you gonna let me go visit?” Mark whirled round and smiled at Hassan. “Hey, man, you come straight from your base?” That was obvious from the military fatigues and boots Escort Didim he was wearing, and his sleeveless denim shirt over a khaki tank-top. “Yeah. Came to see my kid in action. Where is he?” “Eddie’s down there in the thick of things being the consummate professional. While they’re waiting out a delay he’s ferreting around getting candid shots of pretty much everything.” “Good, if they’re between takes I’ll go down and say hi.” “Sorry � no can do, man. The director’s kinda paranoid about security and said absolutely no visitors. Even I don’t go down there unless it’s necessary.” “What?” Hassan laughed � not altogether a pleasant laugh as he didn’t like being told no, especially by a buddy. “What happened to you, dude, taking orders from a jumped-up movie director?” Mark bristled. “First of all, man he’s not a jumped-up anything. His a bigshot at the studio and he gave your boy and mine a job. And second of all, he’s in charge here � my boss for the day.” “Well he sure ain’t mine and I don’t take orders from him. And I don’t take orders from you dude just because you’re wearing a uniform.” “Hassan, please, don’t make this difficult. I’m just doing my job, which is to stop you or anyone going down there. If anyone gets out of line I have the authority to arrest them.” “Arrest?” Hassan scoffed, raising his voice. “Fuck you, man, you’re my buddy. But that don’t give you the right to push me around. Get out of my way, dude or …” His loud voice was interrupted by a shout from an assistant director. “Quiet, please!” Hassan backed off sullenly, flashed Mark a hostile look and walked over to a bench where he sat watching the activity below. Mark ignored him, not wanting to inflame an already tense stand-off. The relationship between the cop and the Marine went back a long way, right back to the Mid-East war when the Arab fighter had captured the blond American soldier and interrogated him. In the fiery cauldron of war, captor and captive fell in love. After the war Hassan came to the U.S. in search of Mark and their passion reignited. But passion born of pain is a volatile emotion in which the initial rivalry never quite disappears. In fact it adds fuel to the passion. So it was that, even as their cocks now stiffened when Hassan showed up at the location, the Marine regarded Mark’s cop’s rigid authoritarian attitude to him as a challenge, an affront to his masculinity. Their response was larger-than-life, assuming proportions way beyond a trivial spat. Their machismo took over and it became, absurdly, a classic territorial dispute between two alpha males � soldier versus cop � that stifled the sexual attraction they felt. In muted hostility they watched their boys perform their assigned roles in the flurry of activity down on the beach. The last take of the day took place against a golden sunset, with the weary lifeguard buddies skimming out of the surf onto the sand. They bumped fists, tucked their boards under their arms and walked up the beach toward the camera and past it, out of the shot. Eddie could imagine the over-hyped promotional words crawling up the screen to fade-out “And that’s a wrap,” shouted the director. “Great day’s work, guys. We got some terrific footage. I still want a few different angles for coverage, so the call time tomorrow is eight-am.” Jamie had a few last words with the director, and Eddie with the Director of Photography, then Grady threw his arms over their shoulders and they marched back up the path to Jamie’s truck. Their adrenaline was pumping fast and Eddie greeted Hassan excitedly. “You made it, sir … did you see? It was awesome, and the DP said I did great. I’m real stoked, sir. You’re staying the night with us, right? You won’t believe our bungalow in the hotel.” “I’m real proud of you, boy,” Hassan said stiffly, with a surly glance at Mark. “I’m taking you in the jeep. Hop in.” PURE LUST It was a small convoy that set out up the winding canyon. Mark led the way on his police motorcycle, with Hassan’s jeep behind and Jamie’s truck bringing up the rear. Eddie was still pumped after his exciting day and was now free to talk � which he did! “It’s like we got a police escort, ain’t it, sir, what with us having a celebrity with us. I always think Mark looks so hot in his uniform, astride that bike. Yeah,” he giggled, “he could put his boots under my bed any day of the week. I bet Jamie’s gonna get fucked good later. “And Mark did a great job of getting rid of lookie-loos, cos the director didn’t want anyone taking pictures, anyone except me and the crew, that is. Mark can be real tough and kinda scary in that uniform.” Eddie chuckled, “I bet he even ordered you to stay back, didn’t he? I saw you two talking and knew Mark was laying down the law. He ain’t scared of anyone, even a big butch Marine like you, sir.” “Stop it, Eddie, that’s enough.” The boy had unknowingly touched all the wrong buttons and now looked chastened. “Sorry, kid, not your fault. I was real proud watching you, boy. It’s not you that made me mad.” Eddy had enough sense to let it drop, but when they all got to the bungalow he could tell something was wrong. And it didn’t take long for the others to pick up on it either. The two uniformed men kept an icy silence as the others stowed their gear and Grady said brightly, “OK, guys, who wants a drink? We deserve it.” Jamie and Eddie agreed, still all fired-up, but Hassan said, “Not me.” And Mark growled, “Me neither.” Grady flashed a smile that normally put everyone at ease � but not this time. The tension hung heavy in the air and the silence between the two men was oppressive. Like the stifling atmosphere before a thunderstorm, they all waited for the storm to break � but the rain and the lightning were slow to come. At last Mark spoke. “Look, man, I don’t know what your beef is with me but these guys have had a great day and we don’t wanna be a downer and fuck up the party.” “What are you saying? You wanna take this outside, dude? Fine by me.” “OK, let’s go.” They went through the French doors to the private walled garden. The three guys indoors looked at each other with mixed emotions � fear tinged with excitement. Eddie said, “What’s going on, guys?” “Dunno, Eddie,” said Grady. “You never know with a cop and a Marine, two big stud alphas, but something’s got their hackles up.” Jamie squeezed Eddie’s hand. “Don’t worry buddy, they’ll sort it out. But you know us boys never interfere when the big guys lock horns. All we can do is watch.” “And we’re sure gonna do that,” said Grady, His eyes gleaming. He loved drama. Outside the men stared at each other, like stallions pawing the ground and Mark spoke first. “Look, man, I don’t know what’s eating you, but you can cut it out. Surely you’re not nursing a grudge over me blocking you at the beach. Dammit, man, I was just doing my job. You’re real thin-skinned taking offense over petty stuff like that. I thought Marines were supposed to be tougher than that.” “Fuck you, man, and your arrogant cop attitude. I’ll show you how tough a Marine can be. Hell, I should a’ finished you off when I had your chained in a cell in the desert. Maybe I’ll finish the job now eh?” he shoved Mark … “eh?” … he shoved again. “Asshole,” Mark sneered. “Is that what you want, a fight? `Cos if you do, bring it on, stud.” Mark unbuttoned his cop shirt, pulled it off and flung it aside, while Hassan took off his denim shirt. They circled each other warily � the cop in a white T-shirt, black uniform pants and high, shiny motorcycle pants, the solider with a khaki tank stretched over his muscled torso, military fatigue pants and combat boots. At the window an awestruck Grady said, “Hey, Eddie, you got a camera?” “Right beside you, dude.” The men crashed together and wrapped their arms round each other in a painful bear-hug, each trying to lift the other off his feet. They were equally matched as they staggered round the garden locked together, until they overbalanced and crashed to the ground. They rolled over and over on the grass, grappling wildly, yanking at shirts to the sounds of ripping cloth. It was a dizzying tangle of writhing limbs as they fought for supremacy � but no punches were thrown.” “See that, guys?” Grady said behind the window. “No punches. I knew it.” By now their shirts hung in shreds from their heaving bodies and still the struggle raged, until finally Hassan had the advantage. Mark was on his back, Hassan kneeling astride his waist leaning forward and pinning his wrists to the ground. Panting hard they stared at each other, gathering their strength to resume the fight. But the fight didn’t resume. As their eyes locked … Hassan bent low and clamped his mouth over Mark’s in a grinding passionate kiss. “I knew it!” Grady said. “Didn’t I say it? This ain’t about anger � it’s lust, pure lust. That’s almost the same thing with these guys � they’ve had skirmishes like this before. Damn this is good.” They watched mesmerized as Mark raised a leg under Hassan and pressed his knee against his chest forcing the Marine back. Then he pressed his boot against his chest and shoved hard. Hassan reared up on his feet and staggered back against the wall. Mark leapt to his feet, ran forward and crashed against him, chest to chest. He grabbed the soldier’s wrists, pulled his arms up high and pinned them to the wall. Again they stared into each other’s eyes and it was Mark’s turn to lock their mouths in another churning kiss. By now Hassan made no pretense of forcing him off, but surrendered to the hot mouth and the muscular body trapping him against the wall.” “You getting this kiddo?” Grady asked as he stared at the homoerotic scene. “You bet I am.” Eddie said, focusing his camera on the blond cop and swarthy Marine pressed against each other, ripped shirts hanging on their near-naked chests. In a sudden move Mark pulled back and whipped Hassan round to face the wall. The Marine stretched his arms up against the wall and growled, “Fuck me, man. Fuck my ass.” Mark reached round him ripped open his pants and yanked them down. He unzipped his own pants, pulled out his iron-hard cock and drove it dry deep in the soldier’s ass The tough Marine didn’t scream. Instead he pleaded, “Fuck me, officer. Fuck that soldier’s ass.” The three spectators gasped as they watched the cop pound the Marine’s ass. Hassan looked back over his shoulder and Mark leaned forward and locked him in another ravenous kiss. When it ended Mark said, “You sexy son-of-a-bitch, there’s no one like you. You feel that cop pounding your ass? I’m gonna fill it with jizz, man. Damn that’s hot … Here it comes, man, yeaahh … I’m gonna cum … gonna cum … aaagh …!” Their bodies shook as Hassan felt Mark’s semen filing his ass. They panted hard as the cock drained in his ass, then suddenly Hassan pushed himself away from the wall and off Mark’s cock. He turned round to face him, pressed his palms on the cop’s chest and shoved hard, sending Mark staggering back and falling on his back on the grass, his cock still dripping cum. Both men were now shirtless, the shreds of their shirts scattered on the ground. Stunned, Mark stared up at the bare-chested Marine, his fatigues handing round his thighs, stroking his massive cock. “Do it, soldier,” the cop groaned, pulling his own pants down below his ass and bending his knees. The Marine was on him in a second, kneeling on the ground, pushing his legs back and plunging his shaft deep in his ass. Mark too made no sound, staring up at the dark chiseled Arab face with its high cheekbones and deep brown eyes. As the thick shaft pistoned in his ass Mark reached up and pressed his palms against Hassan’s pecs and dug his fingers into the rock-hard flesh. “Fuck, you’re incredible, man � pornographic. Shoot your jizz in my ass, stud. Fuck me … fuck me … aaagh!” The cop flexed his muscles and howled as the soldier drove his cock in one last time and it erupted deep inside him. When their heartbeats slowed Hassan fell forward into Mark’s arms. And that’s how they lay, two shirtless, powerful men, a handsome blond cop and swarthy Arab soldier, their passion for each other finally spent. At the window Eddie said, “Slow fade … and cut.” He lowered the camera. “And that, dudes, is a wrap.” Grady gazed in disbelief at the homoerotic scene. “Makes what we did on the beach look kinda lame, don’t ya think guys? Tonight’s gonna be one helluva night. I can’t wait.” TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength � Chapter 523 Hey guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. ALSO, I invite you to visit my own Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, with extras including pictures and biographies of all the characters. AND DON’T FORGET � IF YOU ENJOY THESE STORIES, PLEASE DONATE to this site. Nifty needs your donations to provide these thousands of wonderful stories. So please go to fty/donate.html and donate what you can. All the other writers and I thank you.

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